*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 18)*”*”*”*”*”*”*


While moving towards dem, SM was noticing dat Swara n dat guy was talking n laughing wid each other wid still holding each others hands..,

Due to dis, SM starts fuming in more n more too much beyond jealousy wid uncontrollable just of volcano lyk wild anger..,

As more distance between SM n both of dem was decreasing as more n more SM’s wild expressions was increasing lyk anything..,

He himself didn’t know whether he’ll able to make control on whatever will bad happen now..,

At last SM reached n stands in front of dem wid all his expressions n emotions he was feeling inside him now..,

Whereas both Swara n Sparsh became startled after seeing ‘THE GREAT SM’ standing in front of dem n also was feeling scaring inside dem after noticing which SM was reflecting through his bloodshot so much anger filled red eyes..,

They both were still in shocked looking towards SM..,

Whereas SM’s eyes were still sticked on their holding hands only..,

But when situation became SM’s full out of all control now he held Swara’s fragile wrist very tightly n freed her soft n smooth hand from Sparsh’s grip..,

Whereas both Swara n Sparsh were only watching SM’s each n every action widout blinking wid amazed faces..,

After freeing Swara’s so smooth n soft hand from Sparsh’s hold, SM held Swara’s dat hand in his very much tightly dan ever grip n entwined his fingers wid Swara’s while looking towards Sparsh wid bloodshot so much anger filled red eyes..,

While Sparsh drop his jaw inside his mouth by noticing new,weird n more wild shade of SM..,

Sparsh starts shivering inside him due to SM’s anger filled unblinking gaze towards him..,

Whereas Swara was quietly watching SM’s each n every weird,wild angry expressions which becoming more n more scaring wid each ½ micro-sec passing..,

In dis all hatred n indignation feelings towards Sparsh,SM pushed Sparsh by his another hand wid all his full strong force such dat he quickly felled on floor wid a thud away from both SM n Swara..,

Whereas after seeing Sparsh falling on floor n widin no tym by noticing blood oozing from his head,Swara loudly scream wid his name…,

N she immediately looked towards SM in shocked n confused wid anger filled eyes n starts to freed her hand from SM’s tight hold for going towards Sparsh..,

But as more she trying SM’s grip on her became more n more tight dan previous one..,

Soon tears made their ways through Swara’s big beautiful,enticing eyes to flow continuously by capturing Sparsh’s bad condition wid non-stop blood oozing from his head..,

Whereas SM also became shocked by noticing Swara’s concern towards dat guy..,

Wid all his mixed emotions SM tightening his hold on Swara’s n made her way towards entrance of his ‘ENTERPRISES’ by dragging Swara wid him..,

Whereas Sparsh was wriggling in pain by lying on floor n widin couple of min he became unconscious due to sudden smacked on delicate part of his head after falling on floor wid a thud by full strong force..,

While Swara was still struggling for freeing her so soft n smooth hand from SM’s so tight grip..,

She was just continuously asking SM wid unstoppable tears flowing from her big beautiful,elegant eyes dat..,

Swara : (crying tone wid little loud) wat r u doing Sanskar..?? leave me..,

Whereas SM was nt at all being bothered abt Swara’s any kind of behaviour..,

After entering into entrance of his ‘ENTERPRISES’,SM was just moving towards his cabin wid long furious steps by dragging Swara wid him widout giving any little heed also to her words..,

While whole staff was just watching both of dem in shocked n also looked towards Swara wid amazed who was repeatedly asking SM abt his dis kind of behaviour n also was helping herself to make free from SM’s very tight hold..,

But soon whole staff started feeling more frightened by noticing SM’s unseen wild anger filled behaviour..,

Widin some couple of min SM entered into his cabin n locked d door by his another hand which was free..,

N den looked towards Swara wid mixed of emotions :- intense love,anger,jealousy,care,possessiveness,confusion.

Wid all dis emotions SM pinned Swara to d wall..,

Whereas Swara didn’t stop for shouting n protesting wid tears flowing eyes..,

While today SM was just unable to noticed Swara’s anykind of condition..,

He preferred to flow wid all his mixed feelings n emotions in an attempt of decreasing sensational pain of his heart.

