Tears,love,heart-feelings n all was not having any existence in SM’s life,but now these emotions are become inseparable part of his soul…,

SM broke d hug but still laksh is nt understanding wat is going to be happen wid him,den SM said..,

SM : (wid wide smile on face) laksh, I’m beyond happie today,n so much impressed by ur work,u unknowingly helped me to find out beats of my heart..,

Laksh was nt getting wat SM is saying but he realized dat ‘The GREAT SM’ is appreciating his work…, so he said

Laksh : (stammering voice) tha than thank uu uuu ssssiiiirrrrr

SM : Now ask whatever u want???

Laksh : (wid shocked face) wha what
whattt ssiirrr???

SM : (stern voice) Mr. Laksh Mehra,I said be frank to ask anything from me!!!

Laksh don’t believe on his ears,eyes..,
Bcoz 1st time in SM’s life he was saying like dis n dat too to his employee..,it was
really beyond miracle…!!!!!!

Laksh think for some secs n said…,

Laksh : (scaring tone)sir, I want 1 day leave if possible..,

SM : (wid grinny smile)bass dat’s it!!!

Actually leave is really dream of SM’s employees, bcoz he never allow anyone for
dis,even for more serious matters too..,

SM : (bossy tone)Mr. Laksh Mehra,I’m giving u 1 week leave from tomorrow, n ya
u r being promoted from ur post wid 5
times more salary dan present…,

N wid saying dis he left from laksh’s cabin
by leaving laksh in mixed of emotions..,

SM came outside wid dialing call n talking on phn abt his PA’s new cabin formation…,

He was saying dat he want all dis work to
be completed by today itself wid perfection only…,

SM demanded,he want his PA’s cabin in
such a way dat he will b able to watch each n everything of his PA’s cabin by sitting in
his cabin itself.., (nt bad hnn)

Here laksh was still standing in dat position n expressions only..,

After SM left laksh’s all colleagues
gathered in his cabin n stand in front of him wid more shocked n QN look…, Bcoz they saw SM rushed to laksh’s cabin wid smiley face’

N it was indeed shock for them coz
according to their awareness n experience ‘1st : SM never goes to his employee’s cabin,2nd : according to dem happiness was nt made for SM’

They goes n shacked laksh, n asked ‘wat happened??’

Then by sensing familiar touch laksh immediately hugged dem n trying to making an attempt of understanding wat has happened wid him just now…,

Then after some min by struggling wid all his emotions laksh came to sense n concluded d fact dat it was nt a dream.

N he happily broke d hug n describe whole incident to his colleagues N now they also was busy in listening laksh wid more shocked n surprised look,

They were also trying to make believe on their ears but laksh assures dem dat it was truly happened wid him…,

As soon as SM enters into his cabin by disconnecting call, peon comes to his cabin n handovering one file to him by telling dat it is his PA’s file wid all her certificates, by listening dis SM quickly takes dat file in excitement n started to take glances of each n every document carefully,
N every certificate was offering him much more surprised look bcoz all certificates was strongly fitted in a category of one ranking only…,

Then SM comes to know dat his celestial beyond preetiest angel was nt having 1st rank in beauty only but she’s more talented in intelligency also….,

Then after finishing of eyeing on all documents SM closed d file wid happy n
surprised expressions n whisphere to himself wid new shiny spark in his eyes n more intense love in his tone “[email protected]®A”

After sensing wat he just murmured SM
realized dat his heart is already connected to dis name but he himself don’t knw how????

