Swara, you’re mine forever! (One Shot)


Swara, you’re mine forever! (One Shot)

Hey all! So, Ria is back again with another OS. This is my first piece of writing dedicated completely to SwaSan. Hope you all will like it. Also, it’s pretty long so, just hope you all won’t get bored by the time you finish. One last thing, this piece of writing has a few songs included. It’d be great if you all listen to them while going through it. Anyways, let’s start this now.

“Kehte hain: Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara 
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye

Kehte hain: Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya har kisi ke liye…”

As she finished singing the crowd started clapping and cheering saying, “Swara!”. Swara smiled and got down the stage.

As she climbed down a girl shouted, “Shona” and hugged her. “Ouch! Slow Ragu”, said Swara. Ragini pulled back and said, “You sang so well.”

Swara smiled as a guy standing beside Ragini said, “Saara pyaar sirf Ragini ke hi liye.”

Swara smiled at him and said, “Someone might feel jealous Laksh.”

Ragini smacked her arm and said, “I’ll never be jealous of you and you know that very well.”

“Aww..So cute”, said Swara pulling her cheeks and hugged Laksh.

Swara and Ragini were soul sisters and knew each other the best. They both seemed to be incomplete without each other. Laksh and Ragini were officially into relationship for the past one year but, Ragini has never let Swara feel neglected because of that. Laksh and Swara maintained a brother-sister relation and are always busy irritating Ragini.

Laksh and Swara pulled back when Laksh said, “I want both of you to meet someone.”

“Who? Did you get a new girlfriend?”, asked Swara teasingly.

“Swara!”, he exclaimed. “Come with me”, added Laksh and took both of them to a corner.

“Meet him. He’s Sanskaar Maheshwari, my childhood friend. He joined this college this year and I met him now”, said Laksh. “Where’s Swara?”, continued Laksh looking here and there.

“She was with only us right!”, said Ragini and turned around. “Oh she’s there. She’ll come back in sometime”, added Ragini. She turned to face Sanskaar and said, “Hi! I’m..”

“Ragini, Laksh’s girlfriend”, interrupted Sanskaar and forwarded his hand. Ragini smiled and shook his hand while Swara came to them.

“Sorry, sorry”, said Swara and was about to lose her balance and fall down when Sanskaar held her. They both were lost in each other’s eyes for a minute when Ragini and Laksh started coughing. Both of them stood up and composed themselves.

“Hi, I’m Swara”, she said forwarding her hand.

Sanskaar shook her hand and said, “Sanskaar Maheshwari. Nice to meet you.”

“Very nice. Isn’t it?”, whispered Laksh teasing Sanskaar.

Sanskaar glared at him while Laksh made an expression of ‘she’s awesome’. Sanskaar smiled and all four of them talked for a while.

“Ragu, you all continue talking. I feel a bit tired so, I’ll catch in with you all later”, said Swara.

“Do you want me to come along?”, asked Ragini worriedly.

“No, you all talk. I’ll go alone”, replied Swara and was about to go when Sanskaar said, “Shall I come with you? I mean these two will anyways start talking among themselves and I’ll get bored.”

Swara blushed a little and replied, “Sure.”

Both of them walked away while Ragini and Laksh looked at each other and said, “Kuch kuch hota hai.” Both of them smiled at each other while Laksh engulfed Ragini in a hug.

Sanskaar and Swara were walking together. There was pin drop silence around. Both of them just recalled the way Swara had fallen into Sanskaar’s arms. Both of them wanted to start a conversation and whenever they thought of telling something they always ended up telling together. They would smile and keep walking silently.

“Okay, thank you so much”, said Swara while Sanskaar looked at her in confusion. “The hostel building”, added Swara pointing to her right.

“Bye”, said Sanskaar and smiled at her while she waved back and turned around. As she was about to go Sanskaar called out, “Swara!”

Swara turned around and arched her eyebrows asking what. “Which branch?”, he asked. “Civil”, replied Swara. “Great! Even I’m in civil. Would you mind helping me out in the college pending topics?”

“Not at all. I’ll help you out after the classes”, replied Swara smiling and added, “Well, I need to go now. I’ll catch on with you later.”

Sanskaar smiled and said, “Bye!” Swara waved her hand and went inside while Sanskaar stood there smiling and reminiscing her. After sometime, he walked over to the boy’s hostel.

