It was beautiful morning.., birds were chirping here n there..,n big big sun rays was trying 2 came through curtains.., n these sun rays wid +ve big hope was blessing our heavenly princess beauty $wa®@ who was cuddling more 2 teddy in her embrace smoothly..,her beyond angelic
Sleeping face was shown which was clearly reflecting glow of beauty on her face,peaceful smile was engulfed by her rosy pinkish lips..,she was just looking like queen of all heavenly angels..,

Then we can hear so much shouting which was coming 2wards our hero’s princess,surely 4 disturbing our sleeping beauty..,

Mishthi: shona wats dis..,hw much tym u will take 4 throwing dis lazyness…,

Swara : hmmm(in sleeping tone)

N then she moved her face 2 other side by more cuddling wid teddy in her embrace

Mishthi: shona??now its up to height hn..!! Im telling u get up immediately, otherwise no 1will able 2 save u from my anger,bcoz ur so called lover,savior,guardian,supporter,bestest friend namish is nt here 2 save u 2day bcoz he is at his doctor training campaign at London from last week,n I know till he’s coming back 2 India I will definitely teach u dat hw should behave in front of any1 by being girl.., n since from last week I’m trying 4 dat,but now I came 2 know dat namish’ve given his responsibility 4some tym 2 ur poppi dats y I’m just failing in my attempts..,but nt new my little devil,2day I won’t listen ur poppi also…,
Just get up immediately swara or else..,

Swara :hmmm momi y u rvcursing my bestie n me at dis early morning hn..,don’t say anything 2 my love hn(best friend wala luv)

Mishthi : (wid wide open eyes) wat??wat u just said..?? Dis early morning..,hey namish ki besties lover..,open ur big eyes,n try 2 take glances from ur surrounding,den u will realize,dat its nt so early, at morning 10:17am..,

Swara : (still in sleeping tone)momi stop blaming me,my charming guy namish,n my lovable poppi hn..,its all bcoz of dat idiot,stupid aarav i was nt sleeping well yesterday n8..,

Namish : swara’s bestest frnd,their frndship is from 3years only,but he knows every little n small thing abt swara..,

He loves her so much from bottom of his heart.., actually he proposed her at his birthday party years ago, but by listening her reply he was totally shattered wid broken heart dat she didn’t think abt their frndship in dis manner also..,

He literally took exact 2months 2came from dat shock..,

But now he understood dat,she was not 4him,but he still do so much love 2her,
by profession he’s famous,demanded,rich surgeon doctor Dr.Namish, smart,cool n charming guy wid handsome face

Understands swara in this whole world Dan her parents also..,can easily get just by throwing some glances 2her angelic face dat wat is going in her heart n mind,

Doing so much love n care 2swara from core of his heart

At present by giving so mush instruction list 2 swara, n by taking so much promices from her,he went 2his London campaign from last week,it was nearly abt 3 months campaign,

Very much hard 4namish 2go away from swara,but he’s trying 2 mange becoz he already know,at some point in his life he will have 2face dis unwanted phase of life.., so trying 2 make prepare himself 4dat hard situation…,

But from swara’s pont of view: Namish is her savior,supporter of anykind of situation, guardian, so much care taker Dan her parents also,n most important she knows how mush he loves her,but she’s nt at her fault, she said dat namish is my shade,bt he’s nt my prince charm,she also loves him very much from best frnd point of view,taking so much care of him,trying her hard 4 make him understand 2 move on in his life…,

Aarav :swara’s childhood frnd,mishthi’s best frnd’s son, aarav knows swara from childhood, n doing love 2 her from his childhood, was making 487th attempt of proposing her in different styles,at any place in front of crowd,but nt at all getting little success also,

But not ready 2 leave such a unique beyond angelic universe beautybeauty

Notvready 2 give up at any cost,n having faith on his childhood frndship dat at someday swara will definitely accept his proposal,

Good looking face,charming guy,was always ready 2 irritate swara,doing well job in xyz company at manager post,n having so much blind trust on his one sided love 2 wards swara.., not ready 2 bear her single drop of tear also.., doing so much care 4 her..,

