Swara: A triangle love story begins (teri meri kahani) (episode 7)

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Episode 7

Dida enters to the room where Surya is using.Sumi is with her.

Sumi:maa please calm down
Dida:How can I calm down. How dare you give my house to 2 strangers.Especially these room that only belongs to Sworu she had spended her whole childhood and major part her life here.And we have only these memory of her.Sworu please come back beta
Sumi:maa I know but Sanskar requested me to accommodate them here.
Dida:Sanskar how dare you talk about him to me these all marwadans are cheaters they cheated you and your daughter.But you are supporting them why Sumi.
Sumi:Because that was our fate.
Dida:but they are liable for this fate.

Surya and Vivek enters to the room.

Surya: Dida I’m sorry if I hurt you.But I’ll be here for just 1 month and I will clear all these within these time period.
Dida:what?what are you going to clear now
Vivek:No Dida He is telling about Swara is in Keralllll no Meera omg Swameera
Dida is wondered
Dida:what Sworu where is Swara
Surya:No Dida he heared your conversation actually Meera is my wife so Swara and Meera is collided.
Vivek: Dida please Dida please accommodate us here.
Surya:We will never irritates you
Dida:mm okay it is not my culture that I can’t ill treat my guests
Surya:Ty Dida
3 of them are smiled.
But the fact is that Dida begins to suspect both of them.
Somedays are passed.onenight Sumi and Dida are in Dida’s house

Vivek:please give me some water dida
Dida: okay I’ll give you.Now you please go to your room
Vivek: Okay dida ty


Surya was in a phone in conversation with Nandan.

Surya:Nanda you have to observe the worksite everyday if any fault will done we have to give the explanation.Within one month I’ll be there
Vivek:It’s so hot today I’want a bath give the towel.
Surya throws the towel to him.He goes for a bath.Surya continued his business.

Surya:Nandaa is everyone happy
Nandan:How they can happy in the absence of you.
Surya:I miss you all.
Surya heard everones voice Maansi,Sri,Ritu,Sethu,RK,Suja,…even Kumarettan too but he can’t hear Meera’s voice
Nandan laughs
Nandan: Actually she is making Palada payasam(means a typical type of kheer)do you remember her previous attempt
Surya remembers about that.


Suja:Meera are you sure that you can make it
Meera: yes mami,I can do that
Ritu: Omg please help us
Meera:No Ritu surely I’ll make it
Maansi:No mom I can’t eat it.
Meera:What?you little devil
Sri:Why are you scolding her edathi your 7 previous attempts was the universal failures
Meera:Sri please trust me I’ll make it tasty
Nandan:Meera please don’t punish us like this
Meera:Get lost you idiot.
Vivek:Try to call 108 from now for ambulance
Meera,Sorry Meera Please Meera try to understand, I’m the victim of your previous attempt
Surya took her to corridor and kisses on her cheeks
Surya:You love me na
Meera:yes but I’ll not give up,surely I will make it
Surya is shocked
She goes with anger.She had prepared payasam and she went for a bath.Vivek,Maansi,Sri,Surya with Nandan,Ritu,Rk,Muthassi,Sahdev,Suja,Kumarettan,Geetha were tasted it respectively. They were vomited after consuming that.
Ritu:Edathi will feel very bad.
Sethu:Yes she was very confident.
Suja:I can’t let her see sad
Sri:Not you,my future mother in law all of us can’t see her sad
Rk:Then what will we do
Ritu:idea! We can make it once more before her return.
Geetha:Then okay take the uruli(a type of vessel made by bronze)when the half of the mission is done the cooking gas was expired.Then some of them are gone to hotel for buying payasam.Some of them went for firewoods at night

Meera returned after her bath.She was amazed to see that her entire family is loving her

Meera:mom what are you doing here.
Sethu:No nothing dear.
Meera:I know mom you are recreating that.
Suja:No Meera we are just…
Vivek comes with instant payasam mix.Rk comes with a gas cylinder and Sahdev comes with instant payasam.Nandhan entered to the kitchen with firewoods.Maansi and Ritu are trying to consume some payasam.Even though Sri is helping others to make payasam.Muthassi is giving instructions to them.
Meera:All of you are mad.
She snatched the payasam from Ritu.
Meera: Dad you were an ex-militery officer and you are lifting gas now
Rk:mole if I can take a rifil for my country I can also lift a gas cylinder for my daughter.
Meera’s eyes are filled with tears.
Meera:Nanda it is too night
Meera:You all have the right to blame me but you all are loving me alot.
Muthassi:We can’t see your disappointed face dear
Meera hugs everyone and cries
She runs to her room.Surya comes to her.
Surya:Sorry yaar I can’t did anything for you
Meera:No Surya no.You gave me such a wonderful family. May be my real family can’t love me like this.
She hugs him


Nandan:Surya are you there.
Surya:yes you continue.It’s amazing dude it’s very tasty
Surya:I’m unlucky,she’s changed
Nandhan:She asked you to come skype
Surya: Ok take care.
Nandhan: OK

Sumi opens the door she is shocked to see Swara with her luggage

Dida:Sumi please wake up Sumiiii
Sumi wakes up
Sumi:Maa you know I had scene a dream.My Shona is came to me.
Dida: may be it will become true
Sumi:what?really maa
Dida:you please come with me.I went to their room 5 minutes before to give them some water.But I’m shocked

They went to their room.They are shocked to see Surya’s Video chatting with Swara.

Surya:I am in your room. I can feel you here.Your childhood,your schooldays, your happiness,your sadness etc etc.

Dida:I doubted them from my first site.
Sumi:Maa we have to inform others
Dida:no Sumi,it will affect our Sworu.we have to know everything. What is her relationship with him,where is she,why don’t she came to us.
Sumi:But how maa
Dida:look I have an idea.we will take back her here and we’ll clear our all doubts.

Dida tells the plan to Sharmishta.

Sumi:I will do anything.I want my Shona back she is crying

Meera and Surya comes to the Mandir.It was very storm there.Sumi hugs her
Sumi:where was you Shona
She cries
Dida holds her hands and cries
Dida:Sworu my child

Meera is shocked and amazed.She hugs Surya with fear.
Meera:I don’t know you.Surya who is this people

Both of them are shocked

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