*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 16)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

Whereas Swara’s prettiest beauty was increasing day by day very n so much lyk anything wid her age..,

Coz of which SM’s deep,intense love n desire towards Swara was also raising n deepening simultaneously wid Swara’s incredible expanding beauty..,

Swara’s glowing beauty was just spreading more n more contribution to make her enticing,tempting n most ravishing wid each day passing..,

Swara’s over re-doubling more fairy n prettiest, graceful glance was very much enough to kill SM always lyk each n everytym at d spot only..,

SM was just going more n more crazy n mad day by day in Swara coz of her so much beyond infinite angelic, divine beauty..,


Wid each day passing SM engrossed more n more in Swara’s thoughts only coz of her day by day exceeding heavenly,angelic beauty.. ,

SM was totally lost in Swara only,n also nt wanted to come out of it for forever…,

By each meeting wid Swara,SM always feelink lyk he falling for her once again very deeply wid intense n true love…,

SM’s deep n intense love,unbearable crazyness n madness,more passion n uncontrollable desire towards Swara was increasing more n more,day by day wid each micro-sec passing,wid Swara’s disseminate n steepening enticing, beyond incredible,heavenly,breathtaking beauty which was growing lyk anything wid each n every tym passes..,

In dis all more strong,deep n true feelings towards Swara,SM made ‘TATTOO’of ‘SWARA’ name in ‘HEART SHAPE’on his chest,at d place of his heart,it pains more while making it,as it was written on d exact nerve of his heart as per SM’s wish,but he didn’t feel any sensation also while doing dis,or after did it coz at dat tym he was too much engulfed in thinking of Swara only..,

Now a days SM was just finding a way to propose Swara in very unique n most exclusive way.


Where as wid each day passing Swara n Sparsh were coming close to each other..,

While Sparsh’s love n madness towards Swara was also increasing more wid her elongating fairy ravishing beauty ..,

N in dis all feelings Sparsh was nt ready to allow Swara to be wid SM more tym,as it was hurted him very much..,

But after Swara’s convincing dat it is her professional lyf n as SM’s PA she has some responsibilities towards him,den he unwillingly somewat agrees wid her..,

N upto some level Swara was also trying hard to spend her most of d tym wid Sparsh only to remove all insecurity from inside him towards her..,


Here after lots of force n hard convincing from Namish, Swara decided to tell everything about Sparsh to her parents immediately..,

N one fine day Swara told everything abt Sparsh to her mommy-poppy,den by noticing Swara’s excitement they agrees to meet Sparsh at least once only,for their daughter’s satisfaction..,

On which Swara instructed Sparsh too much abt well-behave in front of her parents..,

N at last they meet..,

Swara’s mommy was nt at all happie,whereas Swara’s poppy was just silent nt showing any kind of expressions..,

After Sparsh left Swara’s poppy told her dat he will tell his decision to her after enquiring everything abt Sparsh..,

Whereas Swara’s mommy nt utter a single word also in dis matter..,

But Swara was happie dat her father gave somewat slight green signal to her,n she very well aware abt d fact dat if her poppy will be all agree for her n Sparsh’s relation then her poppy himself will convince her mommy,so she was nt at all bothered abt her mommy’s decision..,

Whereas Namish was happie for Swara,but he was totally shattered n broken from inside very badly,was just pretending to be smile fakely for Swara’s sake only,as he didn’t wanted to make Swara feel guilty abt him in any manner..,



Swara was coming from conference hall after looking all arrangements of next upcoming presentations..,

She was moving towards her cabin while cross-checking schedule of SM made by her as per timing arrangement..,

Then Laksh saw her as usual was engulfed in her own work only..,

Then he starts to come towards her..,

Actually from many days after realizing dat he loves Swara,Laksh was just finding a way to tell everything to her..,

But He never thought to confess his feeling to Swara lyk dis n dat too in office..,

But whenever Laksh asked Swara for coffee or dinner or some outing den he always used to face her timing issues only..,

As Swara’s most of d tym was engaged in SM only,n some little timing which remained through her busy schedule,she mostly prefer to spend dat wid Sparsh.

