Swara was collide wid someone n dat guy nt let her to go away from his tight grip.., dat guy was still too much busy in admiring swara’s incredible beauty widout blinking his eyes.., n swara was also still struggling to go away from his tight hold.., n looking towards dis scenario in front aarohi started shouting on dat guy..,

Aarohi : hey MR. whatever leave her now.., she must be feeling pain in her legs..,

Then due to dis shouting dat guy came to his sense n make swara stand gently…,,

But here aarohi nt ready to apply break on her too much shouting..,

Aarohi : (to guy) wat do u think of urself hn..?? Just be in limits.., was trying to take advantage hun!!! N blah blah blah…,

While swara n dat guy looking towards each other helplessly

Then due to listening sound of shouting one college girl came there wid holding shopping bags in her hands n stands wid dat guy n started talking wid him..,

Girl : (confused) bhai wat happen???

Guy : hmm ruhana nothing much..,

(Ohhhhh shittt mannn!!! Dat guy was sparsh buddies,i’m too disappointed.., )

Then by looking towards ruhana aarohi started jumping n shouting in excitement

Aarohi : (to ruhana) omg!!!! Ruhana u here

Ruhana : (wid same excitement to aarohi) diii.., soo nice to meet u..,

N saying dis ruhana came towards aarohi n hugged her..,

After broking hug she said…,

Ruhana : di meet my handsome bhai sparsh!!!!

Guys ruhana is a gf of aarohi’s younger bro ( shhhhh!!! Keep secret okkkkk)

Sparsh : (look towards swara) hello…

Unknown to wats happening swara was just looking towards scenario coz she doesn’t no anything abt ruhana..,

By looking swara’s face expression aarohi said

Aarohi : swara she’s ruhana (n signing her to tell everything later on)

Swara after understanding aarohi’s signal said

Swara : ( to ruhana wid wide smile) hi ruhana

Ruhana : (wid smile) hello swara

N den ruhana observed dat his bhai was busy in watching swara without even blinking…,

N also she saw some new spark in his eyes which telling her dat his bhai has fallen in love at 1st sight only wid swara..,

Then in d feeling of helping his bhai she said..

Ruhana : hey guys let’s go for coffee??? Wat say…??

Swaaaro :(wid 2gether happily) nice plannn.., let’s go..

N they all goes to cafe n get busy in doing some chit-chat wid each other except sparsh who was sitting opposite of swara was still busy in his own world of getting pleasure by admiring swara wid his intense lovable gaze..,

But one person who was having spy on every movement of sparsh who was none other dan his little sister ruhana n she was too happy for his bhai

N after sometime all left to their home while sparsh was sad dat swara went away from him n was confused wid his heart feelings…
At sparsh’s home

Ruhana came in sparsh’s room n saw dat he was still lost in his own thoughts…,

She came near him n spoke while getting his attention

Ruhana : (in teasing tone)bhai waise bhabhi is too much pretty hn!! I was also flat when 1st I saw her.., Not bad bhai good going…,

Sparsh came to his sense n try to get wat ruhana just said to him while giggling

Sparsh : (confused) ruhana,have u saying something???

Ruhana : (teasing tone) haan bhai.,was saying dat today I lost my bhai..,

N saying dis she ran away from him leaving his bhai in confused state..,
Here sanskar’s state was becoming worst day by day, he was behaving even more
wildly in a eagerly feeling of wanting at least one glance of dat beautiful pretty princess..,
Today swara n her parents was invited at aarav’s home for dinner

At aarav’s home

On dining table everyone was involved in having his own dinner n aarav was also busy in irritating swara by his extra love towards her…,

After completing dinner everyone was in garden feeling cool breeze of n8 while having chit chat wid each other

N then aarav was dragging swara from there without notice of anyone to his room

Swara : (irritatating) wat yr aarav leave me I said..,

Aarav (while holding her wrist tightly) : just come wid me swara widout any argue I want to show u something…,

N then after entering in his room he leave swara’s hand n goes to bring something
N coming back towards swara while holding something in his hand

Then after seeing aarav swara starts to laugh loudly while looking towards his hand which was holding something

Swara : (holding her stomach while laughing) hahaha aarav wats dis yaar?? u r too much…

Aarav :(in shocked by listening swara’s laugh cutely said) wat yaar swara wats there to laugh??

