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Hello guys!!!thnx 4 all of ur lovely comments, have some patience guys,yeah dis is swasan ff only,don’t b panic abt it,just try 2 enjoy some more tragedies of dese lovely couple’s lyf..,
After all I’m biggest fan of sawsan couple,den hw will I separate dem hn..??


*”*”*”*”*”*”*SWARA U r ADDICTION n NEED of MY BREATH (episode 2)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

It was the most beautiful morning day,bt as usual 4 our sanskar..,
A big huge building is shown wid written ‘SM ENTERPRISES’ on it .., (sooooo much big yr…,)

Just den 1 BMW expensive n shiny car is stopped in front of dis enterprise…,
Den 1 sooo handsome n hot personality is shown 2 getting down from dat car wid talking on phn which was in his hand n on his ears..,

He was coming 2wards entrance of enterprise wid scolding on phn 4 making disturbances in his deal scedule..,

Now we can clearly get dat our hero can do everything but can’t afford his little smile also.., hw poor he is..!!! So sad..,
don’t worry it will change soon but before dat he will have 2 go through many struggle,it won’t happen so sudden…, bcoz our swara is so special, no 1 can get her widout some sacrifices..,
Let’s come 2wards our story…,

in SM cabin,1 hot lady is standing wid pale face in his official formal shorts attire..,

Just den our hero SM(sanskar maheshwari) do entry in his cabin by throwing sooo much anger on other side of phn,nt giving any heed 2 dat hot lady which was standing in front of him.., Den he sits on his chair n after 2 n half min he hung up d call n pick up d file which was in front of him n start reading it, n preparing himself 4 upcoming conferences n deals,

Just den dat lady utter a so much words lets see wat was dat..,

Lady : sir, actually I’m accepting dat it was my mistake, but sir plzz forgive me,I won’t do dis type of mistake again,actually now I won’t do any of mistake sir,plzzzz forgive me 4 my deeds, sir dis job is so much…,

Suddenly dat lady is stopped by..,

SM shows his hand 2 stop her nonsense

Just den knock of door getting his attention..,

SM : come in(in bossy tone)

A guy coming in cabin wid scary face n trying 2 prepare himself 4 wat will coming 2 his next.., (poor boy)

Guy : (finding words 2speak up something, den he collect some courage n just said) sirrr…,

SM : stopped it laksh, u r just waisting my precious tym on these stupid stuff(wid anger tone)

SM :(angry but in determining tone) just tell her dat 2 leave my cabin if she do some little luv 2 her lyf n no want any mess wid dat..,

laksh signing her through his eyes 2 follow him.., den they both coming out of SM cabin, den laksh try 2 tell her dat..,

Laksh :see nw I can’t do more dan dis.., u saw n hw much he annoy wid u,but I’m not getting dis thing dat hw can u lost documents of dat file,I know dat documents was nt dat much imp,bt have u nt aware abt nature n principles of sir,hw can u made dis type of mistake,as a PA of SM u had lots of responsibilities 2wards ur work, but u itself made mess wid ur career,now sorry plzz Im nt able 2 do more dan dis..,

Lady : but s..s..sir(wid pleading eyes)

Laksh :(putting hand on her shoulder) see zoya, I’ve tried na, by listening ur financial problems, but u urself saw consequences of it..,

Zoya wants 2 say something but interrupted by laksh

Laksh : zoya dnt u knw..?? ‘ SECOND CHANCE’ is nt in his dictionary babe, u’ve 2 leave dis job now,he won’t allow u at any cost 2 continue dis job..,
I’m extremely sorry..??(wid sad face)

Zoya : (wid crying tone)its OK sir,n thnx 4 helping me
N she ran from there wid crying

Laksh see her wid lustful eyes until she disappear from his glance n said 2 himself

Laksh : hw can any1 annoy such a hot beauty!! Hw hearless n emotionless of our boss is!!! Don’t know he’ll fell in luv wid somebody or nt!!

His thoughts were disturbed by peon’s calling

Peon : (2wards laksh) sir is calling u..,

Laksh gulped in fear n taking god’s names 4 helping him 2 give courage 2 face such a wild angry devil,den he enters into cabin by making knock on d door N stand in front of SM

SM : (Having so much anger on face n also tried 2 show it in his toning also) Laksh Mehra,wat do u think of urself hn?? Don’t dare 2 cross limits in front of me,otherwise I know hw 2 tie limitless creatures…,

Laksh : sss..sss…sorryyy sssiirr(wid bowing down his head)

SM : (wid so much anger tone)u should b Mr.Laksh Mehra.., now prepare urself 2 bear consequences 2 let dat zoya 2 enter in my office by already knowing dat i had already fired her at yesterday n8 itself..,

Taking some sec pause,wid scolding n angry tone SM tells him his punishment, actually it was nt a punishment, it was height of punishment, poor laksh, bechara vo zoya ki hotness se mara gaya,na uski beauty mein kho jata aur na uski pleading sunta to shayad Bach jata, ab khud yamraj bhi nhi bacha sakta use uske khadoos boss se.., let’s see wat was dat punishment..,

SM : I want dat projects ready which was i’ve given u bfore 3n half day, n 1 more tedious task so dat u even won’t dare 2 think 2 do actions against my words.., so dat task is I want my PA in front of me widin 10 days only wid all awareness of me n my enterprises also.., don’t forget dis thing n if u won’t able 2 find her den don’t dare 2 came in office again, n nw just get lost from my sight…, n don’t come in front of me by mistake also widout incompletion of dese tasks.., or else u won’t b alive…got dat in ur little n devil brain

Ohhhhh after listening dis wild n life taking bluster laksh was feeling dat floor under he’s feet was blinding by his arrogant boss..,den he just nodes,n immediately ran from there in fear wid scary face..,

Precap: swara n sparsh lyf struggle

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