I own you swaraa(obsession), hakoona mathatha, swara aur uske cousins (introduction)


Hiii everyone…its ur salluzz again,as i said here is the intro my my ff,hope u all will read and enjoy…..


Swara gadodia:(24)a pharmasist..elder of all

Kavya gadodia:(23)a journalist by profession..more close to swara

Kavitha gadodia:(22)sister of kavya.last year in college

Parineeta:(21)2nd year degree

Sahil gadodia:(22)4th year medical student

Ragini gadodia:(18)sister of swara..12th std..

Ragswi:(14)sister of swara..8th std

Swarag:youngest if all siblings..heart of swara..just 4 year old..chotte of swara..(shonu maa)

Ria prasad:(21)daughter of dp and ap

Mia prasad:(20)daughter of rp and sujatha

Sia prasad:(18)daughter of dp and ap

Sanskar maheswary:(27)young businessman.kind helpful and good at heart

Laksh khanna:(25)best frnd of sanskar maheswary.lawyer by profession

Sanskar sharma:works in maheswary as accountant…arrogant shot tempered

Both sanskar maheswary and sharma are pole apart frm each other and thr thing is that both are same…..

The cousins joins hand together when the situation comes else they will be pulling prank to each other…

Kavya and swara are sole sisters..whereas swara hates ragini,bt will be always with her when needed….

They all belongs to a middle class family and lives in a joint family with dada dida dadi shekar and mishti(rest are at abroad)

No one differentiate between children…sumi loves kavitha more..where as all cousins loves swara and swarag the most…ragini is pampered by shekar which irks swara alot…she always troubles ragini and as usual her Prince Charming (shekar)will comes for the aid…

Their family is the best example for our society.they respect each other and shares everything…..


A girl is walking through a crowdy area..just then she hears someone calling her

Girl turns back and finds a lady with a baby bump(almost 9 months)standing with huge bags and packets

Lady:will u help me to carry this all to my house

Girl goes and helps her carrying bags

Lady:thanks a lot…i have called many,bt no one listened to me

Girl smiles

Lady:whats ur name

Girl:ragini aur aap

Lady:my name is swara

Ragini gets sad hearing it

Lady:what happened ragini..everything fine naa

Ragini:haa dii..actually i used to have a sister named swara..bt now she is no more..she died Infront of my eyes when we were child

Swara:im so sorry

Ragini:its kk dii

They walks and talks wheras all are stairing at them

Ragini notices this

Ragini:di..why people are stairing at us like this

Swara:not us,they must be stairing at u ragini..u r more beautiful naa

Swara winks at ragini

Ragini blushes

Meanwhile they reaches a big bunglow

Ragini:is this the place where u live

Swara nodes

They reaches inside

There was many people doing different works

Swara pointed towards them

Swara:they are my family,my baba shekar,maa sumi fil durga prasad mil annapurna bil adarsh sil parineeta niece uthara more over my husband laksh maheswary and children shiv and sathya

Ragini smiles

Ragini:itni badii family..


Ragini turns back and finds an old man standing at door

Ragini:swara dii

She again turns back and finds,the mansion which was fully furnished is now made with dust…it now looks like there was no one living for past years

Ragini is shocked

She is start to blaber

Ragini:no kaka…i have seen dii..I came here to help her..see the packet and bags(bt it was not there)

Ragini is shocked

Kaka:beta…swara is no more,she left the world 2 years ago

Ragini is dazed

Ragini:no kaka..i have seen her talked to her..her family durga uncle ap aunty bhabhi..shiv or sathya

Kaka is stunned

Kaka:beta…plz go frim here…what u said may be correct bt the thing is that,the whole family is no more

Ragini sits there is shock

Ragini recalls how people where stairing at her…

She runs From There……

What will happen now???will ragini help swara or not??stay tuned


Veiled lady:u all said ne to give a chance naa??hiw can i give him a second chance maa,when i hates him thr most??u all still didn’t see my face,and i dint want to show that too..u all knw what he did with me??no ryt??then listen,when I rejected his proposal,he burnt my hairs(he just shows the hair which is short and here and there small small pieces of hair stuck)he forcefully tattooed his name on my hand(she pulls the sleeves up)he tried to kill my male friends,who talked to me..he made my family in debt made us on road so that i would be begging him..he tried to kill my friends…due to this crazy obsession all left me..nothing remains with me neither friends nor family

Tears were continusly flowing through her beautiful eyes which was only visible

She folds her hands

I request u,dont say to him that im here..it might me true that,im the reason for his change,maybe bacause if me,he changed to a human..bt it does not mean that i will marry him or surrender myself to him..u all consider me as daughter naa..plz help me save me….i cant marry him…

She falls diwn and cries vigorously

Someone keeps hand in her shoulder

She turns back

Child:didi..im with u..dont cry

Child hugs her

What is the past if veiled lady??who might be this lady and what might be she talking about???so stay tuned my friends..

This is ur salwas salluzz signing out with a bright smile


Credit to: Salluzz

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  1. Omg such a big confusion. We have 2 sanskars in this ff ..sanskar maheshwari n sanskar sharma. U said laksh is KHANNA in first n wrote MAHESHWARI later.it’s full of confusion. Plz clear all this
    Will be waiting for next part.post asap

  2. please please can u change in I own u swaraa. All scene is right but don’t make sanskar more cruel for swara that he brunt her hair or face.He is obsessive with her but he loves swara na then how can he do this with her.
    it’s my request please change that scene.

    1. ya u r right khusubu this think should changed

  3. osam

  4. Great..full of confusion..update nxt soon

  5. Awesome.. ….

  6. Tamanna

    Seems interesting… Especially hakoona matatha and I own you swara…..please try to update the episode soon….. M eagerly waiting…..

  7. exited mostly curious 2 read ur ffs

  8. It’s really new concept

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  10. Hadi

    Yr plZ don’t start these f2f if I r not capable of giving time to all these n if u post wid long gap as I already writing so many f2f so plZ it’s a humble request that plZ continue that ff especially Don Walla ff n if u e writing all these than plZ don’t take long gap for posting plZ n ya promos r fantastic no doubt

  11. Is this 2different Ffs or just 1

  12. Abirsha

    Awesome…. But pls finish ur current ffs and start this new one….

  13. love rags in couuzin wale ff

  14. AnuAnn

    Nice dear

  15. Hii guyss I have a small authors note from sallu dii

    Hii mmy readers..aactually its swaras point of view…sanskar will briefly explaiexplain his point of view..so no more cinfusion

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