Wid all dis mixed of emotions n feelings SM held Swara tightly n starts to come close towards her..,

Whereas Swara now started became startled by noticing SM’s movements..,

She asked SM by gathering courage..,

Swara : (choking voice) wa watt wat r r r u u u up uptt upttooo…???

But SM was nt in his sense at all..,

He moved his face more close to Swara’s such dat his hot breath spread on her more beautiful,prettiest,too fairy, angelic, divine face…,

Swara : (stammering voice) watttt wat r r r u u u do doi doing..??

SM touched Swara’s most beyond fairy,pinkish,so much smooth cheek by his another hand n starts caressing romantically yet sensuously wid immense love filled eyes..,

Whereas Swara said by capturing SM’s all actions..,

Swara : (crying tone) don’t touch me,move away..,

But SM was in his world only,nt ready to listen anything..,

SM said while looking into Swara’s tears filled big beautiful,elegant,glamorous eyes wid all his love filled tone only..,

SM : (affectionate voice) “SWARA”

Wid saying dis he pulls Swara towards him such dat she landed onto his hard,strong chest..,

He was pulling Swara more n more towards him wid tightening his grip very much on Swara’s so soft n smooth hand..,

N took back his another hand from Swara’s prettiest,most fairy,divine more beautiful face n wrapped it around Swara’s delicate waist..,

Whereas in all dis Swara starts struggling for more dan previous n was continuously asking to leave her ..

SM totally ignored Swara’s words n result less struggle..,

N starts to leaning towards Swara’s tempting,seductive,rosy-petal lips..,

While Swara was breathing more heavily due to closeness of SM which was reflecting strong effect on her..,

As more SM was inclined towards Swara,her heartbeats starts to beat more n more faster wid her heavily breath..,

Now their lips were only less dan ½ inch away from each others to meet n feel..,

While Swara said wid scaring n falter toning..,

Swara : (throttle voice) San Sansk Sanskar wa watt rr…….

Interrupted by SM’s actions..,

SM smashes his rough lips on Swara’s brittle,rosy,soft-petal lips by leaving Swara more shocked on his dis act..,

Swara widens her more beautiful big elegant tears filled eyes in all her emotions..,

She didn’t able to recognize wat is going to happen wid her..,

SM was roaming his rough lips on Swara’s so soft,rosy-petal,enticing,pinkish lips wid favouring each n every corner of dem in a feeling of sensing deep touch of dem..,

N widin couple of minutes SM began to kiss wildly showing his all anger,jealousy,possessiveness by reminiscing all wat he saw outside..,

Soon he starts licking her rosy soft petal lips to taste their essence..,

he was harshly nibbling Swara’s lips..,

he was pressing himself against her while deepening d kiss..,

SM was just totally lost in kissing whole heartenedly wid showing all his intense love towards her..,

He takes Swara’s upper lip in his mouth n starts to caressed,suck,nibble n showering love on it.

Whereas Swara was continuously pushing SM n was struggling hard to make herself free but totally helpless in moving by inch also due to SM’s very much strong grip which was becoming more n more tight wid each sec passing..,

He recalled how dat guy was holding Swara’s so smooth n soft hand in his..,

N in dis all thoughts he bites her lower lip hard which results in bleeding, but he immediately soothe her pain by caressing his rough lips wid her rosy-petal, soft, pinkish lips..,

She gasp n taking it as a chance he pushes his tongue into her mouth to explore it with his tongue by soaking Swara’s lips..,

He exerts himself more into her n starts caressing inside her mouth by his tongue, he was playing wid her tongue for d access to show his deep,immense love towards her..,

SM was kissing Swara wid taking all his anger n frustration on whatever he could able to notice just some moments ago..,

He was rejoicing d moment wid almost desire n need for whatever he will be going to confess her now..,

He finally left her lips slowly when it became hard for him to breath..,

While Swara was seeing towards him wid Qnly look wid tears rolling from her blue beautiful eyes on her most fairy,pinkish,so soft cheeks..,

But today he was unable to bother by her pearls…,

He wipes Swara’s tears by his another hand which was free n looked into her big beautiful teary blue eyes deeply wid intense n lovely gaze..,

N said wid more affectionate tone..

SM : (immense love filled voice) “SWARA I”

Wid saying dis he admire Swara for some secs while capturing all expressions of her n again starts to inclined towards her ravishing,pinkish,rosy-petals lips..,

While Swara didn’t stop to protest by shouting n struggling wid vigorously crying..,

Where as SM again pulls her more into him by ignoring all her resistance.

