swara:- I am the villain of this story (part 5)

Swara was walking on a road drinking wine.
Suddenly rain starts

Swara was remembering all good and bad moments with sanskar.

Pehle Kabhi Na Tune Mujhe Gum Diya
(She remembered their first date)

Fir Mujhe Kyu Tanha Kar Diya
(She remembered when he said her to go and live with her parents)

Guzare The Jo Lamhe Pyaar Ke
Humesha Tujhe Apna Maan Ke
(She remembered the helicopter ride)

To Fir Tune Badli Kyu Ada
Ye Kyu Kiya
(Then the flash of police saying that they get evidence against him that he killed her ma baba)

Kabhi Jo Badal Barse
Mai deakhu tuje aankhe bharke.

Swara throwed the empty bottle on the road and screamed.

Swara:- why…..why… You did this sanskarrrrrr…..

I loved you but….you ….you killed my maa baba …..
Kyaaa mila tumhe ….haan kya mila..ye sabh karke…(what you got by doing this.)

Sanskar was seeing all hidden behind the tree.

San:- Swara, you are giving me very big punishment by making yourself like this. Swara how I make you understand that I didn’t did that.

Swara sat on the floor laughing mafly.

Swa:-Swara…..swara….hahahaha … You know what swara….now you are a villain …whay are you crying …..did you saw any villain crying no naaa……hahhahah villains laugh like…like this hahahahaaa

I loved you before….sanskar nowwww I..I hate you sanskarrrrr….I hate you

She stand up and went to a bar.

Sanskar followed her..

There she drunk more and more and then went to dance floor and start dancing.

Breakup song, breakup song
Karde dil ki feeling strong
Saade char minute long
Breakup song, breakup song

Break break breakup song
Break break breakup song

Maine chhod diya usse chhod diya
Uski kaali kartooton ne
Uska bhaanda phod diya
Maine chhod diya usse chhod diya

Dil pe patthar rakh ke
Munh pe makeup kar liya
Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke
Muh pe makeup kar liya

Mere saiyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya

Subah savere uth ke maine
Yeh sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakUp kar liya

Subah savere uth ke maine
Ye sab kar liya
Tere saiyaan ji se kaahe
Thune breakup kar liya

b b.. breakup song

Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya
Subah savere uth ke maine yeh sab kar liya
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj maine breakup kar liya

(A man come near swara and looked her with lustful eyes)
Look baby, mujhe lagta hai ki
Jo bhi tune kiya hai woh very very right hai
Bhoot kaal ko bhul ja ab tu
Aane wala future very very bright hai
(He touched her back)
Main hoon na baby saath tere
Party-sharty honi poori night hai

But then got a tight punch from sanskar.

Sanskar dragged swara with him.

Swa:- areee..leave…leave me…
Sanskar jerked her hand and hold her shoulders tightly
San:- what you think yourself swara..
Swa:- I think myself…. Myself haaa….I think myself a villainnnnn

San:- stop your nonsense come with me …

Swa:- noooo you will kill me like you…you killed .my maa babaa

Sanskar lift her and placed her in car.

Then they came in mm

Swara came inside
Swara:- mere…saiyaan ji se aaj maine…breakuo .. Breakup kar liya..

Ragini:- swara again u drunk
Swara:- hahahaha..yes.
Rag:- we all were tensed for you we were finding you…

Cut by swara
Swa:- you all were finding me..you were finding me….wawoooo …..why…ohhh ….to know what is your punishment….

Ok so,you will get it Tomorrow ….ok good nyt…live a happy life till tomorrow..

San:- what is this punishment punishment..go and sleep now.

Swa:- okk okk chill….I am going….ok I will tell you that I will give u torture in new style…I don’t want to make this property on my name etc… Because I have to cheat bade papa for this which …. Which ..I won’t do.

Good nyt bye bye ,tata.

Waking to and fro she went upstairs .

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