So here now Laksh saw Swara alone from SM..,

N he wanted to grasp dis opportunity,n in dis feelings he goes towards Swara to confess his feelings widout thinking much dat wat will she react or will think on his sudden confession..,

N he stands in front of Swara..,

Laksh : (nervous) Swara actually i, i mean.., i tho thoo.. thought ddaatt ddat..,

Swara who was engrossed in her work sensed weird behaviour of Laksh,n looks towards Laksh by little raising her head from her work stuff,n asked him..,

Swara : (Qnly look) Laksh wat happened..?? y r u sweating in AC environment..??

Laksh gained courage,n said wid nervousness..,

Laksh : (more nervous) Swara,i wanted to tell u something..,

Whereas Swara whose big beautiful eyes were still stuck on reading schedule of Sm,listened Laksh,n said..,

Swara : speak up whatever u wanted to tell,i’m listening..,

Laksh : (hell nervous) Swara i.., i want to tell u dat,i’m.., means.., actually it is.., d time i saw u..,

Interrupted by peon..,

Peon : ma’am SM sir is asking for u…,

Laksh frustration reached up to his level by listening dis..,

Whereas Swara said in replying to peon..,

Swara : ya, i’m just coming..,

Swara said while looking towards Laksh.,

Swara : Laksh we’ll talk later as…

Interrupted by Laksh..,

Laksh : (very sad tone) u have to go now,coz workaholic devil is calling u..,

Swara smiles by listening ‘DEVIL’ word for ‘THE GREAT SM’..,

Laksh : (hoping eyes) Swara will u come wid me for coffee at evening..,

Swara : sorry Laksh,coz SM wants me to do..,

Again interrupted by Laksh..,

Laksh : (sad voice) Swara,dnt tell me now dat u are going to do over-timing today also..,

Swara : (little bit sad) han..,

Laksh : okey den tell me when will u left from office,i will pick up u..,

N again continues..,

Laksh : n if u won’t mind den we can go for dinner ton8..,

Swara : i will left from office at 8:30,but so sorry can’t come wid u,as SM forced me to join for dinner wid him at n8 wid some imp business clients..,

Laksh : (frustrating tone) dis SM na..!!! Swara,can’t he left u alone for a single moment also..??

Swara said wid doubtful intentions…,

Swara : Laksh seems lyk u r wriggling to tell something very imp to me..???

Laksh was replying back to Swara but interrupted by one of d employee..,

Lady : excuse me,ma’am..,

Swara n Laksh both looks towards her.,

Swara : yes…,

Lady : ma’am, SM seems lyk in very angry mood as u dnt go for his cabin uptil now..,

Swara : (slight tensed tone) han,was just going..,

N again continues while looking towards Laksh..,

Swara : Laksh,dnt get me wrong,but plz excuse me for now..,

Laksh : its ok Swara, i can understand,we’ll talk later when u will have free tyming..,

Swara : (smiles little) sure..,

N wid saying dis Swara left for SM’s cabin..,


Whereas SM was solicitously waiting for Swara in his cabin..,

But when he lost all his patience,he came out of his cabin,n moved towards Swara wid furious steps.,

He held Swara’s fragile wrist very tightly,n dragged her towards his cabin..,

He entered into his cabin wid Swara n locked d door..,

N pinned up Swara to d wall n held her by her shoulders.,

SM : (anger voice) Swara i was waiting for u here,n where were u from longgg..,

Swara scared by seeing SM’s anger..,

Swara : (frightened voice) Sanskar, i was..,

Interrupted by SM..,

SM wid tightening his hold on Swara’s shoulder..,

SM : (anger tone) Swara how many times i have told u,never goes away from my view..,

