swara:-I am the villain of this story (part 1)

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Ok the story starts with that dark room where swara was sitting and drinking alcohol .

Swara:-You all always said that ‘don’t be so great swara’, you all said that ‘swara think about yourself’.

Right na sanskar
(Took another sip ) now…. From…now…this swara will always think about herself. From… Today I will not become great. I will become the worst .

(Took another sip and start laughing madly )

Now I will take revenge from you all …..you all how gave me pain in my life .

Next morning

In mm

All family members were doing there breakfast but none of them were happy.

Suj:- how our life changed in two days, our swara….
Before she can complete sanskar stopped her

San:- no need to call her our.
Ap:- buttt what was her fault, always that girl bear all the pain.
San:- so, like her you are also saying the fault is mine .
Ap:- betaaa , I am not considering you guilty .

Sanskar become angry and stand up and turned towards the entrance.

And found ……….
Swara standing there with her luggage.
Sanskar was shocked to see her .

Ragini:- swaraaaaa
She runned and was about to hug swara but

Swara stopped her and push her aside .
Ragini was shocked .

All stand up from dining .

San:- what are you doing here and why you pushed ragini???

Swa:- Oh….this is my home naa…
Don’t you know ….Mr maheswari that girl’s real home is her ….sasural


Rag:- are you drunken??
Swa:- yaaaa my lovely sis .

All were shocked to she this swara

San:- Get out … Why are you doing this drama

Swa:- areeeeee san..skar ,

Mujhe piine …ka sokh nhiiiiiii , piiti hu gam bhulane koooooo

Dp:- swara beta….
Swara goes near him and took blessings.

Dp:- what you had done with yourself swara..
Swa:- I did what you all said, Now I will always think about myself,I will not think about anyone .

Dp got teary eyes .

San:- do what you want but not in my house .
Swa:- areee you amir khan of gajnii….hahahaha …
You also have problem of memory loss in 15 minutes like him ..hahaha …

(In angry tone) I told you na this is my home , you can’t force me to leave this …. This home ….
(Saying this she fall unconscious)

But sanskar hold her.
He took her to his home and place her on bed.

Ap:- sanskar betaaa, why you are behaving like this with her, when she needs you the most you leave her .
Suj:- seee na how she became , when she needs you, you leave her n you didn’t allowed us to go to her also .

Sanskar got teary eyes he left from there .
All look on sadly .

Precap:- the reason why swara become like this.

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    Mickey its awsome… Dont be sad just keep writting…. It happend with everyone… N m the example…now post soon…i wanna know swara’s past…..

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  7. Nyc but i have a doubt…you stated dat she is d villain of the story but in d above chapter it seems dat she has drunken due to her sorrows and sadness…plz continue with d plot of making her as a villain…dis idea is new and is thrilling to see her like dat…

    1. Yashu24

      DA. Thanks but from the pain we get we become bad . There should be some reason of becoming evil

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  8. Soooo niceee….plz upload nxt part soon

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  9. On milky it u one dout is ragsan married and I’m a huge huge fan but silent reader sorry if I can’t comment but will read.it comment due to ur crying face keep?????????

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    Fab but what part of the story did u continue from and where is lakshya?? xx

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      well.. lil bit info dear! some swasanian can’t bear rag——————–san,
      so sorry if we can’t read it, ty.

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