Swara: A triangle love story begins (intro)


Hey guys I’m Nandana Rajasekharan.I’m here to tell an awesome triangle love story.I hope you will enjoy my FF
The Maheshwaris and Gadodias are the same

Main cast

Helly Shah as Meera Surya Narayana Varma/Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari (née Bose/Gadodia) (Main Female Lead & Protagonist)
Varun Kapoor as Sanskaar Ram Prasad Maheshwari (Main Male Lead & Protagonist)
Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar as Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari (née Gadodia) (Parallel Female Lead & Antagonist)
Namish Taneja as Lakshya Durga Prasad Maheshwari (Parallel Male Lead & Protagonist)
Additional cast

Parineeta Borthakur as Sharmishtha Shekhar Gadodia (née Bose)/Swara’s mother/Ragini’s Step mother
Sachin Tyagi as Shekhar Deendayal Gadodia/ Swara and Ragini’s father
Abhijit Lahiri as Deendayal Gadodia/Ragini’s Dada
Alka Kaushal as Parvati Deendayal Gadodia/Ragini’s Dadi
Nagesh Salwan as Durga Prasad Maheshwari
Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Annapurna Durga Prasad Maheshwari
Tarun Singh as Adarsh Durga Prasad Maheshwari
Akanksha Chamola as Parineeta Adarsh Maheshwari
Amar Sharma as Ram Prasad Maheshwari
Sonica Handa as Sujata Ram Prasad Maheshwari
Khyati Mangla as Uttara Ram Prasad Maheshwari
Nikita Sharma as Kavita
Sonia Shah as Kaveri.
Tanima Sen as Shobha bose /Swara’s nani/Dida.

New entries.

Tvisha Jain as Swara Laksh Maheswari.

Varma family.

Nakul Mehta as Surya Narayana Varma,Swara/Meera’s husband a Malayali from the south Indian state Kerala.
Ritwi jain as Maansi Surya Narayana Varma.
Ishitha Ganguly as Sridevi Narayana Varma,Surya’s sister.
Vikas Grover as Nandan Menon,Sreedevi’s fiance and Surya’s cousin and childhood friend.
Sanaya Pithawalla as Ritu Menon,Surya’s cousin
Indhu Verma as Sethu Lakshmy Varma,Surya’s mom.
Girish Sahedev as RamaKrishna Varma
Sonali Naik as Suja Menon,Nandan’s mom.
Anupam Bhattacharya as Sahdev Menon Nandan’s dad.
Jayasree.T as Rajeshwari Varma.Surya’s Grandmother.
Karan Godwwani as Vivek Mehta,Surya’s Friend.
Veebha Anand as Nina Talwar,Swara’s friend.
Riva Bubber as Geetha Kurup,Ritu’s mom Surya’s aunt
Rahul Ram as Srivastav Saxena,antagonist.
Karan Suchak as ACP Zayid Khan.
Chetan Pandit as Dr Jacob Mathew.
Sara Khan as Janani Moorthi Swara’s/Meera’s friend

Everyone in the Maheshwari mansion is ready for the morning puja.Ragini and Laksh are doing the arathi together.They are happy.Annapurna asks about Swara to Ragini.Yeh ladki kabhi nahi sudaregi Ragini whispered. She calls her angrily. Swaraaaa.Yes mom she replied.Suddenly 2 small legs appeared.A 4 years old lovely girl child is coming to the mandir Everyone looks her with a smile.But they are shocked to see Swara’s guitar in her hand.Ragini sadly remembers their jugalbandi performance.
Baby Swara:Maa yeh guitar mujhe store room se mila tha.yeh aapka hai kya.kya aap mujhe bhi sikha dogi
Ragini:Yeh meri nahi hai beta.Nahi guitar bajaana mujhe nahi aata beta.mein aapko sitar sikha doongi
B.Swara:Mujhe nahi bajaani hai sitaar mujhe guitar play karni hai
She conflict to Ragini
Ragini:Acha baba theek mein tumhare papa se kahkar inthazaam karunga ab khush
She laughs and hugs her
B.Swara:Yeh kiski hai maa
Ragini’s eyes are teared
Ragini:Tumhari maasi ka hai beta
B.Swara wipes her tears
B.Swara:maa aap kyun ro rahi ho maasi kahan hai.Voh mujh se milne kyun nahi aya abhi tak
Sujata:arey Ragini iss khushi ke mauke par tum kyun us Bangalan ki yaad dila rahi ho.Usi ki wajah se mere bete ki je halat hui hai
DP:Annapurna Sanskar kahan hai
Adarsh:Papa voh subah subah office keliye nikal gayi hai
DP:theek hai sab jaakar nasta karlo

