At London

One big hospital is shown,then we can clearly see one cabin…,
N in dis cabin one handsome guy was sitting on chair wid pale face n moist eyes was totally lost in reminiscing something which provoking him to vanish smile from his face…, his eyes were filled wid tears..,

Yeah,he’s obviously was swara’s bestie Namish only..,

He was lost in remembering dat dreadful n8 which took all his happiness from him,Hmm dat n8 only when he proposed swara wid so much exciting n glad mood was sure dat he’ll definitely catch heavenly pleasure wid his love now…,

It has been 3 years completed now dat namish n swara are bounded in bestest frndship relation which was indeed everything for both of them,from 2 years long back namish proposed swara on his bday n8 very excitedly, but swara’s rply snatch everything from him for forever, he’s still struggling wid his broken heart emotions..,

He was totally engulfed in thoughts of remembering swara’s incredible beauty,her naughty antics,her crazy stunts..,

Only swara swara was echoing in his ears,mind,heart,emotions..,

Then his chain of thoughts was broken by the knock on d door,After listening dis he came to his senses,was immediately trying to compose himself, N after collecting few words he spoke..,

Namish : yeah come in

Then 1 nurse entered in his cabin n telling him dat..,

Nurse : doctor arrangement for operation is almost done

Namish : yes, i’m coming

N saying dis he left his cabin



Here laksh was succeed in handovering dat 2 projects to SM in completed state at yesterday n8 only..,

Now he was focusing himself in d selection of person for PA of his boss by arranging interview session from today morning itself

At swara’s home

Swara was preparing herself for interview which is going to b held on tomorrow itself

Then her phn rang, n she immediately ran towards her phn direction in d thought dat it must b namish only..,

But to her disappointment it was unknown number, she picks up the call wid uninterestingly,

Guy : hello ma’am

Swara : hello(wid sad tone)

Guy : ma’am sorry to say but ur interview which is going to be conducted on tomorrow is postponed for sometime

Swara : (wid shocked) wat??

Guy : yes ma’am, due to some rescheduling planning now ur interview will be after 9 days at same place wid slightly changes in time

Swara : OK

Guy : hmm thank you ma’am,for understanding our situation, will text u timing changes soon..,

Swara : Ya

Guy : (wid flirting tone) ma’am ur voice is too melodious

N suddenly he realized wat he just said in flow then quickly in embarrassment he disconnect d call,n take a sigh of relief,

1st swara was shocked by sudden complement but after realizing dat call gets disconnect she smiled by sensing embarrassment of dat guy

At sparsh’s home

On dining table while taking dinner sparsh’s mom said something to him

Mom : sparsh I’ve selected some alliances for u,u can see photograph of dat girls n tell me who u like so dat I’ll able to do some movements in dat

Ruhana : wat??? Mom u r talking abt bhai’s marriage??? Wow I’m so excited!!!

Mom : hmm, (after some sec pause) waise sparsh I’ll suggest you select kavya afterall she belongs from rich family, so it would be beneficial proposal for u..,

Sparsh is nt at all interested in dat but for his mom’s sake he told his decision to her

Sparsh : mom do wat u want, I knw u’ll always think best for me

Ruhana : (shocked tone) bhai!!! It’s nt fair,it’s ur life,u have all r8s to take decision for urself..,

Mom : ( wid stern voice) ruhana dnt poke ur nose in dis matter

Ruhana : (wid disappointment) mom u
always make me silent

Sparsh : (wid calm tone to ruhana) my dear sis,mom is r8, U just concentrate on ur studies, let do mom whatever she want, n ya she’s having full r8s to take imp decisions of my life

Ruhana : (wid sad face) hmmm

At swara’s home

After Enjoying her shopping wid her frnds n aarav now swara was arranging her clothes in her wardrobe then her mobzi rang n she pics up d call in happiness
But was pretending herself dat she’s too much angry now n Nt in a mood to talk

os : hello my dream queen

After listening voice,swara was beyond Happy but still silent n nt ready to talk

Namish : hey princess,I’m wriggling to listen ur melodious voice, plzzz speak something

Swara is still silent

Namish : My devil barbie,try to understand my situation, I was little busy,dats y didnt get tym to call you,plzzz a very biggg sorry for dat

Swara : (wid angry tone) keep ur excuses n ur soooo called sorry wid u, i don’t wanna listen anything

Namish : so u r too much angry wid me r8

Swara : (wid stern tone) ya no little doubt also in dat!!!

Namish : then I should be punish for making my princess sad

Swara : namish don’t dare to use ur saddu convincing dialogues

Namish : OK I’m giving surrender now,happie…..

Swara : still not satisfied

Namish : then u urself tell wat should I do to make u smile

Swara : Just answer me seriously

Namish : OK,ask wat u want???

Swara : just tell me where were u till now,I called u many times,was also messaging u,but u khadoos,nt at all pickingy call or replying my msgs back..,

Namiah : sorry,but I was really busy,plzzz forgive me(wid pleading tone)

Swara : hmmm,u r away from me dats y I’m leaving u today or else u I was in jail now in attempt of ur murder

Namish : okk baba,a big thank u for doing a huge mercy on me

Swara : (wid emotional mood says cutely) namish didn’t u miss me at least once also

Namish became too emotional by dis QN of swara but don’t want to make swara weak by loosing control In front of her dats y to diverting dis situation he spokespoke after composing himself

Namish : leave dat,1st u tell me,u missed me or not???

Swara : u r saying as if u dnt know hw much I missed u(wid much little crying tone)

Namish : (lost control from himself by listening swara’s crying tone) I also missed u very badly swara,u can’t even imagine my condition now,I eagerly wanted to hug u very much tightly,impatiently wants to take u in my warmth embrace

Namish was absolutely r8 she indeed lost control from herself by listening namish’s reply n was started crying

Namish now was very much worried by listening her crying n tears was also flowing from his eyes very rapidly,his love’s crying was scaring him lyk hell but he can’t see her lyk dis so he spoke

Namish : swara,if u’ll cry lyk dis na,den I’ll leave everything n will immediately come 2wards u(wid crying)

Swara was still crying

Namish : Hey angel beauty stop crying na,see I’m loosing my patience now..,

Swara was sobbing still

Namish : swara ur making me so weak babe,stop na, plzzz,its kindly request from my heart baby…,

Swara nt ready to listen anything n still don’t want to stop herself from crying

Namish totally lost his Patience now

Namish : OK.., swara cry as much as u want.., n give urself so much pain okk,but listen carefully i’m leaving for india now itself

Swara : (was still sobbing) hmm nooo noo noo.., I’m controlling myself,see im stopping myself from crying,u u u dn don’t com come

Namish : first u stop urself from crying totally..,den I’ll think on datdat whether to live here or nt

Swara was trying her hard to stop from crying, n at last she stopped crying,but still tears was flowing from her big beautiful eyes..,

Namish : hmm dats lyk my strong chhotu bheem

Swara : namish…,,

Namish : (was crying silent so dat swara couldn’t listen) hmmm

Swara : I love u(best frnd wala hn)

Namish : (was still crying hard silently, take some sec pause to compose himself n den spoke) I love u too,3 4,5 n infinity from core of my heart my beautiful barbiee(dis was ishqwala luv), I can’t able to see u in pain swara,plzz don’t stress urself,I’ll definitely come soon…, still dat be happie n keep smiling okk

Swara : hmmm

N like dis they talked on phn for 4-5hrs
Hmm sry I couldn’t able to post swasan 1st glances 2wards each other but I promise in next part,it will surely happen, n will try my best to post it today itself.., do comments guys

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