Hiii guyz….I already ask forgiveness for my last shot upadate….as I promised, here is ur long update…..in this u all will see a new swara…..

So lets begin…

Recap:swasan secret talking

Next day:

Swara walking when suddenly rohit comes there….

Swara:rohit…move away

Rohit:I will go..bt what about ur favourite bhabhi’s


Rohit started to laugh

Swara holds him by collar

Swara:what happens to them..where are they

Rohit:dont over react..first hand over ur phone….

Swara gives the phone which rohit throws out….

Rohit blindfold her and ask her to walk…

At last they reached a godown

Rohit pushes swara inside and locks the door

Swara removes her folding and opens her eyes…

She is shocked to find shivanandra lying there


Swara goes to them and removes their ropes

Swara:what happend…how u all reached here….

Shivanya:I was going to college when someone comes and sprays something

Nandini:I comes to ngo, same happens

Swara:uthara….is this happens with u

Uthara nodes no

Swara:have u seen his face

Uthara nodes yes

swara:who is it uthara

Uthara struggles to say

Swara:dont worry uthara..dont take strain….that rohit

Uthara makes sound

Swara:rohit did this

Uthara nodes no


Uthara nodes yes

Swara:so the whole family is behind it….

Shivanya:dii..how can we escape frm here

Swara:dont worry shiva…everything will be okk….

Nandini:our family must be worried naa……y they take us to here
Trio starts to cry

Swara:my 3 bhabhi are crying….see ur nanad is here naa…

Meanwhile at gadodia

Sheshat comes there with maheswary

Sheshat:shekar jii..I came here to ask swara hand for rohit…

Dp and shekar looks at each other….

Sanskar remembers swara wordd…

Sanskar:sumi maa..where is swara

Sumi:she went to frnds house..

Sanskar signs something to sahkarit….

Smoothly the 4 leaves to terrace

Rohit:actually swara too liked me…if u call her and ask

Shekar:ahe will come naa…let us wait…..

Sanskar makes excuses and stays there where others left

At terracr

Sanskar comes and tells about last night incident

Sahil:bhai..u check the address

Karan:bhai..even nandu is missing

Ritik:not only nandu infact 4 are missing

sanskar:my uthu…

Sahil:dont wirry shona is there naa

Sanskar:rohit is planning something big

Sanskar locate the address and our 4 heros left the place

Herr in godown
swara manages to come out by fooling the goons….
She takes shivanandra outside

Goons are also behind them

Swara:u three goes to this direction…im sure sanskar will be there

At first they didnt obey bt later moves holding each other hand…

Sahil sees them and hugs uthara…same happen with other two

Sanskar:where is swara…

Shivanya:dii asked us to go..

sanskar:u all go…see their heads are bleeding..I will come with swara….

Sahkarit trusts sanskar, so they leave with their better halves

Here swara was fighting back with goons…one goon was about to hit her with wood, when sanskar jumbs and pushes him..

Both swasan rolled over each other and falls frm a cliff…..

Goon:they will be dead..

Goon:bt what will we say to sir

Goon:anyways he is not going to check here..so let us keep quite

All leaves….

Swasan was fall in a river…

Both managed to sit in the shore….

Swara dress was full wet which explores her body clearly…

Sanskar sees this and removes his blazer and hand over it to her…

They walk frm there

Swara:what the hell..where are me….im very much hungry

Sanskar:seriously swara..u r in a trouble and still saying that u r hungry


Sanskar:actually what happened

Swara:what I thought same happens….sir give me ur phone

Sanskar gives it…

Swara:ohh shit…its fully damaged naa

Sanskar:we fall frm cliff and its river, so phone cannot survive

Swara:im hungry??

Sanskar:eat me..??


Sanskar:??for god sake..close ur mouth??

Swara puts her finger in lips

They walks and reaches a village

It was some what night

The villagers sees them

A man:shonaa….

Swara sees the place and is shocked


Sanskar:u knw this place

Swara nodes

Swara:I have come here for my nss works

All villagers gather there

Lady:what happened shona..are u kk..who is this sir

Swara:actually, we fell frm cliff and land on water

They started to get concern

Sanskar looks at her lovingly

Swara:im kk….can anyone give a phone

Swara calls sahil

Swara:bhai..where are u

Sahil:we are at hospital

Swara:listen bhai…no one should knw that shivanandra are with u…u should behave like u dint seen them.

