Swara:A triangle love story begins (episode 24)

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Episode 24
Sanskar attends Aarcha’s call…….
Sanskar smiled, looked at the phone.
“???Sanskaaar where is my appointment order.”…
“Ohhhh Ego queen I will send it soon even I was too busy with some responsibilities “…..” Mm okay send it fast “……” Aarcha can I ask you something “……” Okay ask me… “……” Aarcha why are you intimate with me when ever I am letting down “……She feels something.She thinks” Aarcha why are you calling him like this “…..She didn’t get the answer.She punched carelessly on her bed….” Sanskar Amma is calling me “….She cuts the call….


Varmas welcomed their children with happiness….. They are glad to seeing their children back…..all are gathering in the hall
Sethu and Ramakrishna hugs Surya,Swara and Maansi…….Maansi went to play with their neighbours.
Maami:Surya,Meera mole come we made Sadya(Daawat) for you all…..
Appachi(means aunt or father’s sister): Meera mole I made your favorite payasam and Surya’s favorite Unni appam(a Kerala dish looks like gulab jamun but is harder than gulab jamun,it is preparing with rice powder jaggery and other ingredients…)
Nandu: ??none is thinking about me….
Ritu:?? Someone is thinking about you…. Now go to hospital…. Sri is waiting for you otherwise she will kill you Dr Nandan Menon (Sri and Nandan are doctors.Nandan is a Cardiologist and Sri is a pediatrician….)

Nandan:????omg I am leaving…

Maami: Nandu da Nandu stay there…. Ritu ??you propelled my son??he didn’t ate anything which I have made…
Maami leaves the hall angrily…
Janani: okay guyzz I am leaving now…
Sethu: no no mole have some food then go
Vivek: yeah stay here Jani I will drop you….
Swara and Surya gave a mocking?? smile to them….others noticed that….. They ate their food together……

Some days have passed.Sanskar didn’t gave her appointment order to Aarcha.Because he was busy with some business work.Sanskar is happy but he can’t forget Swara still now…..He doesn’t showed his heart to anyone.But he is not interested in today’s Swara because she is changed alot.Exactly different from his Swara. Surya came to Kolkata 2 times in this time period. Maansi’s school is reopened. Swara is busy with her designing career. She also held some bridal shows. Aarcha’s parents are looking a perfect match for her.Varmas asked Janani for Vivi and they accepted the proposal and now both of them are working in the same IT company.

.But problems will never end.Now Laksh has no role in Maheshwari’s business. He was getting financially down. So he cheated Maheshwaris.All of the Maheshwaris except Sujata Sanskar for the betrayal.A quarrel occurred between Sanlak.Sanskar hitted on Laksh’s head.His head is injured. It was just a small injury.But Laksh pretends to he is badly wounded by Sanskar. The family members blamed him for it……
Ap:??you will definitely do this because you are that Malini’s son na.She also did to us like this….

Malini who is that tell me maa…..
Others are stunned to hear that….
Sujata:Jiji? no…she nodes her head….
Sanskar:??tell me Mom who am I maa,Badepapa,please tell me who am I….he begged to all of them….

Finally the truth is revealed…..

Sanskar is the son of dp and rp’s sister Malini….they fixed her marriage with Mr Singhania and both of them were fell in love with each other but the marriage was broken when Singhania’s financial problems were started… Malini’s marriage is fixed with an another guy….the lovers were eloped from there… but they died in an accident 2 year after Sanskar’s birth…. Rp and Sujata were adopted him as their son because they are childless………

Sanskar stunningly left MM.He gives up all his business and properties to Maheshwaris….and now none knows his whereabouts…

Seasons will never wait for none…..Then came spring?and winter??…..and a winter season is blossoming… The last week of November…..snow is showering and the peoples are shivering….almost are hiding in blankets and woolen caps….A man
is sitting on bench of the park….An ash color blanket is covering him.He coughed two times..he is holding a scotch bottle which is placed on the bench.He is alternatively drinking it….he is a little beared some snow particles are adhering at his bear.He wiped the scotch droplets belonging to the part above his lips.He is looking far away…..suddenly a girl seated beside him…..He angrily stares at her and attempts to leave. He stood up….she is a little before him.She also stood up.She is looking at him with a begging face “Sanskar please stay there”she said… He remains there….she continued her speech.”Sanskar why are you punishing yourself.Please come back…”

