*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 20)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Sparsh gets up from there and goes home wid confused, sad and shocked face.



Sanskar was more worried as still Swara had not opened her eyes.

He said with still holding Swara’s one so soft n smooth hand in his..,

Sanskar : (more concern) wat happened to u jaan..?? Now I’m scaring inside…

With saying this his eyes started filled with tears..,

Then he continues with tears teeming eyes..,

SM : (hell worried) Swara get up na plzzz…,

Wid saying this his big drop of tear fallen on Swara’s palm..,

N within couple of minutes Swara started moving her fingers..,

SM noticed it n looks towards Swara who was struggling to open her graceful eyelashes..,

SM goes so close to Swara n caressed her cheek slowly n said..,

SM : (so softly) jaan open ur eyes..!!

Whereas Swara was slowly slowly managed to open her elegant eyes.

N she saw SM sitting close to her.

While SM immediately hugged Swara in happiness..,

SM said in hugging position..,

SM : (painful voice) Swara, u dnt knw, it was just beyond unbearable for me by seeing u lyk dis..,

He broke the hug n said by holding Swara’s beautiful face in his palms..,

SM : (concern) now are u fine..??

But not getting any response from Swara, SM again called her..,

SM : (lovingly) SWARA..,

Uptil now Swara was just silently wid blinking eyes was seeing towards SM without reacting to his any kind of actions..,

But when SM called her then she came to senses n starts to remembering all.

And after reminiscing all she jerked SM’s hands..,

Swara : don’t touch me Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari.

By saying this she sat on bed.

Swara : don’t come near me..,

With saying this she starts to move from the bed.

But SM held her delicate wrist n said..,

SM : (softly) Swara, take rest for some-time.

Swara again jerked SM’ hand n said..,

Swara : (with up tone) I have told u na..!! stay away from me.

After saying this she came down from the bed n starts stepping to go from d room.

Then SM also stands up n goes n again held Swara’s so soft n smooth hand tightly n said..,

SM : Swara, I have also told u na, take rest for some-time n be well as after dat we will go for marry..,

Swara starts to frees her hand from SM’s tight hold.

N said..,

Swara : (harshly) marriage..??? why should I marry u..??

SM pulls Swara towards him such that she strikes on his chest.

SM said by caressing Swara’s cheek by his another hand..,

SM : (lovingly) because I LOVE YOU Swara and I just can’t live without u.

Swara : (angrily) but I dnt love u n after whatever u have done I dnt want to see ur face ever..!!

By listening such words SM just stood lyk statue n in this his grip became loose on Swara.

Taking this as a chance Swara pushed him.

Swara : before I was respecting u as a boss but now I have not any kind of feelings for u.

With saying this she goes from there.

by noticing this SM starts to go behind Swara..,

SM : Swara listen, I really love u n I promise, u will be very much happie with me..,

SM : Swara just listen to me once..,

she came in her cabin, took her lappy n starts to typing something without giving any heed to SM’s any kind of words.

Whereas SM was busy in convincing Swara for make her understand his feelings towards her..,

He came towards Swara n sits on his knees n said..,

SM : (guilty) I’m sorry Swara, I have forced u, I was..,

Interrupted by seeing Swara’s actions..,

Swara closed lappy, goes towards printer n took that print n came towards SM n said..,

Swara : Mr. SM stop ur all this drama n just accept this, I’m leaving this job r8 now..,

SM stands up in shocked n took that letter with surprised expressions..,

Whereas after handovering that letter Swara starts to go from cabin..,

after taking glance of that letter SM’s expressions starts to became changed..,

With all his feelings he tore that letter within couple of micro-secs.

N goes towards Swara..,

He held the door which Swara was going to open..,

SM : (determined voice) Swara, I won’t allow u to go from my life ever..,

With this he pulled Swara towards him n said..,

SM : u are just mine only forever.

Swara starts to struggle n said..

Swara : u can’t force me like this Mr.SM..,

SM : (softly with determined voice) I can do anything jaan…

With saying this he held Swara’s so smooth n soft hand in his n starts to go from cabin..,

Swara : leave me, on what are u up to now..??