Ragini entered Swara’s room and saw her smiling to herself. Ragini mischievously smiled and asked, “Swara, do you love him?”

“I don’t love Sanskaar”, replied Swara while Ragini replied, “Did I say that? Woah! Shona, you found someone for you so quick.”

Swara blushed and said, “Okay, now don’t tease me.” “No chance Ms. Swara”, said Ragini and started teasing her making Swara blush. They continued talking and teasing each other the entire evening and later, at night Ragini went back to her home.

The next day onwards, Swara started helping out Sanskaar after the classes. Both of them utilised the most out of the time while glancing at each other in between. Some part of them were oblivious of the fact that they loved each other but, no one wanted to confess. Even after Sanskaar caught up with the classes both of them used to study together. Meanwhile, Ragini also started sharing a good bond with Sanskaar and the four of them were always spotted together in the campus as well as outside.

One day, as usual Swara and Sanskaar were studying together but, something seemed to be missing. Sanskaar looked at Swara and wondered why she was so depressed.

“Swara, are you fine? You seem to be sad”, said Sanskaar placing his hand over hers.

“I’m perfectly fine”, replied Swara trying to smile.

They both were studying when Swara said, “I don’t feel like studying today. Can we do this later?”

“Sure. Well, you miss Ragini right?”, asked Sanskaar. Swara nodded her head in agreement and said, “It’ll be fine from tomorrow. It’s just the first day of her trip may be that’s why.”

Sanskaar handed her the books and said, “I understand. You go, take rest.” Swara smiled and picking up her things went back to her room.

After a while, Swara was just going through her notes when she found a piece of paper inside. She took it out and read it.

“Tumhe pata toh hoga, tumhi pe main fida hoon Tumhe hai jabse chaaha, hawaaon mein udhta hoon
Tumhi mere har pal mein, tum aaj mein, tum kal mein
Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona, Hey Shona…
A smile on your face makes my day.
~ Sanskaar”

Swara blushed and smilingly said, “Anything for you.” She walked over to the window and stood there enjoying the breeze. She held the note close to her heart and reminisced Sanskaar’s face.

The next day even though everything was normal but, Swara pretended to be sad. She wanted Sanskaar to dedicate more songs for her. Both Swara and Sanskaar studied together and late at night she went back to her room. As soon as she went inside she searched all her books and found another piece of paper. She took it out and hurriedly read it out.

“Bol do na zara
Dil mein jo hai chhipa
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Smile is a curve that sets everything right! Please don’t let that smile of yours fade away.
~ Sanskaar”

Swara smiled and said, “You’re the best Sanskaar!” She twirled around spreading out her hands in the air. “I love you”, she whispered.

Weeks passed by and Sanskaar continued dedicating songs to Swara. Ragini returned back from her trip and found out Swara to be happier then ever. She could guess the reason but, she wasn’t able to figure out what had exactly happened.

One day, Ragini was in Swara’s room when Swara entered the room and emptied her bag.

“Shona, what happened?”, asked Ragini. Swara searched all her books and finally found the piece of paper. She took it out and was surprised to find an envelope instead. She wondered about the change and was about to open it when Ragini snatched the envelope.

“Ragu, give it back”, said Swara but, Ragini climbed up on the bed and read it loud.

“Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir
Bhoola dhadkane teri khatir
Hai ye waaste tere haazir
Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir.
This one is for you. Hope you like it.
~ Sanskaar”

Ragini took out a silver bracelet from the envelope with Swara’s name on it. “Gosh! Swara, you didn’t tell me anything about all these love letters. And, this bracelet? It’s so pretty. Put it on your hand”, said Ragini handing Swara the bracelet.

Swara blushed and put it on her hand. She was amazed to see Sanskaar’s choice. “I just love it”, said Swara.

“Oh really?”, asked Ragini teasingly and tickled her. Ragini teased Swara for a while and then said, “Show me the letters.”

Swara nodded her head in a no but, Ragini kept on requesting and finally she gave up. Ragini picked up one of them and read it.

“Maine dekha tujhe bhula ke
Har ek tarqeeb laga ke
Har nuskhe ko aazma ke
Par dil se kabhi na utre
Hangover teri yaadon ka.
Love gives you a new identity and I got mine.
~ Sanskaar”

She picked up another one from bunch while Swara continued blushing.

