Laksh was so much tensed,he was sitting in his cabin n writing something,just den his colleagues entered in his cabin, n asking him 4nt joining dem 4 lunch,den nikhil’s gaze was spread on dat paper which was written by laksh.., he quickly pick it up n read it,den he comes 2 know dat it was laksh’s resignment letter..,

Nikhil(looks 2wards laksh wid questioning look,wid resignation letter in his hand): wat is dis buddy??? R u resigning job???have u gone mad???

Den Rita ask same QN 2 laksh, n all guys was looking 2wards laksh wid QN look,

Sonam : laksh..,have u any idea wat u r going 2 do???u r leaving dis job?? Have u nuts?? Are people dying 4 doing work wid THE GREAT SM n u r simply giving resign 2 dis job?? Dis company was ur dream na laksh???

Kunal : ha r8?? I’m asking 4same laksh?? We are 2gether from childhood man…,
N I know from college days it was ur ambition 2work under THE GREAT BUBUSINEASMAN SANSKAR MAHESHWARI n u r just leaving did opportunity..,u r nt doing gud dude.., u will never get better Dan dis..,don’t u know MR. SM IS THE BUSINESS TYCOON OF UNIVERSE

laksh was already so much tensed n now was started going 2 b in depression also by sensing shower of questions 2wards him

Just den intelligent employee of SM ENTERPRISES was ready 2show her intelligency n she spoke…,

Ragini : are chill guys..,can’t u sense his condition,he’s already scared buddies..,wait 4 sometym..,

Den she goes 2wards laksh,n give him glass of water,
Laksh drinks it,den she make him 2sit on chair, n trying her best 4 making him calm, n by looking behavior of ragini all joins her,n was trying their best 4 making him stable at least..,

After some 15-20min Laksh was became normal, n den he look 2wards ragini,n ragini signing him through her eyes 2 throughout all which was he held in his heart.., n den she giving assuring smile 2him, den her smile started making miracle on laksh,n by gathering some words he at last trying 2 speak up..,

Laksh(wid tensed n scary face) : guys SM gave me 2 punishments.., n he tell dem everything,

Nikhil : but 4wat SM gave u dese bigg punishments???

Lasksh tells dem his mistake of giving entrance 2 zoya in office 2day, widout awareness of SM

Sonam : but now u should try 2find out way 2 come out of these trouble laksh..,but instead of it u r trying 2 ran from here..,hw coward u r..!!!

Kunal : haan laksh,at least try 4 once na!!!

Laksh : are guys wat are u saying.., I’ve tried.., n after coming 2 conclusion,I’ve made dis decision buddies..,!!

Ragini(wid confused n QN look) : laksh wat are u tried 2saying we r nt getting anything

Rita : haan laksh!!! Speak it clearly yaar

Laksh : are after coming 2sense from dat devil SM’s wild torture,I’ve arrange all staff 2 work on dat 2 projects,so dat it will b completed till evening, n they are in progress guys.., n dat will really completed till today’s n8..,

Just then new employee of SM ENTERPRISES spoke having less awareness of his boss nature

Zakir : den wat 2 worry sir..,projects r literally in completed state,now u have 2 search his PA only,n dat 2 in 10 days only, I think dis time period is much enough 2search n appoint 4 his PA sir.., u r taking useless tension..,

Den all wid widened opened eyes looks 2wards zakir n spoke wid 2gether : nooo,it is indeed so much tough task in itself 2search 4 SM ‘s PA….,

Den zakir was being shocked by seeing reply 2 his answer.., n nt able 2understand anything wat all r sayingsaying

Laksh spoke by coming 2wards zakir n try 2 Make him understand d rules n principles of their soooo arrogant SM boss n dis SM ENTERPRISES alsoalso

Laksh : (2 looking at zakir) junior beta!!u r making mistake 2 understand our so called rude boss,u even don’t knw wat he’s actually, Even I’m doing job here since from 4 n half years n also I’m getting shock by seeing our boss new shade, n dat 2 daily.., still nw also I’m unable 2 understand him

Nikhil : u r indeed r8 laksh..,no 1 can’t able 2 understand him.., god knows who will b his better half n I’m really pity abt dat girl, bechari kiss paap ka badla chukayegi is janam me uske saath..,,

Sonam : hey wat r u saying?? Don’t use such a words abt our hot n dashing boss,actually I’m jealous of dat girl who will b his better half..,

Kunal : aey come our from dream’s world n try 2 face reality okkk…,

Rita: hey guys., are u feeling smell of jealousy over here..?????

Laksh : wat guys?? U r making fun of my dis worst condition..,,

Ragini : hey guys just stop ur all nonsense n think hw 2 overcome dis critical problem of searching PA 4 our SM sir

Laksh : I lost hope guys, no 1 can save me from dis tedious problem, I already succeed 2 make dat project in progressing state,but wat abt his PA..,

rita : it is indeed QN guys..????

