swara: wounds of the heart can be filled easily?? (OS)

Sanskar kapoor: age 26 business by profession

Swara agerwal: age 23 software engineer ceo of xyz company

Karan kapoor: sanskar father

Parvati kapoor: sanskar mother

Raj agerwal : swara’s father businessman

Raima agerwal : swara’s mother..

Naina mitra: swara’s soul mate

Ria gupta: hates swara and class fellow of sanskar secretly loves him and obsessed with him

Let’s start the story:

Kapoor’s and agerwal’s are family frnds and living in their mansions side by side swara and sanskar are childhood frnd’s so their parents decided to get both of them engaged when swara is 18 and sanskar is 21.. sanskar only likes swara as a frnd but swara somewhere in her heart loves him and was very happy on their engagement but she didn’t know that her life is going to take a turn…

On the engagement day when everyone is enjoying and waiting for the engagement swara is on call and scolding someone…

Swara: how dare u naina to not come on my engagement u know very well na that u r my soul mate and I want u to be here with me but u useless creature is not here don’t talk to me by saying this she cuts the call in anger before listening naina..

On the other side naina who is trying to say anything becomes sad and talks to herself and said swara I know u want me to be there with you but I don’t know im not feeling good I feeling like something is going to be happened with you I wanted to come but I failed sorry dear..

On the engagement side when engagement is going to start somebody comes and said stop… everyone looks at the direction and become horrified after seeing the scene… there ria is standing in a very bad condition like somebody has forced her and also police and her parents were standing and one boy how is beaten badly by police is also standing…

Sanskar in shocked expression said ria??

Ria came forward while crying and slaps swara very hard by making everyone shocked

Ria: how could u swara how could u stoop soo much low?? That u sends somebody to rape me??

Swara shocked and said what are u talking about ria are u out of your mind?? Sanskar she is lying I even don’t know her very well then how could I do such a cheap thing with her??

Sanskar: ria swara is right I think u misunderstood swara didn’t even know u properly u both met hardly 2-3 times then how is this possible and moreover why she do that??

Ria: I know sanky I don’t believe me I have a proof which police gained from this boy’s cell…. Sir please show them their daughter real face…

Swara is numb all the time

raj take the cell from police and what he saw it shocked him he became furious and goes and slap swara 2 times due to which swara fall down she saw her father with shocked expression and said papa??

raj: don’t u dare to call me papa I’m dead for u I don’t know that my daughter is such a cheap girl..

Sanskar stands swara and said uncle what are u doing what is there in the cell?? By saying this he takes the mobile and there is a video in which swara is saying something on a call

In video; “ swara: I want to teach a lesson to that ria how can she say that he loves my sanky?? I loves him from many years he is only mine u just go and teach her a very good lesso I’ll snd u your money after the work has been finished” video ends
Sanskar: swara how can be u soo cheap??

Swara: believe me dad sanky I didn’t do anything please by saying this she start’s crying by sitting on her knees.. raima came forward and grabs her hand very harshly and slap her hard 3-4 times and said I’m ashamed to call u my daughter police please arrest her on her deeds.. police came forward but ria said no sir I don’t want to write any complain against her I think she is know came to know what she did because now her family is not with her…

Raj goes to ria and said im sorry beta on behalf of my daughter

Sanky goes to ria and said im sorry ria im not able to save u after all u r my frnd hugs him and said u don’t be sorry sanky… sanky breaks the hug and goes to swara who is crying bitterly..

Sanky: u want to do engagement bu=y hurting ria na? but know I going to do engagement with her infront of everyone..

Ria and swara becomes shocked but before anyone reacts sanky goes and put the rings in ria hand…

Raj goes to swara and drags her toward the door and throw her out by saying this don’t u dare to show us your face again my daughter is dead today by saying this he close the door on her face… swara who is shocked with the sudden things happened in her life s=came to her senses and bangs the door by saying dad please believe me I didn’t do anything but nobody opens the door she walks toward the exit and starts walking as a lifeless body on the road wind is blowing and it starts raining it seems like sky is also crying with her.. she is walking aimlessly everybody saying coming in her mind she is crying bitterly after walking for continuously half hr she starts feeling dizzy due to crying and heavy rain she fell unconscious on the road after 10 mins a car came from which someone same down and runs toward her when the person sees her shouttts swaraa? The person is non-other than naina

Naina shouts: dad please come here look what happened to her??

