*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 12) *”*”*”*”*”*”*
As soon as d lift gets opened,Swara dragged SM out of it quickly by holding his hands..,

Where as Sanskar was enjoying his moments wid Swara by whole heartenedly.

While walking towards rest room of SM of ‘SM ENTERPRISES’, Swara said in concern to SM by still holding his hands..,

Swara : (concern voice) sir,let’s go to rest-room,u just take rest there, till then i’ll call to doctor..,

by saying dis she made call to doctor wid still holding SM’s hands.

Sanskar was overwhelmed by seeing swara’s care towards him..,

SM : no need of it Swara,I think i’m fine now..,

By listening dis Swara made her soft hold on SM’s hand more tight dan previous n said..,

Swara : (stern voice) no, u r nt..!! n u r just coming wid me..,

SM became more surprised by listening dis as 1st tym in his lyf someone giving him order..,

N moreover he was so much happie n comfortable too, in following Swara’s each n every little order like obedient child.

They reached rest-room where doctor was already waiting for dem.

Swara made SM lie on bed..,

Doctor checked SM,n gave prescription of medicines wid some instructions..,
N left from there..,

As it was so much easy for SM to make involve doctor in his plan widout Swara’s awareness..,

Swara asked peon for bringing medicines..,

Widin no tym peon came returned n handover medicines to Swara .

Now Swara made call to SM’s driver n after hunging up d call, she moved towards SM.., n said..,

Swara : sir, i think u should go to ur mansion n should take rest for today,ur car is waiting for u outside d ‘ENTERPRISE’…, n ya dnt worry abt office-work, i’ll handle each n everything in ur absence.

By listening dis SM became panic in a thought of leaving Swara, n immediately gets up from d bed..,

N said while forwarding steps towards Swara..,

SM : no Swara, i won’t go to mansion..,

N wid saying dis he came close to Swara..,

Swara : but sir..,

Interrupted by SM’s action…,

SM placed his index finger on Swara’s slight swollen n soft rosy lips, n said..,

SM : no BUT’s n IF’s Swara..,

N wid dis very small eyelock takes place in between dem.., as it was broken very early by Swara’s expressions..,

After coming to sense from Swara’s beautiful eye’s world, SM takes his finger back by seeing Swara’s uncomfortness.

SM : ok Swara u want me to take rest na..???

Swara innocently nodded her head in ‘yes’..,

SM said while shrugging his shoulder..,

SM : ok then..,

N again continues…,

SM : i will,but nt from my mansion,i will take rest from here itself,n one more thing u will do ur work from here only instead of ur cabin.., is dat clear..??

Swara wid no option left said..,

Swara : ok sir..,

N like dis, whole day SM made Swara so much busy in himself only,n even nt allow her to divert her attention from him for some secs also..,

N wid dis Swara did’nt get any tym to give some slight heed also to her silent mobzi..,

Whereas after becoming free namish saw so much missed calls of Swara on his mobzi, n immediately made call to her.., but nt get any respone,now he starts becoming worried for her, he was continuously tried calls n sending msgs to her, but to his disappointment condition was still same, wid each sec passing he became more n more worried for her,
He made call to Swara’s poppy n mommy also, but they told dat Swara is in office only, n assures him dat everything is fine wid her..,
But he was nt at all convinced by their words also, he just eagerly wants to listen from Swara’s melodious voice dat ‘SHE IS FINE’..,
N wid dis he tried for making continuous attempts of calling Swara again n again..,

On other side, sparsh was missing Swara, so he called her, but nt get any rply from her side,den after sometym he again tried but her mobzi was showing busy due to namish’s non-stop attempts of calling Swara, n after sometym passed he again called her, n her mobzi starts ringing but she was nt picking his call also,wid dis behaviour of Swara, sparsh became slight annoyed wid her due to her avoidance towards him.., but he did’nt stop n tried for calling her again n again,but to his disappointment her mobzi sometym shows busy n sometym was ringing continuously.., due to dis sparsh became restless by sensing swara’s ignorance towards him..,

Wid unknown of everyone’s emotions, Swara was too much engrossed in her office-work n taking care of SM..,

At evening..,

Swara left from office n was coming towards parking area where Sparsh was as usual waiting for her..,

One wide smile engulfed by her rosy soft lips after so much tiredness of today’s busy schedule when she saw Sparsh waiting for her n was looking towards her, but to her disappointment her cute smile vanished quickly, by noticing Sparsh’s annoyed face.

She came towards him,n stands in front of him..,

Then she asked him wid confused look..,

Swara : (confused tone wid innocently) wat happen?? Are u angry wid me..??

Sparsh : (little raising his voice) angry..?? u r asking as if u dnt knw anything..,

Swara : (confused voice) no, i’am nt aware of anything..??