Guys now only SM comes to know dat his beauty princess has name ‘swara’ , ya swara already gave her intro to SM but at dat tym he was nt in his sense to realizes wat she’s saying……,
In swara’s cabin

Swara was busy in making presentations on lappy…,

Just after SM whisphereing her name,one cool breeze came from her cabin’s door n was slightly passed by touching her enticing delicate body in making a bestire of conveying SM’s msg to her…,

Then after passing dat wind flow swara immediately looked up her glance by sensing dat someone very close to her heart just called her wid so much of love…,

But she jerked her thoughts by nt understanding wat she’s thinking abt..,
N again engulfed herself in her work..,

Then peon came n told her dat SM is calling her..,

Then swara starts going towards SM’s cabin wid confused look bcoz of thoughts dat y her heart started beating more n more fast when she made her way to meet her SM…,

Here SM was eagerly waiting for listening knock on his cabin’s door N in dis feeling he was continously stared towards door in asking favor from it to open all d ways between he n his fairy beauty angel..,

Here swara again jerked her thoughts by hitting reality dat she has reached to SM’s cabin..,

Then she made knock n entered into SM’s cabin..,

Here SM was ready to admire her more prettiest face wid his intense gaze in a feeling of capture n engulf her for forever within his soul more n more tightly…,

Then SM calmly told her to take sit n starts searching for words to made ‘FIRST CONVERSATION BETWEEN HE N HIS MORE BEAUTIFUL ANGEL’

N swara was continuously noticing all
expressions on his face..,

Then SM gathered few words n said

SM : (more lovingly) $W/-\®@..,

Swara : (wid slight killing smile on her
pinkish soft rosy lips) yes sir..,

But SM was too much immersed himself to admire her heavenly beauty again..,

Then after some min by noticing expressions on her gorgeous face in a waiting of listening something SM
started to speak in a try of making her
comfortable n he spoke..,

SM : (calmly wid smiling) WEL-COME on a new way of journey Miss. Swara

His intentions was nt for his enterprises.., but for his life only..,

But swara felt dat its a welcome for her post only…, she unable to sense his feelings…,
N she said..,

Swara : (grinny killed wide smile) Thank u sir!!!!!

SM was indeed felt dead,murdered by her killing grinny smiling…,

SM : (calmly)$wara shift ur all stuffs temporary to my cabin for today only..,

Swara : (confused wid innocent tone) y sir??

SM : coz ur cabin will b started for renewing after u shifting to my cabin…,

Swara : (herself) if he wanna renew my cabin den I could shift to any other cabin for today y to his?? afterall how big n huge enterprise is dis??
But came to senses by listening SM’s words

SM : so swara tell peon abt shifting of ur stuffs okk??

Swara : ya sir..,

N she went from there..

After sometime she settled down in SM’s cabin wid all her stuffs n started doing her own work..,

N now SM was succeed to take her glances from very closer for a long time.., he was just involved in admiring her widout blinking his gaze…,

But swara was nt at all bothered of it,she was busy in her work excitedly as it was 1st day of her in office….,

As her mobzi was silent but it was continously popping up by namish’s msgs n aarav’s miss calls but she was nt at all giving any heed to any of dem,but having some break during her work she read n gave rply to namish’s msgs at sometime by hiding…,
Now it was evening

SM was feeling so sad as his gorgeous princess will now go away from him, but nt to be away from her for long time he tell swara to come at early morning by giving some work related excuses…,
Now swara was started leaving office then laksh calls her,den after seeing laksh she immediately congrats him for his promotion, den after some chit chat of just 4-5 min laksh takes her from there to outside of office where all his colleagues were waiting for him..,
Den they saw laksh is coming towards dem wid one more beautiful n hot girl wid laughing n chit-chatting wid her,seeing dis ragini felt jeoulsy..,
Then laksh introduces swara to all his colleagues whereas all guys was just feeling flat on her heavenly beauty n hotness,was staring her top to bottom wid opened mouth n slowly murmuring ‘beautiful’,’so hott’,’$£×¥’,’very much fairy’,’more prettiest Dan anything’ n so on

Then nikhil spoke..,
Nikhil : swara have u eat cream in bf,lunch n dinner.., as results u r so much fairy dan anything n also must be taking roses in ur meal for eating to make ur soft skinn very pinkish…,

