swara:- I am the villain of this story (part 2)

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Ok the story starts
in mm


swara sleeping in swasan room .
Sanskar was sleeping in guest room.

Swara was blabbering something in her sleep .
Swara:- maaaaa ,babaaaaa please pleaseeee don’t gooo didaaaaa maaa babaaa

—–Swara’s dream——-

In mm all were very happy as laksh came back home.

Raglak were doing grahparvesh.
All came in home but when swara step in sanskar stopped her

San:- nooo , you will not enter in my home.
All were shocked.

Swa:- sanska..r what are you saying .

San:- the thing which is right mrs maheswari.
Didn’t you remember , I said I will give you punishment when laksh come back.

Dp:- what is this sanskar.

San:- bade papa please not today.

Tears start rolling from swara’s eyes.

Swa:- what…pun..isment..you will give me.

The only thing which was coming in big letters in swara’s mind was DIVORCE

San:- Are you thinking , I will give you divorce. No swaraaaa.

Swa:- thennnn.. What.

San:- you will not live with me here you will live with your parents at badi.
You love to live with them naa. You don’t what to live with me,so goo now. And one more thing no one from here will go to meet you there not even your sis ragini. Understood.

Swa:- sanskar what is thi…s pl..ease what are you doing .

Sanskar leave from there , swara started crying sitting on the entrance of mm.

Sumi:- shona…we will ….

Before she can complete sanskar came there again.
San:- even now you are here

He holds her hand and pushed her out and closed the door.

Shumi and shekhar were in mm .
Swara was crying badly. Hearing her crying sanskar closed his eyes.

Sumi :- now we have to leave saying this shermista and shekhar went .

Sanksar closed the door again .

And start crying sitting on floor.

Outside the mm.

Shekhar make swara stand.

Sumi :- shona… Beta ghar chal..
Shekhar:- yes beta we will talk with him later.

After many attempts swara unwillingly went with them.

At gadodiya mansion:-
8 p.m

Shekhar:- shona we are going to meet sankar, I promise we will convince him.

Sumi:- beta …Dida called us she will come here at 3 a.m

We will come back in half an hour.
Swara nodes and they leave after that swara slept after crying .

At 3:15 a.m

Due to thunder and lightning swara wake up and found that sumi and shekhar didn’t came back home . Then some one knocked the door.

Swara opened the door and found dida.

In morning.
Swara:- dida maa Baba didn’t came back home . They went to meet sanskar at Kali temple

Dida:- shoru maybe due to this whether they thought to live in mm for night .

Swara nodes and found all mm members standing at enterance including sanskar.

San:- sorry swara , I came here take you with me.
Swa:- sanskar …where are.ma and baba .
San:- whattt they didn’t reached , they went back after I got convinced.

Then they heard police’s car sound

Policemen bring two dead bodies ..

They were sumi and shekhar.

All got shocked.

Swa:- maa…baba….

Rag:- maa.baba ……. Inceptor how….. This… Happened…. Started crying.

Laksh console her.

Police :-we got evidence against mr sanskar maheswari .
San:- whattttt
All become shocked.

Police:- yess this is your passport and we also get your fingerprint there near kali mandir from were we get these dead bodies.

Swa(looking him with shock):- san….skar you did this!!!!!
This was your punishment …. My ma baba went to convince you and youuuuuuu.

You gave me this punishment……

Started crying loudly and slapped him hardly.

San:- noooo swara…. How can you think I can do this…. They are also like my mom dad.

Raglak:- swara he can’t do….
Swara stopped them showing her hand .

Swa:- you all know his anger naa.If he can try to kill you laksh by that rock soo , how he can’t do this. He became mad in anger…..

Dida :- sumi….shekar mera bacheee

And fall unconscious.
Swalak took her to hospital and there she was declared dead due to heart attack .

Swara broke down completely her whole world ruined in this one day .

Then swaragini did dida sumi and shekhar’s last rituals .


To be continued.

Precap:- sanskar’s pov

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    is this a dream or real xx

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    It’s is the dream right?

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