It was another indeed really beautiful morning.., for which we were waiting 4 eagerly…, birds were chirping.., nature was giving blessing to upcoming swasan 1st meeting.., n for dat making environment more beautiful.., trees were dancing wid flow of cool breeze in excitement.., flowers were spreading their scent as much as they can…,
Only incredible beauty was flowing in todays morning for making feel dat today itself is a special for some sole reason…,

At SM huge n bigg MANSION

in sanskar’s room,our hero is getting ready for office wid so much involved in his thoughts dat wat is going to b happening wid him..,

His heart is yelling something to him to listen but he’s nt at all interested in dat

Some strange n lovable feeling was slightly started growing in his heart..,

His stoned kind of heart could able to sense some gud n weird emotion dat he didn’t felt up to now in his whole lyf..,

Today his heart wants to stop bit for sanskar, n preparing himself ready to bit for someone very special who will always stay in his core of heart very deeply..,

But totally unknown to this beautiful feeling sanskar goes towards window in frustration to look outside so dat he’ll able to divert his mind n heart from all this non-understandable facts..,

But he’s heart is like him only.., very n so much stubborn…, nt ready to listen sanky at all n again strats to prepare himself for flowing wid nature’s signing…,

Wid each passes time sanskar getting very restless but don’t able to know reason behind it…,

When he looks outside then one soundning flow of cool wind was passes from touching his face slightly just wanna tell him dat to just make urself to let flow wid whatever is happening wid u..,

Then his eyes was adoring beauty of nature but still search for someone very special dat he himself doesn’t know..,

Then his phn rang to helping him to avoid dis non-understandable signing of surrounding environment..,

Then he pics up d call.., n after sometime made his way to his office by neglecting all facts which are revolving around him..,

At swara’s home

Swara was coming from washroom after taking bath by wearing bathrobe.., then goes towards wardrobe for taking dress.., n when she was busy in selecting as usual simple dress for her then her hands automatically made their way to select some elegant n simple but beautiful dress for her…, she herself doesn’t know,wat is happening, but she’s nt like our sanskar to neglect heart emotions,she hear her heart saying n pick up dat dress to wear.., n make herself ready


Laksh is nt getting any little success to search for person who will be totally fitted for SM’s PA post…, n time is also flowing from his hands which was assigned by SM.., But still doing struggling for saving his job..,
At afternoon of same day

Sanskar was sitted in his car at back seat wid holding laptop in his hands n as usual so much engulfed in his work..,

Then his car stopped at traffic signal by driver, n sanskar was still busy in his work.., after some fraction of seconds his concentration was broken by some horning sounds of vehicles n in frustration when he moves up his face then his eyes were stuck on something which was totally beautiful adorable..,his heart skipped bitting for sometime.., he was totally mesmerizing by seeing heavenly angel beauty playing wid some kids in park which was far away from him.., but his eyes caught his beloved one.., he was shocked in amusement for watever he was staring widout blinking his eyes wid mouth opened face.., he was startled by looking dat stunning beauty, who was crazily doing naghty antics wid children at park,she was looking very much beyond pretty n gorgeous princess,beautiful word was not enough to describe her angelic face glow,she was too much fairy,sanskar was just getting pleasure of admiring her most beautiful face..,he was nt in his sense to realize wat he was doing now,his heart fallen in love wid dat adorable pretty angel,but he was totally unaware abt dis true fact,n just was very much involved in staring every beautiful part of dat angelic face wid shocking face,bcoz indeed she was looking like very much beyond pretty n beautiful…, words were nt enough to describe her incredible,seductive,enticing n tempting angelic Sooo much beautiful face..,
But after some fraction of minutes one bus were cross from sanskar’s sight to broke his intense gaze from dat prettiest angelic face,sanskar’s anger peak his level for making disturbances to admire dat beyond beauty..,he was fuming in anger by seeing dat bus which was standing on road n hiding dat gorgeous girl from sanskar’s intense sight.., but now dat bus passed away,n he took long breath to vanish his anger, n den he look towards dat direction to gaining dat heavenly pleasure of admiring dat beautiful angelic face again
But to his disappointment now only kids are playing there,no any girl was wid dat children.., he was rolling his eyes here n there rapidly for finding dat beautiful princess.., but nt getting success in dat,she actually went away from sanskar’s intense gaze wid dat bus only..,then sanskar’s driver also starts d car n made his way to construction sight…, here sanskar was feeling very restless in frustration dat he lost his beautiful angel…,

