Im here with 8th part of our ff…..

At gadodia mansion

Dada and dadi are seated on the chair

Swara and sansksar was standing

Dadi:who are with sanskar stand with him..and who support shona, stand beside her

All goes to sanskar

Swara:priya bhabhi

Priya:shona..today im with sanskar

Arjun:for the first time nanand ki chamchi against her

Swara stands there alone

Aryan comes there with swara..she smiles…
Piya also comes and stands with her

Aryan:im with shonu maa

Piya:im with chachi

Swara smiles


Sahil:she deserves more slap…bade papa already warned her naa..bt she didnt here

Urvashi:yes..sahil is correct..what if something happens

Aryan:no chotti dadi…see my shonu maa mark naa…u knw I counted it…

Piya:there is 4 finger mark..bt aryan there are 5 fingers naa

Aryan:sanskar chachu..next time u should put 5 finger marks kkk

All laughs

Swara:u r with me or ur chachu

Aryan; I will be always with my shonu maa

Piya:if aryan is there, then I will also with chachi only

Swara kneel down and cups their face

Swara:piya beta..u should be chachu naa

Siya:no chachi…aryan is my cutie pie naa…so I will be with him always…..

Swara smiles

Dadi:shonu sanskar, does u need to say anything

Swara:how can he slaps me…he saved me..bt he only slapped me naa

Sanskar:haa..now I regret for slapping u..

Swara:see naa

Sanskar:I should have pulled u to cliff

Swara glares him

Dada:enough….shonu,will u forgive him

Swara nodes no

Dadi:then u slap him too…

All are shocked

Dada and dadi winks at them

Swara:what! How can I slap him…..

Dadi:u only said naa, u cant forgive u…so this is the solution

Swara:no..I will never slap him..I cant do that…..


Swara:I dont knw

Sanskar:swara…if it hurts u, them im sorry

Swara:who needs ur sorry

Sanskar:then what u want

Swara:get me,4 chocolates as part of ur 4 finger mark and 10 khulfi ice cream because no one stand for me….if this is kk

Dadi:in that case..we can decide

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar:kkkk I agreed

Swara:I knw u will agree


Swara:because im swara

Dadi:sanskar shona..u both go

They leaves with piya and aryan

Dadi:u all wait….we need to announce one more thing.

Dada:we thought of getting shona married to sanskar..if u all are kk means we can proceed

All were very happy

Arjun; dada…bt shona

Dadi:I think even she has some feelings towards him..else she would have slapped him..u knw her naa…even if it is me or parvati, she would have scolded us naa…bt she didnt do that with sanskar…she doesn’t knw y she feels not to slap him

Priya:haa dadi….I agree with u all…..sanskar is best match for her…he knws everything about her

Sahil:shona trusts him the most…even more than us..

Ritik:he also knws about shona character

Karan:he have every qualities that she put for her marriage conditions

Urvashi:haa baba…only he can control shona

Janaki:that day, when she was fuming in anger, it was sanskar Who controls her…we failed to make her cool…bt we always failed

Shekar:haa baba….if maheswary are okk with it..then we can proceed it further

Ap:shekar jii..we dont have any problem with it..infact we liked her from begining only

Sujatha:we thought, she is just a middle class girl by seeing her simplicity bt even though she is rich, she seems simple…and I love to make her my daughter in law

Pari:haa maa..u knw even sanskar have some contitions for marrying…and only swara have that qualities….only she can be perfect for sanskar

Sumi:im very much happy..our 4 children are going to get married….my arjun got best companion like wise other 4 also got perfect match

Priya:sumi maa…what about shona

Shekar:she only said maa..if we all accepted a person, she will marry him….im sure once she get married, she would eventually take up the responsibility….

All agrees….

Meanwhile at swasan

They are going in car

Swara was sitting infront, where as aryan and piya were enjoying from back seat

Sanskar:where do u prefer to go

Swara was lost in thoughts

Sanskar:swara…what are u thinking

Swara;(coming to sense) sir..I was thinking about uthara..I think she wish to say something to me…..

Sanskar applies the break

Sanskar:about what

swara:dont knw…the day on engagement, she was continously signing about a mark on my hand…after that she was very happy..she comes and hugged me…I dont knw whats wrong with her

Sanskar:u knw swara…she was able to speakTill she was in 8th std…something incident occurred and since that day, she didn’t speak anything…..

Swara:what was that

Sanskar:I dont knw clearly..she with her school mates once visited a college, after that she became like this..I only knws that a girl saved her life bt due to her shock this all happened…..

Swara:which college

Sanskar:ays college

Swara was shocked hearing that


She thinks something

Sanskar:swara..what happened

Swara:sanskar jiii

Sanskar was very happy hearing that

Swara:plz…go to mm ryt now…



Sanskar drives back to mm

Swara runs inside

Swara:(shouting) utharaaaa

Uthara comes out…

Swara’s eyes was filled wuth tears

Swara goes and hugs her tightly…..

Swara:im sorry uthu…I couldnt recognised u….

Uthara wipes her tears….

Swara:now im happy….I fullfilled lucky’s wish

Sanskar also comes there


Swara goes and hugs him and kisses his cheeks

Swara:thanku so much jii…..sanskar jii……

Uthara also hugs him….

Sanskar:whats happening..swara whats all this…

Swara was about to say something…bt she notices a photo frame there and is shocked……

Tears were continuesly coming from her beautiful eyes…..

Precap:what will be the reason behind swara shocked face and secret between swara and uthara…..so stay tuned…..(swara emotional talk with sanskar, a new villain to enter, swara notices piya and aryan talking like……)

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