Naina’s dad rohit came down and picks swara and runs toward s the car they take her to their home…

In the morning swara gets consciousness and she starts crying again after remembering the night..

Naina who came to her room for checking whether she is awake or not after seeing her crying runs toward her and hugs her and said swara calm down everything will be fine..

Swara looks at her with confuse look

Naina after getting her said I called at your home for telling about you but aunty said that u r dead for them and she told me everything.. swara starts crying by hugging her and said believe me naina I’ve done nothing please atleast u trust mee pleaseeeee by saying this she start crying more bitterly suddenly she feels a pat on her head she looks up and see naina father’s rohit and mother sunaina… they both sits on each sides of her and naina is sitting by hugging her..

Rohit: swara beta please stops crying I know u can’t do anything wrong I know from the when u r only 4 yrs oldd like the way u saves naina on that day by stop fall down in the manhole jabkay u were only 4 yrs old I came to know that day that u r very brave and kind hearted but I don’t know why your parents don’t believe u I feel pitty on them by throwing such a precious gem from their lives he hugs her and consoles her

Sunaina: swara beta I luv u equally like a I luv naina infact much more than her u always adore me like your own mother I know u can’t do anything we all r with u beta u don’t worry

Naina: swara u r my soul mate I know everything about u what is in your heart everything u don’t worry the day they came to know the reality they feel ashamed of not trusting you…

Swara hugs all of them and said thankuu for believing mee I luv u all soo much I don’t want to go to that people who didn’t believe me I hate them all but uncle I don’t want to live here please uncle..

Rohit: u don’t worry beta we already shifting from here to Mumbai after 4 days (they are now in dehli) I’ll get u both admitted in the Mumbai clg now u r going to live a life as my second daughter nobody will talk about past onwards we are going to dig past here itself in Mumbai we start our new lives they all hugs each other in a group..

After 5 years…

Now swara is a software engineer and she is a ceo in a rohit’s frnd company on the basis of her ability she denies to work in rohit’s company because she wants to stand on her own feet and everybody excepts her decision naina is 1 yr elder to swara she got married to her father’s frnd son who is the son to pranav whose company’s ceo is swara…

Pranav’s family knows about swara but they don’t know about kapoor’s and agerwals..

One day naina’s husband shauriya came to swara..

Shauriya: swara dad is deciding to do a project with dehli’s number one company k&A internationals.. the owner is coming tomorrow for a meeting but there is a problem

Swara: what problem jiju?

Shauriya: actually I and dad is going to London tonight for an important meeting but tomorrow their is a meeting with K&A

Swara: don’t worry jiju I’ll handle all the thing u and uncle can go freely

Shauriya: thanku soo much swara for solving the problem

Swara: its my duty jiju and smiles

Shauriya: acha listen I’ll sand u all the detail regarding the meeting u’ll chck it out okay??

Swara: okay jiju no problem and have a save journey

Shauriya: pats her head and smiles and said thankuu dear Sali and leaves..

Swara gets buzy in work when she gets a call from naina

Naina: swara have you take your migraine medicines??

Swara: yes naina darling I already eat them u don’t worry

Naina: how can I not be worry u r careless regarding your medicines and u know a is u not talk your medicines on time a little stress leads u to a severe migraine and u may fell unconscious..

Swara: yay a naina I know all this u don’t worry infact my p.a also knows about this she also reminds me about my mediciness

Naina: thank god and luv u yarr..

Swara: luv u too now please cut the call I’ve a lot work to doo

Naina said okay dear and cuts the call..

Next day:

Swara is getting ready for the meeting everybody is present in the conference room and waiting for K&A’s owners….. swara’s p.a came and said they are arrived
Swara said bring them in..

