*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 15)*”*”*”*”*”*”*
By listening ring sound of Swara’s mobzi,both Swara n Sparsh came to sense..,

Swara goes towards her bag,takes her mobzi,n picks up d call..,

While Sparsh also goes towards Swara n back hugs her,n rest his chin on Swara’s shoulder..,

**********# ON CALL #***********

OS : Swara, come fast to xyz cafe,as i want to discuss 1 imp project wid u.., n ya one more thing keep ur all planning of today’s evening aside,as we r going to attend 1 business party..,

Swara : but SANS..,

Interrupted by other side..,

SM : (stern voice) i know,its holiday but always work should be first only..,

Swara : (sad tone) ok,i’ll be there widin 20 min..,

Swara hung up d call..,

N also breaks d hug..,

By realizing Swara’s sad face,Sparsh said..,

Sparsh : wat happened..??

Swara : nothing,just i should go..,

Sparsh while hugging again, said to Swara..,

Sparsh : don’t go na,stay here for sometym..,

Swara : Sparsh plzz let me go,as its urgent..,

Sparsh breaks d hug n said..,

Sparsh : ok den we’ll go for dinner ton8 n will able to spend some quality tym wid each other..,

Swara : no,it won’t b possible as i will have to go wid SM for one business party..,

Sparsh felt jealousy by listening SM from Swara’s sweet n melodious voice..,

N in dis feelings he pulls Swara towards him,n said while looking into Swara’s most beautiful big eyes..,

Sparsh : (little bit angry tone) Swara u r nt his girlfriend,dat u will attend party wid him..,

Swara pulls Sparsh’s nose n said..,

Swara : aww my over-possessive BF,dnt worry i’m all urs only..,

Sparsh : (sad tone) but Swara..,

Swara : plzz now, no but’s n if’s Sparsh,i’m getting late..,

Wid saying dis she kissed on Sparsh’s cheeks n said..,

Swara : bye.,

Swara frees herself from Sparsh’s grip n starts to go..,

Whereas Sparsh held Swara’s delicate wrist n said..,

N said wid lots of love filled in his eyes for Swara..,


Swara gives smile to him while replying..,

Sparsh comes towards Swara, n kissed on Swara’s forhead n said..,

Sparsh : bye,take care,n call me whenever u’ll become free..,

Swara : (assuring smile) sure..,

N wid saying dis she left from there by bidding bye to Ruhana..,
At cafe..,

SM was waiting for Swara eagerly n impatiently..,

Discussing project was just a pretence for SM to meet Swara as he was missing her very badly n was madly wriggling to meet her..,

N there he saw her in modern hot dress coming towards him wid killing,grinning smile..,

Swara’s more fairy beautiful, gorgeous ,divine prettiest face was just forcing SM very much to fall for her once again…,

SM totally mesmerized by seeing Swara, n skipped his heart bits at dat moment only when his gaze spread on Swara ..,

Swara’s look was tempting him too much coz of dat he really felt lyk he was falling for her once again..,

His heart was jumping from inside feeling lyk was ready to come out at any instant..,

SM all tym was just totally lost in Swara’s incredible n indescribable ,fairy more prettiest divine angelic beauty..,

They spend some time wid each other while discussing project..,

At last while going SM gifts Swara one more expensive n very beautiful dress, n told her to wear dis for party..,

But Swara was nt ready to take it,

But SM forced her to accept..,

Then Swara hesitantly takes it..,

N SM dropped Swara to her home, n told her dat to be ready on tym as he will pick up her from her home..,

Swara just simply nodded n left towards her home..,
At evening,

SM stops his car in front of Swara’s home..,

N after some tym he was nt at all able to believe on his own eyes..,

SM was totally stunned n fully mesmerized after seeing Swara,

N after lots of calling wid more loudly n shaking lyk anything to SM by Swara,he came to sense n drove his car towards party venue..,

At party,

Swara was just looking lyk more beautiful queen of all heavenly angels in party..,

Whereas SM was still in very much shocked in a thought of ‘how could one looks dis much beautiful’.

Swara’s more fairy prettiest, heavenly glamorous ,divine beautiful face was just increasing party’s gorgeousness too much..,

n also most of d people was busy while speaking n praising abt Swara’s incredible beauty wid their business related talks..,

wid dis so many SM’s business dealers n clients were compliments to SM n Swara dat they looks more perfect wid each other n also seems like made for each other only..,

Whereas SM became more dan happie on these kinds of comments..,

While Swara was feeling uncomfortness by listening it..,

As SM n Swara enters into party venue upto left from there SM never takes his hand back from Swara’s delicate waist as seeing lyk he wanted to tell everybody dat ‘SHE IS FOR HIM ONLY’.

