swara:-I am the villain of this story (prologue)

Hello friends mickey here,
Shocked to see the title.

It’s ok if you are not shocked

But in swaragini all characters have given a grey shade , but they didn’t made swara negative .

They saw Swara always good, so I thought to give our swara a negative role.

A dark room is shown
When we go more near
We can see a girl is sitting there , she have a picture in her hand.

The girl was crying and then started laughing madly.

Girl:- hahahaha….. Now you just see Mr sanskar maheswari . I will show you hell.(with a smirk)

After some time she again started crying.
Girl:- why …. Why ..you did that Sanskar.. Why.

You said me that day when you called me at midnight that you will make my life hell.

Now I , now I swara sansk…(stopped)

Sorry sorry now I swara Bose will saw you hell, I will make your life hell.

She started drinking alcohol .

Swara:- just see …


So guys this was the promo . Tell me you like it or not . So,I will think wether to write it more or not .

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  1. Yashu24

    All swasan fans I asked you for some ideas to write a ff on swasan but you didn’t gave me .

  2. Yashu24

    Now also you can gave me ideas , I will write another ff

    Or I will continue this ff if you like.

  3. SRSL

    Fantastic idea….superb….I know all three other than Swara had become the villain except her…waiting for it…and about the idea…I myself don’t know she story will I write…?

  4. Aasthu

    Hey Mickey it’s interesting…..is there any raglak in this?????

  5. Yashu24

    Thanks to both of you??

  6. Yashu24

    Ya Raglak are there in this ?

  7. seems interesting..continue soon..tc..

  8. Zelena81196

    seems interesting…. continue soon….

  9. Yashu24

    Thanks a?

  10. Thrilling…!! Superb concept…carry on?

  11. Tamil

    Awesome continue soon

  12. A.xx

    fab xx

  13. Mica


  14. Swara as villian??!!! Let’s see…!!

  15. Shiksha

    Even I agree, even she can also be a grey shade character ..but are you continuing this from the shoe’s part, if yes, then from where….. Continue soon…

  16. Yashu24

    Thanks to all ???

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