swara:- I am the villain of this story (part 7)

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Ok so the story starts with swara walking on a road then someone tapped her shoulder from behind she stopped there with a shocked face.

Then she turned slowly and found a man covered with blanket.

Swara hugged him.

Sw:- I love you, you are helping me to take my revenge. Forget our past now . Once my revenge get complete I will live with you forever..

The person back hugged her.

Sw:- did you think about what I said.

The person nodded in yes.

Sw:- ok now I have to go bye.

Swara and that person leaved.

All this was seen by someone he made a vedio of this.
And send it on sanskar’s number.

Swara was walking when someone kept his hand on her mouth and lift her and place her in car.

His hand was also covering swara’s eyes a lil so she was not able to see the person.

Swara was trying hard to speak but failed.

The person removed his hand from her mouth .

Swa:- who are you and…
She turned towards the person and got shocked.

Sw:- sanskarrr

Sanskar looked towards her.

Sw(in angry tone):- where you are taking me….stop the car..

Sanskar stopped the car.

And took his phone out and showed a vedio to swara.

Swara became shocked.

San(in anger):- who is this person whom you are hugging….tell me swaraaa…

Sw:- I don’t feel necessary to tell you Mr.maheswari.

San:- but I feel it necessary to ask you as I am your husband … Tell me swara…

Sw:- that’s none of your business .

Saying this swara pushed sanskar out from the car.

And drove off.

Sanskar fall down he was seeing the disappearing car in anger.

Swara stopped the Car in front of mm.

Swara came in.
All saw her.

She went in hall and sat on the floor and start crying.

All become shocked because from these 7-8 days she was behaving so rudely and nkw she is crying.

Dp:- what happened swaraaa

Swara didn’t answered and start crying more.

Ragini sat near her and asked:- what happened swara

Swara hugged her.

Ragini first become shocked then smiled.
Rag:- swaraaa shhh what happened??

Swara while sobbing:- sorry sorry to everyone, I I behaved very bad with you all sorry…

Ap:- beta, we know that our swara will understand everything one day…now stop crying it’s okk .

Sw:- how it’s ok badi maa..I behaved very badly with you
And…sanskar….he didn’t trust mee..

Dp:- what happened swara. Say clearly.

Sw:- actually bade papa Today I got to know that sanskar didn’t killed my ma baba. I want to ask forgiveness from him soo I asked help from my friend. I said my friend” you are very sweet,that you are helping me” but but ….sanskar misunderstood me that I love him.

Lak:- swara we will make him understand stop crying.

Swara stand up and ran upstairs to her room.

After some time sanskar also came.
San:-swara swaraa…

Dp:- sanskar I want to talk you.
Suj:- yes sanskar we want to tell you something.

They told all thing to him.

Sanskar became happy to get his old swara back.

Lak:- now goo and solve your misunderstandings , she is in your room

Sanskar nodded in yes and leaved.

In swasan room.

Swara was shown taking with someone on phone.

Swa:- hello,I acted as you said.
Now we have to work on our second plan.

Sanskar came in room swara immediately cut the phone.

San:- which plan swara.
Sw:- to make tou understand that…

San:- that person was just your friend and was helping you.

Sw:- yess, you always misunderstood me sanskar.. First for that nikhil and now…

San:- so what, you also do the same first for ragini’s kidnapping,for trying to do your murder,then for laksh and now (being emotional) now for ma baba and dida.

Swara hugged him:- now I will never do it again sanskar…am sorry for behaving like that..

Sanakar kissed her cheek.

Swara fold her fist tightly in anger then composing herself said:- sanskar, sorry..

San:- okk tell me one thing why you pushed me from car.

Sw:- sanskar think yourself,first I misunderstood u then when I realised my mistake you also misunderstanding me.

So I got angry

San:- ok from now I will never allow misunderstanding coming between us.
We will always trust eo.

Swara nodes

San:- now come fast all are waiting for you on lunch.

Sw:- ok u go I am coming.

Sanskar leaved

Swara again called that person
Sw:- now he is sure that I became like before. Now we can easily do our work.

Opp:- yes,I also think about your idea that’s good. Now tomorrow maheswaris will get a big shock hahhaha

Sw:- good
Ap(from hall):- swaraaaa come fasttt

Swara:- ayiii badi maa

Swara:- ok bye all the best.

Swara cut the call and went downstairs .

———-To be continued————————–

Precap:- shock for maheswaris.

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  1. Simin

    Haaayyyeee our smart shona
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    Superb….. who is that person post soon

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    Shocking…..!!!!! But awesome…..!!!!! Continue soon….!!!!! Waiting to know who that person is….!!!!!!

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  7. Rabia0032

    Nice dear but feeling bad for sanskar I think that person is using swara for his own motivation…

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      Thanks Rabia di , I can’t say anything further because it will reveal my story ??

  8. Awesome

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  9. Sammykapoor

    nice dear…who is that person

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  11. awesome update next part soon who is the person?

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    2. Yashu24

      Thanks anu , you will know about him soon

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