Swara (while biting her rosy lips in a try of suppressing her laugh) : okk okk I won’t laugh now

N saying dis again burst out into laugh holding her stomach

Now aarav was frustrated by swara’s laugh n moving forward to swara

Swara by watching aarav moving towards her stepping backward n said in stammering voice : aa aa aarav ss st sop there only or else

Unaffected by swara’s saying m moving forward to her said

Aarav : (wid intense gaze on swara) or else…

Now aarav reaches swara n pulls her wid force n she land on his chest,

Aarav : (whispering huskily in her ears) hmm swara now tell me.., reason of ur laughing?? Or else I’ll forget dat we are nt yet married…,

By reminiscing reason of her laughing swara again burst out into laugh unaffected by aarav’s closeness n his saying..,

Swara(still laughing loudly) aarav seriously u..(interrupted by aarav)

Aarav : (looking straight into swara’s beautiful big eyes) wat me…

Swara : u…

Aarav : hmm me..???

Swara : u are…

Aarav : swara I’m waiting…, wat me is??

Swara : dat u are good for nothing

N saying dis again laughing like madly.., n freed herself from aarav’s grip n starts to run

Aarav ( while running behind swara) swara today namish is nt here to rescue u from me.., see u r teasing me na??? Now I won’t leave u…

Swara( running) he he he i won’t afraid of u…, do whatever u want?? U donkey…,

Aarav at last catch swara n they both falls on bed by unbalancing.., now aarav was on top of her…,

Swara(breathing heavily) : u dianosour,get up u are beyond heavy..,

Aarav (while enjoying so closeness wid swara said in stubborn tone): noooo,1st listen me,wat I want to say u..,

Swara : (giving up) hmmm

Aarav gets up from swara n goes to bring something n den again sits beside swara,n swara also gets up n sat on bed

Aarav(while pointing finger on painting which he was holding in his hand) : see swara,wat I’ve captured in dis painting.., our beautiful future……

Actually aarav made painting, which indeed was too bad,dats y swara was laughing like mad before sometime..,

Aarav(excitedly pointing towards painting): see this is me,n dis is u my gorgeous pretty would b wifi,n these are our 6 kids, n these all little kids r nothing but our gradsons n granddaughters…, look hw beautifully I captured our future..,isn’t it??

Swara(shocked wid widened eyes) : Uuuuu….

Aarav hold her n pulls towards him n said..,

Aarav : (teasing tone) now dnt say me dat u r feeling shy by listening ‘our kids’ these 2 words from my mouth

Swara push him n starts to search something in his room..,

Aarav (confused) : babyy…wat u r searching for…???

Den swara’s gaze falls on cricket bat n she takes it n starts to coming towards aarav wid furious steps….,

By looking swara’s reaction starts to ran from there…,

N now they starts running behind each other in whole house…,

N after sometime tired swara sat on couch due to running behind aarav…,

N after realizing dat he’s safe now aarav stops n goes towards swara n kneels down in front of her.., n propose her..,

Aaarv (lovingly) : swara will u help me to make my dream real which I caught in my very bad painting which made u laughing..,
Will u marry swara..,

Ya it was proposal from aarav to swara but it was not new thing for swara from aarav,

Swara gets up from couch n coming towards aarav in irritating mood…,

Aarav stands up by seeing swara’s expressions…,

Swara starts to beat him on his chest by her cotton like soft hands…,

N here aarav was happily enjoying swara’s touch n after sometime aarav hold her soft hands n said..,

Aarav : okk kk swara I got ur answer which is still same from many years.., but wait n watch I won’t give up so easily…,

Swara after listening this struggling to free her soft hands from his tight hold…

Aarav by seeing swara’s struggle frees her n looks into her eyes lovingly n said

Aarav : hmm swara I’ve one surprise 4 u..,
Stop here.., I’ll just come

N he goes n den after 1min he came near her

Aarav handovering gift which he was baught 4 swara…,

Swara excitedly takes it n starts to unwrapped it quickly..,

N after seeing dat gift she looks towards aarav wid shocking n questioningly look n said

Swara :(confused) aarav hw do u know.., I was searching for dis only from 2 days..