She continues for struggling to frees her hand..,

Swara : for what r u doing all this..???

Whereas SM was not giving any attentiveness towards Swara’s behaviour,

N he said with walking..,

SM : we are going to do marriage at now itself only…,

Whereas Swara became shocked by listening this..,

Swara : no, not at all, leave me, I dnt want to marry u.

Swara was pleading SM repeatedly for not to do this..,

But SM was not ready to listen her.,

SM : Swara after our marriage u will have to be with me at any condition..,

Swara : (pleading) don’t do this n leave me plzz..,

Swara was not getting anything to avoid all this by seeing SM’s stubbornness.

SM opened car’s door..,


SM just stood numb by listening all this with still holding Swara’s so soft n smooth hand in his..,

Swara : and dnt take me lightly Mr. SM, I really mean it..!!!

SM leaves Swara’s hand n hold her divine beautiful face in his palms n said..,

SM : (convincing tone) Swara, u r not understanding, now u have became ADDICTION N NEED OF MY BREATH..!!!

N again continues…,

SM : n dnt utter like this jaan, I cant able to spare these words..,

SM keeps continuing..,

SM : I’ll spread everything at ur service Swara, JUST ANYTHING NO MATTER WHATEVER IT MAY BE…!!!

He continues..,

SM : (lovingly) I will do anything for u jaan..!!

But Swara jerked SM’s hands n said..,

Swara : leave me then, I dnt want anything else from u..,

By listening this SM leaves Swara in shocked..,

Indirectly He took one step back with all his feeling..,

Whereas Swara’s tears were not ready to stop..,

SM was just seeing her without blinking his eyes..,

Within couple of minutes he again came towards Swara..,

N with wiping her tears SM said..,

SM : dnt cry lyk this jaan,

N again continues..,


With saying this he noticed Swara’s pale face.

He held Swara’s so smooth n soft hand in his palms n said..,

SM : I think u’ll become happie if I will drop u at ur home n moreover u need rest as per doctor reported..,

He again opened car’s door..,

But Swara was stood like that only not wanting to move at all.

SM saw it..,

He caressed Swara’s cheek n said..,

SM : (calmly) sit in the car jaan..,

Swara again jerked SM’s hand.

N was not ready to respond to his words..,

By seeing Swara’s behaviour SM was just hardly controlling himself for doing anything which will again hurt her badly.

But he tried his best to compose himself n calmly make Swara sit in the car with putting seat belt on her n closed the door n he himself sits at starring sit n drove the car towards Swara’s home.

Whereas Swara unwillingly keep quiet n stared outside blankly..,

While SM’s all attention was just on Swara in realizing that how badly he needed her..,

SM’s car stopped in front of Swara’s home.,

When Swara noticed her home, then widin no tym she removed seat belt n opened d car’s door n was stepping to come outside from the car but SM held her fragile wrist softly n said..,

SM : Swara I’m assuring u that I’ll keep my words n will wait for ur acceptance until my last breath..!!

N again continues..,

SM : (lovingly) but this is also true which u will have to confront that I WILL NEVER ALLOW TO SEPARATE U FROM ME EVER COZ NOW I’M UNABLE TO THINK OF LIVING THIS LIFE WITHOUT U,

he keep continuing that..

SM : (lovingly wid convincing tone) why can’t u ready to understand that I LOVE U FROM BOTTOM N CORE OF MY HEART BABE.

Swara jerked SM’s hand n said by looking towards him..,

Swara : (determined tone) I’m only understanding this thing that after all this I WILL NEVER ALLOW U TO ENTER IN MY LIFE.

after saying this she came outside the car n rushed towards her home with tears filled eyes..,

Whereas SM bang his fist on starring in anger n frustration..,

After disappearing Swara’s view from his sight, he starts the car with dialling call..,

####### On call #######

SM : (rage voice) what the hell are u doing from long..??? I want all information within some hours only…,


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