Swarag – Ghost story (13)


Hi guys . am Ending my story with this part thank you all for your support and views

Swara was 19, and she had been in college for a year already. Now, in her second year, she and her best friends, Kavya and Ragini, found an apartment where they could live together while attending College. As the college was far away from the place they live , they had to move into the apartment so they wouldn’t miss any classes. They were riding in Swara’s pickup truck and went to her mom’s house to get a few things for the new apartment.
The girls were laughing and talking about everything they would do in their second year of college as Swara steered the truck into the driveway. She parked it and hopped out. Her mom emerged from the house and gave Swara a hug.
“I have some things for your new apartment, ladies,” Mom said. “You can have some of my old dishes and pots and pans. Come on into the kitchen and I’ll get them for you.”
While they wrapped up the dishes and put them in boxes, the girls talked about all the stuff they did when they were young and all the fun they had. Once they had the dishes packed up, they took the boxes out to the truck and loaded them in the back.

“What we really need is some furniture,” Kavya said. “Especially a couch.”
“Yeah, we’ll have to go to a used furniture store,” Ragini said.
“How much money do we have?” Swara asked. She reached into her pocket and pulled out some bills. “I have 1000 rs with me.
“I have 1500rs with me,” Kavya said.

“I have 500rs,” Ragini said.
“Well, that’s not going to buy much of a couch,” Swara said. “We might get a chair for that.”
“Well, you can get a couch for free,” Mom said. “There’s that old couch in the garage.”
Swara glanced at the garage in the back yard. It looked the same as the day she first saw Chief Rajat . She had almost forgotten about the Tribal Chief. Most of the time, she wondered if it really happened. She looked at Kavya and Ragini. They were both looking at the garage, and Swara could tell they were thinking the same thing. They rarely talked about it, but they all missed the Chief.
“Oh, I don’t know,” Swara said. “It’s really old and probably worn out.”
“Nonsense,” Mom said. “It’s been covered up the whole time and hardly used. It would be perfect.”
Swara looked at Kavya and Ragini. They both nodded.
“OK,” Swara said. “We’ll take the couch.”
The girls entered the dark garage, and Swara tried the light switch. The light didn’t work, so she left the door open to allow some outside light in. The only window in the garage was still painted black except for the hole in the center where the sunlight streamed through. The beam of light struck the floor of the garage and illuminated a thick layer of dust. The couch sat against the back wall and was covered by a dusty old sheet. The girls walked to the back of the garage, and Swara grabbed the sheet and pulled it from the couch. The dust from the sheet flew into the air, and got into Swara’s eyes and nose. She sneezed, and the sound echoed in the garage.
“Bless you,” a deep voice said.

“Thank you. It’s so dusty in here. Just like when we were…,” Swara said, her voice trailing off.
Kavya gasped and tugged on Swara’s shirt. Ragini backed up against the wall of the garage and pointed her finger.
Swara turned and saw it. In the center of the room, where the beam of sunlight struck the floor, the dust was swirling around in a tiny whirlwind. As they watched, the whirlwind grew larger and larger…

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  1. Arshi

    Wow superb.. but it ended soo soon…. didnt expect it end rhis much quickly.. but a very cute story…

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    Aww….too awsm I’ll surely miss it to a very larger extent plzz do come with another ff soon plzz

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    Come with another ghost ff
    Swarag rocks

  4. Astra

    That was very nyc and interesting……

  5. Plzzzzz one more like this

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      Sure will try to write

  6. Actually not one but more and more like this
    It’s awesome m gonna miss u nd chief

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