“Aarcha why are you following me, please leave me alone.” He said that without changing his position…. “Sanskar..” She touched on his shoulders…. “Please look at me”… He closed his eyes and sighed. Then he suddenly turned to backward.”….” Aarcha what you want ,all left me alone.Mom,dad,Swara,my whole family even my enemy Kavita too.Then why don’t you???, tell me what is the relationship between us??? ” ….she insensibly stared at him. Then said… “Friendship Sanskar.It meant only friendship.There are many relationships in this world.But there is only one relationship in the world which expects nothing.That is true friendship.”….he looks at her with a contempt…” What ever Aarcha, I am not interested in any kind of relationship now.I know why are you evolving around me ,you want your job,right?….she looks at him emotionally… “Then come,come with me I will introduce you to a company even though I have contacts to some companies in this Mumbai still now too. But after that, you have to leave me alone.Come on”He hold to drag her hand.” Leave me Sanskar “she angrily said to him and retrieved her hand.” What are you thinking about yourself. You are not always right ever.At least try to understand others too.”…..His eyes are burning “Who is that others Aarcha,None want me, none is for me in this world”…. Some other voices cutted their conversation “We are for you Sanskar”…. Aarcha smiled at them. Sanskar turned backward…..”Surya, Swara you both are here.”….his leg turned forward to hug both of them but something stopped him from that
” No Sanskar you are alone and you have to be alone. Do not allow any relation to harm you again.” He thinks and leaves but Surya holds his hands and hugs him “where were you idiot.Do you know we were looking for you and where were you”….. Sanskar smiles and attempts to touch his back…Surya continued” Do you know Sanskar your mom is waiting for you”……Sanskar’s rude face came back and suddenly returned his hands which was going to touch Surya… “? Just shut up Surya I don’t want to talk about them and also I am not willing to talk to you people”…. He attempts to leave…. Swara holds his hand.”Please Sanskar remain here we want to talk to you”… He felt something. He remembered about Swasan moments…….
But suddenly he looked at Surya and angrily drags his hand and walks……suddenly someone holds his hand again….” Swara,I told you na…” He turned backward but he didn’t saw anyone in front of him then he slowly ran his eye balls to below….”Uncle will you leave me?you know I missed you so much? where were you “.Her innocent face and question threw his anger away. His eyes were filled, a tiny droplet of tear is falling down from his eyes.Swara came to Aarcha.Sanskar bend down on his knees. “Mannu beta…I missed you too”…he hugs and kissed on her cheeks……Swara,Surya and Aarcha are smiling to see it…..?Surya signals to Swara and Aarcha from a little far away….He made a fake anger over his face” Come on Mannu we have to go. your uncle will no longer enjoy your presence “Surya drags Maansi’s hand.She cries” Dad leave me I want to be with him…uncle?” Sanskar is doubtfully looking at him… “Surya I am really sorry, leave her “….he touched on Surya’s shoulder. But he brush aside Sanskar’s hand…”I know Sanskar you are angry to me. All though I am the reason for your all sorrows. I stole your Swara na???…..Sanskar suddenly touched on his left cheek emotionally…”Buddy what are you saying I am responsible for it.it all was my mistakes”…… Sanskar suddenly noticed his ? this look….”?? you idiot are you playing to me I will kill you nonsense”…. Surya runs and Sanskar follows him….” You Raskel stay there, remain there I will hit you…… “Sanskar laughs and runs before him…..

Swara and Aarcha are laughing to see that.
“Did you see Meera our previous Sanskar is alive in him.”…. Swara amazingly looked at her.

