*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 11) *”*”*”*”*

Swara was shocked coz according to her awareness such type of incidents never happened in ‘SM ENTERPRISES’ ..,
But after becoming normal,she looks towards sanskar who was still too much engulfed in admiring her..,
Then she said while avoiding his deep intense gaze..,
Swara : sir.., but our meeting….,
Interrupted by seeing Sanskar’s moves…,
Sanskar was forwarding towards swara while capturing each n every expressions on her heavenly prettiest face
N at last he came very close to swara while swara was breathing heavily.., n her heart beats started beating more n more fast.., by seeing SM this much close to herself..,
Sanskar slowly tucked her hair strands behind her ear n said while looking into her big beautiful blue eyes..,
Sanskar : (calmly) so what swara…??? drop msg to dem dat meeting will be held after 1:30 hr..,
Swara was surprised by seeing his calmness coz she heard before joining office dat ‘SM is very much beyond workaholic tycoon businessman….,’ n now she was shocked by listening him.., n was thinking dat how calmly he’s making compromises to his dis much imp meeting.., (ishq ne nikkamma bana diya dear swara..,)
But she jerked her thoughts by sensing dat SM is moving so much close to herself.., such dat his hot breath is spreading on her more beautiful face which is making her restless..,
Swara was now started breathing heavily dan before..,
But to avoid all dis.., she made excuse of doing msg.., n moves away from him..,
Where as Sanskar smiles by seeing effect of him on Swara..,

Den Swara dropped msg abt meeting’s reschedule timing n after completing dis task when she moved her gaze towards SM to tell him dat msg has been sent..,
But to her surprise she cant’t able to tell anything to SM.., after watching his condition..,
Sanskar was struggling for grasping breath.., he was trying to take deep breath for gaining enough oxygen.., he was looking restless..,
By seeing SM in dis weird condition at sudden.., Swara immediately rushed towards him..,
She held his hands in her soft hands n said..,
Swara : (worried) sir.., sir wat happened..?? is there any problem..??
Sanskar while taking deep breath tries to answer her..,
Sanskar : (stammering voice) sswwrr.., sswwarra i i i’ammm uunnnabble to takking bbbreeatth here..,
Swara was more worried by listening SM..,
She put her soft hands on his shoulder n said..,
Swara :(tensed) sir don’t worry.., just try to take deep breath..,
N by looking towards SM’s shirt she said..,
Swara : (worried) n immediately open dis collar button..,
By listening Swara Sanskar tries to move his shivering hands towards collar..,
By watching SM’s shivering hands.., swara becomes more tensed in a thought dat wat is happening..??
N quickly open his collar button before his shivering hands moved towards his collar..,
N was repeatedly told him dat tries to take deep breath n wid saying dis she was rubbing his back by her soft hands..,
Sanskar said while giving up..,

Sanskar : (falter voice) nnoo nnoo sswaaraa..,, ii jjust ccaaan’t..,
By listening dis Swara held his face in her palms wid tears slightly filled in her big beautiful blue eyes..,
Swara : (very much worried) wait sir.., i’ll.., i’ll do something..,
Wid saying this she moved towards lift door.., n tries to make attempt of opening it.., but to her disappointment nothing has happened..,
She was banging d door continuously.., n was asking for help., but no any successful results..,
Then she looks towards SM who was still struggling for breath..,n by watching dis she bangged her fist on lift door in frustration of unable to do anything..,
Den quickly her hands moved towards her mobzi n she made call to Namish..,
Whatever d situation is.., always 1st name came in her mind is ‘NAMISH’ only..,
But he was nt picking her call as he was busy in handling one emergency case..,
She made lots of attempts of making call to namish, but to her disappointment he was nt able to answering her call..,
Then again she looks towards SM whose condition was became very restless dan previous..,
Den one thing strike to her mind..,
N she google’s d problem of SM for searching quick solution for it..,
N to her shocked.., she became startled by reading immediate solution for dis kind of problem..,
She starts searching solution for it on many other sites..,
But same was on other sites also..,
Dis was d one n only urgent solution for it..,
Den she immediately dialled call to Namish to ask him whether she should do dis or nt..??
But to her disillusion he was nt attending her call coz he was still busy..,
Then after lots of scramble she cuts d call in frustration….,
N spread her gaze on Sanskar but his condition was still same..,
Swara : (herself) wat to do now..?? his condition is becoming bad n dis namish also nt picking my call now who will guide me..??? wat should i do..???
Stop for some secs n again said to herself..,
Swara :(herself) noo.., no it’s wrong.., i won’t do dis..,
Again looks Sanskar..,
Swara :(herself) but dis damn lift is closed for 1 hr, may be will get more tym for curing machine problem.., but till den if something happens to him.., no i should nt let anything happen to him..,

