This is d luv story of Delhi city…, means characters of my ff are living in Delhi itselfi.

Swara’s poppy is d employee of xyz company,n yesterday morning he goes to Mumbai for some office related work for 3

Dats y d day he left for mumbai,from dat day only swara continued to locked her
room from inside to rescue herself from
her Mommy’s morning aarav puran…,
Bcoz now no one is there in swara’s house to help her from her Mommy’s morning

At 7:00 am in swara’s bedroom

It is d 1st day of swara’s office but still also angel beauty in her dreamland only wid her prince charm

Her mommy is continously tried to wake up her by shouting from outside d room n banging door again n again…, but its of no use…, she’s still sleeping like angel beauty,

In her bedroom her mobzi is continuously ranging to disturb her sleep,but still it’s nt affected on her,

Then after sometime she pics up d call in irritation wid closing eyes..,

os : gud mrng dear..

Swara : (sleeping) hmm

os : wat is dis doll,I’m tried to wake u up from 1:30 hr…, u r not giving any heed to my call

Swara : (still sleeping) hmm

Namish : princess get up or else u would b late for ur office,

Swara : (smiles in sleep)hmm

Namish : swara..,don’t forget its ur 1st day of office n 1st impression is d last impression dear..,

Swara : ( not giving any rply)

Namish : (realized to use another technique to wake up her) hey beautiful princess I Luv U!!!

Swara : (wid closed eyes smiles)hmm I luv u 2…,

Namish : okk now enough of sleeping get up fast…,

Swara : (closed eyes wid childish tone) namish I’m trying hard but my eyes are nt opening..,

Namish : swara.., before coming to London I’ve kept so many chocos in ur room at secret place,coz I was knowing to dis fact dat I will need dem at some movement

After listening dis swara immediately opened her eyes n said

Swara : (excited) sach….!!!!

Namish : much….

N then again namish continues

Namish : but i’ve one condition when u’ll be all ready den I will tell u dat Choco’s whereabt…,

Swara : (childish) its nt fair…,

Namish : everything is fair in luv n war babe…, now get up fast..,

Swara : ahhh u always did dis blackmailing wid innocent kid like me..,(wid childish tone)

Namish : ya n will do like dis only,bcoz it is d only way to make u realize the reality..,
Now go n get ready fast…,

Swara : (giving up) (wid innocent tone) OK anything 4 u!!!!

Namish : swara listen…,

Swara : wat????

Namish : (lovingly)I love u very much beautiful princess…,

Swara : (smiles) luv u 2 dear…,

Namish : byeee.,

Swara : byee

N saying dis she hung up d call..,

After sometime she hurriedly came from room wid talking on phn wid namish…,

Then her Mommy insist her to have breakfast but she denies by saying dat she is already being late…,

But after lots of convincing by namish she drank juice by her Mommy’s hands..,

N left for office by taking blessing of her Mommy’s…,

She was sitting in taxi while talking on phn…,

Swara : namish I’m feeling like today I will gonna meet someone very special who will be very close to my heart…,

By listening dis namish felt tremendous jealousy but composed him n said

Namish : i’m very happie for u swara.., whatever d situation will b,I will be always there wid u forever…..,

Swara : (smiles) I know dat u r my shade..,

N they talk for a while.., after sometime she stucked into traffic

Swara : namish I’ll talk to u later coz laksh sir is calling me..,

Namish : OK my devil barbiee,luv u very much, take care,byee

Swara : luv u 2,bye

N she hung up d call

N then pics up d laksh’s call

Laksh : (worried) swara where r u??? It’s 7:45,u must be here in 5 min only..,

Swara : sir actually I stucked into traffic..,

Laksh : swara manage anyhw but come up to 8:00 coz now my life n ur job in ur hands only…,

Swara : ya sir I’ll come asap!!!

Laksh : kk

N swara hung up d call

N she starts walking on road while talking wid namish in d search of something by which she’ll be at office on tym..,

N someone came near her on bike..,

Guy : hey swara!!!!

Swara said namish dat she’ll call him later, n disconnect d call, n said wid shocking..,

Swara : hmmm sparsh r8, ruhana’s bro???

Sparsh : (smile) yeah!!!

N continues

Sparsh : wat happen?? U r looking in so much hurry???

Swara : ya sparsh,n tells him everything dat she’s being late for office n moreover it’s her 1st day of office..,

Sparsh : (calmly) it’s ok,I’ll drop u, just ell me where is ur office??

