Hiiii guyss…I was little busy with my one shot story..which I have updated successfully…all credit goes to u, my dear readers….??I think this might be 9th part of our ff??..so shall we begin…

Let’s go with the damakha…….

(I have added some smilies so that u may get correct view or face expression)

Swara shocked seeing a photo frame….

Swara:tthis..photo..it was not here last time naa

Sanskar:ohh yea..that time, its glass broken, so pari bhabhi, gives to frame it…y swara

Swara:thanku god…??u have return me everything which I have long losted…..

Sanskar:what are u saying swara

Swara:nothing much….im leaving..uthara take care….

She kisses uthara and leaves happily….

Sanskar:what happened to her??

Uthara:(I wish I could talk to u bhai…I need to say it with my own tongue, bt I cant…)

At gadodia…

Swara reaches with a pale face..

By time she enters maheswary were alredy left

Swara enters her room and locks it

Shekar comes and knocks the door

Shekar:shonaa..what happened….see we all need to say u a important thing….

Swara; baba…im tired..lets discuss it later??

Shekar:atleast have ur good beta

Swara:im not hungry??

Shekar goes and says this to all

Sumi:she might have landed in some trouble…

Sahil:bade maa..I think bhai will knw..let me call me

Sahil calls and ask about swara

Sanskar:actually she left frm here happily..she thanked god that, he have returned everything which she have losted…any problem sahil

Sahil:no….just asked

Sanskar; kk

Sahil tell this to family

Janaki:she is same naa…if it was a happy news, she will inform us…else she will suffer herself

Dada:anyways tomorrow we will talk to her about marriage

Late at night….

Swara comes out of room and sits on terrace….

Someone pats her shoulder

Swara turns

Swara:urvashi maa

Urvashi:what happened shona…

Swara; nothing maa…who said that, im here

Urvashi:I knw my daughter…..say shona…what happened….

Swara cries hard and hugs urvashi

Swara:im scared urvashi maa…..

Urvashi was shocked because she only cried for lucky and laddo death……

Urvashi:shonaa…beta…look at me..im here na…what happened to u..y r u crying beta…I cant see u like this…I may have not given birth to u, bt u r more than my daughter naa…say to me beta…u will feel relief

Swara wipes her tears

Swara:when im returning frm MM


Swara was happily returning back…

she goes to temple

Swara:thanky bagwan, from here u took away my lucky and laddo…now u only returned them naa….thanks a lot..by this they will fullfill their love story…


Swara turns and finds a man standing there

Swara:who the hell are u??

Man:nice question baby??I loved it??


Man:u may have forgotten me bt not my brother…do u remember him swara??


Man:u pushed a person from here naa…ANUJ..im his brother…ARJUN..do u remember

swara was shocked

ARJUN:what u thought my bhai would die…no swara he didn’t die…because of u he is still in coma…I came here to take revenge swara….

Swara:u blo*dy bastard…u knw because ur so called bhai..I have losted my soul here…what about that..he should have died…

ARJUN:bas….✋?✋?I will destroye ur family like u destroyed mine…what u said, god have returned everything naa…then listen once again I will snatch it..not only them, bt whole ur family…from ur father gadodia to aryan….I will destroye ur family…ur legacy…o want to see u begging for their life…I will make ur life hell by snatching everyone…ur love ur trust and each and everything…just wait and watch

Saying he leaves…swara was numb


Swara:I dont want to lose anyone maa..I cant see u all in trouble…what can I do ma…everything happens because of me naa..im really a bad girl…

Urvashi:who said u r a bad girl…my shona is best naa..as a son, daughter, u make our head high..as a mother, u raised aryan..as a sister, u give happiness to ur brothers….only u can do this shona…u r our pride naa…we will be always with our champ…dont cry beta…u always say naa girls wont cry..look now who is crying…beta, the one who faces challenge will win…let anything happens bt we will be always there with u…..

Swara nodes and hugs her

Bith comes down..

Swara goes to janaki room

And sleeps there

Janaki:shonaa….have good beta….

Swara:u didnt eat

Janaki:when my daughter is hungry, how can I eat beta….

Swara gets up and goes to kitchen and gets a plate of food

She feeds janaki and janaki feeds swara…

Janaki:are u kk shonaa…

Swara nodes

Janaki:bt ur eyes are not accepting it

Swara hugs her

Swara; nothing maa…some tensions thats all..come now sleep…

Both sleeps there

Janaki:krishna jii..plz save my 5 children…..don’t let anything happens to them..u knw that arjun got back happiness after 5 years…dont do same with other 4……I just want their happiness

Next morning

Swara was sleeping peacefully when someone pours water on her

She immediately gets up and shouts

Swara:dadajii…I didnt do anything

She looks around and finds its was aryan


Aryan:shonu maa

Swara melts by his words

Aryan:today I want u to play with me…

Swara takes him and place him in lap

Swara; im ready to play with my aryan….