Swara :(stammering) i i i have to do ddiss..,
Saying dis swara moves towards SM wid determined face..,
While Sanskar was watching Swara’s every action through corner of his eyes..,
(ya guys ur guess is absolutely r8.., u all r really smart hn.., dis all was plan of devil SM business mind)
Swara came towards SM n stands wid some safe distance to him in nervousness..,
Swara :(nervous) sir, i’ve searched for dis problem, but i found only one quick unique solution for dis from all sites.. n dis was..
Wid saying dis she stops in middle n looks towards sanky, n again starts to say something by looking towards floor
While sanskar was looking towards swara wid smirking..,
Swara :(hell nervous) n dat is.., ‘To blow air in dat person’s mouth’..,
She said d solution of problem in one breath only in a nervousness..,
N after saying dis she tries to look towards SM.., in a feeling of seeing his reply in dis..,
N when swara moved her face up to look towards SM..,
Sanskar was now unable to make control on himself anymore..,
N he immediately pulls Swara towards him such dat she strikes into his chest..,
N pulls her more into him by her delicate waist..,
Wrapped his one hand around swara’s waist while other hand was on her fairy pinkish cheeks, closed his eyes slowly, n leaning towards Swara’s rosy soft fragile lips..,
Widin no tym he moulds his rough lips on her soft rosy brittle lips by loosing himself in his own world of ecstasy by making swara startled n shocked on his dis act..,
It started with a small gentle kiss widout any involvement of hunger n possessiveness..,
It was d kiss of feeling each others lips just moulding one on another,testing it’s essence by his tongue n he was totally getting lost in d kiss wid full heartenedly..,
While swara was nt responding anymore.., just was trying to getting wat is happening..???
Their lips were moulded perfectly n he was pressed himself against her deepening d kiss..,
Soon Sanskar turned it to a passionate n longing one..,
He slips his hand on back of her top sensuously n was caressing her back,gently squeezing it,she widens her eyes at his sudden move.., he pulls her more n more into him..,
He den moves his rough lips on her rosy soft pinkish lips wid favouring every corner of dem,he starts licking her rosy soft lips to taste dem.
He slightly bites her lower lip making her gasp,taking it as a chance he slowly pushes his tongue into her mouth to explore it with his tongue by nibbling her lips..,
Wid dis swara slowly slowly started to respond by striking reality dat ‘DIS IS D ONLY SOLUTION FOR HIS BREATHING PROBLEM’..,
N by sensing Swara’s slight response Sanskar was smiling all d way on his victory n pleasure which he was feeling at dis moment..,
He exerts her more into him..,n starts caressing inside her mouth wid his tongue.., his tongue was playing wid her for d access to show his deep intense love towards her..,
He started rejoicing d moment wid almost desire n pleasure.., wid dis feelings he bites her lower lip hard such dat it started bleeding,he sucks it immediately..,
When Swara felt pain on her soft rosy lips she stops responding n started to resist Sanskar wid making attempt of pushing him by her soft hands but his grip became more tight dan previous..,
As more she trying his grip on her became more n more tight..,
N wid dis he pulls her more close to him..,
Now swara stops her resultless struggle n gives up by recalling SM’s restless condition when he was clambering for breath ..,
Where as Sanskar smirks on her give up while kissing..,
Now Sanskar turned kiss into a hungry n desired one.., wid taking all his rights on her..,
He was kissing her intensedly wid showing all his love,need n care for her..,
Wid dis feelings Sanskar bites her both lips hard one after other.., n wid dishe again takes lead to make her groan..,
While Swara was making herself understand dat she has to do dis for his cure..,
Swara was struggling wid her thoughts by realizing dat she has to do dis widout any protest for his betterment of breath..,
N she again starts responding slowly slowly wid nervousness..,
Sanskar was not in his sense n was kissing her passionately.., while swara was trying to make him calm by recalling his restless condition again n again..,
Now swara’s hands slowly runs across his shoulder n she entangled her soft fingers in his hair n begin playing wid it..,
Where as Sanskar was drawing circles on her waist on above her top..,
While Swara fist his hair by pulling him more towards her..,
This was d kiss of needed one.., To Sanskar for bowing down in front of his love n to Swara to make SM calm down in a thought of reminiscing his restless condition..,
While kissing Swara was rubbing her soft hands on his back slowly slowly, in a thought of making him assuage..,
Soon Sanskar remembered d moment when he felt like losing her n started to take all his anger n frustration abt dat moment upon her rosy soft pinkish lips..,
He bites her soft rosy lips hard dan previous which again results in bleeding, but he immediately sooth her pain by gently caressing his rough lips wid her rosy soft pinkish lips..,
Finally they parted away wid panting heavily.., n were craving for oxygen which was almost require..,
While Sanskar was giving grinny smile to Swara where as Swara trying to looks down nt having courage to meet his gaze..,