“Main Aagar Kahoon Tumsa Haseen
Kaynaat Mein Nai Hai Kahin
Tareef Yeh Bhi To Sach Hai Kuch Bhi Nahi
Tumko Paya Hai To Jaise Khoya Hoon.
You’re perfect. All your flaws, your mistakes. Everything seems to be perfect.
~ Sanskaar”

“Gosh! Sanskaar is so damn romantic”, said Ragini after reading the letters. Swara blushed while Ragini continued, “Why can’t you both confess that you love each other?”

“It’s better this way. This relation seems to be damn cute”, replied Swara picking up the letters. Ragini smiled and both of them kept talking till late night.

The next day, Swara and Sanskaar met outside the class. Swara was wearing a white and black striped top with a black long skirt. Sanskaar was mesmerised seeing her but, soon came back to his senses as Swara snapped her fingers in front of him. “Where are you lost?”, asked Swara.

“Nowhere. Did you like the bracelet?”, said Sanskaar. Swara nodded her head agreeing. Sanskaar smiled and both of them went inside the class. They sat next to each other as the lecturer entered the class.

Swara was busy listening to the lecture but, Sanskaar couldn’t just take his eyes off from her. Swara looked at him and they had a cute little eyelock but, soon Swara looked away and whispered, “Concentrate.”

Sanskaar passed a piece of paper to Swara. Swara picked it up and read it.

“Dekha hazaron dafa aapko
Phir beqarari kaisi hai
Sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil
Kuch aap mein baat aisi hai.”

Swara blushed hard reading it while Sanskaar smiled and remarked, “My cute, beautiful tomato.”

Days passed by and Swara-Sanskaar’s love for each other had strengthened over the time. But, there was no scope of love confession. Neither did Sanskaar want to and nor did Swara ask him to.

One evening, Ragini, Laksh, Swara and Sanskaar were in Ragini’s room. Swara and Sanskaar had taken a break from their studies. They all had decided to spend the entire evening with each other having fun.

“Let’s do something. It’s so boring”, said Ragini throwing a pillow on Laksh.

“What was that for?”, asked Laksh while Swara and Sanskaar let out a soft giggle.

“Let’s play truth and dare”, said Ragini jumping on the bed. Laksh and Swara readily agreed while Sanskaar said, “I’m not playing. You all continue.”

Ragini and Laksh started requesting while Swara kept quite and smiled looking at them. Sanskaar looked at Swara for once when Swara whispered, “Please?”

Sanskaar smiled and said, “Okay, fine. Let’s start.”

Swara brought a bottle and spun it in the centre. The bottle stopped at Laksh and Sanskaar. It was Sanskaar’s question and Laksh’s answer.

“Truth or dare?”, asked Sanskaar. “D..truth”, replied Laksh. “Umm..Okay. Is Ragini the first girl in your life? It’s a truth. Be truthful”, said Sanskaar and murmured, “I know it’s a no though.”

“No, Ragini isn’t the first girl in my life but, she’s the last for now and forever”, said Laksh and looked at Ragini who was busy staring at him. Swara started coughing bringing them back to reality and said, “Let’s continue.”

Laksh spun the bottle and this time the bottle stopped at Ragini and Sanskaar. Ragini was supposed to question Sanskaar.

“Truth?”, asked Ragini. Sanskaar nodded his head in disagreement and said, “Dare.”

Ragini looked at Swara who was busy fidgeting with the bottle and mischievously smiled. “Okay, you need to dedicate a song to anyone present here”, said Ragini as Swara looked up at her. Swara widened her eyes at Ragini while Ragini made a face of ‘it’ll be fun’.

Swara nodded her head being fed up and was about to go away when Sanskaar started singing.

“Chupana bhi nahi aata”

(Swara turned around to look at Sanskaar while he locked his gaze with her and continued singing.)

“Chupana bhi nahi aata, Jatana bhi nahi aata.”

(He turned to look at Ragini and Laksh and continued the song.)

“Hamein tumse mohabbat hai, Batana bhi nahi aata.”

“Okay, who’s next?”, asked Laksh.

“Hold on. For whom did you dedicate this song?”, asked Ragini while Swara turned crimson red.

“I guess for whom I sung he/she understood”, replied Sanskaar.

“But, we didn’t”, complained Ragini pouting.