After listening dis laksh kept hand on his shoulder n said..,

Laksh : bhai u’ve started ur flirting session here also,yr have some shame she’s new here, nt try to make her feel uncomfortable

Then after listening dis all makes noises lyk…,

All (together except ragini) : oooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
Laksh blushed slight while swara was just curiously enjoying their bonding

then while joining nikhil, kunal said..
Kunal : (naughty smile)see buddies.., who’s saying most flirty guy of our office..,

While all giggling except ragini n swara n laksh was giving death glare to kunal..,
N swara was looking towards laksh wid confused look coz she never saw dis shade of him..,

Laksh : so guys be ready at 8:00pm for coming to xyz place as I’ve arranged small party there to enjoy my success wid all my dear frnds….,

Sonam (confused) : but laksh y so hurry for party???

Laksh : sonam for ur kind info,I’m on leave from tomorrow, so I’ll have to wait for dis movement for longgg 1 week,n up to dat tym, excitement for dis success will all b vanished.., dat I really don’t want..,

Sonam : (tapping head by hand) ohhh, I just forgot dis thing coz it is still unable to believe on dis fact na!!!!

Laksh : oookkkkkk,
N again continues
Laksh : (looking towards swara)guys, i really want to enjoy my happiness which came after a very longggg time in my lyf….,

So after doing some naughty antics n masti all goes to their home for preparing themselves for party…,
At swara’s home

Swara was talking on phn wid selecting dresses in confusing mood

Swara : (confused) namish tell na,wat to wear for today’s party????

Namish : (calmly) have some patience doll.., u will get ur answer…!!!

Swara : (more confused) now u r raising my confusion more by trapping me in ur non-understandable talk…,

Namish : I’ve said na angel,wait till some min only..,

Swara was trying to say something but interrupted by her Mommy’s call to open d door as she’s busy in kitchen…,

Then while asking explanation of namish’s talk from him she was going towards door to open it…,
N she takes gift from dat guy who was at door n immediately unwrapped it n started jumping like kidd…,

Namish :(more happie to listen swara’s naughty antics) do u like dis???

Swara : (more happy by sudden surprise from namish) ohhhh namish I love u baby!! It’s too beautiful dress n I just loved ur choice….

Namish : (lovingly) I love u too gorgeous!! N ya dis dress is beautiful but very much
little in front of ur ravishing n infinite beauty….,

Swara : (little worried) but tell aarav to handle mommy as she will nt allow me for late party dat too alone..,

Swara’s poppy is at Mumbai dats y she’s asking help from aarav,otherwise her poppy could b able to handle everything..,
n swara knows if she’ll ask dis thing to aarav by herself then it would become difficult for her coz aarav nt let go dis chance from his hand n ask her for any
date or longggg drive in xchnge n she’s nt interested to go on long drive or any kind of date wid aarav, so to avoid dis she ask
namish to convince him…,

Namish : (assuring tone) I’ve said na princess I’ll talk to him, u dnt wrry.., n be
ready for going to party.. KkKk

Swara : ( happy) ya,

Namish : n nt to forget to send me ur pics
in dis dress

Swara : hw will I forget ur any wish
namish,u r my shade buddy,I’ll definitely
send u pics..,

Namish : (lovingly) I love u very much
swara from core of my heart..!!!!

Swara : love u too namish.., now I’m getting late for party,I’ll talk to u later.., bubyee

Namish : byee angel..,

N they hung up d call

After sometime swara became ready for party n den she send many pics of her as namish asked for..,

N after seeing swara’s pics namish was very much mesmerized n too much amazed wid opened mouth by seeing swara’s overwhelming beyond beauty n was feeling dat he once again falled for her now itself..,
N after seeing swara’s one pic tears started flowing from his eyes continuously coz in dat pic swara was kissing on d photo of namish on his cheeks…,
Precap : swara started liking someone

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