Namish composed himself after continuously n vigorously crying for some min…,
Then he made call to swara..,

Namish : Hey,lovely barbiee!!! u r looking like prettiest queen of all heavenly angels.

Swara : (shy) Thnk u dear..,

Namish : aunty convinced na??? for allowing u to go for party???

Swara : (happily) yyyeeesss

N wid saying dis she started walking towards hall,

N then she heard continuously sounding of car horn, by listening dat she kissed on her Mommy’s cheeks n bid bye to her, n after dat tell namish dat she is going now, den namish tell her to take care n disconnect d call….,

Here laksh was standing outside d car in a waiting of swara,n ragini n sonam was in car,sonam was sitted at back sit while ragini was sitted next to starring sit..,

Then swara came out of home n has started walking towards car…,

Laksh was stumbled after seeing her,his mouth was full opened in a amazed n he was totally mesmerizing to seeing swara’s tempting prettiest beauty n he slowly whisphered ‘most enticing beautiful Hott girl’

Then after seeing view of front ragini felt jeoulsy, n she started pressing horn of car in a feeling of taking laksh outside of all dis..,

Then after listening sudden so much sound of car horn,laksh came to senses but his intense gaze was still on swara in admiring her..,
He opened back door of car for swara N swara settled down beside sonam,
Seeing dis ragini firms in a anger..,

Then laksh start d car but his full attention was still on swara through front mirror of car..,

After sitting into car swara started doing msg to namish n also saying thnx to aarav through messaging..,

After looking to swara sonam spoke in amusement…,

Sonam : hey swara, u r looking too much gorgeous yr, I’m feeling very much jeoulsy by seeing u…,

After listening dis swara looked up from her mobzi n saying to sonam…,

Swara : (smiling) thnx ma’am, but u r also not less hn!!

N wid saying dis they were started doing some chit-chat.., n whenever swara’s mobzi popped up by continous namish’s msgs,den she replied to some of dem whenever she get chance through chit-chatting wid laksh,sonam n ragini..,

Then after reaching venue, laksh opened car door for ragini n sonam n at last he came to swara n opened door for her n gets pleasure to entered wid her in party..,

Then after spreading gaze on swara every guy was mesmerized by seeing swara’s infinite beauty n hottness.., n was continously staring swara from top to bottom wid full opened mouth n desiredful nt blinking eyes….,

N all are started drinking,dancing n enjoying party..,
While laksh was nt left chance to dance wid swara wid so close, whereas swara was feeling uncomfortable by his touch..,

N all are busy in enjoying,den some of dem realized dat swara was talking wid dem by addressing ma’am or sir..,

Then kunal spoke..,
Kunal : swara wats dis sir n ma’am.., call us by our name yr..,

Then laksh said..,
Laksh : exactly,I want to tell same!!!

Sonam : ya swara,they’re saying r8..,

Swara : (innocently) but u r all my seniors n moreover elder dan me too…,

Nikhil : (by raising eyebrow) so wat???

Rita : swara it’s okk,u r free to call us by our name…,

Swara : (smiling) okk

N after sometime party gets over.., n all made their way to their home..,

Laksh dropped swara to her home..,
After coming to home swara made her way to her room N gets changed in n8 dress..
N immediately jumped on bed as she was really tired.., then she takes teddy in her embrace N started to check her mobzi..,
Then she realized dat she forgot to call sparsh after office by seeing 19th miss calls from him..,
Then her mobzi rings indicating dat it’s a call from namish n by seeing dis she pics up d call n started to talk wid namish in sleeping mood….,
After sometime by nt getting any rply from swara,namish realized dat she’s slept,den he said…

Namish :(still on call)(wid intense love)I love u so much swara.., I just unable to live widout u.., u r my breath n moreover addiction too…, Gud n8 my beautiful dream queen..,
N he disconnect d call..,
At morning,at swara’s home

After lots of struggle n doing some blackmailing namish at last succeed to wake up swara..,

While getting ready for office swara gets a call from sparsh n in a guilt of by mistake nt picking his call, swara pics up his call wid guilty feeling in her heart..,

Sparsh : gm!! N ya u won at last u saved ur job hn..,

Swara : (smiling) gm!!
N again continues..,

Swara : (guilty feeling) I’m so sry sparsh..,
My mobzi was silent.., dats y i’m..(interrupted by sparsh)

Sparsh : (calmly) it’s OK swara,I can understand.., but u should b punished for dis..???

Swara : (confused) punished???

Sparsh : haan punishment toh banti he na..,

Swara : (sad) OK tell ur punishment..,

Swara was thinking dat uptil now no one gave her any kind of punishment, so after listening sparsh’s saying she was little bit nervous..,

Sparsh : so ur punishment is today also we’ll go togethet to office..,

Swara’s little sadness n nervousness vanished totally after listening sparsh..,

Swara : (slight smile) OK

Then after sometime swara n sparsh reached office together, den sparsh asking her for coffee at evening after office..,

Then Swara while looking into his eyes which was fixed on her only from longgg tym said ‘yes’ by feeling some attraction towards his innocency n simplicity…,

Then she goes to SM’s cabin as her all stuffs was in his cabin from yesterday..,
Here SM was impatiently waiting for swara from long tym n den he heard knock n take a sigh of relief in a feeling dat he’s waiting period is ended now for seeing swara..,

N den he asks her to come.., n started searching for words in a try of talking to her..,

SM : swara u saw ur cabin..???

swara : (innocently) noo

SM comes towards her
SM : let’s come den,I’ll show u..,
N she simply nodded n started follow him..,