Swara : no sparsh u go I’ll manage??

Sparsh : swara try to understand situation?? N don’t hesitate wid frnds!!!

Swara : (shocked) frnds???

Sparsh : haan!!!

Swara : (innocently) but when we became frnds???

Sparsh while forwarding his hand to shake..,

Sparsh : OK let’s b frnds den…,

Swara feels attraction to his innocency dats y she shaked her hands wid his wid smiling, n said

Swara : k frnds!!!!

While touching swara’s hand sparsh feels current spread in his body..,

After some secs swara takes her hand back from his tight hold hesitantly..,

Sparsh : OK tell me address now,I’ll take u there..,

Swara told him address n name of her office.., den by hearing dis sparsh said dat he also works there…,

Sparsh : so our destination is same now..

Swara feels another meaning of he’s this sentence, which was indeed true.., N then she sat on bike..,

Sparsh : swara as we both r late for office, soon if u don’t mind u can hold me, bcoz we’ll have to go fast.., or else consequences will be worst bcoz of our boss..,

Swara while holding him asked : is it true sparsh dat our boss is really too much arrogant????

Sparsh while started bike : swara he’s beyond arrogancy..,

N like dis they reached office on bike while talking abt SM only..,

N when swara starts to goes towards entrance then sparsh calls her n said???

Sparsh : swara all d best!!! N call me at evening if u’ll be able to save ur job,coz it’s 8:07 am..,

Swara : (wid wide eyes) u are trying to scare me???

Sparsh : no no nt at all,i’m only trying to tell u dat u must be confident in front of SM if u wanna continue ur job..,

Swara : (fake smile) thanx for advice.., but I’ll handle everything coz (childish tone)namish always said dat I’m genious

Sparsh (in jeoulsy asked wid confused tone) : namish????

Swara :(stern voice) my bestest frnd!!! Now I’m going, I’m getting late…

Then sparsh again calls her

Swara : (shouting) nw wat????

Sparsh : swara i’m telling u,u won’t able to call me

Swara : (angry) now u r underestimating me,see I’ll impress ur khadoos boss in one day only by sincerity towards my work

Sparsh : den also u can’t able to call me

Swara : argggg (shouting) wats ur prblm..??

Sparsh : (still calmly wid smiling) swara u can’t call me coz u don’t have my number

Swara irritates,n then in determined voice she said

Swara : okk give ur number, I’ll prove u dat my namish is always saying r8 n true thing by calling u at evening dat I’ve saved my job successfully…,

N now sparsh is again felt jeoulsy by hearing ‘my namish’ through swara’s
mouth.., but he compose himself n they exchange their numbers

Now swara enters into office.., n den she saw laksh standing in front of him by folding his hands on his chest.. Wid some anger on his face..,

Here laksh when saw her 1st he was awestruck to see her stunnig beauty,was totally lost into her, but reality hits him n he pretending to be angry

Laksh : swara its 8:10.., have u any idea dat wat will be consequences of it, n moreover boss is already came before u..!!!

Swara : (stammering) ss ss sir, don’t worry everything will be fine!!!

Laksh : swara see now everything is
depends on u only.., my life n ur job both…,

Swara reminiscing sparsh’s saying n said

Swara : (determined tone) sir don’t worry
whatever will happen I’ll be confident in front of SM… Trust me.. I’ll save both ur life also n my job too…,

Laksh : (happy) dats d spirit.., now go n handle everything bravely n intelligently,all d best…,

Swara : (grinny smile) thank you sir..,

N she goes towards SM’s cabin..,

(At last d tym came for which we were eagerly waiting for)

Swara while walking towards SM’s cabin,some new feeling felt in her heart,n

as d way decreasing towards his cabin her heart starts beating more n more fastly n very rapidly, she herself don’t know wat is
happening wid her but then reality strike in her mind n wid confidence she starts going..,

Here SM’s condition was very worst coz it has been 10 days passed for dat incident but he was still in the world of remembering dat angelic prettiest face, he was frustrated coz he didn’t get success to find her,now in present as usual he was still lost in dat gorgeous girl’s thoughts.., but suddenly he starts feeling dat now he’s searching for dat prettiest face is completed, n he’s heart starts beating fastly more n more,the feeling which he felt on dat incident is starts feeling in his heart.., his heart started jumping like madly, n slight smile engulfed on his lips after a very longggg time,but he himself confused n shocked by sensing his condition now..,