Aarcha and Swara went to Surya’s guest house in Mumbai.Surya went to Sanskar’s lodge with him.It was an old lodge in Mumbai.” Come on Surya come in ” Surya looks around while going through the old wooden stair case. A man and woman are exiting from a room”This time it’s okay but I want more money next time ” she said to that man.Surya looks at her and follows Sanskar. Some dirty smells are swelling there. Some people are going to bath and wash their clothes with buckets. Sanskar opened the door of his room. Surya enters and noticed that room. It was ugly and too old. dilapidated walls.The clothes are lying disordered on the bed.A table lamp is placed on the table. It was next to the window. Surya sneezed 3 times”sorry yaar I didn’t cleaned the room”….”it’s k Sanky” Surya said him amidst of sneezing” …..Sanskar turned on the fan….it begun to do its work with an irritating voice… Surya remembered about how Sanskar can’t live without an AC….Sanskar tried to spilled some tea from a flask but it was empty. He ashamed of himself… “?what is this Sanskar how could you live here, come on come with me”.Surya said to him and started to pack his belongings…. Sanskar tried to stop him.”Surya I am happy here please leave me alone”.Sanskar hold his hands.But he drags his hands and searching for his belongings. Sanskar seated on the bed.He crouched his and rubbing his forehead.Surya took some books from his cupboard. He saw his personal diary. He accidentally opened it and stunned to see something.It was filled with the sentence ” I love you Swara”…He turned backward and looked upon Sanskar. He is maintaining his position still now….. He packed all his baggage. “Come on Sanskar shall we go?” …….Sanskar changed his face as a philosopher…. “No Surya I am alone and I want to be alone”…..”???? I don’t want any Socrates or Aristotle here I solely want my old friend Sanskar Maheshwari so do what I say.” Surya drags his hand and lifts his baggage to left shoulder….. “Surya no I told you na I have to be here please leave me”….. “Sanskar your any type of stupid actions won’t be sell to this Surya.” He picked him to his car.

Surya,Sanskar, Aarcha and Maansi all are gathered in front of dining table. Mannu is seated on Sanskar’s lap.”Aarcha please pass me that dhaal” Surya said to Aarcha.Sanskar is feeding Mannu.Some food particles are remaining around her lips. Sanskar wiped it clearly and smiles at her.She also gave an innocent smile to him. “Uncle do you know what happened in yesterday night”.What happened my sweetie? Sanskar asked her
” Uncle in yesterday I went to forest with my teddy.In my way I saaaw a lion”Everyone is looking at her with secret smile “??oh then what happened.Sanskar asked her “Uncle don’t be afraid he is my friend na Lion King we played alot.Then I went to My Palace.
Sanskar:? palace Your palace???.
Maansi:Yeah uncle my Palace.I m Princess na.Dad is calling me princess Isn’t it Dad??…
Surya:Yes my dear you are my Princess.He kissed her.
Sanskar: Cutie and then
Maansi:Then I danced with my Prince.
Sanskar:?Prince, how is he.Is he handsome?????!
Maansi:?? yeah Uncle he is very handsome.
Aarcha:? Surya look look she is blushing…
Sanskar:? So what one day we will definitely find her Prince.Is’nt it Mannu
Aarcha:I m talking to Surya…??
Sanskar:Then what happened beta
Maansi:Then that naughty Tom cat escaped with my teddy.
He climped to the tree and I also climbed to the tree like spiderman….I bopped him and he returned my teddy.She giggled….
Sanskar:??Mannu you are so strong right??
Maansi:Yeah Uncle I ate Ladoo na so I got Chota bheem’s power….she is playing with Sanskar’s bracelet and carelessly nodding her head.” Bheem bheem bheem chota bheem chota bheem he is huge and strong……. ” she is singing..

Swara came to the dining hall with a rattan container full of rotis.

“Mannuuu” Swara called her with a sweet voice.”Ab bas bhi karo,You know Surya she is talking about the same dream from today morning.Oh god I don’t know what to do.” She touched the corner of her forehead and nodded……Mannu suddenly reminisces something. Uncle where is my fireflies you promised me na that you will give it to me when we meet next time “….” I will give it to you my dear you don’t worry about it “Sanskar consoled her…..” Someone is like this my cutie they can only give promises just like our politicians but they will not fulfill it.”Aarcha said.She consumed a bit of roti and looked upon the ceiling….Sanskar angrily stared at her…. “Aarcha no” Swara nodded her head….

Some weeks had passed.Sanskar is not intimate with anyone.And the only Individual that he solely talks is Maansi.In working days she have to go to school.She will come with Swara at all weekends if Swara is busy Surya will definitely takes her to Mumbai for Sanskar. Aarcha got a job in Mumbai.and she is living in a working women’s hostel. Someone of Surya’s friends interrogated him about the relationship between Swara and Sanskar but his answer was unique ” I know my Meera and Sanky very well. Meera is my breathe and Sanskar is my trust they will never ever betray me “……

It was Christmas week???.Maansi is having a holiday of 10 days.

Surya planned a Vacation to Goa with 4 of them for changing Sanskar’s mood.He assumed that it will be a good relief to Sanskar.But he was unaware of something that it was the entrance of an another tragedy which is going to change all their lives………

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