But 4swara he’s nothing more Dan her childhood frnd,she’s always feeling irritated by aarav’s extra love n care 2wards herher

But mishthi wants 2 make him her son in law becoz of her good best fndship relation wid his mom, n always ready 2 make her daughter understand dat he’s such a gem,try 2 accept him ,n do marriage wid him,never loose any single chance of doing praise of aarav in front of her daughter,nt ready 2 listen any single word against him,always ready 2 do help 2 aarav 4 make her understand 4 accepting his love,n making marriage wid him..,

Shekhar: swara’s poppi,always wants his daughter’s happiness only,nt binding her in any limits, always wants 2 see her like flying bird widout anykind of bounds,

But having trust on namish very much,he always said dating be no any worry abt my daughter swara, namish is fulfilling his n his wife’s responsibility 2wards swara,

At some corner in his heart wants namish as his son in law,but after looking at his daughter’s angelic face,he having faith dat he’s daughter will always choose bestest 4 her.., having so much trust on her choice,doing so much love 2 swara n always wants bestest 4 her..,

Den by again joining our story..,

Mishthi : so wat swara, spending some quality tym wid frnds,is it dat bad hn..??
N moreover aarav is so handsome n having gud post at company as a manager,n moreover he loves u very much beta,I saw so much pure love in his for u beta(told na never left any single chance 2 help aarav in his work 4 convincing swara for marriage)

Actually d matter is dat swara n aarav was going 4 dinner date, n long drive at yesterday n8 only.., swara was nt ready 2 go, but by nt seeing shekhar’s presence at home,bcoz he was at his overtime in office, n by taking advantage of namish’s absense, mishthi at last succeed in her attempt 2 convince swara 4 going on date wid aarav by doing some TV serials emotional antics…,

Then at 1:45am he dropped her at home..,
That’s why her sleep was unbalanced by dis aarav n her own mommi’s plan..,

Comes to story..,

Mishthi : ( by sitting on bed towards swara’s side n caressing her hair) beta shona y don’t u again think 4 aarav.., he’s nice guy beta.., he will nt let u cry at any cost bcoz he loves u more dan anythinganything shona(just den interrupted by swara’s voice)

Swara : mommi u again started ur so called aarav puran.., just let me sleep yr(wid frustrated voice)

Mishthi : but shona I’m doing dis for ur gud future only..,

Swara : plzz mommi understand dis thing so much easily dat aarav is just my..(interrupted by shekhar)

Shekhar(coming 2wards swara’s bed) : friend nothing more than dat(swara’s sentence was completed by her poppi,becoz he can easily sense that now his anglic beauty daughter loosing her patience so to make her calm he was trying his best)

Swara : (immediately calm by listening her poppi’s voice which was raising in her favor only) hmm r8 poppi.., i lyk ur attitude poppi..,nt bad hn just lyk my nimish..,luv u so much poppi

By moving her face against her mommi spoke dat

Swara : poopi just tell ur lovely wifi, nt 2disturb my beauty sleep,bcoz I’m having romantic quality tym wid my prince charming (dream boy) In my dreams now..,

Shekhar : mishthi wat r u doing..,let her enjoy her lyf freely..,now 2morrow she’ll go for interview n after dat her lyf will b as usual like mine always engulfed in office work only.., Not try 2 take so much advantage of namish absence hn..,(in calm voice wid slight smile on his face)

Swara : ( wid naughty smile) my dear mommi, don’t u wanna promotion from mommi 2 nani hn.., den let me sleep n let me enjoy my romantic date wid my Prince charm

Mishthi : ( wid shocked face n wide opened eyes) besharam, have some shame shona..,( n ran 2wards her)

Just by seeing her mommi’s rply swara immediately get up from bed n ran 2wards washroom n locked herself from inside so dat she’ll b safe..,

N by watching tom n jerry in front of his sight shekhar was laughing loudly by adoring his angel daughter naughty anticsantics

Precap : THE GREAT SM fell in love wid girl(who is dat luckiest girl) let’s see

Previous epi link: episode-2


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