The owner’s came and swara become shocked after seeing them they are non-other than sanskar,raj and karan (swara dont know about his family company’s name because it joint beofre 4 yras ago)… they all also shocked after seeing swara there and become teary eyes but before they said anything swara composed herself and starts the meeting she handles all the things professionally without and emotional expressions but raj,karan and

sanky seeing her with teary eyes and hurt expressions after the meeting got completed both companies sign the agreement of 3 months and swara without saying anything goes out after finishing the formalities… she goes to her cabin she is feeling slight headache but she ignore it… after 10 mins her p.a came to her cabin and said mam K&G owners want to meet you swara going to denied but think that it will create scene so she said bring them in my cabin..

Raj,karan and sanky came to her cabin..

Swara sees them and said with full arrogant and professional tone I think we cleared all the terms and conditions than why u want to meet??

Raj: swara beta

Swara shows her hand aand said im not your bet if u want to talk about the contract than talk otherwise leave..

Sanky: swara please forgave us we know that we did a big mistake by not trusting u please forgave us by saying this he comes near her but swara said don’t u dare mr sanksar to come near me..

Karan: swara beta please atleast listen to us we came to know all about the reality by saying this he starts saying


After sanky and ria engagement both families decided to get them married soon soo the date got fixed after 2 months… after 2 months it’s a night of sanky and ria’s mehndi… sanky is searching ria for seeing her mehndi he is passing by a room when he listened some voice he goes toward the room he sees ria is talking with someone sanky first ignore this but he suddenly remember that it is the same guy whom tries to rape ria he became furious he thought that he came again for teasing her he storms in the room and grabs the boy with collar and takes him to the hall ria who is shocked by sudden change also runs behind them she is sweating badly…
Sanky pushed that boy in the hall floor and starts beating him by making everyone shocked karan said sanky stop what are u doing?

Sanky: papa this boy came again to torture ria… by saying this he again starts beating and said tell mee again swara snds u na?? tell mee??

Boy said please don’t beat mee nobody snd me here I came to take money from ria… sanky hands stops after listening this he become numb but composed himself and said what are u taling about what money u want from ria??

Ria who is shivering with fear sanky he is lying he came again and forcing mee by saying this she starts crying…

Boy: no she is lying actually its all her plan to trap swara and throw her out of your life..

Everyone freezes after listening thiss.. raj came forward and slaps the boy hard and said tell us the whole truth otheriwsee I will kill u..

Boy: ria plans all the things that video is also fake swara is not in the video it is ria she changes her face with swara’s face and dub swara voice so that everyone believes on it she is obsessed with sanskar and wants his all property because her father is facing loss in the business I have all the proof against ria in my cell I record all talk of her and me because I have a doubt on her that she will ditch mee by saying this he shows all the audio clipping to kapoor and agerwal family.. everyone became teary eyes and feeling guilty of not trusting their swara they were feeling ashamed of themmm.. sanskar goes to ria and slaps her hard and said to leave the place right know before he can do anything and he falls down crying by remembering swara’s pleading face to trust her…. Everyone is crying bitterly…. Raima to raj..

Raima: raj plz bring my daughter please

Raj: yes we will bring herr

They all search her everywhere but didn’t find her because they don’t know that she is living in Mumbai they tried hard but failed and starts feeling more guilty by not trusting her..

flashback ends..

swara is having tears in her eyes that atleast they came to know about her innocence but she composed herself and said its good that u got to know everything but im sorry I can’t doo anything know by saying this she goes out from her cabin.. and reached home..

after reaching home she starts crying loudly by making rohit and sunaina horrified they both goes toward her and said swara beta what happened but she is only crying not saying anything.. they called naina she also camee finally after continuous crying swara said why they all came again in my life?? Whyyy??

Naina: who came swara please tell us what happened.. swara tells them everything which happened in the office and said I don’t want to go them again..

