Swara….! How could u….? (swasan ff) by Deeksha (Chapter 11) “Six months “

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Chapter 10
Sanskaar’s pov

Another five months passed…!!!

It’s been six months that I lost everything..!! Six solids months were I lost everyone’s trust..

I lost lucky..!!

I lost bade maa trust..!!

I lost maa..!!

Yes.. Nowadays even she is not talking to me..!! I got to know that she is busy in finding uttara’s groom..!!

And most importantly I lost my SWARA..!!

And she left me all alone.. She didn’t even contact me from that day..!!

Through my detective I got to know that she and ragini are nowadays planning others marriage..!!

I am making myself in business and she herself in planning others marriages..!!

So finally we got something to do when we are alone..!!

And when I leave her and go she will merge herself into planning..!!

Seems good…!! Once laksh will be back I will leave everyone and go..!!


Make urself strong Sanskaar..!! U have to be strong enough to leave everyone especially Swara..!!

End of Sanskaar pov

Swara’s pov

It’s been six months since I left Sanskaar..!! Since I left mm..!!

Don’t know how did I managed myself..!! Few months back even he stopped coming late nights see me..!!

Don’t know what was happening to him..!! He refused my handmade food then stopped seeing me..!!

I am too his swara.. I somehow managed to send my food to him..!!

Though I had to manipulate the hotel deliver but what to do..??

Sanskaar is stubborn.. He doesn’t listen..!! Stupid..!!

At last without saying anything he is eating it..!!

I am happy that he is eating homemade one than outside one..

I could hear ragini’s shouting outside..!! We both started a wedding planner..!!

I just started this to keep ragini busy in something or the other..!!

End of swara pov

Sanskaar pov

I sat again in my cabin and started doing work..!!

I sometime I heard someone knocking the door…

I ordered “Come in..”

” Kaise hai tu Sanskaar..?? ”

I heard my mom speaking..! I was hearing her voice after six months..!!!

Unknowingly my tears weld up and went and hugged her..!!

” I am fine mom.. ” I managed to say in between..

” Accha Chalo.. Let’s sit and talk.. ”

I nodded and settled on the couch..

” Sanskaar.. Tomorrow is uttara’s engagement and day after tomorrow is her marriage..!! ”

” What..??? ”

I shouted at her at once..!!

” The groom side is asking for the fast marriage beta..!! ”

” But mom..!! Pls don’t hurry..!! U need to check their background and everything.. ”

” I did beta..!! Even ur papa and bade papa did..?? ”

” They knew..?? ”

” Nothing was confirmed till then… Today morning only it was confirmed and the first thing I did was informing u beta… ”

” But mom..?? ”

” No buts and ifs.. Just come home beta.. It’s ur sister marriage.. ”

” Ji mom..!! I will come..!! I will wind up the the left over work and will come..!! ”

” But fast…! I want my son to be present in his sister marriage.. ”

” Ji mom..!! But mom.. Is uttara happy with her marriage..?? ”

” She is..!! But come fast beta..!!! ”

” Sure mom..!! ”

And mom left..!!

I couldn’t believe that uttara is getting married..!!

Everytime something or the other happened in her marriage.. This time I wanna make sure that nothing wrong will go wrong..!!

I immediately dialled up the detective..

” Yes sir..!! ”

” I wanted u to find out about a guy.. His background and his family… I want each and every detail of him.. ”

” OK sir.. I will update u in two hours.. ”

” I will msg u his details.. ”

” OK sir.. ”

” And how is swara..?? ”

” She is fine sir.. The same since last few weeks.. ”

” ok..!! ”

And I hung the call..!!

And sat back… My sister is getting married and I am here in office..!!

Immediately I started complete the work so that I could join back the function…

I completed my work in two and half hours..!!

And started setting up my things to go back to mm..!! It’s been six months that I had been there…

Don’t know how will I manage..?? Again her memories will be haunting me in the house..!!

But I have to manage myself..!!

In the meanwhile I got the call of the detective..

I picked it up..

“Sir..!! ”

” yes… Tell me..?? ”

” Sir the guy is good man but his family is an orthodox.. ”

” Means..?? Does the guy listens to them completely or takes his own decisions..?? ”

” He is completely independent sir..!! He stays abroad and doesn’t believe his family beliefs sir..!! ”

” So u mean to say that he is good.. ”

” Yes sir..!! ”

” OK then… Go back to badi and keep a check on swara..!!! ”

” Yes sir… ”

And I hung the call…

Chalo at least this guy is good…

And I resumed my packing and head of to mm..!!

I reached mm..

Again those memories flew into my mind..!!

” I will not apply sindoor and magalsutra till u bring back laksh ”

I closed my eyes tightly and entered inside…

I could see the whole Mansion getting ready for the engagement..!! Preparations are on and all are working on it..!!

Admist all this I could hear her voice… Her voice to check on all the preparations…

Am I hallucinating..??

Then I could see her in front of me checking all the preparations..

Precap : Swara dancing in front of all… What would be Sanskaar reaction..??

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    it was awesome epi thank you so much for showing Sanskar caring side
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