Sahil:y shonaa..and where are u

Swara; im kk..even sir is with me…do as I say..we need to expose him

Sahil:kk shona..take care

She returns the phone

Sanskar:will ne able to get any vehicles

Lady:no sir…u should by carts and in town u will get bus…

Sanskar:it will take more time naa….engagement

Swara:chill sir….I knw what to do…

Lady:u two come…have food

Both swasan was tired..

Lady serves them food (it was only little)
Swara finds children looking at the food

Swara:did u all have ur food

Child was goinh to say no bt her mother interepted

Swara:what is this..ur children are starving and u r providing food for us….

Swara ask children to sit and feeds them

Swara:im not at all hungry…so u have it

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar:swara…take this too

Swara widen her eyes

Sanskar:dont look at me..

Swara takes that too and feeds them..
At last she feeds to sanskar too

At first sanskar was shocked bt felt happy

Sanskar:even u can have naa

Swara licks the fingers

Swara:my hunger is gone

Both goes to wash hands

Sanskar:swara…shall I ask u something

Swara:I knw sir..about my hunger naa

Sanskar nodes

Swara:the time I saw their concern fir me, I felt my stomach full…even my heart….

Sanskar just admires her……

Sanskar:how to go frm here……

Swara:if we go by now, we can reach kolkata fastly

Sanskar nodes..

Both bids bye to village and leaves in carts…

Sanskar was feelinh cold

Swara removes his blazer

Swara:take it sir

Sanskar:u dont want it

Swara:now im kk….u take it…its not good to have this climate

Sanskar:then u

Swara:I love this…so it doesn’t affect me

Swara feels sleepy

Swara:sir…shall I sleep

Sanskar:y are u asking permission

Swara:im going to sleep on ur lap

Sanskar:I see (then realises) what!!

Swara:haa sir…plz bear me…im lite weight only

Saying she falls to his lap

Sanskar was just looking at her……

At last they reached kolkata at 4:00 in morning…..

Sanskar:if we go straight…they will understand naa

Swara:sir…u come with me

Sanskar:swara…I dont get u….

Swara:I wilp explain

Saying she goes and climbs via a rope hanginh on terrace wall

Sanskar looks at her in shocj

Swara:sir…come fast

Sanskar also joined her

They reaches terrace

Already sahkarik was presented there…

Sahkarik hugs her

Sahil:nothing happend naa
Swara:im kk…where are bhabhi

Karan:we have hided them in terrace room

Ritik:whats happening shona…u knw what al happens

Swara:does anyone called u and informed u that me and bhabhi’s are at a frnds house and return next day only

Ritik nodes

Sanskar:swara…whats all this

Swara:u all knw naa rohit is behind this…he wanted to defame our family for that he played this cheep game

Karan:whats their intention

Swara:at the time of engagement, brides will be not thete naa..so that chudail will accuse our upbringing and then by some tricks will use in a way that sahil bhai gets married to nisha karan to mitra and ritik to shesha..at last me to rohit…

All looks at het in shock


Swara:he will prove that im not good and no one will marry me so hr will trap baba and ask my hands for rohit

Karan:such a big planning….I wont spare him

Swara:just relax….I will say a plan…so will u all join with me

All joins hand with swara including sanskar shivanandara..

She tells her plan..

At 9:00

All families are arrived,

Shekar:where is shonaa

Dp:swara called me and inform me that uthara is with her…

Shekar:even shivanya and nandini is with her

Sheshat arrives with his family

They goes inside..

Swara can watch everyone frm upstairs

Rohit comes to sanskar

Rohit:I won the bet..see now…swara will marry me…..

Sanskar gives him a look

Rohit:I will make swara reach here by now

Sanskar looks confusedly

Rohit:she is with me..and see now what will happen….dont worry ur sister is with me along with shiavanya and nandini….swara will be helpless thus will agree marrying me

Sanskar; lets see

Swara hears and these and fumes in anger

Sahil karan ritik comes there in stunting looks

They all stand in the stage…

Meanwhile rohit ask someone to bring swara (goons)

Shekar:where is our daughter in laws….

All started to gossip…

Sheshat:look..what is this..ur sons are waiting bt there is no signs of brides….

Dp:they must be coming

Sheshat looks and gets shocked to find 3 girls cominh with a veil in their face….they he get releived that shesha and others are no where

Rohit:so my plan worked….soon all property will ne mine…I didnt exept that shesha will have such a good brain

Shekar:where is shona..