But Sanskar did’nt had enough he struggling for more n more, he wanted to enjoy his 1st closeness wid Swara wid full heartenedly..,
N wid dis inclination he wraps his hands across her delicate waist again but more tight dan previous one..,
he pulls her more into him such dat she strike on his hard chest immediately..,
n widout waisting anymore tym he smashes his rough lips on her pinkish rosy soft lips n started kissing her again..,
it was a passionate kiss filled wid Sanskar’s intense more deep love towards Swara..,
N she also started reciprocating by resting her soft hands around his neck in a try of curing his breathing problem..,
N Sanskar thinks on reciprocation of Swara dat his plan is working totally n he smiles while kissing at his victory..,
He was sucking her rosy soft pinkish lips wid phantasy in a desirability of drinking all juice of dem..,
Sanskar soon turned kiss into a hungry one by showing dat this was d moment he was waiting from sooo longgg..,
N starts biting her lower lip so hard dat it started bleeding..,
He just wanted to show her dat wat tremendous pain he felt when she goes away from his sight when he saw her very 1st time..,
He just took all his frustration on her rosy soft pinkish lips by sucking n nibbling dem emotionlessly..,
N began to kiss wildly by reminiscing dat most dreadful 10 days which were filled wid terrifying pain only..,
Pain of being separation of her view from his intense gaze.,
He was taking all his anger,frustration n defeat of finding her after being separated from his sight..,
In all dis more painful emotions he was licking n nibbling her rosy soft lips wildly..,
He bites her both rosy soft pinkish lips more n more hard one after other…,
N wid dis she moan in pain n stops reciprocating n struggling for pushing him again..,
But he tight his hold more n more tight on her such dat her all efforts again goes vain..,
At last Swara again gave up by understading dat it’s of no use.., n wid dis she closed her eyes very tightly in a pain widout any movement..,
He bites her lower lip more n very hard,she gasp n moan loudly in a pain.., n d next moment he could feel metallic taste of her blood, widout giving any heed he continues to torcher her by recalling how sooo badly he missed her prettiest heavenly beautiful face in those 10 days…,
He was taking all his wildness on those innocent more soft rosy pinkish lips..,
He sucked n bites her both rosy pinkish soft lips more n more wildly one by one..,
She clutches his shoulder due to d pain he was giving her r8 now..,
But he was nt at his fault,he too went through much more deep unbearable pain in those 10 days,he was like body widout soul,heart widout beats n life widout breath at dat tym..,
She gasped in pain n he entered into her mouth deepening d kiss..,
She starts to resist him when she was out of her breath..,
But he did’nt move by inch also moreover was tightening his grip very much on her..,
N was pulling her more n more close in a feeling of not letting her go away from him now..,
Wid d sam intensity he starts to squeezed her delicate waist hardly by leaving scratch mark on dem..,
N pulled her more towards him such dat even air could nt able to came in between dem..,
N he was kissing her more wildly n very hardly such dat tears starts to flow from her big beautiful blue eyes..,
He finally leaving her lips slowly n sensuously when it became hard for him to breath n at last he leaves her rosy soft pinkish lips which were now all swollen wid breathing heavily n resting his forehead against her..,

