*”*”*”*”*”*”*SWARA U r ADDICTION n NEED of MY BREATH (episode 1)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Introduction :

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI :’The one n only Rich owner of so much widely spread SM ENTERPRISES’

He’s very much Handsome n having dashing n so hot personality.

He’s so much rude in his behavior, so much addicted 2 his office work,in short just a workaholic person, who knows only dedicateness 2wards his work nothing is there in his lyf other dan disdis 4 words ‘WORK’.

He’s alone in dis lyf,doesn’t know d meaning of family, unaware about ‘GF’ word also.., knows only 2 bow down his head ,his precious lyf in front of work only.

His work is his heartbeat, brain controlling nerve n breath of his lyf.

Nt addicted 2 any of thing other dan work nt only single girl also,not habitual of alcohol,cigarette smoking, any kind of drug also…,

Not having passion n crazyness abt any other thing dan work,lyk doing some adventures things,singing, dancing nothing

Just a robot having human brain n heart wid name SANSKAR MAHESHWARI – THE GREAT BUSINESSMAN TYCOON OF UNIVERSE having 1st n last priority only ‘work’.

Knows only 2 break all limits 2 reach success, having itself unique work-style,no 1 has capability 2 just think abt his success only,having 1st count in d list of d most rich personality of universe.

Doesn’t know d meaning of ‘FAILURE’ n ‘FEELINGS’ also..,

SWARA :- Middle-class girl,but very n sooo much rich in her angel beauty itself.


Just beyond this universe beauty,most beautiful princess made by nature.

Just very very much fairy wid soooo much pinkish, milky n softer dan cotton skin c

Her fairy pinkish beyond universe beauty having ability 2 make froze n dead any1 at d moment only..,

Her rosy ,glossy, pinkish lips just every1 wants 2hve at least once in their lyf.

In short ‘The most beautiful,very s*xy,modern n so hot girl in dis whole universe, every guy wants 2 have His every n whole nyt wid her only 2 eagerly having feeling of sucking her beyond infinity beauty’.

Very much crazy n mad abt enjoying each n every moment of lyf,bubbly in nature, having ability 2 spread happiness only wid very much pure n kind hearted delicate fairy beauty girl.

SPARSH :- So innocent, simple in nature, good looking middle class person

Having awareness of his parentsparent’s struggle in their lyf 2 make him stand on his own feet.

Having seriousness 2wards his lyf 2 make it so much comfortable only..

Just wants 2 fulfill all wishes of his parents.

Just having comfort lyf 4 him n his parents.

Having so much of luv in his heart 2 his little sister Ruhana.

Doing so much struggle in SM ENTERPRISES 4 achieving promotion n also wants 2 have his boss heed so dat he’ll also will b able 2 achieve at least some height in his lyf.

SANSKAR MAHESHWARI :- ‘ No 1 having dare 2 reach his success in dis whole universe’

SWARA :- ‘No 1 is there 2 compete wid her beyond universe beauty’

SPARSH :- ‘Having so much dedicateness 2wards his n his parents lyf 2 make dese lives comfort’.

Precap:- sanskar, swara n sparsh lifelife struggle.

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  4. Mica

    Awww.. you are soo rite.. Swara made me addicted to watch swaragini, but swasan addicted me more to read this ff, continue soon Sanswa

  5. Sanswa

    Hey,don’t be panick,it is triangle luv story, n ur all confusion will be vanish after goes through some epi

  6. Tamanna


  7. Sanskar u r tooooooo much workaholic… but nevermind u r going to change ..Swara u r soooooo beautiful..*do u use fair n lovely*… u r soo cute *do u use baby cream* tell me tell me…

    Different concept dear… m here n reading ur FF just because of SWASAN…. thnk u..

  8. Simply great…. If the intro is so much interesting then how will be the upcoming episodes….just cant wait for the further updates….I hope its a SWASAN fiction…

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    Luvd it

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  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm concept … Can’t wait for first part?

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    Nice dr…. ?

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