“Okay, I’m feeling sleepy. I’ll get on with you all later”, said Swara and before anyone could say anything she ran out of the room.

“Swara, Swara”, shouted Sanskaar while Ragini and Laksh burst out laughing. Sanskaar looked at the two of them and said, “You both are too much.”

Sanskaar was about to walk out of the room when Laksh said, “O Romeo!” Sanskaar turned around and gave a hopeless look.

“When are you telling her everything?”, asked Ragini. “You can actually tell her everything tomorrow. After all it’s her birthday”, continued Ragini.

Sanskaar smiled and replied, “Even I planned the same.” He walked out of the room while Ragini excitedly hugged Laksh.

“Finally, Shona will get everything in her life”, said Ragini hugging Laksh tightly. Laksh hugged her back and kissed her forehead.

“Everything”, replied Laksh and smiled.

The next day, Swara woke up excited as it was her first birthday with Sanskaar. She was excited for what Sanskaar would do for her. She received numerous calls wishing her but, she was waiting for only one call.

“Does Sanskaar even remember my birthday?”, she questioned herself. “He’ll remember. After all he loves you so much”, said Swara and got ready shooing her thoughts away. She dressed up in a three-fourth pink coloured half sleeves dress. She applied a little make-up and wore long silver earrings looking drop-dead gorgeous. She smiled to herself and went to attend the classes.

The entire day Sanskaar was with her and behaved like any other day. Swara was upset seeing his behaviour and walked back towards the hostel alone as soon as the classes end.

“He forgot”, she complained in her mind. She was about to enter her hostel when someone blindfolded her and picked her up in his/her arms.

“Leave me”, shouted Swara. The person ignored her complaints and continued walking. She threw her legs in the air and said, “See, don’t even try to do anything to me. My Sanskaar will kill you.” After around 10 minutes the person stopped at a place and made Swara stand. But, before she could see the person he ran away.

“Where am I?”, shouted Swara removing her blindfold. “Where..”, added Swara but, she stopped in between seeing the sight in front of her.

It was a pool side beautifully decorated with heart-shaped ballons and a few bulbs. She walked towards the pool as she noticed a table placed in the centre with two chairs on either sides. She walked towards the table as someone offered her a bunch of roses. She let out a soft giggle and took the roses. She walked further as someone presented her a few chocolates while she grabbed it.

“Sanskaar, come out”, she shouted. She walked around the place looking at the decorations when someone held her wrist. She blushed and turned around and found Sanskaar kneeling down in front of her. She looked at him surprised and tried to figure out his actions.

“Swara, it has been a long time we’ve been together. I know I took a long time to tell you everything but, I thought that today would be the best day. I love you Swara! Will you like to be the priority of my life?”, said Sanskaar.

Swara smiled and nodded her head in a yes. “I love you too”, replied Swara. Sanskaar smiled and stood up.

“Happy Birthday!”, greeted Sanskaar and engulfed Swara in a hug.

She smiled and whispered, “Thank you!”

They pulled back after a minute or so while Sanskaar held on to Swara’s wrist and pulled her towards the table. She stood in front of the table as Sanskaar placed a chocolate flavoured cake in front of her with “Happy Birthday love!” was written.

Swara blushed as Sanskaar said, “Cut it.”

Swara cut the cake and fed Sanskaar while he picked up another piece and fed her back. She smiled and later, applied some cake on Sanskaar’s cheeks. Sanskaar looked at her surprised while she started laughing. He was mesmerised seeing her but, after coming to his senses he pulled her closer by holding her hand.

“Sanskaar?”, called out Swara as he pulled her closer. “Wh..What are you doing?”, questioned Swara as Sanskaar wrapped his arms around her waist and moved closer to her. Swara widened her eyes and kept on looking at him surprisingly while he rubbed his cheeks against hers. He moved back and smiled at her.

Swara hit Sanskaar on his chest and said, “You scared me. Why did you do that?”

Sanskaar held her hand and pulling her closer said, “Because”. He touched his forehead with hers and whispered, “Swara, you’re mine forever!”

Phew! I finally finished this. Gosh! It took me almost 10 days to just finish this. Anyways, I hope I didn’t waste you time. I’m sorry if I did.?

Well, do drop down your views on this piece of writing below. I’ll be eagerly waiting to read them out.

Love you all lots! Take care. Bye!?

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