N then he heard knock on d door.., after listening dat he eagerly felt to go n open d door n embracing dat person in his arms very tightly for forever only in a feeling to nt let go away dat person from him..,

But he jerks his thoughts by remembering dat he lost dat prettiest angel dat day n again lost to remember her heavenly angelic face, her tempting smile, her cute naughty actions n so on.., n in dis thoughts he drank alcohol in a frustration by glass which he was holding..,

B by nt gaining any response swara starts to enter into cabin by hesitating, n then she opened d door,n after opening d door fully one rapid flow of wind was going from her to sanskar…,

N then she enters into cabin n starts to go towards the man who was standing near the window by facing his back…,

N here sanskar was in medium state of drunkard but he was able to sense his repidly heart beatings…, n then automatically his body starts to move to face swara n then he moved totally facing swara, but was looking at glass which he was holding, n starts to drank sip again when his eyes look towards girl who was standing in front of him n was capturing his every little movement widout blinking,

Then sanskar saw dat prettiest angelic face again n glass which he was holding falls from his eyes in shocked,his heart skipped beatting,his mouth was opened,n he lost in dat angelic face again, was feeling dat he got everything which he was lost on dat day.,, he was busy in admiring her heavenly beyond beauty again,

Swara was looking towards his curiously…,

N they both was lost into admiring each other wid skipped heart beats..,

But sounding of breaking glass force swara to came to reality.., but sanskar was unaffected by dat sound n was still looking towards her shockingly dat she’s is d one to whom he was searching like anything from many days madly.., n now she was standing in front of him.., he doesn’t believe on his eyes…,

N here swara spoke

Swara : (grinny smile engulfed in her soft rosy pinkish lips) good morning sir..,

But sanskar was nt able to listen her melodious voice too.., he was still in mixed of emotions looking towards her beautiful prettiest face…,

Then swara spoke everything dat how she is here..,

But Sanskar was still lost in admiring her..,

Then cabin door opened wid full forceforce which scared swara..,

N through dat one aged person came wid furious steps..,

N he saw swara wid lustful eyes n told her to leave cabin..

N by listening dat swara starts to go through cabin…,

Here sanskar was unable to saw n sense dat incident, he was just looking towards swara wid intense deep gaze n suddenly now he was feeling same fear inside deep in his heart which he was went through these many days by seeing her who was leaving his cabin slowly..,

N at last she again disappeared from his intense attention..,

N now not seeing her in front of him again one more time, the pain of being away from her n frustration of nt admire her raising so much anger on his face, n his heart starts to shout like mad in d feeling of being separated from her again…, n then he loose his all patience which he was holding tightly from d day when 1st he was being away from her…, but now his brain n heart being determined to not let her go away from him again..,

N in dis determination he’s bloodshot eyes looks towards d man by whom he lost her again, n then wid furious steps he goes towards him n hold his collar in dis way dat man unable to take breath n widin only some secs he falled on floor,bcoz he was 60th aged person who was unable to bear dis action

That person was d business man,who lost he’s everything bcoz of doing some planning against SM,n after loosing everything he came to SM wid very anger in a feeling of nt able to bear he’s failure

N here by seeing towards dat 60th aged person falling on floor SM left from his cabin in a search of dat angel again,

He was searching her madly in office here n there wid so much fear inside his heart , n after 15-20 min he saw her,n he’s fear,separation pain,anger,wildness all vanished at the spot when he’s gaze spread on her gorgeous face,
N wide smile engulfed by his lips..,
N he slowly goes towards her widout taking off his eyes from her beautiful angelic face,

N then he stands in front of her wid QN look, then she spoke by looking his expressions

Swara : sir I just came to ur cabin to confront u as ur PA appointed by laksh sir

N wid saying dis she went from there

Then after vanishing her presence from his gaze he rushed to laksh’s cabin

N after opening laksh’s cabin door he goes towards him n hugged him wid so much happy n grinny face,

N here after looking towards SM who was coming towards laksh wid rapidly n long steps laksh was shivering like hell n wid dis he stands from his chair n was fearing inside his heart,

N after sensing dat ‘The GREAT SM’ has hugged him,he was in too much shocked which was indeed beyond 200wattt,

N while hugging,SM saying to laksh wid tears filled in his eyes dat

SM : (slight crying tone) laksh u returned my breath to me….

n wid saying dis a single big drop of tear falled from SM’s eyes on floor
Precap : swara started liking someone

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