*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 13)*”*”*”*”*”*”*
Swara immediately picks up d call, n before she could able to say something, Namish starts conversation…,

(ya of course call was from Namish only.., Swara’s true bestie)

Namish : (more lovingly) Swara..,

Tears starts flowing from Swara’s big beautiful eyes as soon as she hears her name from Namish’s lovingly tone..,

Swara : (crying tone) hmm…,

Namish’s eyes also automatically started feeling wid tears by sensing Swara’s condition..,

Namish :(hell worried) r u crying my barbie..??

Swara : (slight crying voice) no.

By listening dis single big drop of tear rolled from Namish’s both eyes, in a thought of ‘Y Swara making an attempt of hiding her emotions from me as she very well know dat she can’t able to do it at all’

Namish : (more sad tone) dnt ever try to lie wid me Swara, u very well aware abt d fact dat i can easily able to perceive ur each n every feeling baby.

N again continues..,

Namish : dnt u trust me Swara..??

By listening dis Swara immediately replied to him dat..,

Swara : I trust u more dan anything in dis whole universe Namish..,

Namish : Then y u r nt able to share wid me d thing which is bothering u from inside..,

Swara : I myself dnt knw abt anything..?? den wat will I able to tell u..??

Namish : (slight crying tone) den wat happened so suddenly dat u stops talk to wid ur Namish also..,

Swara : (crying tone ) dnt knw..?? just feeling guilty..,

Namish : (confused n more sad tone) guilty for wat??

After reminiscing reason behind guilty emotions Swara started crying badly,due to which Namish became more n more worried n automatically continuous flow of tears started to rolled from his eyes also.,

But he just can’t able to see Swara like dis,so to lighten d pressure from her to tell him everything, he said..,

Namish : (crying voice) okey, I won’t force u to tell me anything,but 1st stop urself from crying,u can’t fall weak lyk dis,i wanna a see u strong my love..,

N again continues..,

Namish : (wid pleading n crying tone) plzz angel.., dnt cry, its hearty request from me to u..,

Namish was trying hard to know d reason behind dis condition ofSwara,so dat after knowing actual cause he could able to dissipate this problem from her lyf n will able to succeed to bring her most beautiful killing grinning smile back. But she was nt at all responding him d way he want,dats y 1st he was managing to make her normal in all way.

N somehow after too much lots of convincing Namish able to succeed to make Swara normal.

N when he sensate dat she is able to bewray all den he again asked her to tell him everything due to which she is feeling restless.

N wid full,strong support from Namish, Swara slowly slowly manages to tell him everything abt lift’s incident.

By listening Swara’s talk 1st Namish became shattered badly,

As he was her bestie but he was doing true n real love to her coz of dat he didn’t able to bear dis thing dat Swara kissed someone..,

But by over-viewing scenario in front of his sight,he trying hard to compose himself coz for now itself his 1st n d last preference was only to take out Swara from dis guilty feeling,

N after lots of hard struggle wid himself,he succeed to make slight little bit control on himself.

N after understanding situation from Swara’s point of view he starts to make Swara realized dat she was nt at her fault,she was just trying to save someone’s lyf,so there is nothing to feel guilty abt anything,she didn’t do any wrong moreover she succeed to save someone’s lyf which was stuck into danger.

Then Swara asked Namish..,

Swara : (innocently) means, I didn’t do any wrong..??

Namish : (little bit crying tone) no sweetheart,u didn’t..,

Swara : (cutely) in short, I don’t betray Sparsh na??

Namish : (still in slight crying tone) no,never.

N again continues..,

Namish : (crying voice) u know wat Swara, u r so pure by heart,u can’t do any wrong wid anybody.

By listening Namish’s crying voice, Swara burst out into vigorously crying,

But somehow Namish again handle her so softly.

N Like this after lots of convincing by Namish,at last Swara able to remove guilty feeling from her heart n mind.

Swara : (sad voice) but I should tell dis to Sparsh na,as we promised dat we’ll nt hide anything from each other.

By Swara’s talk Namish knows very well dat Sparsh is little bit over-possessive abt her,so to save their relation he adviced Swara dat..,

Namish : no barbie,dnt do dat,i think he will nt b able to understand ur situation coz of his over-possessive nature towards u,n as a result ur relation wid him may be stuck in danger,which i really dnt want at all.

Swara : (innocently) but hw can I hide dis thing from him..???

Namish : no angel,u r nt hiding anything from him, u r just making try of saving ur n Sparsh’s realtion,by nt telling dis to him..,

At last Namish succeed to make Swara understand all things in r8 n correct manner only.

N after dat Namish make Swara sleep peacefully wid all good feelings only.

After he confirms dat Swara is being slept cannily, he disconnects d call.