N wid saying dis onething strike to her mind n her big beautiful eyes filled wid tears in realization of Something…,

After seeing tears in swara’s beautiful eyes aarav immediately takes her into his tight embrace to calm her..,

Bcoz he was unable to see single drop of tear in swara’s beautiful eyes..,
after all his one sided love was too strong n true for her

Aarav (by rubbing swara’s back) : shhhh swara don’t cry like dis.., namish promised u na babe.., dat he will come soon , don’t u know he never broke his promise n dat too which is made wid u…,

Aarav broke the hug n holds swara’s prettiest face which was pale now due to sadness of missing namish badly in his palms n said

Aarav : swara look into my eyes..,

Swara did dis…

Aarav : baby u r his life… U r breath n moreover addiction of namish.., he will not stay widout u.., he will really come towards u soon…

Swara becoming calm by aarav’s lovingly handleness situation of her….

Aarav : okkk stop crying now.., I won’t see u lyk dis…, u r such a brave yar..

Swara stops crying…

Aarav wipes her tears, n pulls her fairy pinkish soft cheeks by his hand cutely n says..

Aarav : dats like mother of my future children

N now by listening dis swara forget her pain of missing namish n again starts to beat n scolds aarav…

Like dis they again started their cute nok-jhok,fighting, pulling each other legs…

Actually guys dat present which aarav gave swara was book of her favourite writer which she was searching from 2 days but due to less copies of dat book,she was unable to get dat, n swara didn’t tell dis to namish as it was merely little thing,but he was able to sense her disappointment from 2 days, n by her talk he caught reason behind her disappointment, n he told aarav to bring dat book anyhw n give it to swara asap!!!

N swara was also very well known abt namish’s behavior, n after seeing dat book she easily got dis fact dat namish is d only person who talked wid her silence also,n by realizing dat namish could only told aarav to complete dis wish of swara,her beautiful eyes filled wid tears in reminiscing namish by his dis overwhelming lovable act..,

N looking swara’s expression after seeing gift,aarav got dat swara realizes everything widout telling her,

N seeing drop of tears in swara’s beautiful eyes,aarav sense dat swara was also missing namish badly, soo to make her calm he tried his hard to divert her mind n he succeed in dat too, coz he was totally aware abt swara’s pure nature..,
here sparsh’s sleep was totally away from his eyes after looking gorgeous heavenly angel swara,his daily middle-class routine was disturbed badly,n he was confused by his heart feelings towards prettiest swara, he was missing swara madly…,
Here time was slipping from laksh’s hands n still he was unable to completed his 2nd task which were given by ‘The Great SM’..,

N now he was in too much tension of imagining SM’s reaction on his failure of finding PA for SM

N now a days looking very much weird,dreadful n wild behaviour of SM which is indeed increasing day by day soooo worstly…,
laksh was in shocked,hell scared n sooo much worried for his life n job…,


Now today is the last day of laksh’s punishment completion…, n he was in too much fear of wat will happen if he’ll nt able to do anything…,

At afternoon

Laksh was sitting in his cabin frustration bcoz from 8 days he was continously doing rejectionrejection only. N now he was totally fed up of it,bcoz uptil now he didn’t met anyone who will be fitted for PA’sPA’s post of SM at least up to some level…,

Then he heard one more knock on door,n it was enough to loose his patience now which he was perforce from 9 days in d fear of SM only….,

Then he only said ‘yes’ n wid saying dis he leaned on his chair by closing his eyes n started reminiscing all incidents which he was going through from many days back.., n due to dis he was feeling so much fear
inside him wid d thought dat wat will be his condition on tomorrow bcoz of SM only….,

Then he heard one very melodious voice which was raising in d feeling of greeting him which magic was too enough to help him to come out from dat very dreadful thoughts…., n unknowingly he was feeling dat magic of dat sooo melodious voice is pulling him from dis all fearful emotions…

