Part 6
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Swara quickly finishes her food and cleans that with pallu of saree

And left frm gadodia..

Gadodia and maheswary walk behind her

Sumi urvashi janaki were continously weeping..where as sahkarik was holding dada dadi and shekar who was litterally crying…

Swara holds her pallu..

The badi people who sees this gets teary eye and puts coins in that…

She was probably begging….

She reaches a temple….its almost 180 steps to reach at top…

Swara kneel down and climbs the stairs with her knees..by chanting”IM SORRY LADKHY”

Her knee where probably bleeding…

sanskar tries to stop it bt sahil holds his hands

sahil:bhai..plz..let her do it

Sanskar gives a confused looks

She reaches the top…

Swara folds her hands


saying she starts to take round around temple (shayanaprathakshinam) after completing 101 round…she sits on a rock..

pandit comes there and takes the coins frm her pallu and throws it frm the cliff…

All were havinh tears in eyes

Pandit comes with 3 buckets

1st one was red colour water

he poured it frm her head…

2nd one was yellow color termeric..

He applied it on her hands

Last one.was ganga gal

He poured it on her body fully…….

Swara gets up frm there and goes near temple picks up the diya and lights it..she keeps it in bith hands….

It started burning….after 1 hour, when the diya blows..she takes the trishul and started to tandav dance around the temple…

She goes round and round at last falls unconscious…..

Sanskar was about to go because he cant see his swara in pain

Sumi:dont go beta…

Sanskar:aunty what are u sayi g….how can u see ur daughter in such state

Urvashi:do think we like it…no beta…we wish to stop her bt we cant we are bounded by her promise

Sanskar:u all will be bounded by promise bt im not….I will surly take her…

At that time temple bell starts to ring….

Swara opens her eyes….


saying swara cries loudly….she was about to fall bt sanskar holds her..by that time she was unconscious……

Sanskar lifts swara in arms and runs down (remember guys its stairs)

He rushes to gadodia mansion

He places her in bed…and calls dr…

By the time all family reaches there

Shekar:I cant see her like this sumi…..

Sahil:badee papa..nothing happens naa….

Sanskar:what’s wrong with u all…u all say that swara is like ur princess bt today u didnt even stop het frm doing this na….what happens to u all….

Sumi:(wipes his tears) everything has a reason to live sanskar…today she should live like this….its not fate bt its her decision…..

Sujatha:what happened to swara…who is ladkhy

Janaki:luchy and laddo (she smiles)

Urvashi:our laksh and ragini…


Swaragini was all together everytime..every one used to admire their bond….

Laksh too is ailing frm a middle class family….

Swaragini was in first year where laksh in last year…

Ragini and laksh used to love each other very much…laksh consider swara was his own sister…he is a orphan bt consider janaki as own mother

Swara:luckyyyy……where are u…..see ladddo came to see u

Hearing ladddo, a man jumbs frm the canteen

He was wearing a blue jeans with a white shirt…

Laksh comes outside bt only finds swara


Swara shows her tongue

Laksh:I wony spare u….

By that time ragini enters with yellow and purple colur anarkali suit….

Swara:see ur laddo is here only

Ragini blushes

swara:look someone is blushing hard

Ragini:im nit blushing

Swara:cought u..I didnt mention anyone name….

Laksh:stop pulling our legs…shonu….give us some privacy naa

Swara:kk fine…bt one condition, today u should give a chocolate that too very very big…



Laksh:pakkkka vaali promise

Swara hugs laksh….and leaves to class…

here both raglak spents some time together….and leaves to their respective class…..

After somedays:

Swaragini goes to a camp for nss (pulloppi)

They were very frndly with the villagers….swaragini used to sing song for them…

on the last day

Some industialist comes there to take the plce bt swaragini stops them….

Anuj varma:we have govt order to take this place…so better leave frm here

Swara:they will not go frm here…its their place…

Anuj:I dont care

Ragini:u should…u are taking these land and going to build factory naa..how much harmfull it is…

Ragini sees his gaze on her and hides back behind swara

Swara:u mr..show me govt ordee

Anuj shows that

Swara reads that and started to laugh

Anuj:does any jokes are going here

Swara:seriously..mr….what u thought these people are illiterare…govt has ordered that with their consult only u can do it….bt they didn’t need ur factorty nor job

Swragini turns to leave

Anuj:hey u churidar baby..how much is ur charge for a day…come with me….

Ragini is shocked..tears are coming frm her eyes

Swara slaps him hard

swara:dont ever look to my laddo with ur dirty eyes….dont u have shame..she is somewhat like ur daughter only naa

Anuj:u will repent for ur slap..and remember one thing u will be destroyed by me….

Ragini was continuesly weeping…..

swara:chill ladddo…im there naa

Ragini:(sobbing) shonuu…he will do something to u..I cant loss u…..we can go from here…

They left back to kolkata….

After some months…

Laksh completed his year and easily got a job…

Swaragini enters into 2nd year…

Every thing was going well..bt one day…

Ragini was going to badi when anuj comes there

Ragini was shocked to see him

Anuj:where is ur sherni..she must have run away


Ragini finds swara standing there….

She holds swara fist….

(Only laksh and ragini can control swara)

Just then sahil comes there

Sahil Comes there and takes swaragini from there….

At gadodia mansion

Sahil:shona..laddo…whats this…why that blo*dy womaniser is behind u two

Swara:bhai wo (she describe about that incident)

Sahil:u two are saying this now…

Ragini:bhayya…we didnt think that he will again come….

Sahil hugs ragini

Sahil:I will never allow anything to happens to u two..