N after dat he cried for longgggg tym,by reminiscing Swara only coz it’s unable to bear n beyond intolerable thing for him dat Swara kissed someone..,

At morning,

Swara wake up after very coolly angelic beauty sleep by Namish’s as usual morning efforts only,n starts to become ready for office wid more happie heavenly prettiest ravishing face n cute killing grinning smile,as nothing has happened wid her yesterday..,

N as per daily routine Sparsh n Swara goes for office wid together.

In dis 1 n ½ month of after joining office,Swara became close wid everybody coz of her bubbly n childish nature,everyone was liking n enjoying her company very much.


Its tym of after lunch..,

All were busy in doing work on some important project in Nikhil’s cabin as Nikhil was head of dis project,

All team members of project were present there.

N raglak were nt part of dis project,so they r busy in their respective work only.

In Nikhil’s cabin,

As Nikhil was too much life enjoying n fun loving person but he was very serious abt his work.

All team members were very busy while discussing project realated ideas.,

but after some tym all started became some wat bore as they were doing non-stop working from long hours..,

N now all were needed some refreshment..,

So by sensing d environment Swara said..,

Swara : (lazy tone) I’m feeling bore guys..,

Kunal : me too..,

N wid saying dis he yawned.

Nikhil :(stern voice) but we dnt have any other option dan doing dis.

Sonam : (tired tone) guys plzz,nt now,I’m nt in a mood to do more work.

Nikhil : (serious tone) but we have to do dis anyhow,so plz just concentrate ok.

N wid saying dis he engulfed himself in files.

All were looking towards Nikhil wid disgusting look.

But to lighten everyone’s mood,Swara said..,

Swara : (excitedly) guys wat abt some refreshment..??

Nikhil looks towards Swara wid impossible look.

While Swara giggles in replying to him..,

Sonam : (happily) ya, I’m ready for dat..,

Kunal : (in excitement) hey, me too.

Swara : (slight sad) but hw we’ll enjoy..?? if our project head will nt give us permission for dat..,

Wid saying dis she looked towards Nikhil.,

N after dat all were looking towards Nikhil wid hoping eyes…,

Nikhil : (convincing tone) guys plzz dnt give me dis look,dnt u knw abt SM,if he’ll comes to know dat we were having fun instead of work in office hr,then he’ll surely kill us..,

Swara : (relaxed tone) dnt worry Nikhil,its just matter of ½ hr only,nt more dan dat..,

Sonam : Nikhil abhi jyada bhav mat kha..,

Kunal :han bhai,ab man bhi ja..,

N again continues..,

Kunal : (flirty voice) how can u annoy these more beautiful girls yr..???

Sonam : (impossible look) u will never change na kunal..,

Kunal shrug his shoulder n said..,

Kunal : (naughty smile) never ever baby..,

Nikhil : (frustrating voice) stopped it guys..,

Den all starts doing pleading to Nikhil..,

Then after some more convincing Nikhil agrees n said..,

Nikhil : but for ½ hr only,nt more dan dat ok??

All said together wid folding hands n bowing head in front of nikhil : are han khadoos SM ke bore obedient employee.

While Nikhil gives deathly glare to all..,

N after some secs all bursted out into laughing..,

Swara : (happily) heyy.., so let’s start guys..,

Kunal : (sadly) but wat kind of fun will do in ½ hr only..,

Sonam : han Swara..??

Wid saying dis Sonam makes pout..,

Swara : (excitedly) dnt worry guys,i’ve 1 idea, we’ll play ‘MOCKING’ game..,

Wid saying dis she starts to tell rules of dis game to all.

N after listening Swara everyone agrees wid her for playing dis game.

Soon they starts d game..,

All were enjoying n having so much fun wid together.

Now it was of Swara’s turn of ‘DOING MOCKING’ .

N opposite team told her to do mocking of Laksh..,

Then she nodded in yes,n starts doing perfect mocking of Laksh.

whereas everyone was just holding their stomach due to so much laughing coz of Swara’s antics..,

Meanwhile Laksh enters into d cabin n was surprised to see everyone’s laughing faces.,

N den his gaze spread on Swara, who was engrossed in doing her childish antics while doing mocking of Laksh so cleanly,

Whereas Laksh became shocked by realizing dat Swara is making fun of him which was enjoying by everone too much..,

N when it became out of his control, he shouts as ‘Swara’ wid fake anger..,

By listening Laksh’s voice everyone became silent.

N widin no tym everyone started enjoying live show of tom n jerry in cabin.