SM n Swara danced wid each other so close..,

SM was roaming his hands on Swara’s body very much sensuously yet romantically while dancing..,

N was pulling Swara more n more towards him..,

Whereas Swara was feeling uncomfort wid SM’s every touch..,

but she was being lyk silent as it was grand business party,n she didn’t wanted to create any mess..,

after leaving from party,both SM n Swara were sitted in car..,

as it became very late n8 n moreover due to tiredness Swara was feeling very sleepy..,

but she was doing control on herself from sleeping..,

but widin fraction of some min Swara slept by cool silent flow of breeze..,

whereas SM was abt to break silence in between both,looked towards Swara n saw her in cute, innocent angelic beauty sleep…,

n was totally lost in her only..,

after somtym SM stopped car at side..,

n goes close to Swara..,

caresses her shiny hairs lovingly..,

n looks towards Swara’s rosy,tempting,soft pinkish lips..,

n was trying hard nt to loose his control..,

but after so much trying at last..,

he goes very close to Swara…

N SM slowly placed his rough lips on Swara’s rosy,pinkish,enticing soft lips..,

N was rolling his lips on Swara’s rosy,seductive lips very sensuously in a feeling of sensing their deep touch n was suspecting their juice..,

Was favouring each n every corner of dem very slightly yet slowly such dat Swara’s sleep won’t get disturbed due to dis..,

N soon left dem by keeping hard n so much control on himself,as he didn’t wanted to disturbed Swara’s beauty sleep..,

N also nt wanted to made his bad img in Swara’s eyes due to his impatience..,

He caressed Swara’s more beautiful,fairy face sensously..,

N said..,


N again continues..,

SM : see, i’ll make our lyf much more beautiful..,

SM : n soon,i’ll gonna propose u my love,as i’m unable to live away from u now..,

SM : (lovingly wid desiredful tone) Swara i eagerly wanted u badly,i wanna a mark u as mine for forever by my deep n intense love babe..,

SM : (determined voice) n i promise dat day will come in our lyf so soon when we’ll become one for forever..,

N wid saying dis he pecked Swara’s soft rosy lips..,

N said..,


N again pecked Swara’s pinkish,rosy lips n said..,


SM admires Swara n after sometym he drove d car towards Swara’s home..,

He reached Swara’s home..,

Still also Swara was in her deep sleep only..,

SM stops d car in front of Swara’s home…,

SM looks towards Swara more lovingly who was totally engulfed in her peaceful beauty sleep only wid angelic n sweet smile on her rosy,enticing lips.

SM was again totally lost in admiring her incredible angelic beauty while sleeping..,

But suddenly his mobzi’s msg beep sound dragged him into reality..,

N his gaze spread on tyming..,

Then SM said to himself by looking towards Swara..,

SM : (slightly tensed) ohhh shiitt..!!! it’s became 1: 45 AM,Swara’s mom-dad must be waiting for her,i should do something..,

He was abt to calling Swara wid making an attempt of waking her up..,

But stops in middle by noticing Swara’s beautiful,killing smile in her angelic sleep.

N shakes his head while slightly blushing..,

N gets out of d car..,

Opened door of Swara’s side..,

Takes Swara in his arms..,

N walks towards Swara’s home while taking Swara in bridal style..,

SM was totally lost in capturing Swara’s peaceful expressions while sleeping..,

N widin some fraction of 1 min,he reached upto door..,

He rang d door bell..,

N quickly door gets opened..,

SM saw Swara’s mommy while blabbering something..,

Mishti : Swara,wats d ti…

Interrupted by seeing view in front of her..,

Swara’s poppy was standing behind Swara’s mommy..,

Shekhar immediately comes towards SM by capturing scenario in front of his sight,n was abt to asking something,but stopped by SM..,

SM : (whisphered in low voice) ssshhhhh….!!! uncle 1st show me Swara’s bedroom,i’ll explain u everything..,

By nt understanding anything n wid confused face Swara’s mommy-poppy both showing SM d way towards Swara’s room,

n was following SM silently..,

SM enters into Swara’s bedroom,n gently yet slowly placed her on bed..,

Widout noticed by Swara’s mommy-poppy..,

SM Sensuously caressed Swara’s fairy,pinkish cheeks,n whisphered..,

SM : (loving tone) u looks more beautiful while sleeping..,

SM covers Swara by blanket..,

N widout noticed by Swara’s mommy-poppy gave kiss on Swara’s hairs n whisphered in low tone yet lovingly..

SM : (loving voice) good night jan,sleep well…!!!!!

N after dat he left from there..

Now trio comes in hall..,

SM explains Swara’s mommy-poppy everything..,

Dat, He is Swara’s boss,n due to late n8 Swara slept in car,n by sensing her tiredness he didn’t disturbed her sleep,n carried her towards home from car..,

N after describing everything SM left from there by taking blessings of both..,

By listening everything from SM, Swara’s mommy-poppy takes deep sigh of relief by realizing dat all is fine wid Swara as they were shocked by seeing Swara in SM’s arms in a thought of something happens to her..,

Precap : – Laksh : (frustrating tone) dis SM na, Swara he never left u alone for a single moment also..,
N again continues..,
Laksh : (cursing SM while making disgusting faces) such a workaholic devil creature..!!!!
Whereas Swara smiles by listening ‘DEVIL’ for SM …,

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