Sparsh became more annoyed by Swara’s innocent rply..,

Sparsh cross his hands near his chest n said..,

Sparsh : (stern voice) take some glances of ur mobile,u will automatically get to know ur answer..,

By listening dis Swara saw her mobzi,n became surprised by seeing so much missed calls n msgs of Namish,n by looking some missed calls of Sparsh also,

Now only she came to know dat,today she didn’t get any chance to look towards her mobzi at least once also,

N she also realized reason behind Sparsh’s annoying..,

But she was nt so much bothered about it,as her 1st preference was Namish only..,

N she immediately starts to go from there wid slight tensed face ..,

Whereas Sparsh held her wrist tightly by seeing she is going away from him..,
N he pulls Swara towards him,such dat she strike onto his chest ..,

Sparsh : (annoyed tone) now where are u going swara..??

Swara was struggling to free from his grip..,

Swara : Sparsh i’m sorry,today i did’t get any tym to pick up ur call, but for now plzz leave me as i have to call Namish,he must be worried for me..,

By listening Namish from Swara’s mouth Sparsh tightening his grip more on Swara..,

Sparsh : (anger tone) Swara u have tym for everyone,except me na..??

Swara was still doing efforts for making herself free from Sparsh’s tight grip..,

Swara : (pleading tone) Sparsh, i’ll explain u everything,but for now plzz leave me.., U can’t even imagine Namish’s condition by nt answering his calls n msgs,he must be in too much tension for me,i have to call him immediately,

Sparsh : (slight anger tone) no Swara, i won’t leave u,now also u are caring for only Namish’s missed calls n msgs, n wat abt me..?? Have u ever bothered abt it dat how much i have missed u..??? how many times i have called u Swara…???

But Swara knows how to fade away Sparsh’s anger..,

Then she immediately give one tight kiss on Sparsh’s cheek n hold her ears by her soft hands n murmurs..,

Swara : (innocently) i’m sorry..,

Sparsh became shocked by Swara’s sudden kiss, n was lost in her innocent more beautiful face..,

Then he immediately takes her into bone crushing hug..,

Sparsh : (still in hugging position) dnt u knw Swara, how much i love u.., then also u always do this.., u really dnt have enough tym for me ever..,

Swara breaks d hug,n cups his face,n said..,

Swara : i know dat u love me so much Sparsh, but trust me i did’nt do anything intentionally, n moreover u have enough importance in my life,dnt think lyk dis ever..,

By listening Swara’s rply Sparsh again hugs her n said while hugging her..,

Sparsh : (lovingly) i love u more Swara, dnt leave me, i won’t be able to live widout u, i’ll become lifeless if u will ever leave me..,

Swara : (assured tone) i won’t leave u sparsh..,

Then they breaks d hug,

But Sparsh still having insecurity inside him.., n in dis feeling he said..,

Sparsh : promise..????

Swara : (wid cute killing smile) pakkawala promise..,

N again continues

Swara : is it okey now..??

Sparsh became happie by listening Swara’s rply n immediately nods his head in ‘yes’..,

Swara : now let’s go,i’m feeling so much tired..,

Sparsh : as u wish sweetheart.., come let’s go….,

N wid saying this they sat on bike n Sparsh made his way towards Swara’s home,

Meanwhile Swara sent msg to Namish dat ‘she is fine,n will call him after some tym’…,

By seeing dis msg of Swara, Namish take deep sigh of relief after so much longg tym,n was discomposedly waiting for Swara’s call…,

At night..,

Swara reached her room after dinner, n lied on bed wid so much immerssed in her thoughts..,

She did’nt call to Namish uptil now,as she wants some tym alone for herself..,

Whereas Namish was still eagerly waiting for listening Swara’s melodious voice n wanted to make confirm from her mouth itself dat ’SHE IS FINE’

Swara was reminiscing all incidents which happened today wid her..,
SM’s condition,their kiss,n after dat Sparsh insecurity towards her..,

N Now she starts feeling guilty dat she betrayed Sparsh by kissing SM..,

N dis feeling starts growing more n more inside her, wid each time passes..,

Whereas Namish was still waiting for Swara’s call,n also feeling dat she is nt at all fine, but still controlling himself from doing call to her,as she said to him dat she wants some tym alone when he was nt able to make restraint on himself for listening Swara’s sweet voice for so long n called her after 2 hr of receiving her msg..,

Now it’s 1:00 am in clock,sleep was totally away from Swara’s big beautiful eyes, n she is still nt able to came out of her guilty feeling..,

Then her mobzi rang in a hoping of dragging Swara out of her all thoughts..,

then she saw caller id, n quickly one slight smile engulfed by her rosy soft lips n she immediately picks up d call as she knows very well dat ‘He is d person only who will definitely able to understand her situation through which she has gone’
Precap : Sparsh felt jealousy by seeing Swara n SM so close, Swara slapped Sparsh.

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