Sanskar is alone sitting at that bridge where Ragini try to kill Swara at her wedding day with Laksh
Sanskar thinks about Swara and their happiest moments
Sanskar:tum kahan ho Swara kyun chodkar chali gayi thi mujhe.Tumhare inthazar hamesha karte rahoonga main
Kavitha arrives there
Sanskar:Tum yahan bhi aya hai damn it.kyun aisa kar rahi ho chen se jeene do mujhe please
Kavitha:Kya galat kiya hai mein ne tum mere pathi ho,mere pehla pyar thi,sapne te
Sanskar:Sapna tumhara sapna kya mujhe koi sapna nahin thiSwara mere sabse bada sapna jo tumne cheen liya tha
Kavitha:Nahin Sanskar mein ne kuch nahin kiya hai
Sanskar:Mere aur Swara ke beech galat fahmi paida karti thi tumne aur ab bhi kahti hoon ki tumne kuch nahi kiya hai.Voh bhi Ragini ki sahaare se.Sanskar Swara ka thi,Swara ka hai aur hamesha rahegi.Yeh galat fahmi mein mat rahna ki voh mujhe chodkar chali gayi hai.Voh ayega apni Sanskar ke paas voh zaroor vapas aa jayega
He exits from there. Kavita is alone.She sits on her knee.She overlay her eyes with her hands and cries

There is a window far away from Maheshwari mansion far away from Kolkata, far away from Sanskar.Sun shower his rays through this window to 2 beautiful faces
2 hands places 2 coffee mugs filled with hot coffee to the table.It was a man.He kisses that 2 faces.Sunrays irritates them.So he resisted it by curtains.
Meera wake up it’s morning Mannu wake up he said
Meera:Bas 20 minutes Surya she covered the bed sheet over her head
Maansi: Dad 5 minutes more please
Surya:I’m fed up by both of you lazy beti uski chaar guna lazy maa
His phone rangs suddenly
He attended it
Surya:Yeah Nina We will be there in 30 minutes
Meera wake please it’s Nina’s call we are already too late
Meera: oh no
She wake up finally. It reveals that she is Swara.She hugs him tightly and he too.Both of them are in white woolen clothes.The room was filled with semi darkened light.
Meera:Good morning my lovable idiot. Surya hum yahan kyun ayi ho
Surya:because Nina wants to meet us urgently
Surya:I don’t know
She looks at his eyes
Meera:I’m in love with you Surya.
They are in an eye lock
Surya:I love you too but don’t kill me by your eyes
They are ready for a lip lock
Maansi:Mom dad what are you doing there
Surya:No nothing my princess
He kissed on her cheeks
Surya:Meera please come fast did you know about Mumbai’s traffic block
Meera: okay my ideal life partner. I’m coming
They left from the hotel

Surya knocks the door of a flat.There’s a name board there written that Ajay Talwar
A beautiful young girl opens the door
Meera:Ninaaa I really miss you.
Nina:I miss you too
They hugs each other
Nina gave chocolates for Maansi and now she is busy to watch Mr Bean.Surya Meera and Nina are having their coffee
Meera: where is your mom and dad
Nina:They went for Badrinath
Surya:Tea is very nice
Meera:This is coffee idiot
They laughs
Surya:So tell me why did you call us urgently
Nina:Because Vikrant ki transfer ho gayi hai for USA with promotion
Meera:Congrats par baat kya hai Nina any problem
Nina is about to cry.She touches Meera’s feet.She is shocked. She helped her to stand up
Nina:Mujhe maaf kar do Meera mein ne tumhare sath bahut galat kiya galat nahi guna kiya hai
Meera: yeh tum kya kah rahi ho mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aa rahaa hoon
Nina:Bataa doongi mein sab kuch bataa doongi
Kuch din pehle Rohan gayab ho gayi thi .Thodi der ke baad voh mil bhi gaya.Tab mujhe samajh mein aya ek maa se apne bache ko alag karana kitna bada jurum hai
Meera:Tumne kisko alag kardiya mera toh ek hi bachi hai voh meri paas hi toh hai.Deemang theek hai na tumhari
Nina:mein ne tumhe apni maa se alag kar diya Meera tum anath nahi ho.
Both of them are shocked
Meera:Tum khel rahi ho kya.Main kuch yakin nahin karoongi
She hugs Surya.
Surya:Nina what is this are you okay.
Nina:Meera tumhara naam Meera bhi nahi kisi aur hai
She shocked next
Meera: Phir kaun hoon mein
she is crying
Meera:Pata nahi
Surya:Please tell us what is the matter
Nina:Saxena ki maut ke baad mein sab kuch bataane hi wali thi lekin Surya Tumhare gharwale ne iss shadi ko lekar tensed te.So they requested me to hide this.Infact mein bhi yahin chahti thi.
Surya:How did you know she is not an orphan
Nina:In fact inhone khud mujhe bataai thi ki inhonne Saxena se darkar naam badala tha par inka naam address yeh main nahin jaanti socha Jaane se pehle kehke jaun
Maansi:Aap kyun ro rahi ho mom
Swara:Kuch nahin beta kuch nahin