N den SM opens cabin door n asks swara to come inside den swara goes n saw d cabin which was indeed more well dan previous one.., by seeing cabin smille curved on her rosy lips which was noticed by SM.., n by seeing her smiling SM’s heart started jumping in happiness..,

Now swara was settled down in her cabin, n SM was busy in capturing her each n every little action from his cabin.
At evening swara saw sparsh waiting for her from outside d office,n from their they go for cafe.., n both was enjoyed their 1st meet wid full heartenedly..,

Like dis their meetings gets increasing day by day,their closeness was also increasing, n sparsh’s love for swara growing wid every meeting,
N now ‘SWARA also started LIKING SPARSH’S company’ slowly slowly n namish was also aware abt dis fact as we know swara tell him everything n moreover namish was able to sense her every feeling widout her telling..,
Here SM was still in shocked dat his more beautiful princess is front of his eyes only, n was nt able to getting y his mind,heart was always engulfed by swara only..,
He never talked to her more coz he was still so busy in admiring her prettiest beauty only…, was still very much busy to convinced himself dat she’s d one only for whom he was became lifeless body before some days in separation of being away from her…,

Now 2 weeks has been passed for swara to joined office but SM condition was still same to make believe himself dat she’s in front of his eyes only..,
At morning

SM was in his car sitting at back sit was going towards office,he was as usual in swara’s thoughts only..,

Sanskar’ POV :

Sanskar’s mind was asking QN to his heart dat wat d actual real thing is dat he’s unable to understand.., wat is going to b happening wid him from many days,n wat is actually meaning of it..,

SM’s mind :
Y I’m still struggling to make myself believe dat she’s here only near my surrounding, y she’s soooo much precious dan anything for me,y the strong ‘THE GREAT SM’ having very much fear from 2 little words ‘WIDOUT HER’..????

In replying Sanskar’s heart says :
I’m feeling like I falled for her at 1st sight itself, n I always falled for her again n again wid much more deep intense whenever her more delicate view smashed wid my exorbitant gaze…,

Now by listening all views of his mind n heart, now sanskar concluded to himself dat..,

Sanskar : (himself) yes,I’m in love wid her madly,I eagerly needed to locked her widin my soul more deeply for forever,
Ya now I’ve truly believed on dis fact dat she’s in front of me.., yes,I’ve realized dat she’s everything is for me only for forever.
Really from deeply of my heart i’m saying dat..,
Sanskar : (himself wid determined tone) I love her, ‘SWARA U R ADDICTION N NEED OF MY BREATH’ , n I will definitely marked u as mine for forever,
Sanskar : (wid himself shouting like madly wid more n more rapidly beating heartbeats n moreover wid tears filled in his eyes in a realization of true n deep feelings of his heart n knowing d real reason for his survival) ‘I love u swara very much dan anything from core n bottom of my heart’ n I’m just can’t able to live widout u..,
Like dis after doing so much struggle wid his each n every emotions n feelings sanskar now succeed to make himself believe dat she’s really in front of him, n moreover by doing more n more hard try he now able to understand all things which r happening wid him from d day morning before to saw his beauty angel, n now he concluded dis fact dat ‘he loves her dan anything n now want her in his lyf at any cost for his existence’…,
“‘now he will try all things which will help him to make swara his for forever’ n ‘now 1st he should try from increasing talking wid her for long'” wid dis determination today he entered inside SM ENTERPRISES.
By making dis determination, now SM never left any chance to b wid her,n never allow her to go away from him n always searching reason to feel her presence.
Now it has been 1 month for swara n sparsh frndship..,

One day sparsh take swara to beautiful place n proposed her by opening his heart in front of her.., by dis sudden confession from sparsh 1st swara was shocked.., but after some min she tell him dat she is accepting his proposal but tell him dat I want tym as “I dont love u, but likes u very much n always gets attracted towards ur innocency” by listening dis sparsh agrees to give her tym..,
Wid saying dis feelings to each other swara n sparsh took their frndship to nxt level in a ‘relation of love( i.e. bf n gf)’
Namish was known abt all dis as swara told him everything, actually namish himself made her realized her feelings abt sparsh when she was struggling wid her heart emotions.

N aarav, swara’s mommy, poppy, swara’s office staff doesn’t aware abt dat swara n sparsh r in relationship.

But now swara was searching r8 movement to tell her parents everything abt sparsh as namish told her nt to hide anything from them.

Swara was hurriedly entered into lift of SM ENTERPRISES as she’s quite late for one imp meeting, while entering into lift she was talking on phn wid namish but suddenly one urgent case came n dats y namish told swara dat he’ll call her later as he has to attend one imp case. Swara agrees n disconnect d call.
By watching dis dat swara is entering into lift SM quickly goes behind her n entered into lift wid her.but before walking towards lift he made one call n tells something to other side.
N now swara n SM was alone in lift n lift started.
SM was as usual looking towards her but swara was feeling weird by his intense gaze n in dis feeling she was avoiding eye contact wid SM.
N suddenly lift gets stuck in mid which shocked swara but SM was behaving normal as nothing is happened.

Den swara told SM dat…

Swara : (stammering) ssiirr..,

SM : haan
N wid saying dis coming forward to her slowly slowly

Swara’s heart beats started beating fast wid his every step, but she gained courage n told SM dat..,

Swara : (little tensed)sir wat happened to lift suddenly??

SM observed little tension on her prettiest fairy face n in assuring her,he told dat..,

SM : let me check..,

N wid saying dis he made call n talked on phn for 1 n half min.n after disconnecting call he looks towards swara wid somewhat worried face.., n said…,

SM : (slight worried) swara lift gets some prblm,so we’ll have to wait for 1 hour here itself.

Swara : (shocked) wat???
Precap : sparsh felt jealousy by seeing swara n SM so close

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