Swara: A triangle love story begins (revealing the truth) (episode 4)


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Episode 4

Vivek appreciates Sharmishtaa’s cooking.He is overjoyed and shed paalak paneer on Surya’s shirt.They went to wash room.Sanskaar sees Swara’s pics.He asks Sharmishta to give that pics.She gives it to him.He takes it to his car.At night Sanskar told Surya about him and Swara.Sanskar got a relief as he got a good friend.

They boozed at night. First of all Vivek fell into sleep because of the addiction to alcohol.
As Sanskar is going to take his first zip.Surya holds his hand and rejected him from drinking
Surya:Are you a drunkard
Sanskar: excuse me
Surya:In the way that you are taking the glass shows that you are not enjoying it.you are depending it
Sanskar:I’m depending it for forgetting my pains.
Surya:For forgetting Swara??
Sanskar:May be but I can’t
Surya: okay you had a girl friend, I have a girl friend, and look at him
Surya signals to Vivek
Surya: he does not have a girl friend. But 3 of us are boozing.why?because we can live without a girl but we can’t live without alcohol
Sanskar:May be
Surya:Yaar just take a look at your school days.Home works,class tests,Final exams,PTA meeting, exam papers,clashes in home and class and much more but we are not ready to give up at those days.We were not think about alcohol. But why we are using this after maturation.
Sanskar:But I can’t live without it today
Surya:Sanskar you are so innocent.Life is a book When someone leaves us they leaves only a chapter not the entire book. May be life is like a mathematical issue.Those people are luckiest that one who solve it in the first but many of us are flop back in the way.Then we will review it from the beginning that where we did the mistake and we will clear the issue once.

At the morning.Meera Exits from the bathroom. Her hair was wet.She sits at the chair in front of the mirror. She saw Surya there.
Meera:Surya Are you here really?
Meera:but you are at Kol…
He placed his finger on her lips that signals to be silent.They are going to a liplock.
Main rahoon ya na rahoon plays

Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna
Mujhe neend aaye jo aakhiri
Tum khwabon mein aate rehna

Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)

Main rahoon ya na rahoon
Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehna

Song plays on the background

Ritu:Edathi(wife of elder brother) are you okay.where are you. Are you missing my bro
Meera blushes
Meera:no no
Ritu:Okay dreaming is restricted to you between 8 pm to 9 pm.Because our Mis world is waiting for you. She have to got to school.You know na She won’t do anything without you.
Meera: omg where is she.
Ritu:Actually she is playing with Uncle(Surya’s dad)
Meera: will you help me please
Ritu: yeah off course.
Meera: please iron her uniform
Ritu: okay

Meera comes to hall.Maansi is playing with RamaKrishnan Varma

Meera: Please leave her.It’s the time to go to school for her.
RKV: okay Mole(means my dear daughter) take her.
Maansi:No Appuppa(means grandfather) I can’t go to school
Maansi: I have a stomach ache.
Meera: In yesterday you are suffering with head ache and today stomach ache and what is for tomorrow.
Maansi cries.
Meera:come my lazy girl
Ritu comes there.
Ritu:Edathi it is complicated
Ritu:Sorry Edathi actually her uniform is wilt by iron box.
She runs away
Meera:Omg what can I do now. The other one is wet.
She looks at Maansi
Meera:Are you happy now
Maansi:Mom I m not responsible for it.
Meera leaves there angrily
Maansi:Ty aunty

Sanskar enjoyed the night with Surya and Vivek.He is happy for sometime after 5 years
Sanskar returned to MM.There was a smile at his face.He enjoyed his breakfast. Maheshwaris are amazed to see Sanskar like this.He go to his room and placed Swara’s pics at the wall.He feels that Swara is behind him.she hugs him.He looks at her amazed.She kissed him.The room is filled with fog.The small rain of roses are begined.He hugs her and kisses at her cheeks and neck
Aaj phir plays

Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai (x2)

Toote toh toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte be-haya
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi mera sab le gaya
Na fiqar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya

Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2)

She leaves his hand runs far away.The fog and rain of roses are disappeared. Sanskar breaksdown.

After somedays Surya regained his health.He makes a good companionship with Maheshwaris,Gadodias and Kaveri,Kavitha also along with Sanskar.Also he is become the part of the family. He is a bridge of 2 families.Maheshwaris are thankful to Surya for helping Sanskar to turn to his normal life.Surya remains him happy in many ways.

Yaar milte hain plays

And by the way he is unsuccessful in his mission.Surya decided to make Sanskar to be a part of his mission. So he will easily forget Swara and he will remain him happy.At the next day he went to MM.Sanskar is ready to go to office.
Surya enters with a long voice
Sanskar:Good morning dude.
Surya:I want your help.Will you help me please
Sanskar:yeah off course
Surya:Sanskar my wi..
Suddenly he was shocked to saw Swara/Meera’s pic on the wall.He is freezed

Sanskar:Surya Surya Suryaaaaa
Surya:wha wha what
Sanskar:What happened
Surya:who is she?
Sanskar:Swara don’t you know?
He is shocked again
Sanskar:So what you want say
Surya:No nothing I have to go
Sanskar:But Surya
He leaves.Surya don’t know what he have to do
At the hall.Surya leaves never mind
Ap:Surya,You don’t want breakfast
Surya:No aunty I have to go
Ap:but Surya
Swara comes to Surya
Swara:Uncle where is my chocolate
Surya gives her the chocolate but it is drop into the floor.He goes from there.
Surya calls Sanskar at the Airport.Vivek is with him
Surya: I’m leaving the city.
Sanskar:What but why
Surya:My mission is over
Surya:No my research. I’m leaving today
Sanskar is about to cry
Surya.Where are you I want to meet you.
Surya:No dude it’s too late.My fliet is in 15 minutes.
Vivek:Bro it was the third announcement.Come let’s go
Vivek took the phone from Surya
Vivek:Bro I miss you all.Your maa’s rasgula ladoo jilebi I miss all these
Sanskar:I miss you too.Please give phone to Surya
Both of them’s teared eyes are filled
Sanskar:So when will you back.
Surya:May be never ever
Sanskar:you gave me a restart to my life.
Sharmishta took the phone
Sumi:beta thodi dhin rukh kar jao
Surya:Aunty I have to go.
Laksh:we will miss you.You are his best friend ever
Surya:May be I’m not deserving it
Ap:Aate rahna beta
Sanskar:First of all Kavita is my life and she left me.Then Swara becomes my life.She also left me.And now you changed my life.Now you are leaving me.please don’t go.
Surya:I have to go.I always miss you.But my family wants me now
Sanskar:Bye I miss you
Surya:I miss you too
Surya:Remember when someone leaves you they leaves only a chapter not your entire book
Both of them are crying.

Yaar milte hain plays

closed his eyes for just a moment and he opens it.He wipes his tears.Both of them enter into the airport.
They leaves kolkata.The fliet was took off

Meera and family members decided unite that they will hide about the truth about Meera’s identity from her folks except Surya

Friends how was this episode.Are you really desiring to Sanskar and Surya will be together again.Reply fast.

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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