Laksh : ha rita??hw will I find soooo much perfect PA 4 him, he just wants everything perfect,n it’s his PA only,nt any other employee..,

Nikhil : but at dis moment we can recruit 4 his PA na,den after selecting person 4 his PA will think 4 her/him training timing span 4 making perfect 4 handling work of our boss

Laksh : yeah niks,u r saying r8!! I’ll use my whole capability 2 search 4 ourvboss PA at 2 in 10 days, but wat that PA’s training, it is indeed tough task,are dat zoya was intelligent n sincere she was completed her training within 6months only, n it was indeed miracle in itself,but 2 train 4 his PA dat 2 in 10 days it is impossible guys!!!!
So ive written my resignation letter,so dat after completing 10 days I can easily leave dis job by nt having any extra capability 2 bear dat devil’s torture n anger

Ragini : but till 10 days u should nt loose hope laksh,try na..,n we all r wid u.., hve faith on god.., at least some talented person will b there to whome u can easily train widin 10 days only for our boss PA’s seat..,hmmm

All except raglakraglak(wid 2gether) : haan laksh!!!!

Nikhil : ragini is saying absolutely r8 laksh, we all will help u in dis from now only…,

Laksh(wid wide smile on his face): thank u so much guys 4 support from u all 2 me in my critical situation..,

Kunal : don’t use thanking words yr, its our responsibility 2 get u out from dis trouble

Now laksh was able to smile in relief n now he has determined himself dat he will indeed will do struggle 4 saving his jobjob


1 employee of SM ENTERPRISES is shown wid very much struggling 2 make him involve in reading file, n trying 2 concentrate on his office work wid sincerity.., den his phn rang n he little disturbed by dat call bt trying his best 2 controlling himself.., den when he was trying 2 picking up d call by making his face 2 upward direction den we can able 2 see his face.., good looking,calm,innocency was glowing on his face, satisfaction was nt in his eyes but still struggling 4 making his lips 2 smile

He den picks up d call…

os(opposite side): wats dis SPARSH bhai??? I was nt expecting dis from u,u broke ur promise..,

Sparsh(wid confusing tone): wat Ruhana??which promise u r talking abt?? I’m nt getting anything??

Ruhana: ahhhn bhai(wid crying tone) u are so mean,u forgot ur promise.., bhai I’m still struggling 4 going college through buses n auotoes when ull book scooty 4 me bhai..,,

Sparsh: han ruhana,I’m still on my promise
Don’t worry..,it will lead tym but definitely I’ll fulfill my little sis wishwish

Ruhana: bhai since from 6months u r saying lyk dis only..,

Sparsh : Ruhana,try 2 understand..,I’m giving my best sis

Ruhana : okkk okk,I know my bhai very well,who doesn’t know 2 hurt any1..,dat 2 his little sis 2 whom he luvs so much after our parents..,no way,take ur tym bhai,but try 2 complete my dis wish until I completed my graduation only hn,n im having 2years more 2 complete my graduation…..,

Sparsh: ha little devil??I knw dat u need scooty 4 ur college purpose only…,

Ruhana: OK den tell me,how much tym u want 2 make my wish complete

Sparsh : hmm, actually give me 2months tym plzzz(wid pleading tone)

Ruhana :okk bye,I’m having lecture in college nownow

Sparsh : hmm bye, take care

N he hung up d call

N again he engulfed himself in his file

Then again his phn rang

Den without seeing caller id,he picks up d call n trying 2 speak..,

Sparsh : now wat ruhana??? Y u r disturbing me in my office hours

os : hey sparsh wat r u saying.., n in which tone u r speaking wid me hn..(in anger tone)

Sparsh(by realizing his mistake) : ohh sorry uncle,I was little frustrated, tell me wat happen???

os : I haven’t any tym 2 waste on u.., just tell me when u r going 2 pay my rent,I guess its already 2weeks late 2 pay for house rent from decided tym..,(wid angry n serious tone)

Sparsh(try 2 cover up his house owner mood): uncle givee me 1 week tym,I’ll definately pay ur all rent(wid pleading tone)

Owner : OK,I’m having faith on ur innocency,but nt 1min more dan 1week hn,its last tym I’m accepting ur pleading

Sparsh(wid light smile on his lips): yeah uncle..,thank u so much,I’ll never disappoint u

Then he disconnect d call wid relief dat he at last succeed 2 make his house owner n His little sister understand his situationsituation

N den again he was trying 2 focus on file,but it goes all in vain.., he was just trying 2 make some economical adjustment by doing some calculations in his brain by looking into file..,

N in SM cabinn our hero MR.SM was as usual very much busy 2 prepare himself 4 upcoming conferences n cracking deal wid lots of success…,

Precap: angel’s(swara’s) entry

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