sanskar was in his cabin.., it is evening time.., some hours were passed for dat incident when sanskar was lost his everything widin some fraction of seconds only…, he was feeling very restless n frustrated nt able to get what is happening in his heart n mind.., he was unable to focus on anything.., he was just eagerly want at least one glance of dat prettiest angelic face again…, Wid each passes time the feelings in his heart for dat princess rising rapidly…, he was unable to make control on anything which is happening wid him now.., he just lost in remembering dat angelic beautiful face again n again.., den in frustration of not understanding anything sanskar left his office n made his way to bar by car.., first time in his life he goes to bar in search of getting some relaxation for some fraction of seconds also.., n after going to bar he totally became drunken by remembering dat incident again n again, n in early morning he came to his mansion in very bad state.., sleep was far away from his eyes…, after some hour he went for office but his state was becoming more n more bad wid each passe timing…, now he surely concluded dat he eagerly wants to meet her only at any cost.., 1st he was shocked by his feelings dat one ordinary middle-class girl was driving him more n more crazy.., but he totally ignored dis fact n for making his life some stable he starts searching for her so dat he’ll get some answers for all his questions,bcoz he still was in shocked dat how can one incident of 10-12 min changed his whole lyf quickly.., now he was searching her at every place in that big city by himself in a impatiently feeling of taking at least one glance of her so dat he will able to sort out mess which was created by dat incident in his life very badly.., all people which were around SM was too in shocked by his weird behavior.., bcoz he was spending his whole n8 in bar n in a day he was rarely came to office for only some 2-3 hours,n when he was in his some senses he wad trying to search her madly on every road,but one thing which he was daily following dat he regularly visit dat place at same time when dat incident were happened…, but to his disappointment he is nt at all getting success to find her.., n at every failure step of finding her he’s becoming more n more wild day by day wid each passes timing.., n it was nothing but result of effect of her on him which is making his life more n more hell wid each passes timing…, but he was nt ready to give up bcoz ‘FAILURE’ word was nt in his dictionary


Laksh was nt at all getting success of finding PA for his boss.., n now a days by looking more shocking,weird,wild n scaring behavior of his boss SM, laksh was in fear of if he’ll nt able to complete 2nd task which were given by his rude boss den his condition will be more dan worst,in fact dis word will nt enough to describe dat condition of him.., Bcoz now a days he was seeing dat SM is behaving more dan widest animal due to some fact which is bothering him more dan hell.., n laksh don’t want to become his Boss’s annoying reason for his safe lyf..,
So he increased speed n quality of his work
in fear of SM’s changed wild behavior

At mall :

Swara n her frnd Aarohi was roaming here n there in shopping mall wid laghing n doing so much masti wid enjoying each other’s company…, then suddenly “TASH”

swara was collide wid someone n was about to fall but 2 strong hands were holding her quickly wid tight hold on swara’s delicate waist, n swara was quickly closed her beautiful bigg eyes in fear of falling on ground.., n someone was admiring her beauty shockingly in amusement…, n swara also feeling someone’s closeness wid her.., den after realizing dat she’s safe.., she slowly slowly open her beautiful eyes…, n look into dat person’s eyes which was still stucked on
her.., for some secs swara was also feeling lost in dat brown eyes., but in nick of time she comes to senses n try to freed herself from dat guy’s tight grip but unable to do bcoz that hold was too tight on her nt letting her to go away from him..,

Precap : at last laksh found someone bestest for PA of SM

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