N he opened his eyes n try to look in d direction of very much melodious voice…,

By seeing girl who’s standing in front of him who was indeed too fairy wid pinkish skin, soooo gorgeous,pretty,hot s*xy, modern..,

He forgot all his fear, worries, soo much scareness which he was feeling from many days…,

Widin fraction of seconds only he forgot reality which was making him very restless due to fear..,

He was totally lost in dat incredible beauty of nature wid full shocked n opened mouth,

Then ring of his phn force him to came in his senses…,

He pics up d call widout taking his eyes off from dat prettiest, entinaing n s*xy beauty..,

Laksh :(still lost in dat girl’s beauty) hello

os : hello laksh

Laksh : (lost mind) ya who’s dat???

os : (angry) laksh I’m ragini

Laksh : ha ha ragini.., wat happen??

ragini : laksh wat is progress of ur work?? nt forget dat u’ve only dis day in ur hand to do something….,

Laksh (comes to reality) : I know ragini..,

Ragini : waise I called u to tell dat our boss is really became mad n too much wild..,

Laksh : (scaring) wat happen???

Ragini : we all have heard too much noise from his cabin of breaking things…,
N after sometime when he came from his cabin then he was behaving too weird n sooo much dreadful in front of all staff…,
Now I’m also feeling so much scare from his very wild behaviour laksh

Now after hearing ragini laksh was shivering like hell
Lsksh : (trembling tone) ra ra ra rearagginni..,, wat wat r r uuu sa say sayinggg????

Ragini (by understanding laksh fear) : see laksh I don’t wanna scare u.., I’m telling u dis only for dat,now u should increase ur capability of working…, bcz if u’ll fell na den consequences will be very much worst…,
Now I’ve so much work, u just do well,all d best, n call me if u needed anything, okkk bye..

N she hung up d call

Laksh also anyhow disconnect d call by shivering hands….

N now he again lost in depression wid shivering body…

Then dat girl who was watching sudden change in laksh’s behavior due to only one call…, offering him glass of water which was on his table..,

Then laksh takes dat glass of water by looking into dat bigg beautiful eyes which was assuring him dat nothing bad will gonna happen now…,

Then after drinking water n taking so much courage through dat big beautiful eyes laksh starts interview wid a +ve hope

N then after sometime he came to know dat she was nt only incredible prettiest only but also was intelligent wid very much beauty..,

N after finishing interview he take a longgg sigh of relief wid a thought dat his searching work is completed now.. N now he was sure dat only dis girl could be able to save his life now in dis worst condition, n in a thought of taking next step in a completion of his 2nd punishment he spoke..,

Laksh :(by forwarding his hand) congratulations Miss. Swara Gadodia u r selected for dis post of SM!!!!!!!
Now will immediately start ur training session.., bcz we have time till today only..

Swara : (wid over excitement n joy says in determined tone) yes sir,definitely

N by dis way laksh started training session for swara for d post of PA of SM

N lakah was beyond happy by seeing swara’s response bcz she was grasping each n every little thing very quickly,n now he was totally sure dat god has sent heavenly angel to save his life from his cruel boss….,

Laksh was shocked too dat swara was completed her training widin 8-9hr only for which others was taking 1year time…,

At 11:00 pm

Laksh (beyond happy) : Miss.Swara I’m too much impressed by ur grasping power (n murmured dis words slowly dat ‘by ur beyond incredible beauty also)
n he again continues really hats off to u!!!!!
I’mI’m 101% sure to say dat dis PA post of SM is made 4 u only…,

Swara (wid happy tone) : thank u so much sir!!!!

Laksh (bossy tone): now tomorrow sharp 8:00am come 2 office…, no late okkk

Swara (assuring tone): don’t worry sir!!! I’ll be on time only..,

Laksh : OK now u can leave…

Swara : yes sir!!!!

N wid saying dis swara made her way to her home n after sometime laksh also left from office wid so much grinny smile on his face after a longgggggg time
Precap : another beyond 200 watt shock for laksh from ‘THE GREAT SM’

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