*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 17)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

It was delectable,peaceful n shiny stars revealed n8.

At Swara’s home,

After dinner Swara n her mommy-poppy were sitted in a hall..,

Trio were having chit-chatt in an attempt of spending some family quality tym wid each other..,

Wid dis Swara’s mommy-poppy were busy in enjoying their daughter’s childish stunts attached to naughty acts..,

Then Swara’s mobzi’s ringtone noise got attention of all which was coming from her bedroom..,

After listening ringing sound Swara gets up from there,n made her way towards her bedroom..,

N she became happie after seeing caller id..,

She quickly picks up d call..,

OS : (more glad wid lovable voice) hello angel..,

Swara : (joyful tone) someone sounds very much happie today..,

OS : (gladsome mood) happie..?? princess i’m really beyond happie r8 now..,

Swara : (excitedly) wats d reason behind it..???

OS : hmm…, 1st guess wat..?? where is i’am..??

Swara makes weird expressions,n said..,

Swara : (uninterestingly) wat is there to guessing..??? must be wid ur soo called patients..,

OS : Swara,i’m asking for guessing na dear..,

Swara : (impatiently) Namish,y are u teasing me..?? Just tell me na wat u wanna say in actual..??

Namish : (more happie mood) okey,den listen to me carefully, ’Now itself i’m standing on air-port’ my prettiest,fairy,beauty queen..,

Swara : (uninterestingly) so wat..??

Namish : (Qnly tone) r u nt happie dat i’m coming back to INDIA..???

Swara : (wid flow) nt at all..,

just den she realized wat she listened,n wat she replied on dat..,

Swara had nt believe on her ears,just den in bestir of make confirm she asked to Namish dat..,

Swara : (shocked) wat..?? am i heard it wrong..?? r r r u u coming back to india..,

Namish : (confirming tone) ya, i’m really coming back sweetheart..,

After listening Namish’s rply widin no tym Swara starts jumping in happiness.,

Swara : (gladsome tone) ohh god Namish..!!! I’m unable to tell u how happie I’m r8 now after listening dis,just come immediately..,

Namish : (joyous mood) han my heartbeat,just now itself i’m on London airport,n will come to India widin some days only..,

But suddenly something strike to Swara’s mind..,

Swara : wait wait.., u r supposed to come after one month na..,

Namish : ya r8,but wat to do missed u sooo badly dear,so accomplished my work quickly..,

Swara : (cutely) missed u too..,

Namish : okey,i’ve to go now,my flight has been announced,take care doll,will come soon,n inform Aarav too..,

Swara : dnt worry,we both will come to pick up u at airport after u reach..,

Namish : Kk,love u to d core Barbie..,

Swara : (innocently) love u too..,

Namish : n wait for me my love..,

Swara : (smiles) han..

Namish : (jovial mood) see u,bye..,

N wid saying dis both hung up d call..,

After disconnecting d call Swara came towards hall wid happie mood n wide grinning,killing smile sticked on her rosy-petals,soft lips..,

N describe everything to her parents wid excited tone..,

Whereas her parents felt comfy after listening dis news n somewat got relaxed in a though of now reason behind sadness of their daughter will totally fade away…,

After sometym Swara informed Aarav too abt Namish’s come back,he also became glad after listening Swara’s joyful sounding..,


Namish settled on his seat in flight..,

After some ½ hour,he seems lyk very much engulfed in thinking abt Swara only..,

Just den he sensed some scaring feeling in his heart..,

Namish told to himself..,

Namish : (frightened) y i’m feeling lyk something bad will gonna happen wid Swara..,

At morning,

In biggg n huge ‘SM MANSION’

Sanskar’s sleep gets disturbed..,

After dat wid closed eyes he tried to caught one photo frame which was kept on side table…,

N there he got dat one..,

He held dat frame in his hands n opened his eyes slowly just for making busy himself in adoring d photo which was locked in dat frame..,

N after opening his eyes ‘FIRST NAME HE TOOK’ while admiring dat photo is..,


He took one glance of dat photo most lovingly n continues wid saying..,


He was staring dat photo widout blinking in dis way dat seems lyk his whole universe is revolve n dependent on dat person only which was nothing but his everything,his LOVE ‘SWARA’..,

Then he said..,

Sanskar : Jaan,y today i dnt want to believe on dis big beautiful,enticing,elegant eyes..,


Swara n Sparsh reached ‘SM ENTERPRISES’

They were in parking area..,

Swara made her way towards entrance of ‘SM ENTERPRISES’ after bidding bye to Sparsh..,

Just den Sparsh called her n she looked behind towards him..,

Sparsh opened his arms n said..,

Sparsh : (lovingly) Swara, let me feel u whole heartenedly for ‘LAST TIME’ only..,

Swara rushed towards him after hearing ‘LAST TIME’ words from his voice…,

Swara hugged him n said..,

Swara : (Qnly) y u said ‘LAST TIME’..,

Sparsh replied to her wid tightening his grip more on Swara..,

Sparsh : (confused) dnt knw,just feeling lyk dis will be our ‘LAST CLOSENESS’ sweetheart..,

Swara breaks d hug,cupped his face n said..,

Swara : y r u feeling lyk dis,see i’m wid u na..,

Sparsh hugs her n said..,

Sparsh : (wid so much fear of separation) will b lyk dis only na..??

Swara wid still in hugging position,said..,

Swara : (innocently) han no doubt in dat..,


At dat tym only,SM was coming from other side..,

Who was busy in thinking abt Swara only while walking towards entrance of his ‘ENTERPRISES’..,

But suddenly horning sounds of car’s n bike’s broke his chain of thoughts n got his attention towards parking area..,

N he just unknowingly spread his gaze towards it..,

N there he saw one couple while breaking d hug..,

wid clearly looking towards it,SM SAW ‘SWARA N SPARSH WHILE HOLDING EACH OTHERS HANDS’..,

N after sensing dat some guy was touching ‘HIS SWARA’, SM starts firming in very much anger…,

Blood was running inside his nerves very n so fastly due to virulence which was growing inside him lyk anything..,

His eyes became full of red,he was breathing heavily due to rage which was increasing more n more inside him wid each ½ micro-sec passing by looking scenario in front of him..,

His whole emotions,all feelings turned into ‘TERRIBLE VOLCANO’now..,

He was watching both of dem wid bloodshot eyes..,

SM seems lyk wild creature who will nt going to spare anyone now at any cost..,

Seems lyk no one could able to stop him now from destroying everything very badly..,

By noticing dat some guy is holding Swara’s so soft n smooth hands in his,SM stepping towards dem wid more furious steps wid all his wild expressions n feelings which r now filled wid so much anger only..,

The way SM was moving towards dem seems lyk all things will going to be very hard n so difficult for everyone to handle..,


Precap : Swara faints after seeing scenario in front of her..,

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