N widout wasting anymore tym he again crashed his rough lips on her tempting, rosy, soft-petal,elegant lips..,

N started kissing her again but dis kiss was more wild n desire one dan previous..,

He was sucking her both rosy soft pinkish lips wid phantasy in a desirability of drinking whole juices of dem in an attempt of smother his thirst..,

Soon he turned kiss into needed one filled wid his intense more deep love n uncontrollable lust towards Swara..,

But he was totally wrong as more he was trying to make fulfill his desire it starts to increase more n growing re-double dan previous wid more deep n intense inside him..,

SM soon turned kiss into a hungry one by showing dat how more badly he needed her..,

Now He takes her lower lip into his mouth by sucking it wid spreading all his excessive love onto it.

Wid dis he bites her lower lip more n very hard as results she again gasp n moan in a pain but was more loudly dan previous n d next moment he could feel metallic taste of her blood but dis tym widout giving any heed he continues to taking his all anger by torturing her wid nibbling n sucking her both lips wildly one by one wid a thought dat how could she enjoy other guy’s touch..,

He was taking all his frustration on those innocent more soft,rosy pinkish,ravishing lips emotionlessly..,

He again starts to sucked,nibble n bites her both rosy,sedutive,soft-petal lips more n more harshly n impulsively one by one..,

Due to dis she clutches his shoulder due to d pain he was giving her r8 now..,

Wid unstoppable tears was continuously flow from her more beautiful,elegant eyes..,

In dis pain she groaned again n he entered into her mouth deepening d kiss for exploring it..,

After couple of min she stops to pushing n protesting him due to tiredness..,

Although she was out of her breath from long but now she prefers to being lyk dis coz as more she was trying of doing action against him,his wildness n harshness was increasing more dense dan previous..,

As she was chivied but her tears were nt tired from uninterrupted flowing which were clearly reflecting her pain by rolling from her more smooth dan cotton,pinkish,very much beyond fairy cheeks.

Whereas SM was still acted lyk wild creature n wid dis same intensity he starts to squeezed her delicate waist hardly leaving scratch mark on dem of his harshness..

At last he leaves her lips easefully yet sensuously when he was carving for oxygen..,

He was breathing heavily..,

He looked towards Swara who was standing lyk statue wid tightly closed her eyes in pain..,

N he starts to rubbing his thumb on Swara’s seductive,tempting,rosy-petals,so soft lips which were now all swollen n was turned into pinkish to red one due to SM’s wildness n emotionless acts..,

Still he was rubbing his thumb on Swara’s enticing,swollen,red,so smooth,elegant lips in a feeling of to soothe their pain..,

Dis action of SM forced Swara to opened her eyes in a jerk while wincing in pain due to touch of SM’s thumb on swollen n red part of her lips..,

She was looking towards SM helplessly wid tears flowing red eyes n was abt to asking whatever is cooking in her mind but interrupted by SM..,

SM stops rubbing by his thumb n placed his index finger on Swara’s lips to stop her from saying anything..,

Due to d touch of SM’s finger again,Swara one more time moans in pain wid tears flowing from her red eyes..,

SM : (calmly) sssshhhh…, first let me complete jaan..,

Wid saying dis he looked into Swara’s big beautiful,elegant teary red eyes deeply wid immense n lovely gaze..,

N again said wid more affectionate tone..,

SM : (deep love filled voice) “SWARA I LOVE”

Wid saying dis he pulled Swara more close towards him..,

Wid dis Swara again started to protest by hitting on his chest by her so soft,smooth hand,yet it was more slowly but Swara was trying her all force wid all her remained energy as she was exhausted from continual resistance against whatever is happening wid her..,

Again SM was nt at all disturbed by Swara’s anykind of actions..,

Swara was struggling hard to say something through all her pain she was feeling r8 now..,

Swara : (pang filled stammering voice) SSSaaannn SSaannsskkaarrr lea….