Meera is heart broken. Nina gave them Meera’s old luggage.They received her apology.Meera is hatred of herself.They returned to Thiruvananthapuram(The capital city of Kerala)Which is Surya’s home city.They searches her old luggage but it had no use
Surya promised to her that he will find her yesterdays
He hugs her.Suddenly a wind blows in their bed room a piece of paper stuck in Surya’s hand.He is shocked to see thatIt was an air ticket to Kolkata.But it was ate by termite where her name and whereabouts was printed.
On the next day he was ready to go to Kolkata.Meera was also desired to go with him.He rejects and promised that once he find all the truth he will take her to Kolkata.
On the way he went to the temple where his family had the ownership.He prayed there.When he returned he saw a peepal tree.A smile flourished at him.
Surya:This was the place where all the things are begined.He remembers about it


Surya,Sreedevi,Nandan and Ritu are exits from the temple.
Ritu:Chetta(means elder brother) Mami(aunty) won’t let you go to Hyderabad
Sridevi:Because she will miss you very much
They saw a fortuneteller sitting behind the peepal tree with his parrot
Ritu:Chetta please come he’ll predict our life
Surya:No no enik venda(I don’t want that) I’m not interested in it
Nandan:Surya come on yaar let us check which girl is the head ache in our future
Sri hit Nandan’s head
Sri:I’m your head ache tell me I’m gonna kill you
Surya:Ok guys lets stop this let us check
Ft:varu varu bhalam parayam bhalam parayam(come on guys I’ll tell about your future)
He opened the cage and the parrot exited from it
FT:Naalum perum parayu(tell me your Name and horoscope star)
Sri:Surya Narayana Varma,Aswathy nakshatram(a horoscope star)
He told to the parrot to choose a card.It choosed a card.He checked the card
FT:Before you meet your life partner you meet her soul
Nandu:What ?you know English
FT:I’m post graduate but I can’t get a job
Ritu:Oh what a pity
Sri:Ith satyamano (What it’s true) that you said
Surya:I can’t trust it that you said come on lets go
Ritu: okay just rap it up
Sri:Yeah we have to pack this idiot’s luggage
Nandan: ok guys vaa povam(lets go)

In Kolkata

He reached his destination at the evening.He begins his search from the waiter of the hotel.After 2 days he is failed to find anything. On the 3rd day he is trying to search Meera’s where abouts he is met with an accident.Sankar reach there.He took him to the hospital.Meera is upset about Surya she has a notion that Surya is in danger.She sees a nightmare that Surya met with an accident.She calls Surya but it was not reachable. She continued it at every 10 minutes.Finally Sanskar attends the calls.He gets an abnormal feeling.He thinks about Swara.
Main rahoon ya na rahoon plays in the background
He is shocked.It is just like Swara.
Meera:Hello Surya where are you mein kitni baar tumse baat karne ki koshish ki kahan thi tum pata hai mujhe laga ki tum kisi musibat mein hoon.Aisa lagta hai ki meri jaan ja rahi thi
She is crying.Sanskar immediately cutted her call and He wrote a message to her WhatsApp

