Hiii guyss….seeing u all after a long time..I’m really sorry for the delay…so here we go

Sanskar:u r avoiding me swara

Swara:nothing like that

Sanskar:swara listen.. I knw u will feel difficulty in facing me..bt before becoming ur fiancee I was ur friend. So plz behave like u do before

Swara smiles

Swara:kk fine boss

Sanskar:u r different swara


Sanskar nodes

Swara:thanks for the compliment

Next day

Priya finds Aryan no where..she calls swara

Priya:shonaa…is Aryan with you??

Swara:has bhabhi..actually we planned for a outing..so plz

Priya:no problem shona..how many days

Swara:don’t knw??


A leap of 1 weak

Sanskar comes to gadodia home with chitra….

Sanskar is shocked to see swara lifting a cupboard


He goes to her

Sanskar: don’t u have any sence…do u forgot what Dr has said…

Swara:I’m sorry

Sanskar:what sorry…never try to lift any heavier object nor bend like this..its not good…do u understand

Swara nodes innocently

Sanskar cares her hair

Sanskar:its for our welfare only naa..so plz

Swara smiles

Swara:thanks for ur care

Sanskar:its my duty

Chitra hears this all and gets shocked

Chitra:means swara pregnant..no no how can this happen

Chitra goes from there

In kitchen

Chitra was drinking water when she steps into something

Chitra takes that and is shocked

Chitra:pregnancy test…means swara is pregnant

Chitra thinks something

Chitra:now see swara gadodia. How I will defame u….in that insult u will think of committing suicide…..

She goes out and calls everyone

All are presented there

Chitra:I have a small doubt that’s y I called u all….

Shekar:what beta

Chitra throws a pen down and ask swara to pick that


Chitra:y sanskar….its just a pen..let her take that naa

Sanskar:I will take it

Sanskar takes it and gives it to chitra

Chitra:swara…can get me a paper…I think its over that cupboard

Swara looks at sanskar who signs no

Chitra:even u can’t take that..means something is happening ..kk leave it..where were u last 2 days

Shekar:they planned an outing naa

Chitra:its a lie uncle

All are shocked

Sumi:swara…is that true

Swara bows her head

Sumi slaps her hard shocking everyone

Sumi:I will accept anything than a lie..why u lie swara…and where were u??

Chitra:aunty…see I got this from kitchen..its a pregnancy test…and moreover swara is behaving like she is pregnant…whats all these aunty..even she is not taking any thing which falls down

All are shocked

Swara:chitra…what are u saying

Sanskar:if u say a word against her..I won’t spare u

Chitra:its my doubt naa…. Then if not plz lift this table

Shekar:shona…lift it beta…we trust u..its to show her that u r not at fault


Chitra:why are u stopping her

By that time Oriya reaches there.she is very happy….

She is shocked to find chitra crossing swara

Swara:I will lift it

Swara lift the table

Sumi finds blood coming from her back..and is shocked

Swara falls unconscious on sanskar arms

Sanskar takes her places her on sofa…

He removes her dress shocking everyone(just some button of shirt;buttons are on backside)

All are shocked to see stitch on her back and blood is flowing through that


Sanskar:sahil….go and get the first aid box

Sahil brings it….sanskar ties a cloth on her back…

Sanskar goes and slaps chitra hard on face

Sanskar(shouts)are u insane..how dare u to insult my swara….

All are shocked to his anger….his eyes where burning…..

Chitra:with..mein…the test

Priya:it was mine….

Gadodia looks at her

Priya:I did that test..I didn’t say to anyone because I’m not sure of it..that’s y I consulted a Dr…I’m pregnant…..

Arjun cups her face


Priya nodes

Priya:BT now I’m feeling g guilty… Because of me naa chitra blamed my shona…..

Sumi goes and hugs her

Sumi:no beta…some are like that…

Sumi looks angrily at chitra

Chitra:u Have slapped swara naa..just taking my words..so u don’t trust her

Sumi:it is not because if trust..BT its for lying….and my daughter will understand it…

Urvashi:jiji..no use of talking with her…ehh ladki. Just leave our house

Chitra:I don’t come here for staying.. I’m leaving..BT I will comE back…

Chitra goes

Arjun:sanskar…how did this happened


Janaki:sanskar plz…

Sanskar:that day priya bhbahi called naa

Priya nodes

Sanskar: actually Aryan was kidnapped


Sanskar: yea… Swara got a call telling about it…that’s y she lied that they are gone for an outing


1 week before

Swara gets a call from school

She goes there

Mam:swara…someone has taken Aryan from here

Swara is shocked

Swara gets a call

Swara:arjun!!don’t play with Aryan

Arjun:no swara darling…I loved to play this game…if u can save him then do it..