Aryan:plz..go and brush ur teeth shonu ma??

Swara smiles….

She goes to bathroom and comes back…

She hears beating of plate frm hall

Swara:meeting? ??

All are presented there

Shekar:shonaa…u have promised that, u will agree for marriage naa

Swara:if u all agree with same man

Sumi:we have got an alliance

Swara:(not at all interested) who??


Swara:???…(after that)?????????
Hello..stop joking??

Janaki:we are not joking…seriously

Swara:what!!????no..it should never happen

Aryan:y shonu maa…chachu is very good naa

Swara:even u?

Swara goes inside…

All were sad

Urvashi goes behind her

Urvashi:shona…accept this betaa

Swara:urvashi maa??u knw about arjun naa

Urvashi:that’s y im saying beta…u knw sanskar is a good guy..je knws u well..he will be always there with u in any situation….

Swara:but maa??

Urvashi:what the use of marrying an unknown person other than marrying ome who knws u completely….

Swara:bt I cant spoil his life naa…..I knw wife have some ryts bt im not even sure, whether I can fullfill it or not

Urvashi:listen beta…sanskar knws u naa…he will understand u…so plz..accept this proposal….

Swara goes out and rings the plate

All gathers there

Swara:Im ready for the marriage..bt before that I have to talk to him…..

All jumbs in happiness

Swara goes to see sanskar

Swara was about to talk when sanskar interepted

Sanskar:I knw swara..y u come to meet me
We both are bounded by our family…so I dont habe any problem with this marriage. .I knw u r not ready..I can wait for u …so even after marriage we will be frnds……

Swara:u will not get bored??

Sanskar:??????y swara..is this a game to gey bored….

Swara:kkkk…..nt still

Sanskar:swara..listen, its good to be friends between husband and wife….so we are alredy frnds…I think u will het to knw more about me…I dont have any problem..


Sanskar noded….

She goes back and informs it to all….

All were very happy..more over, it was like a festival for badi people

At a house

ARJUN is seated there

Boy:boss…its swara’s wedding

ARJUN; I knw…let her fly high….I will cut jer wings once she reaches the top….

At badii

All are busy with their daily works….

Here swara was having ice candy in her hand and was havinh it like kids with badi children

Sanskar comes there

Sanskar:are u a kid swara….

Swara:(still licking) u want….

She gives a candy to sanskar…..??

Sanskar:y u called me..anything serious…

Swara nodes….

Swasan finishes candy and swara takes sanskar to river

Swara tells something to sanskar…..

It includes all things (u will get to knw later)

He was both happy and angry..it was like a mixed emotions…..

Sanskar:y dont u tell this before

Swara:I said naa….only I knw about it…

Sanskar:whatever..its getting late come…

Swara goes to gadodia and sanskar to maheswary

Sanskar:im very happy that, she tell all her things to me na which she didn’t say to her family which means she consider this relationship…I just need that swara..I promise I will be there with u in all situation..no matter how risk it is…and I will protect u……

Precap:swara getting a call saying that, sanskar is having fun with call girls…swara goes there…what will be hwr reaction?? Aryan piya scenes…..

Hii everyone,
A small message to my readers. ..

You all must have read my story HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI. So today, im going to give u all a small advice, I knw no one like advices (even me) bt consider it as a words of ur elder sister…and I promise once u read this and do accordingly, nothing wil happen nor nothing can go away from u bt may be u can get something which is more precious…

After reading that story, im sure that many of u must have felt pity on me, ryt??

Then listen, I kne i did a big mistake by not conveying my love to him..at that time, I was always thinking about my best frnd..I suppressed my feelings..and I was sure that, if I said him about my feelings at last moment also, he could have come to me…bt I did a foolish thing by sacrificing…bt no problem…I could achieve my dream…

So my dear sisters…if u r in love, just say them..dont be scared about reply..just say it so that u will feel better…if u suppressed it, u will die each second…if they said yes, u r very lucky, that u got ur love..and if u r rejected he is unlucky that, he have missed such a nice girl in his life…so just say it dear…ur one word can change ur whole life….im sayinh this to oy true lovers not for the people who are born for flirting…I must say to them that, u guys can flirt:no problem at all..bt one day u will realise the pain of betrayal…so I hope u all have a best future and also a best partner…may god bless u all……


a smile meant for many thinhs…it can make others too smile….

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