Mein thoda busy hoon mein baad mein call karungi
Meera: ok dear Love you my lovable idiot
Sanskar is in hospital for 2 days.After 2 days Surya regained his consciousness.
Surya:Meera Meera
Sanskar:Bro calm down you are in hospital.
Surya:yeh kitne dhin ho gaya yahan
Sanskar:3 dhin
Surya:Omg itne dhin se Meera se baat tak nahin ho payi voh paresaan ho rahi hogi
Sanskar:Vaise bhi maan na padega tum donon ki pyar ko neend main bhi use yaad karti rahti hoon na.Aur voh har 10 minutes mein tumhe hi call aur messege karti rahti hai
Surya:Kya tumne use kuch bataaya
Sanskar:No vaise bhi bataane wala tha par bataa nahi paya kyun ki jab jab mein bataane jaa rahi thi voh imotional ho jaati thi aur doctor ne bataaya tha ki tumhe ek 2 dhin mein hosh aa jayegi.Aur us se bataaya ki tum kisi out of coverage area mein hoon please mujhe galat mat samajhna ki mein tumhari phone use ki
Surya: oh no iss mein sorry kehne ki kya baat hai.Thanks bro ki tumne iss baat use nahi bataaya tumne mujhe bacha liya aur meri pyar ko bhi
Surya gets Meera’s call
Sanskar: Sau saal jiyegi tumhari Meera
Sanskar : Tum call karo nahi romance karo main doctor se milkar aati hoon
Surya : okay buddy
Surya attends her call
Surya:Hello Meera
He learned that she was crying
Surya:Are you crying kya hua
Meera:Tum 3dhin tak kahan thi mera phone kyun nahin uthaya mujhse baat kyun nahin ki
Surya: out of coverage area mein tha
Meera:jooth mat bolo Surya tumhara dard ka ahsas ho raha hai mujhe tumhe zaroor kuch hua hai
Surya:Nahin kuch nahi hua hai bas yuhi Acha Mannu kaisi hai voh mujhe zyada miss toh nahin kar rahi hoon na us se kehna ki jab dad ayenge toh us keliye bahut chocolates lekar ayegi
Meera :voh sab toh main kahungi.lekin baat badalne ki koshish mat karna sach sach bataa mujhe aur kaun tha voh jo tumhara absence par mujhe message bhej raha tha
Surya:I was met with an accident aur unhone mujhe bachaya tha


Meera:wha what acc ie dent tumhe kuch hua toh nahin na
Surya:Omg agar mujhe kuch hua hai toh mein isi tarah baat nahin kar sakti meri after death rituals abhi tak suru hoti
Meera:I’ll kill you phir aisa kuch kaha toh.I’m coming there
Surya:Nahin tum yahan mat aana tumhe meri kasam
Meera:Tum vahan akele kaise rahogi
Surya:Voh kaise tum jo mere saath ho. in 3 dhinon mein tumne sabse zyada mere saath rahaa zindagi mein har musikul ki saamna hamne saath milkar kiye hai yeh bhi aise hi hoga
Nandan:what happened to you buddy we are one since our childhood.None is awesome than you.You are unique.I’m coming there
Surya:No no you won’t come here.
Nandan:But you are alone now.So I’m fine.we have to face such situations in our lives too.If you are not happy because I’m alone try to contact Vivek.I have missed his number.Give me his number
Nandan:I’ll message it to you
Surya;Try to console her na.And remember don’t share this to Sri and mom okay
Nandan:Okay take care bye
Meera: Don’t go mujhe abhi tumse milna hai
Surya: okay close your eyes
Samajhwan plays and romantic scenes between Surya and Meera
Sanskar is back.He snatch the phone from Surya
Sanskar:my friend nurse aaya hai use sedation ki injection dhene ke liye ab voh jitni aaram karegi utni jaldhi voh teek bhi ho jayegi.Uski thodi energy toh bachake rekho
Meera:Okay mr battery saver I’ll try my best voh kya hai na jab se unse mila hai tabse us se milne yaa baat karne bagair jee nahi sakti main.Acha voh kitni ghande baad utegi
Sankar:Actually I don’t know approximately 6 ghande.Inthazaar karne jaa rahi ho uska udne ki
Meera:Nahin sone jaa rahi hoon jab voh sota hai main bhi soungi voh uttha hai main bhi utungi
Sanskar: okay I wish an awesome sleep for you both
Meera:Okay mr battery saver
Nurse gave Surya an injection. He is about to sleep.Meera go to bed.They smiles.Both of them close their eyes unite

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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      I’m a malayalee too.And I also wrote the translation of the malayalam sentences in English. Any way I’ll try my best to do not include Malayalam words.But Surya and his family belongs to Kerala so they have to speak some Malayalam words.So please accept it and pardon me.But I’ll try my best

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