While Swara winces in pain..,

Swara : (eyes slightly filled wid tears) Sanskar,it’s hurting..,

SM saw Swara’s beautiful,elegant eyes which were reflecting pain which she was sensing now..,

By noticing dis SM immediately left Swara..,

SM : (more panic) ohhh.., i’m extremely sorry Swara..,

N again continues..,

SM : (more panic) i was just lost my all control by nt seeing u in front of me..,

Wid saying this,SM held Swara’s smooth,soft hands..,

N made her sit on chair..,

N gives glass of water to her..,

Swara : no i dnt want it…,

But SM forced her..,

Then unwillingly Swara takes it n drank one sip of water..,

SM takes glass of water from Swara n kept it on table.,

Then he too sits on other chair,n holds Swara’s soft n smooth hands in his..,

SM : (emotional) Swara,i’m sorry once again,for hurting u..,

Swara said while avoiding eye contact wid SM..,

Swara : it’s ok..,

SM continues..,

SM : but Swara never ever forget dis thing dat u will have to be in front of my sight only..,

N again continues..,

SM : n always come widin no tym if i remembered u..,

Swara just simply nodded in ‘yes’on all dis..,

It was nt d 1st tym dat SM behaved lyk dis,he was really acts lyk mad n insane person if he unable to get Swara in front of his vision for a single micro-sec also..,

Where as Swara everytym noticed new,different n weird shade of SM but she took all dis lightly in a thought of SM must be feeling hard to work as his each n every work details is wid her only..,

Swars was unable to get SM’s real feelings behind his every moves,actions,expressions n also odd behaviour at everytym..,


At some day,Sparsh also talked wid his parents abt Swara..,

Where as his dad’s decision was totally dependent on his mom,but his mom was nt at all ready to listen anything abt Swara as his mom wanted rich girl for his son who will able to improve their economical condition..,

But after lots of argues of some days..,

Sparsh’s family agrees to meet Swara..,

After their meeting when Sparsh asked decision to his mom-dad then Sparsh’s dad said dat he will do full support to his mom in any decision where as his mom straight forward refuses for dis relation by giving lame excuses dat ‘Swara at least dnt knw abt to make coffee also,n she wore modern n short dresses only which i dnt lyk n all’

But Sparsh also told to his mom in determined tone dat ‘He will marry Swara only’.

N lyk dis every day at Sparsh’s home Sparsh n his mom always having arguments related to Swara topic..,

Where as Swara felt bad dat Sparsh’s mom rejected her by giving silly excuses,but Sparsh was assuring her dat his mom will get convince soon as his mom loves him a lot,while Swara smiles in replying back as she was having faith on Sparsh’s words..,


At Swara’s home,

It was Swara’s office holidy..,

Swara was in garden giving water to plants,n was also admiring nature’s beauty..,

Then she heard her mommy’s calling..,

She came in house,n was surprised to see person in front of her..,

Swara immediately goes towards dat person n gave tightly hug..,

Swara : (excitedly) wat a pleasant surprise Aarohi..!!!!

Aarohi was Swara’s childhood friend, understanding of both towards each other was very well.

After some chit chat wid some snacks,Swara n Aarohi came to Swara’s room..,

After settled down on couch, Aarohi said to Swara..,

Aarohi : so Swara,when u r going to give good news to me abt ur engagement wid Sparsh..,

Swara : (slight sad) still having some difficulties in convincing all..,

Aarohi : dnt worry shona,all will agree soon..,

Swara : (slight smiling) hope so..,

N again continues..,

Swara : but waise u r very lucky hn,finally u r soon going to marry ur love..,

Aarohi : (blushing) han..,

Swara : (curiously) hmm.., Just tell me how u realized dat u r in love,n how it feels actually,is it really weird feeling..???

