*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 14)*”*”*”*”*”*”*
Swara was trying hard for struggling,but failed to free herself from Sparsh’s very tight grip..,

N when she realized dat she is unable to make herself free from Sparsh’s so tight hold, then helplessly she starts convincing Sparsh to leave her..,

Swara : (more uncomfortness wid hell nervous) Sparsh dnt do dis.., n leave me plzz…,

But Sparsh was nt ready to give any little heed also to Swara’s words..,

N now he was abt to smash his rough lips on Swara’s more soft rosy fetching lips..,

Then at sudden……..

Swara slapped Sparsh..,

Sparsh held his cheek n looked towards Swara wid shocking face..,

Whereas Swara became startled by dis act of her..,

Her hands automatically goes on her mouth in amazed..,

She was trying to get wat has happened just some secs ago..,

N when she realized dat she slapped Sparsh..,

She moved her soft hands towards Sparsh’s face..,

N was trying to say something wid tears filled eyes..,

Swara : (concern) Sparsh i….,

Interrupted by Sparsh’s action..,

Sparsh jerked her smooth,delicate hands..,

N left from there in anger wid frustrating look..,

Whereas Swara was following him by calling his name,but stopped in middle by peon’s voice..,

Peon told her dat SM is calling her..,

She simply nodded n made her way towards SM’s cabin wid sad face..,

In SM’s cabin,
SM n Swara was discussing abt some deal..,

Then after some tym SM starts feeling irritation by Swara’s so much of ‘SIR’ sounding..,

SM looks towards Swara wid irritating face..,

He gets up from his chair,n moved towards Swara..,

He tightly held her so soft n smooth hands..,

N dragged her wid him..,

Whereas in office everyone was looking towards both in more shocked n wid amazed face only..,

SM came outside his ‘ENTERPRISE’ wid holding Swara’s fragile wrist very tightly..,

Whereas Swara was looking towards SM wid more confusing look..,

SM opened his car’s door n made Swara sit inside,n put seat belt on her,n closed d door..,

N he too seats at starring seat..,

N starts d car..,

He was driving car very fastly wid frustrating look..,

Whereas Swara starts to become frightened by d speed of car..,

She was watching SM wid more confused n intimidate look..,

But car’s speed was increasing more wid time passes..,

Now Swara starts shivering due to speed of car…,

She gathered courage n asked SM dat..,

Swara : (choking voice) ssiirrrr wwat wat hhaapp hhaaappenneeeddd..??

SM increased car’s speed more by listening ‘SIR’ from Swara’s mouth again..,

Swara : (shivering) sir stop d car,or else decrease d speed,i’m feeling scared..,

But Swara unknowingly wid repeated times was motivating SM by addressing him as ‘SIR’ again n again..,

Which results dat car was getting more n more speed dan previous..,

But it was all became out of Swara’s control,n she held SM’s hand tightly in fear..,

While SM looked towards Swara by sensing her soft n smooth,tight touch..,

N noticed so much fear in her big beautiful eyes..,

but he again looked towards front n said to Swara dat..,

SM : (stern voice) Swara 1st stop calling me sir..,

Swara became confused by listening SM..,

Swara : (confused tone) wat..??? but y..???

SM : I said na nt to call me me sir again..,

N wid saying dis he again increased speed of car..,

Which was scaring Swara more..,

Swara : (shivering voice) den by wat name should i address u..???

SM spread his gaze on Swara n said..,

SM : (calmly) call me by my name..,

Swara : (shocked) wat..???

SM wid increasing speed,said to Swara..,

SM : Swara 1st call me Sanskar,den only i’ll drive car wid normal speed..,

Swara : but how could i..?? means, i i dnt have dat rrr r8..??

SM wid increasing more speed looks towards Swara n starts to loose himself in her most beautiful,deep elegant eyes,but composed himself somehow n said..,

SM : dis wat u have only..!!!!

Swara didn’t get wat SM just said..,

But her fear was scaring her more wid car’s speed,so….

Widin no tym wid no option left,she said by her sweet,melodious voice..,

Swara : SANSKAR,decrease d speed plzz,i’m feeling scared..,

By listening ‘SANSKAR’ from Swara’s melodious n sweet voice,SM applied d break wid full force,n stops d car at sudden..,

Whereas Swara closed her big beautiful eyes tightly due to jerked sound of break..,

SM looks towards Swara more lovingly..,

He came close to Swara, n tucked her hair strands behind her ears by sensuously touching her more beautiful, enticing, prettiest face,n said..,

SM : (lovingly) Swara,open ur eyes,see i stopped d car..,

By listening SM n after realizing dat car has been stopped Swara slowly slowly opened her graceful eyelashes n looks towards SM by her big beautiful eyes..,

Swara take deep sigh of relief by sensing dat she is all fine..,

While SM was looking towards Swara widout blinking his eyes wid deep intense gaze..,

SM said to Swara wid pleading tone..,

SM : (lovingly) Swara will u plz call me ‘SANSKAR’ again for once only..??

Swara looks towards SM wid confused look but by nt understanding anything she doesn’t think too much n said..,

Swara : (childish tone) okey..,

N again continues..,

Swara : (innocently) Sanskar can we plz go back,as imp clients are waiting for u in conference hall..,

By listening Swara,SM’s happiness cross all bounds n in dis feelings he immediately hugged Swara tightly to express his joy n said..,

SM : (more happie) thank u,thank u so much Swara for giving me dis great pleasure..,

Swara didn’t reciprocate due to uncomfortness,but was being lyk dis as SM’s grip was very much tight dat she could nt able to move by inch also,

But was struggling to free…,

Whereas SM was in his own world only..,

But after sometimes by realizing Swara’s struggle,he slowly slowly starts to loose his grip..,

N by taking dis as a chance Swara immediately tries to break d hug..,

N at last she succeed in breaking d hug,n wid more confused feelings, she said..,

Swara : (wid killing grinning smile) ur welcome..,

SM while starting d car,said..,

SM : so, can we move now..??

