Swara: A triangle love story begins (I am just a soul but living in your heart) (episode 9)

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So let’s we begin our 9th episode

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Episode 9
Sharmishta and Dida are shocked to see Swara like this.Sharmishta comes to her.She wailed and touched her 2 cheeks.
Sumi:Shona I am your maa beta.
Swara:I don’t know you both.

Sumi:Surya,yeh kya ho gaya meri beti ko
Swara:Surya,come let’s go.She is ready to go.But he impounds her.
Surya:No Meera she is your maa.She fighted for you against this whole world.

She looked at her.She walked towards her doubtfully.
Swara:You are my maa?
Really my maa
Sumi:yes beta,Surya why is she doing like this.kya hua hai usko.I think this is not my shona this is her look alike. Please tell us Surya.Why she changed like this.

Surya:Maa.. Kya main aapko maa bula sakta hoon.
Surya: Definitely Surya you are my daughter’s husband. So you are also my child. But please Surya.why she pretending like this.I know bahut bura hua hai inke saath.Her marriage was break down 2 times.Her sister was cheated her whom she loved her more than anyone. Her trust in a relationship maybe fall down. But I know my daughter is not so weak she can never marry you in a short time period.She can never give birth to your children,She can never fall in love with you in a short time.Shona please tell me you love him. Is it your child.

Swara:Maa I don’t know you. I think that all of you have seen somewhere.Swara, Sanskar,Ragini, Laksh I have heared all these somewhere. But I don’t know if I am Swara.Even I don’t want to be Swara.Maybe once I was Swara Your obedient daughter,Sanskar’s love and much more but now I want to be only his Meera,his Meera.Meera’s life was always for Krishna like that he is my Krishna.I’m his lotus.I want to be my Surya’s family’s no no my family’s lovely daughter. I want to be my Mannu’s mom.She is mine,I was given birth to her maa.She is a sign of our love.I am so happy to become Meera you know maa,my family never let me feel I am an orphan.

Sumi: Orphan how can you tell that.
Dida:Sworu yeh kya ho gaya tujhe.
Sumi:Why are you pretending Shona.

Swara: I had told you both thousand times I am not pretending.

Surya:Meera please calm down
Maa she is not pretending.She don’t know anything,in fact her name too.
Surya:Means she had forgotten her past.
Dida:What? But how.

Surya:plenty to say but you people can’t believe that.

Sumi:Please tell us Surya we want to know that.We will believe that. We know our Shona can’t do anything wrong

Surya: okay let we begin.

First of all I will tell about me.
I’m a Keralite. I had not imagine about anything , except my family.Dad,mom,Sister, cousins, relatives,friends,teachers, School, college, job.I was happy but it still lasted to my Hyderabad trip.please don’t misunderstand that I am not happy now.

So lets we begin.


2010 September 26

I remember this date.

Yes 26th,it’s a unlucky date you know.

2001 jan 26- Earthquake at Bhuj in Gujarat.

2004 dec 26- tsunami

May be these dates changed many lives.It is suffocating many of us.Experienced the story of many victims .Me too afraid of it that days.That hands legs and hairs that are seen midst of destructed buildings feared my heart many times.tsunami waves made me afraid. I can’t expect this that my beloved sea princess has a fierce face. I’m afraid that the effect of the tragedy in my district.But it’s God’s grace.I never faced it still now may be it is the power of Lord Anantha Padmanabha.He is the protecter of our district.So it is named as Thiruvananthapuram(Thiru-Anandha-Puram).You know sea is far away from the temple,may be 30 kilometers. But the great idol is always washing by the sea water may be underground of the temple will be sea.We can hear the voice of sea when we try to listen it in the steps of the temple.
Sorry,I have changed my topic.

26 th date right.

Maybe this date changed my life too.It brings a beautiful part of my life.

I’m not alone in Hyderabad Nandan and Vivek are also accompanying me.
We have a garments business named as Lakshmy Silks Villagio.Lakshmy, Sethu Lakshmy my mom’s name and no doubt she is my dad’s and our entire family’s lucky bird and also we had opened our new Showroom in Hyderabad.We are outsiders for them.So the business was a few loss.Dad send me to Hyderabad with Vivi and Nandu.Because I am the topper in MBA in my whole university.

At that time I was exactly unaware of entire Andhra Pradesh.The only person I had known was S S Rajamouli.oh what a pity he doesn’t knows me.

Profit was increasing within 2 weeks Mom,Mami,and Appachi are senting the pics of well educated,gorgeous girls whom are belongs to Orthodox families. I was fed up of all of these.Office- house,house-office no luxuries no commitments.No girlfriends for remembering a tragic love story. Daily same routine I was just like a machine.Yenning about my mom’s food.Mama’s stupid jokes,may be was stupid at that days but it is precious to me now.Festival of our temple,the dramas,dances,chendamelam(Tone of the instrument Chenda)Elephants………

If hungry only pizza will console us but it is not more tasty than my mom’s “puttu(Funnel cake)and Kadala curry(green peace curry)

Oneday night heyy no no not oneday night it was sept 26th.
I was watching the TV. It was a boring talk show.No other programs.You know na at night TV belongs to soaps so I was fed up.The last bit of the Unni appam(a kind of snacks in Kerala) was over.Mom gave me on the way to Hyderabad.
I am changing the channel. I am alone in the house. Nandu and Vivi were went to a Party.I had no mood so I can’t.