N again continues..,

Swara : heard dat feels very unique sensation after falling in love..,

Aarohi became startled after hearing dis..,

Aarohi : (shocked) wat..??? still also u dnt love Sparsh..,

Swara while bowing her head down,said..,

Swara : (sad) no..,

Aarohi cupped Swara’s face,n said..,

Aarohi : (anger tone) then y d hell are u thinking to spend ur lyf wid Sparsh..??

Swara was abt to say something but interrupted by Aarohi..,

Aarohi : now dnt tell me dat u took dis decision just coz on d basis of liking him..,

Swara innocently nodded her head in ‘yes’

Aarohi’s anger peek to her level after seeing rply of Swara..,

Aarohi : (angry voice) Swara r u out of ur mind..?? u r doing wrong..,

Swara : no aarohi,Sparsh loves me so much..,

Aarohi : den in dat case, Namish is also sprinkle his lyf on u from d core of his heart..,

N again continues..,

Aarohi : n moreover he understands ur soul Swara,i dnt think in ur whole lyf any one will able to handle u lyk he does..,

Swara’s eyes filled wid tears after reminiscing Namish’s too much love n care towards her after listening Aarohi..,

Aarohi saw Swara’s tears filled eyes,n she said..,

Aarohi : (slight harshly) now y r u feeling bad 4 him Swara..?? accept d fact dat u hurted him very badly..,

Tears made their ways through Swara’s big beautiful,elegant eyes n was rolling from Swara’s fairy pinkish, so soft cheeks after listening Aarohi..,

Aarohi wipes Swara’s tears n hugs her..,

Swara said while sobbing still in hugging position..,

Swara : (crying voice) believe me Aarohi,i didn’t do it intentionally,i myself wants Namish’s happiness only,if it will be in my control na den i’ll take his all sorrow,pain,n will give him my all joy…,

N again continues…,

Swara : (while crying vigorously) but i’m totally helpless in doing dat..,

Aarohi was rubbing Swara’s back..,

Swara said to Aarohi while still in hugging position only..,

Swara : (crying tone) i knw i’m d sole reason behind his all pain n sadness,but just unable to get wat else should i do for him dat he could able to forget all which bringing tears in his eyes..

Aarohi breaks d hug,n once again wipes Swara unstoppable tears,n said..,

Aarohi : just ur slight,killing,grinning smile enough to made him forget his all pain for a moment..,

But Swara’s continous flow of tears were nt ready to stop..,

Den Aarohi one more tym made attempt of wiping Swara’s unremitting tears,n said..,

Aarohi : sshhh Swara dnt cry..,

N again continues while making pout..,

Aarohi : if Namish will comes to know na dat i made cry his angel,den he will nt allow me to meet u at all..,

Swara slightly smiled by seeing Aarohi’s pout n also on d statement of her..,

Aarohi takes deep sigh of relief after noticing Swara’s very slight smile,n said..,

Aarohi : thnk god,at last i found it..,

Swara asked to Aarohi while wiping her continous flow of tears wid confused expressions..,

Swara : (confused tone) wat..??

Aarohi said while pulling Swara’s pinkish,most fairy cheeks..,

Aarohi : ur smile dear,for which all boys r ready to die at any instant..

N after some chit chat on all other stuff,Aarohi again dragged Swara to d point,coz now she eagerly wants to knw d reason behind choosing Sparsh.

Aarohi : (calmly) now tell me Swara, y u agree to marry wid Sparsh..,

Swara : Aarohi,when Sparsh proposed me den i accepted his proposal, coz i was liking him,n thought dat at some point in my lyf will fall for him,n just in dis all feelings i became ready to marry him.

Aarohi asked Swara to answer her truly by seeing in her eyes…,

Aarohi : means u r really nt having any feeling for Sparsh..,

Swara : no.

Aarohi : n u agree to marry him in a thought of will fall for him some day..,

Swara : yes.