Swara said wid little scaring voice..,

Swara : (cutely wid slight scaring tone) han, but wid normal speed hn..,

SM looks towards Swara n captures her prettiest,innocent,cute look lovingly,

N starts laughing on her words..,

Whereas Swara also joins him..,

SM : (laughing while driving d car) dnt worry, u’ll be all safe only..,

N wid saying dis he made his way towards ‘SM ENTERPRISES’.
At night,

Swara tried many times to talk to Sparsh,but he was nt at all picking up her call..,

But as she was too tired,she slept while dialing call to him..,

At morning..,

It was more beautiful n peaceful morning…,

But nt for our ‘SWASAN’

As it was holiday,so Sanskar was sooooo sad dat today he will nt able to adore Swara’s more fairy prettiest,heavenly glamorous ,divine beautiful face…,

He was missing her very badly..,

Whereas Swara was nt at all happie coz sparsh was nt ready to talk to her..,

At afternoon

As it became afternoon till also Swara was nt succeed to make Sparsh convince..,

Suddenly one thing strike to her mind..,

N she made call to Ruhana..,

Then Ruhana assures her dat she will help her ‘BHABHI’.

Swara blushed when Ruhana called her as ‘BHABHI’.

Then after sometym Ruhana called Swara n told dat her mom-dad is nt at home.,

So she asked Swara to come at home,for convincing Sparsh..,

Swara happily became ready n goes to Sparsh’s home widout his awareness..,

At Sparsh’s home,

After door bell ringing Ruhana told Sparsh to open d door..,

Sparsh who was totally engulfed in Swara’s thoughts only,unknowingly goes n opens d door…,

N became shocked by seeing Swara in front of him..,

He was going to hug her in happiness,but suddenly yesterday’s incident strike to his mind,n he goes away from there to his room, widout uttering a single word also..,

After Sparsh left Ruhana wel-come Swara,n called her inside..,

N after some chit-chat abt Sparsh only,both left for Sparsh’s room..

Sparsh saw Swara in his room,but didn’t give any expressions to her,

N was pretending dat he is so much busy in reading file..,

Then to handle d situation,Ruhana takes lead n said..,

Ruhana : bhai,bhabhi wants to talk to u..,

Sparsh said while looking towards Swara

Sparsh : (stern voice) don’t call her bhabhi Ruhana,as she is nt..,

By listening dis Swara became angry n she said while looking towards Sparsh..,

Swara : Ruahana dnt listen others,u r free to call me by any name u want..,

By sensing d temperature of environment Ruahana made excuse n left from there..,

After Ruahana left from room,Swara goes towards Sparsh n sit in front of him..,

She takes his hands in her smooth n soft hands n said..,

Swara : Sparsh, I’m really sorry,i didn’t wanted to hurt u yesterday..,

But Sparsh didn’t give any heed to her words,n looked towards other side..,

Then Swara cupped his face,n made him face to her n said..,

Swara : (sad tone) Sparsh, listen to me at least for once only..,

N again continues..,

Swara : okey, if u want then u can beat me..,

Sparsh jerked Swara’s soft hands n stands up from some distance to Swara by facing his back..

Swara goes towards Sparsh n back hugs him n said..,

Swara : Sparsh,plzz talk to me..,

N again continues..,

Swara : if u want u can kiss me,i won’t say u anything.., but plzz don’t be silent lyk dis..,

N again continues wid tears filled eyes..,

Swara : u dnt know how much i missed u..,

But Swara felt very bad,by nt getting any rply from him..,

Now Swara breaks d hug,n wipes her tears,n said..,

Swara : okey,if u dnt want to talk to me,den i’ll leave from here..,

N wid saying dis she starts to go from room..,

But suddenly she felt warmth touch of Sparsh on her back..,

Sparsh : Swara i love u very much,plzz don’t leave me,i won’t be able to live widout u..,

Swara takes his hands in her’s,n hugs him by facing his front…,

Sparsh said while tightening his grip on Swara wid tears filled eyes..,

Sparsh : i’m really sorry,i shouldn’t have force u yesterday..,

Swara : i’m sorry too..,

Sparsh : i love u very much baby..,

Swara : i know..,

N after some min they breaks d hug..,

Swara said while pulling Sparsh’s nose…,

Swara : n l lyk dis angry bird so much..,

Sparsh : ahh Swara..,

Wid saying dis Sparsh wrapped his hands around Swara’s delicate waist..,

Den Swara also rested her soft n smooth hands around Sparsh ‘s neck n said..,

Swara : so wat were u saying to Ruhana, dat i’m nt her bhabhi hn..,

Sparsh : (naughty smile) ya i just told truth na..,

Swara raised her well-shaped black eyebrows n said..,

Swara : achcha,so now also i’m nt her bhabhi..,

Sparsh : no sweetheart,u r everything to me,n of course of Ruhana’s bhabhi..,

N wid saying dis they rested their foreheads against each other..,

N was lost into each others eyes..,

But disturbed by ring of Swara’s mobzi..,

Precap :- SM gets chance to feel Swara’s tempting,rosy,seductive lips again..,

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