But SM again nt allow her to let her complete..,

N one more tym he sternly clash his rough lips on Swara’s swollen,ravishing,red,tempting,very soft,petals lyk lips again..,

But dis tym he was moving his rough lips gently yet sensuously on Swara’s more swollen,seductive,reddish,so smooth,rosy-petal lips with rythm of favouring each n every corner of dem wid an attempt of soothe all pain of dem..,

It was a passionate yet soft kiss of feeling Swara’s seductive,tempting,ravishing,so soft lips..,

Just was moulding his rough lips on hers so smooth,rosy,petals lyk lips..,

But when flashes of her n Sparsh’s hands strike to SM’s mind his all quiet silent emotions again turned into harshed one..,

He takes her upper lip into his mouth n starts to nibble n sucked it n was giving love bites on it..,

Whereas Swara’s groaning again break all silence..,

N after loving on upper lip,SM starts to moulding his lips on Swara’s swollen lips wid impulsiveness in favouring each n every corner of dem n was started kissing on them hungrily..,

While Swara was continuing her moaning..,

Soon he takes her lower lip in his mouth n starts to nibble n sucked it wid giving love filled bites on it..,

Swara was wincing in more pain..,

After dat SM starts to caressed his rough lips wid Swara’s swollen lips in aggressiveness wid feeling n favouring each n every touch of dem..,

Swara was totally out of her breath now..,

She was wriggling for air..,

But DEVIL was nt allow her to do any slight move also moreover was tightening n pulling her more towards him..,

Was trying to feel Swara’s delicate,hot n s*xy body by pressing himself hard against her..,

He was giving open mouth kisses on Swara’s lips…,

As tym passes she started to lose her all balance now..,

her legs getting weak..,

SM understands it n quickly held Swara into his tight n strong arms ..,

Swara’s whole body weight was now totally lying on SM only..,

SM covering Swara into his strong grip more tightly..,

Soon he started biting on her both lips so n very hard one by one by reminiscing all incident again..,

Such dat both lips of Swara’s starts bleeding again widin no tym only as a result she one more tym gasp n moan in a pain but was more loudly dan previous n d next moment he again could able to feel metallic taste of her blood,he sucks her blood n soothe her pain by romantically yet bitterly caressing her rosy-petal, very soft, reddish, swollen lips..,

N soon again started nibbling n sucking her both lips wildly by recalling whole incident again n again..,

He at last leaving her lips gently yet sensuously when it became too hard for him to breath..,

At last finally he leaves her tempting, elegant, seductive, soooo smooth lips which were now became more all swollen only due to dis her rosy-petal lips were reflecting reddish mixed bluish colour..,

Whereas both were craving for oxygen which was almost required n needed one..,

But Swara’s condition was very terrible such dat she starts feeling dizziness..,

While SM resting his forehead against Swara’s wid panting heavily..,

He was looking into her big beautiful, elegant, teary eyes wid intense, unblinking n lovely gaze..,

Her eyes also became red only, due to continuous vigorously crying..,

But now also SM neglects her condition by remembering all incident over again..,

N SM said wid more affectionate n romantic tone..,

SM : (deep n more immense love filled voice) “SWARA I LOVE YOU”

Wid saying dis SM freed Swara,n held her more prettiest, angelic, most fairy, beautiful, divine face in his palms wid still looking into her elegant teary eyes..,

N said while rubbing his nose against Swara’s..,


Wid saying dis one single big drop of tear escape from Sanskar’s eyes..,

Whereas Swara weakly n helplessly trying to looked towards SM wid blurr vision..,

N became startled after getting n realizing wat SM just confessed to her..,

Whereas SM was in his world only in thinking dat at last he could able to confess his all feelings to his love..,

In all dis emotions n feelings he was just unable to sensed n saw Swara’s bad condition..,

He took Swara’s r8 hand in his n planted kiss of intense love filled only, on her palm n intertwined her delicate soft fingers in his n said..,

Sanskar : (lovingly tone) jaan let’s go,we’ll marry today itself, i’m unable to take any risk now..,

Whereas Swara was still trying to recognizing wat is happening wid her in amazed n shocking face wid tears filled eyes which were reflecting blurr vision only..,

N also she was unable to bear all dis pain n shocks due to which she was feeling dizzy from couple of min ago, her head started became heavy, she was losing her all balance n started closing her eyes due to unconsciousness..,


Precap : Swara was pleading repeatedly but SM was nt at all ready to listen her,he was full in rage,his blood was boiling inside him,his eyes were all red due to uncontrollable anger..,

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