Next day

Laksh comes to gadodia house

Laksh:janaki maa…will u come with me to ragini’s house for alliance

All looks shocked…

all goes inside…

Laksh was disappointed and walks away


Laksh turns and finds whole gadodia standing with a smile..janaki have shagun taal too

Laksh happiness was beyond

All leaves to badi…

As formal bride seeing, they sees ragini and both family accepted the propsal..and wedding was fixed

All very much happy….

Marriage was done with full swings…..
After somedays they were blessed with a baby girl, whom they name as swashra (swara laksh ragini)
Bt everything doesnt seen happy ending….

After a week of ragini delivery, anuj comes and takes swara with him….

Raglak rushes to there with their child…

They reaches a temple (same temple)

Raglak was about to climb bt

Anuj:if u want ur swara to be alive do it as I say….

Here swara was tried with ropes….

Swara:dont listen to him…go away laddo…move away lucky

Ragini:u want me naa…leave shonu

anuj:I want u at the same time I want to take revenge frm swara fir slapping me

Laksh:plz..spare them
Anuj orders his men to take swashra

They forcefully takes the baby….

Anuj:throw that girl anywhere


Anuj:ragini laksh come here that too with ur knee

Raglak does so..they already lost baby bt cant afford to loss swara

Swara was continually crying them to stp..

Raglak reaches there….

Anuj:so u love swara…so do one more thing..just take a 101 rounds around temple

They did so

Ragini:plz…s..spare shonaa

Anuj grand ragini hand and place burning charcoal on both hands

Ragini cries in pain…

Laksh was being brutally beaten by his men

Anuj made her to eat dust frm floor and drags her by hair and trows on a stone….

Anuj takes the trusul and and was about to stab swara bt laksh comes in front

Swara:(screams) lakshhhhhhh

Swara falls down….

She breaks the rope by hitting her hand continuly on rock..it starts to bleed….

She pushes away anuj…

In which he fell from the cliff

Swara takes both raglak together

Both were breathing heavily…

Ragini:sh..shonaa…take care of..urself….my b..baby…is aa..alive….lllakshhh…


Swara takes the trishul frm his stomach…

Both falls unconscious…

Swara now in full rage…she takes the trishul and starts to do tandav infrnt of the shiv…

It starts raining heavily…

Swara falls down too..ahe notices movement in their hands and rushes to there

She places their head on her lap

Raglak:we..we will c..come backk..shonnu….in..next b.bbirth…..

Saying both dies holdinh each others hand…

Swara:(screaming) nnnooooooo

She too falls unconscious

Flashback ends

All have tears in eyes

Karan:after that we lost our shona…shona did thr last ryts of raglak…then she goes on depression….

Ritik:after that..priya bhabhi comes with her son aryan..
Only because of aryan we got our shona back…

Shekar:she consider aryan as laksh…..first we didnt consider that bt when we find out similarity anyone can understand that aryan is laksh….

Janaki:after that our daughter..every year this worst day, she will do these all things..which she notices doing by ragalk just to save her

Sumi:my daughter…..

All breaks down…

Maheswary was also very much affected by this
The one who makea everyone smile and always being happy suffering so much……

Next day

Swara comes out as if nothing happend yesterday

Swara:janu maa…today I plan to go for shopping..only days are left for marriage naa

Sumi:shona..what about u

Swara:I have said my opinion..today I have a race

Urvashi:(exitedly) what..wow…shona..u should win kk

swara:no doubt

Sumi looks angrily at urvashi

Swara:ur looks does not affect us…..

She bids bye to them

At maheswary mansion

Uthara is lost in thoughts…she is continously thinking about swara and her marks…

Uthara:(what if my calculations are correct…how can I confirm it..god plz dont make anythinh wrong…I knw if bhai comes to knw about it, he would be very happy…plz give me a hint)

At noon

Shekar comes with a new car

Sanskar was also present there to talk about some deal

Swara sits on driving seat

Shekar:shonaa dont drive..it have problem breaks

Swara:dont fool me..I will drive

Saying she drives

Shekar:(shouts) sahkarik..go and save shona..its break is failed…

Sanskar too follows ylthe car

swara understand that break is failed…

Swara drives with care as she cannot harm anyone…

She drives to a isolated place..sanskar was just behind…

Car was going to fall frm the cliff when sanskar gets out of car and pushes swara out…tney rolled and moves away where as car falls and burst out

Swara looks on shocked

Sanskar was fuming in angerSanskar slaps swara….

All looks on shockingly

Sanskar:(shouting) are u insane…why are u behaving like this..shekar uncle warned u na, bt u didn’t obey him because of ur stubborn…and now see what happens…what if I didnt come on time…do u think what our family will be going through…u will not understand naaa…..


Sanskar:chup….what are u thinking…do u think that, they all will happy by seeing u like this..then listen no never..u knw y..then love u a lot..bt u r giving them pain..every year u will do prayashchit naa..do u ever think how much they break to see u like this…when u climb the stairs, ur 3 maa eyes were filled and when light the diya in hand, it was them who feels ur pain….y cant u see this all swara…..ohh god..y im wasting my energy

Swara:u keep quite kk…u dont knw how much it is paining


Swara:u slapped mee naa..see my beautiful bubbly chubby cheeks are swallon because of u slap…now my cheeks are good for nothing…at least small stdnt can use my cheeks for counting the number

Sanskar:what the hell

swara:not hell its heaven..see ur fingers mark…shona wont forgive u

Sanskar:who needs ur forgiveness

Swara:that means u r not repenting…

sanskar:why should I repent..what I did is absolutely correct

Both start to argue

Dadi:u two come home

Dada:planning for court marshal

Dadi:no other solution….

All reaches back in gadodia house….

Precap:court mashal,
Dadi:so shonu…what punishment should he get

I had already updated…bt it was nit there…so again im uplaoding

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