swara:- I am the villain of this story (part 6)

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Ok so next morning swara woke up and when she went out from her room she heard sanskar’s coughing sound

She went to guest room as he was sleeping there.

He was coughing badly in sleep

Seeing him coughing swara immediately filled a glass of water

She was about to wake up him and was about to give him water but she remembered police saying they got evidence against him that he killed her ma baba .

Her eyes become red due to anger and she throw the whole water on him.

Sanskar immediately woke up

San:- what is this.
Sw:- good morning

Sanskar eye her angrily.

San:- what nonsense is this?

Sw:- ohhh sanskar this is my new style the style of the villain swara.

Soon you will become habitual

Saying this she leaved..

Sanskar remembered the sweet bubbly swara

When she woke him up by dipping his finger in tea but that time she did it in her naughtiness that time she loved him now she hates him

Swara came down and found ragini making breakfast . Ap and sujata were sitting in hall.

After ragini made breakfast she went to her room. Then swara went in kitchen and smirked.

After some time all came at breakfast .

Lak:- ragini bring breakfast quickly we are getting late.

Then they saw swara bringing breakfast

DP smiled thinking her mood got a little better.

All were shocked especially sanskar because seeing her morning avatar this was unexpected.

Swa:- why you all are seeing me with shock, Is this the first time when I bring breakfast for you.

Rag:- swara…. I am happy you are not drunken and you are behaving like earlier.

Swa:- no need to saw your happiness now … I mean food is getting cold

(With a fake smile) eat first …
I am going to my friend’s home I’ll return in an hour.

Ap nodes and swara leaved

Sanskar ate the first bit and started coughing .

Dp:- what happened sanskar??

Laksh gave him water

San:- this curry have garlic powder.
Ram:- no sanskar our curry won’t have this garlic powder .

Lak:- ya he is right bhai.. and ragini knows you have allergy with garlic.

Rag:- haa sanskar I didn’t added garlic .

Sanskar I know who did this he went upstairs and called someone.

San:- do fast
Opp:- ya sir

Sanskar cut the call

San:- swara what you think yourself now wait and watch.

——To be continued—————

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  1. Hater of writers

    Helly is such a pathetic nd a sombre actress she should stop acting nd u swasan fans r sucking in swaragini be mature guys stupid peoples nd helly is so so so rediculous girl nd ur ff is too

    1. Rabia0032

      Yeah right we are sucking swasan fan but what the he’ll are u doing here…oh just to bash us wooow u did really great job but u know we already have seen such a cheap people like u it doesn’t matter what u say or not…
      Next time if u want to get insult again lzzz come back on swasan page or swaragini page we will love to insult u yeah byee

    2. Yashu24

      Don’t insult anyone,if you are a hater of writers then why are you here on tu

  2. Deeksha

    Awesome dear…. Continue soon….!!!!!

  3. Simi


  4. Samaira

    Awsome mickey

  5. @hater of writers, hey u keep ur views abt helly to urself. u hv no right to ridicule sm1 like this. n abt being mature , evry1 now knows who needs to jst get mature

  6. awesome..and dont listen to the bashers as they r good for nothing..continue soon..tc..

  7. Nice….

  8. Simin

    Still she cares for him
    Hmmm now what r u upto mr maheshwari

  9. Soujanya


  10. awesome.. please dont concentrate on other words.. update next part soon

  11. Mica

    gooosshhhhh…. this Swara naaaaa…

  12. Awesome

  13. Tamil

    Awesome… don’t listen to the bashers

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