Meanwhile Swara opened cabin’s door n starts running outside d cabin..,

Laksh : (while running behind Swara) Swara stop, i won’t leave u, u were making fun of mine na..!! see now,no one will able to save u from me..,

Swara : (while running wid laughing face, looks behind towards Laksh) if u r having courage na,den 1st catch me Laksh..,

Laksh : (while running) courage..?? let me show u my curage den..,

N wid saying dis Laksh started to run faster dan previous to catch Swara..,

Suddenly one so much handsome charm came in middle,n Swara accidently collide wid dat guy n was about to fall on floor but two most strong hand held her from slipping, n Swara saved..,

Swara closed her big beautiful eyes tightly in a fear of deciduous..,

While dat hot guy was nt ready to leave her n was very much engrossed in admiring her d most prettiest angelic breathtaking beauty..,

After sensing dat she is safe now, Swara slowly slowly opened her graceful eyelashes n was trying to view scenario by her big beautiful eyes..,

N she became startled by seeing dat guy..,

While dat guy was enjoying Swara’s each n every little expression whole heartenedly…,

N for some little tym, passionate eye lock takes place in between dem..,

Whereas Laksh was feeling something weird in his heart by seeing view in front of him..,

Meanwhile Sparsh who was coming towards Laksh’s cabin for giving some imp files to him could able to capture dis scenario.,

N first he became shocked by watching Swara in someone’s strong arms.,

‘N started feeling more n more jealousy by seeing Swara n SM so close to each other’.

Ya dat guy was none other dan our dashing,hot,handsome hunk ‘THE GREAT SM’.

Who was holding Swara more tight dan ever in his dense grip.

Whereas Sparsh started firming in anger wid tremendous jealousy..,

N when it became out of his control, he fist his hand in anger n left from there..,

After coming to sense when Swara started to free herself from SM’s tight hold,it was becoming more n more strong dan previous..,

As more she tried ,his tight grip turned much immensely strong..,

N when SM realized Swara’s helpless look,he easefully loosen his grip,n gently made her stand,n slowly slowly leave her from his tight hold..,

After standing properly on floor,Swara murmurs sorry n immediately left from there,nt wanting to meet SM’s deep intense gaze..,

Whereas SM smiles on Swara’s dis antic..,

Sparsh enters into his cabin n starts throwing all things in anger by remembering wat he saw outside some min ago..,

N was feeling unbearable jealousy in his heart..,

In dis emotions he lost his control n made his way towards Swara’s cabin wid frustrating look..,

But he didn’t find her there.,

Then he starts searching her in whole ‘SM ENTERPRISES’ lyk madly..,

N there he saw her coming out of SM’s cabin wid smiling face..,

By noticing Swara’s grinning smile after leaving SM’s cabin,Sparsh starts feeling more n more jealousy dan previous..,

N in dis emotions he lost all his control,n drag Swara from there to one corner..,

Whereas Swara became shocked by dis act of Sparsh.,

Swara slightly hit Sparsh on his chest by her soft hands n said..,

Swara : (slight panting) ohh Sparsh, u scared me…,

N again continues..,

Swara : (confused tone) wat happen..?? Y u r looking towards me lyk dis.., is any wrong..???

Sparsh who was firming in jealousy, looks towards Swara’s pinkish, seductive, rosy lips wid lustful eyes, n said..,

Sparsh : Swara it’s became 1 n ½ month for our relationship still also u didn’t allow me to touch u..,

By listening Sparsh,Swara said.,

Swara : (confused n little bit shocked) Sparsh y u r talking lyk dis so sudden.., wats d matter..??

Sparsh said in replying while looking into Swara’s big beautiful eyes..,

Sparsh : (desiredful tone) Swara, i i want kisss…..!!!!!!!!!

Swara fumbles by listening Sparsh..,

Whereas Sparsh started to come very close to Swara..,

By watching Sparsh’s move n listening his sudden demand Swara starts feeling nervousness..,

Swara : (shocked wid nervousness) wat..?? wat r u u sa ssaying sssparsh..??

But Sparsh didn’t listen Swara n started to lean towards her rosy,tempting, pinkish lips in a feeling of capturing them..,

Whereas Swara tries to push him..,

But he was too strong…,

Swara : (nervous) Sparsh i,i’m nt feeling comfortable.., plzz stop…

Sparsh looks into Swara’s big beautiful eyes,n said..,

Sparsh : (determined voice) no,i won’t.??

N again starts inclined wid Swara’s pinkish ravishing rosy lips..,

N wid dis he came very much close to Swara dat his hot breath spread on Swara’s more prettiest enticing beautiful face.,

Whereas Swara starts struggling to go away from Sparsh’s closeness..,

Swara : (hell nervousness) Sparsh,leave me..,

While Sparsh was nt at all in his sense,his love n unbearable lust took all control over him..,

Now their lips were only inch part away from each others to meet..,


Precap :-> SM : but 1st call me ‘Sanskar’…,

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