One of the channel shows about a research about Ouija board and ghosts.Suddenly I memorize a challenge between me and Sri.She is believing in spirits but I doesn’t. So I challenged her once I will prove that.More over I had many scientific theories to prove her that no ghosts are here.Any way I had decided to play Ouija board.But I don’t have a ouija board.I researched it in internet. And I draw it.

An one rupee coin is placed in the centre.A candle was lighted.I closed the windows and doors.Mobile is Switched off. No radio no tv,I had disconnected my telephone.Finally the main switch is turned off.The atmosphere shows that something is going to be happen.I had done all of these because spirits will never come to us if they get distracted. I sat in front of Ouija board.I touched on the coin and slowly closed my eyes.

Good spirit please come

Good spirit please come

Good spirit please come

3 times but none is happened. I laughed.Heyy I proved,I proved it my sister,I proved.No spirits no ghosts

Suddenly the coin starts to move.I am afraid.

Who who is that.I ran from there.
I am trying switch on my mobile but it won’t works.
Telephone is disconnected. “Oh I digged my pit myself”.It was too dark.All though it was a lonely house. I yelped but none heared it.Storm blows,windows are going to break.
At last I fell down from the up stairs my forehead is wounded. I am in a subconscious state. 2 hands caught up and take me to bed.I regained my consciousness. I looked around but I can solely saw a girl.She wore a red gown.(It revealed that she is Swara.)

Who are you how could you enter in my house.

She is silent.

Tell me who are you

I don’t know.
Her voice was too lovely.
But you called me here.

Surya: me ? When?

Swara:you called me
Didn’t you remember

Good spirit please come
Good spirit please come
Good spirit please come
Surya:S s so you are a spirit?

Swara:I think so. So I am here when you called me by Ouija.

Surya:please go,please go from here.

Swara:I will not harm you. I want your help my friend.

Surya:I don’t want to hear you.you please go from here.

Swara:Please help me ,I want my justice. I want to kill him.

Surya:wh who whom.
Swara:I don’t know.please help me.
She cries.

He suddenly memorize something. He touched his holy amulet which was tied by his mom.

He remembered

Sethu:Mone this is a holy amulet of Bhadrakali .She will save you at any time,at any cost.
Surya: disgusting? Are you believing in this superstitions. It’s 21st century mom.
Sethu: one day you will definitely believe it.


Surya holds the amulet strongly.

Now you cannot harm me.you know it is Bhadra Kali’s amulet,Bhadrakali’s.If you touch me you will be ashes.

Swara comes to him.He afraid.

What are you doing.

She comes closer to him. She sits near Surya.She touched him.

Look at me .I am not ash now.please believe me my friend.I am not underestimating the power of Bhadrakali,she can destruct me at any time,at any cost. But reality is this that she is always in the side of truth. I am a good spirit not a bad one. So I am here when you call a good spirit. Please help me.

He touched her doubtfully

Surya:Ok I will help you but don’t try to harm me.

Swara:I am a good spirit, but if I turned to a bad one you can ruin me with a Cross, Amulet or a Tawiz.Then why are you afraid of me.And I am promising you if turned to a bad spirit I will solely surrender to you.

Surya: okay I am believing you

Minutes have passed friendship blossoms between them.Surya turned on the main switch. Lights are back.Surya sees her clearly. She looks like a princess.Some of her long hairs are flying in front of her fair face.Her eyes are like a feared deer’s eyes,Lovely lips,Long nose,She smiled at him.

Oh! God I will die with in sometimes,Her smile is making me die.Why this soul is so gorgeous. If she is a human definitely I will marry her. That man is so luckiest one who marry her.God I think you are a benign.But I objects it now why do you did so cruel to this girl.If I saw her once when she alive.I will never let her die.May be it was my misfortune.

Fortune!his mind stucks in some thoughts.

Fortune teller.

He remembered that fortuneteller’s words.

“Before you meet your life partner you will meet her soul.”

Oh God please make it possible. But how is it possible.Felings are coming in my mind that I hadn’t feel for a lady never before.Maybe this is love at first site. God please make it possible. Destiny please make it possible.

Vivi and Nandu are back. Their one by one calling bell make him wake up from his thoughts.

Surya open the door,please open, are you there.

Swara:So your name is Surya

Surya:Yes he blushes but I think you know my name. You ghosts can know anything you want.

Swara:I don’t know myself and how I can know about others
She cries

Surya comes to her.He wipes her tears and consoles her.

Suryaaaaaa please open the door.

Oh my frnz are back.You please go from here if they will see us together they will misunderstand us

Swara:No way,only you can see me.You can touch me you can hear me.

Then ok, that’s what I want.Only I can see you,hear you, touch you,I can love you……I will never let you go from me……….

To be continued….

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  1. nandana although it was a superb post but in mid i felt that you described surya alot……….and had just stretched the episodemaking it a little bored…….. 🙁
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    1. I know you are waited alot for my update. I am sorry for that. All of your confusions will clear soon

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    1. Maybe that movie influenced me.But I will not make it like that. This soul part may be like that. But I just wanted to say how deep their love is.Who is a I just wanted to about love and trust

  4. Nice plot.. But pls don’t bring spirit.. Actually I am afraid of it….. Pls end this track soon… N just tell me. Will you unite swasan at last…. But I want swasur..

    1. I am also afraid of it but I will end it soon.Swasan/Swasur that is depends on your views.Read it and comment soon

  5. hey end this track pls yar… want to see swarya scenes ….
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    1. Romantic scenes are in this track too

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