He cuts the call

That time she gets call from priya and lied about outing

Swara:mam..don’t say this to anyone…if anyone asked about it say them that I taken him

Principle nodes

Swara leaves from there….

She searched everywhere..asked help BT no one was able to find him..

After 2 days she gets a call from a girl

Girl:shona…dii..save me else my chacha will sold me.. I’m here at red street

Swara leaves

Swara was thinking about Aryan only

Swara:one side Aryan..other side a girls dignity….

Swara closes her eyes..she finds ragini begging anuj to leave her

Swara opens her eyes

Swara:I can’t let anything happen to diya..I will save her….

She drives her car fastly…

It was night when swara reached there..

Sanskar sees her car and follows her..sanskar comes to meet a client in near by office

Swara finds many girls been taken here and there….

Swara:ohh god..what’s all these…they are all helpless to fight against them…mein kya karun…

She finds diya there.. …

Swara hides her face with veil and moves inside…..

All men where seeing diya with lusty eyes..they were announcing a big amont to buy diya…

Swara comes there

Swara:I will give 1 crire….

All are shocked to see a girl

Swara:chill my dears….I need girl as a pair..its very common in other countries na..like lesbian couple….

Sanskar is shocked to hear this

Man:u r not interested in men

Swara:no yaar….we should try something new…..

The man gives diya to her…..

Swara opens her bag and takes something and opens it.. Its was then fully. Covered with smoke…she holds diya hand and runs…

Sanskar also goes out with much difficulty

Swara hides under a table

Diya:diii..thanks a lot..

Swara:its kk diya…come let’s leave

Diya:BT dii…I have seen Aryan here

Swara shocked


Diya:he is there upstairs…..

Swara gives the keys to her

Swara:u go to police station and infirm them…

Diya leaves…

Sanskar sees swara there and goes to her

Swara was first shocked

Sanskar:don’t talk…come let’s leave..its a dangerous place

Swara:u are not questioning me….

Sanskar:y should I…I trust u completly..if u come here means there will be some important matter….

Swara tells him everything

Sanskar:I will help u

Swara smiles…

Both goes inside..they finds Aryan tied to the chair…

Goon were presented there…..

Swara silently goes there and talks with them sensuously….

Meantime sanskar takes Aryan….

Swasan flees with Aryan..

BT goons find them and attacked them by bottles…

As a bottle was about to hit sanskar and Aryan swara comes in front…as a result the bottle huts her back….

Swara screams in pain

Police comes there and takes everyone

Sanskar places swara on car..Aryan was sleeping….

Swara:sanskar plz..don’t ask me to see Dr..if its known to family then don’t knw what will happen

Sanskar:be in sense…

Swara is crying in pain

Sanskar:do u trust me swara

Swara nodes

Sanskar ask her turn

She did the same…

Sanskar closes his eyes and removes her shirt and puts if at back like buttons on back….
He slowly takes glass pieces…swara controls her pain..with much difficulty he finished it….

Swara thanked him….

They go to hospital and did the rest

Dr:so Mrs maheswary….don’t lift any heavier object..it can cause braking of stich..

Swara nodes


Swara:y u said Mrs maheswary??


Aryan comes there…

Aryan:I was really scared shonu naa..who are they

Sanskar:aryan..they are our friends..we were playing a game naa…

Aryan:I liked it…so its like they will take me and u will find me


Aryan:then who won



all are shocked hearing this…

Sumi:how can I slap her..I didn’t even ask her the reason

Karan:bade maa..don’t cry..shona can’t see tears in her 3 maa eyes.


Janaki:she will knw it…u were ryt at ur place….

Swara gains conscious

Swara smiles sheeplesly

Ritik:smile like an idiot

Swara:u fool

Sahil:it will be good it may hurt her tongue

Swara pouts

Shekar:why u hide this shona

Swara:I can’t see u all sad….


Swara didn’t look at her….

She goes to priya and hugs her

Swara:I’m so happy dii

Priya:BT how u knw

Swara:I knw it before only…I’m also a doctor (she realises what she said)I..I mean I helped ragini in all exams naa..so simple….

All smiles…..

Precap: Sumi to ask forgiveness….family trip…..swara jealous….???

Hope u all enjoyed…and guys don’t worry. I will not mix all ff….all my new ff are new ideas…if I didn’t updated that,I will forget the theme….so sorry guys…..and love u all….


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