Rohit: calm down beta we are not snding u toward them u just calm your selve and I’ll talk to pranav for your resignation but swara stops him and said dad no im not resigning they are nothing to mee im going to face them.. everyone becomes happy after listening herr…

Swara composed herself and she start doing project with k&A only in a professional way one day K&A invites swara and all the employees for the party naina’s family is also presented their swara is feeling headache from the morning and she also forgot to take her medicine.. in the party K&A family said all their deeds infront of the whole guests and ask forgiveness from swara but swara shouts and said what can I do to your forgiveness?? Can this sorry filled my heart’s wound which u all gave me?? Can this sorry gave me back my sleepiness night in which I only remember your taunts your curses?? She is feeling immense pain in her head but she is ignoring it and continuous her talks..

She goes towards sanky and said can your sorry filled by that wound of heart which u gave by saying me cheap?? She goes to raima and said can your sorry filled my that wond which u gave me by slapping mee and saying that your r ashamed of me??

Everyone becomes teary eyes after listening her and feeling guilty for hurting her this much..

Swara shouts and said can your this sorry give me back my 5 yrs which a spent without my family?? Only thinking that u all hate me?? She starts crying bitterly after saying this and her headache is also increasing she grabs her head naina after seeing this runs toward her but swara is not in her senses she starts screaming because of severe pain she also pushes naina because of not in her senses she screaming continuously everyone becomes worried after seeing her state but before anyone goes towards her she fall unconscious naina while crying said dad she get the migraine attack please call the ambulane shauriya said no need we will take her to hospital sanky is going to pick her but naina stops her by showing hand shauriya picks her and they all goes towards hospital..

Everyone is tenses kapoor and agerwal family is also their doctor came and said she faced a very severe attack I think she also missed her dose that’s why it became serious and due to excess stress her faced a nervous breakdown.. everyone become numb after listening this sanky sat on a chair with a thud and starts cursing himself in heart everyone is praying for swara after 2 days she got conscious.. she call her family inside the room I know u all are feeling very guilty I’ve decided to forgave u all butt…after listening this everyone becomes happy but her next line makes them sad

Swara: butt im not going to come with u now I need more time to forget all the past I knw u all r feeling very sorry but the pain u all gave me it pierced my heart very badly..

Swara: sanky its true that I luv u from my childhood but it doesn’t mean that I will forgert all the things easily may be I came back to u after 1 month or 2 month or may be it takes yrs but I need time..

Everyone becomes happy that at least she is ready to came back and they all r ready to wait for her if it is for lifetime…

After 15 months swara came back to her home and she forgave all of them whole heartedly because she knows that her family is feeling and burning in guilt from many yrs and also craving for her forgiveness after 6 months returning swara and sanskar get married and they all live a happy life which is full of trust and love..

Thankuu guys for ready and please tell me if u all like it or nott…


    • Rabia



      Thanku divya and i thought exactly the same but pta nai kyn end per change kr diya actually i wrote this os in 3 hrs yesterday so thats why in the end many things got mixed

  1. Jwala


    |Registered Member

    I loved it.. but I think sanskar didn’t deserve swara in this.. they done a horrible mistake. . what if something happens to swara that day? what if naina’s dad didn’t helped her.. so swara’s family doesn’t deserve forgiveness

    • Rabia



      Jwala i thought the same but then change by giving time to swara i know its hard to erase the wounds which is given by our dear one

  2. Chanu

    Nice 1 shot..
    Ur prof pic is chooo chweeet.. They r rly vry cute.. Who r they.. If u know them tell dat i lv them alot.. 😀 😀 😀

  3. navi

    It ws superb rabi… trust is so important u convey it through dis os…
    rabi r u new here ???
    If ur rabi who wrote ff dhn vry big hsi md hw ru??
    If its no….
    then also hai..

    • Rabia



      Navi i already wrote few short stories and os currently im writing swaragini: their passion may cause their lives and also a big hello to u toooo ??

  4. Rabia



    thankuu soo much guyss and i know the end should be different like swara should not forgave them but i don’t know what made me to do to write like this but i’m very happy that u all thought and told me what u feel it help me alot while writing any other OS luv u sooo much guysss :*

  5. Vidhi

    It was awesome dear…. Felt very bad for swara… I literally cried when her mother didn’t trust her n slapped her… ??if I would on her place I would never forgive them… Bt the chapter was amazing dear… Actually superb…. My all time favorite os….????????????

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