Swara comes frm entrace

Swara; im here…..

Rohit looks at her and smirked…

Sumi:u didn’t even change….

Swara:no maa..I need to tell something

Rohit:(no swara…u must tell them about kidnapping, I wont allow u)shonaa…its already late


Swara tried hard bt no one listens

Rohit goes and holds her hand..she jerked it

Engagement takes place

Sahil comes mike point

Sahil:today we are going to take a decision…we sahil karan and ritik are transferring all our property to orphanages and deposit money on some cancer research centre…even shona has signed the paper

Sheshat and rohit looks at each other

Rohit (shouting) then what about my sisters life….if u dont have any single penny whats the need of doing engagement with them

Sheshat ask him to control…

Rohit:look…we want it..u r not going to fo so

Karan:who are u to do so

Rohit:u have married my sisters….what u thought…haa…I habe kidnapped uthara shivanyaa and nandini..u have engaged with my sisters

Rohit:lift ur veil my sis.

Brides lift their veil

All are shocked…..

It was

Uthara shivanya and nandini

Rohit:how this happened…..

Just then shesha nisha and mitra comes down…their hands were tied

Rohit:shesha what happened…whats this..


All looks at swara who was fuming in anger

Rohit goes and holds her tight..

Rohit:how dare u to touch my sister

Saying he pushes her…
Sanskar comes there and hold her in a nick of time

Swara was holding her fist in anger..

Sanskar holds both hands

Swara:sir…leavr me…

Sanskar:swara….keep quite…..we will talk

Swara:what to talk with him…I will kill this bastard…….

Sanskar:swara…just control urself….

Swara control her anger

Swara:samyamanam (sayyam:control)

Gadodia are very much happy, because atleast there is someone who can control shona..

Swara:what u thought rohit…everything will be goinh according to ur plan..then listen, it was all our plan,,,now see u confessed urself

Rohit stands there confused

Swara:dont think that much…listen, (flashback) we all escaped frm there long back, and today morning we plan this…I was sure that, ur planning..that’s y we takes ur sisters and make then tie….what u thoughy only u knw how to do cheap things…

Swara slaps him

Swara:this is for trying to defame my family

Again slaps

Swara:this is for kidnapping my bhabhi’s…dont u have shame..uthara is like ur sister only naa…chiii…now u understand naa mr sheshat..difference between u and my baba..

Police comes and arrest rohit for kidnapping them….
All goes well…

Uthara notices a mark in swara hand..

Uthara gets into thinking….

Uthara goes and shows her this mark

Uthara signs her how did this happen

Swara:this happens when I was in school…leave it….

Uthara was shocked hearing that…..

Swara:what happened

Uthara nodes nothing…

Sanskar comes to them



Sanskar:how u get this much brain…



Swara:what u want sir



Sanskar:I mean..a dance with u

Swara laugh londly

Swara:seriously sir…ohh my god….

She keeps her hand on head

Swara gives her hand..

Both goes to stage and start dacing on gerua..

All claps for them…

At that time a girl comes there

Swara is shocked seeing her


(Priya:arjun wife, aryan mother)

All stands in shock seeing her

Swara cant believe her eyes…..

Priya comes and hugs her

Swara was standing numb


Swara was crying happily


Arjun also comes there

Arjun goes and hugs her

Shekar and all cares her


Priya:I knw u all cant remember…that day, u all assumed me to dead naa…bt I have slipped into coma and instead of me it was some else whom u did last rites

Swara goes and slaps her

Swara:where were u…..u knw how much I missed u…I hate u I hate…

Priya cups swara face

priya:my shonu…look here…even I have same guilt naa

Swara:we should guilt..it was all my mistake..I should have looked ur face else..u would be here naa…..

Priya:relax shonu…where is my aryan

Just then aryan comes there


Aryan hugs priya..
Priya kisses him all over

Aryan; im katty with u…u didnt come naa

Priya:now I will be there naa

Arjun:I missed u priya…shona u asked me to move on naa..bt see what if I moved on…

Swara pouts

Priya:stop pointing towards my shonu….

Arjun:now see maa..both became one..im out

Swara:how u reached here….

Priya pointed towards someone


priya:he saved me….and I was staying at mumbai…one week before I got out of coma

Swara goes and hugs Sanskar and kisses his cheeks

Swara:thanks alot…..u have writteed our happiness….sir…no no..I will call u by ur name only……..bt how u knw her…

Sanskar:first u get down frm me…

swara bits lips..


