swara:- I am the villain of this story (part 3)


Swara woke up with a scream
Swara:- nooooooooo,maaa baba…..dida…..

Hearing her scream sanlakrag came there .

Sanskar:- swara…swara…. What happened???

Ragini gave her water but
Swara throw the glass on floor and looked sanskar with red angry eyes.

Swa:- leaveeeeeee from hereee, you murderer…..you killed my maa baba and… Because of you my didaaa ….

San:- swara, pleaseeee I didn’t …

Swa:- I saiddddd leaveeeeeee.

Laksh signed him to go.
Sanskar leaved from there angrily.

Rag:- swaraaa….he didn’t..

Swa:- wawoooo ragini , now as he is your family member . You are trying to make me understand that the murderer of my ma baba and the cause of my didaa’s death isn’t he.

Rag:- swara… Please how many time you will consider sanskar guilty for the things which he didn’t did.

Swa:- raginiiiiii I know that ma and dida was mine ma and dida butttt baba was also yours naaa…and..

Rag:- enough swaraaaa….I love ma more than my ma and dida as my nani.

Swa:- yaaaa ragini you liked maa that much that for laksh you pushed dida from stairs and kidnapped my maaa.

Rag:- swaraa….

Laksh:- ragini chaloooo

He dragged ragini with him.

Then they saw sanskar sitting in stairs.

Laksh Kept his hand on his shoulder.
Sanskar turned .

Laksh and ragini sit beside him.
Sanskar:- ragini…am sorry.
Ragini:- whyyy?? Sanskar….why you are saying this..

San:- I heard swara was shouting on you. Ragini
I made her like this..but I didn’t pushed ma baba from there…

Ragini:- I know sanskar..

Sanskar got lost in deep thought.

—###. Flashback###—
When sanskar closed the door after sumi shekhar leave . He sat on the floor and start crying.

Dp:- betaa…we know this is difficult for you but why you did that.

San:- bade papa…swara always think our relationship a joke. She never think about me , us . This punishment was necessary for her.

Laksh :- bhaiii all this is happening just because of me. If I didn’t came in adarsh’s talks then all this didn’t happened.

Sanskar hugged him.

In night

Sanskar got a call by shekhar.
He asked him to come at kali temple as in mm they can’t talk him freely.

Sanskar agreed

Later shekhar and sumi convinced him. He said he will come tomorrow to take swara. Then sanskar went from there .

But in morning at gadodia house he got that news and police blamed him.

And took him
Later laksh took him home on bail

-####—-flashback ends###—-###—-####-
Just two days before our lives and swara changed completely.

Laksh:- swara took her case back

Rag:- what??? I know that she loves sanskar very much so she took her case back.

San:- noooo ragini, swara said she didn’t want police to give me this small pain. She want to hurt me.

First she blamed me for ragini’s kidnapping then blamed me for trying to do her murder . Then for laksh and now for maa baba…

Ok you both go and sleep good nyt.

Then all went to sleep.

In morning
Servant:- mam this bag is for swara madam ji .

Ap:- maybe her clothes and accessories are in it ragini go beta take this and place them in her room.

Ragini nodes

Ragini opened the bag to check it.
Butttttt all got shocked seeing it.

Suj:- hey rammmm… What is this.
San(whispered):- swaraa….

Then swara came downstairs
Swara:- good morni…ng
Wh..y ar..e y.ou shocked. This is…. My daily intake from these six days .

The bag was full of wine bottles.

All shocked

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