Aarohi : n wat if it won’t happen at all,den will u leave him..,

Swara lost in deep thoughts after listening Aarohi’s dis Qn.,

Aarohi shakes Swara n asked her..,

Aarohi : answer me Swara..,

Swara came to sense n said..,

Swara : Aarohi,i already gave him too much hopes,now i cant leave him,if i do so den may be he will nt be able to bear it..,

Aarohi : (doubtful intentions)means u will be lyk dis wid him whole lyf..

Swara : (slight sad) shayad.

Swara saw Aarohi’s expressions on her rply,den Swara said while assuring Aarohi..,

Swara : dnt feel bad Aarohi, u knw wat Sparsh told me dat ‘HIS ALONE LOVE IS ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US’

Aarohi : (while giving up) k as u wish..,

N again continues..,

Aarohi : (serious tone) but wants to tell u dat,’LYF IS NT AS MUCH SIMPLE WHICH U R THINKING’

Swara : (confused) means wat..??

Aarohi : (stern voice) u will easily comes to knw dis after experiencing it..,

N again continues while diverting topic..,

Aarohi : i heard dat ur boss ‘Mr.SM’ is too much handsome,dashing n hot hn..,

N again continues..,

Aarohi : (naughty smile) Swara y dnt u try on him,after all he’s having 1st rank in rich personalities..,

Swara : (uninterestingly) i’m nt interested in it..,

Aarohi : but y ur expressions seeing lyk somewat changed after listening his name..,

Swara : (nervous) i dnt knw,how should i tell dis..,

Aarohi : (impatiently)speak up na Swara..,

Swara : dnt knw,but whenever he looks towards me,i always felt very weird,n if i see in his eyes by mistaken den i felt lyk something is dragging me to let myself flow in his brown,deep eyes,dats y i always avoid his gaze,just nt wanted to loose myself in his..,

Aarohi at some slight point got d reason behind dis situation,as she herself is in love wid someone,but den also just in a feeling of wanted to get confirmed whether her thinking is on r8 track or nt,she asked Swara..,

Aarohi : have u ever made eye contact wid Sparsh..,

Swara : (wid flow) han many times….,

By sensing somewat different in Swara’s tone,Aarohi asked Swara..,

Aarohi : have u did it forcefully..,

Swara didn’t replied her..,

Aarohi : Swara tell me,wat am i asking to u..??

Swara replied to her while avoiding eye contact wid her..,

Swara : yes.

Aarohi : (shocked) wat..?? but y..??

Swara : i made eye-lock wid him just in a feeling of trying to search trueness in his love for me through his eyes coz eyes always reflects real n true feeling na..,

N again continues while seeing Aarohi’s expressions on her rply..,

Swara : ya i totally agree to dis fact dat, i did eye-contact wid him forcefully,but i did it just in a attempt of confirming whether i made r8 decision of choosing him or nt..,

Aarohi asked doubtefully..,

Aarohi : whether u exact found which u always try to search in his eyes my making attempt of eye-locking forcefully..,

Swara said in confident voice..,

Swara : han i found it,he truly loves me..,

Aarohi was abt to say something but interrupted by Swara’s mommy..,

Swara’s mommy came there n said..,

Mommy : Shona,Aarohi till how much tym u girls will talk now,come outside n sit wid me also..,

N again continues while looking towards Aarohi..,

Mommy : Aarohi when u r going to give us wedding card invitation of ur marriage beta..,

Aarohi : (blushing) immediately after fixing date of marriage aunty,

N again continues..,

Aarohi : but i’m telling from now itself,u all will have to come 2 weeks before only,no any excuses hn..,

Mommy : sure beta,afterall u r Swara’s childhood friend,n just lyk Shona for me..,

N wid saying dis they chit-chat for sometym,after dat Aarohi left for her house…,


Precap : (my d most favourite part) SM sees Swara n Sparsh wid each other in parking area while breaking hug..,
Now all lyfs will changed totally coz of ‘THE GREAT SM’…,

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