She breaks the hugs

Sanskar:that day I saw her photo in hall…then I came to knw about it

All very much happy….

Happiness was beyond…

Swara comes in hall…and climbs the dining table

Swara:suno suno suno…we have completed our family today…so we all will stay here only..including my bhabhi’s and tbeir family….its an order……

all agrees….

Arjun and priya were very much emotional seeing each other….

Swara:what are u two looking go to room…

Arjun and priya leaves to their room…

Aryan:they forgoten me…..

Swara:bt ur shona maa is here naa…..

She says something in ears…

Aryan gets happy and hugs swara and kisses her cheeks….

Sanskar admires their bond…..

At night….

All are seated on terrace with a big mat..

Swara:so today we are going to stay here….

Sahil:what about them

Sujatha:even we are now family naa damand..

All smiles…

They plays games atlast dozed off….

At morning…
They didnt find swara there…

all goes down…

After sometime,

A head is peeping through store room…

(Its our swara)

Swara:u stay here…

Aryan nodes

Swara slowly walks and was about to go out

Gadodia:rukh jao

Swara closes her eyes and bits her lips..
And turns with a big smile

She sees all are looking at her

Maheswary doent understand whats happening

Dadi:the court starts

Swara goes and sits on a chair…

Other side gadodia and maheswary


Dada and dadi seats in sofa..

Urvashi, karan, janaki,priya stands with swara on right side

Sumi, shekar, sahil, ritik, arjun stands on other side..


Janaki:my shona..doesnt do anything

Sumi:then where were she….I have seen her going out at midnight naa

Urvashi:then why don’t u stop at that time

Argument goes on at last

Shekar:no no…day by day…same happens…what will happen when she goes to her in laws house

Swara who was sitting with her hands on cheeks now burst out

Swara:I object ur houner…now u both team will join and put forward marriage proposal…..its not fair

Janaki:what not fair

Swara:janu maa..u r on my side naa

Urvashi:that is for night out bt for this we will ne togather…

Swara:urgggg…..look, I dont want to get married

By hearing this, maheswary who were enjoying their bonding become sad

Dada:order order

Shekar:kk leave that…what about last night..u go out with aryan and have ice cream naa…not only that u go to watch film that too conjuring 2 and moreover that stupid racing

Urvashi:racing is not stupid…its also a pleasure naa

Sumi:aa pleaasure, one day she will fall and her fave will be twisted…

Again quarelling

Dadi:bas…now we are taking a decision…

Shekar:dont show any partiality this time

Dada:vourt decision will be final

Dada and dadi stands up

Dadi:so…its proved that
Priya:dadi..plz…shonu is

Arjun (interepted) nanandi kii chamchi…keep quite

Priya:u..keep quite

Dada; bas bas…shona..its proved that u did wrong..how can u take aryan for a horror movie…so u will be punished…

Swara pouts

Dadi:next time u should take us too……

Swara laughs…

Sumi:what the crap…u all join together


Dadi:bt we didnt say the punishmeny naa

Swara smiles fades away

Dada; u should agree for marriage

All claps…

Swara:is this parliament…all are turning their face both side….

Dadi:its finalised

Swara; kkk finest..bt one contisions

All looks eagerly

Swara:u all should select one….I mean even if it is aryan, he should also agree with ur boy..and no cheating if any one have different options that guy will be cancelled…..

Dadi:kkk agreed….

Dada; court is over….

Dp:what is this shekar

Shekar:it happens twice in a month…in these days, anyone can be at shona place, then their doing will be announced and lawyers will take case, I mean we will split into two parts…atlast baba will announce decision

Dp:very nice

Shekar:what nice..u knw dp jii…once and I and sumi was at shona place

Ap:what u both do


Shekar gives a look to swara

Swara:u knw do uncle, baba was romancing with sumi maa, we court red handed naa…baba u knw what punishment u get

Sahil:court didnt allow them to meet fir 2 days

Swara:poor my baba…

Next day..

Sumi:shekar..Im really scared…what will happen if today also same happen

Janaki:even im scared….

Swara opens the door

She was wearing a white saree..het hairs were open, no sandals…no ornaments…her face was pale….

Maheswary looks shocked especially sanskar

All were havinh breakfast at table where was swara have food sitting in floor that too with out any plates….

Precap:swara taking rounds around temple. .dance holding trisul

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