N he was looking into her big beautiful blue eyes deeply wid intense n lovely gaze n was noticing tears filled in dem.,
While Swara as seeing towards him wid ?ly look..,
Wid tears rolling from her blue beautiful eyes on her fairy n pinkish cheeks..,
Den he realizes dat how badly he torcher her innocent rosy soft lips by watching her tears which were nt ready to stop..,
N he was feeling more guilty on what he did..?? by noticing continous flow of tears through her big beautiful blue eyes..,
He quickly wipes dem in a attempt of stopping dem.,
N immediately pulls her into bone crushing her in a feeling of nt have courage to bear her single drop of tear also..,
He was tightening his grip more n more intensively on her..,
He was making her listen his heart beats which was beating for her only from d day when his gaze spread on her at very 1st tym.,
He pulls her more n more close,such dat he’ll be able to connect his soul to hers for forever..,
While swara was stood like dis..,
N when he felt rubbing hand on her back..,
She slowly slowly became normal n hugs him back to let her pain go vain..,
It was a long n passionate hug which was indeed needed for both Sanskar n Swara, their heart beats raises wid each n every second passes..,
They closed their eyes n could feel each others body which perfectly fit just like a jigsaw puzzle…,
Sanskar wants dis moment to stop n live it till n across eternity..,
The hug last long till Swara became normal like previous..,
N their heart beats relaxes n breath become even..,
They slowly breaks d hug..,
N Sanskar looks towards her beautiful angelic prettiest face wid..,
N he again felt more guilty when he saw her swollen rosy lips..,
Then he rubbed his thumb on her swollen rosy soft lips sensuously in a trying to soothe their pain..,
While Swara felt pain on her swollen rosy soft lips again when he touched dem..,
N she winces very slightly in pain..,
Den Sanskar murmurs ‘SORRY’ by listening her moan wid rubbing thumb on her swollen rosy lips more softly yet sensuously..,
N Swara assures him through her beautiful blue eyes dat she is fine now…,
Sanskar again leans towards Swara’s rosy soft pinkish lips to capture it in a feeling of soothe pain of her swollen innocent rosy lips which he gave her just some moments ago..,
N gently places his rough lips on her swollen rosy soft lips..,
N moulds his rough lips on her rosy soft pinkish lips..,
N was moving gently yet slowly with rythm of favouring every corner her rosy soft lips..,
Where as Swara closes her eyes n was nt understanding wid which flow she was flowing rapidly unknowingly n starts to reciprocates Sanskar very softly n slowly without her concern..,
It was a gentle yet soft kiss feeling each other lips..,
Just moulding one on another..,
Tasting it’s essence with his tounge n getting lost in one another..,
As tym passes, she made herself comfortable by resting her soft hands around his neck..,
N he pulled her more by his hand on her delicate waist..,
Both of dem lose their senses totally without any awareness of outside world n kiss each other passionately…,
They are treasuring dis moment..,
Sanskar by knowingly wid flow of intense deep love..,
N Swara by unknowingly wid a confusing thoughts dat wat is it..?? which forced her to flow without let her do any argue..???
Swara was calm down now..,
n their lips moving in an perfect rythm..,

soon slowly Sanskar left her rosy soft lips by leaving MARK OF HIS DEEP INTENSE LOVE ON THEM FOR FOREVER..,
n at last both parts away wid a grasping breath..,
Sanskar was looking towards Swara more lovingly, was just totally lost in her heavenly prettiest beauty..,
Where as Swara was avoiding eye contact wid him..,
N when she was unable to hold anymore..,
She goes away from his intensive deep gaze wid ?ful n more confused look..,
Swara : (herself)wat..??? i kissed him.., how can i..??How it happened…???
When Swara was struggling wid her confused n shocked thoughts Sanskar holds her wrist n pulled her forcefully towards him such dat she strikes into his chest….,
Swara was more shocked by his dis sudden move n was looking towards him confusedly..,
While Sanskar was too much busy in admiring her more prettiest beautiful face.., was looking towards her more lovingly.., was continuously stared her swollen rosy soft lips in a thought of capturing dem again for forever..,
While Swara was maintaining her ?ly look towards him n when she does’nt got any reply from him she was searching for actually, she lowered her big beautiful blue eyes slowly slowly nt wanting to meet his drastic gaze anymore struggling wid herself in a thought of dat which flow forced her to reciprocate to his deepening kiss without her own concern..,
But after reality striking her mind.., she said by jerking her all thoughts dat..,
Swara :(lowered gaze) sir r u feeling fine now..???
Before Sanskar could say something in a favour of replying her interrupted by slight sound of lift door which was opening slowly…,
N after seeing dis Swara’s face lit up n one wide smile engulfed by her swollen rosy soft lips..,
Where as Sanskar was busy in capturing her each n every little expression..,
Swara saw towards lift door which was opened now n immediately looks towards Sanskar n hold his hand n dragged him quickly out of lift..,
While Sanskar was involved in enjoying her more soft touch..,
Precap : sparsh felt jeoulsy by seeing swara n SM so close, swara felt guilty for betraying sparsh.

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