Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 27) Maha episode (We will be together forever)


Frnzz here is the 27th episode. I don’t know you will accept this episode or not and one request for new readers if you are ready for read this chapter then please read previous chapters too otherwise you will misunderstand my Swara …..and guyzz please notice that ring in the picture it have an important role here……

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Now here is our 27th episode

Episode 27

Sanskar is looking at the sky via window.Now it is his daily routine to speaking to that star. “Swara please come to me. Why are you showing yourself only to Surya.You are also loving him. Right???…this is cheating?? I will not talk to you…. Suddenly someone touched on his shoulder.” Who is that” he turned back…. “Swara!!!…didn’t you slept till now??”.Yes Swara is there.Her dressing was exactly like she wore in Gerua song…..Sanskar is lost in her beauty.He remembered about their date.She is smiling at him” No Sanskar I will not sleep ever.”she said and laughs “Sanskar why are you talking to yourself”…..” Nothing Swara bas aise hi” he rubbed his eyes then said….Suddenly she hugged him..he raised his hands to hug her but he memorized Surya’s face… “Why are you crying Sanskar I am here na.In fact I am waiting for this moment from years…Sanskar’s eyes are burning in anger. He pulled her back. She looked at him stunningly…” What are you doing Swara????,are you crazy????What’s wrong with you???….What wrong I did Sanskar. You belongs me,so I hugged you…. Sanskar is fuming in anger….. “Wrong???? Now you are asking me what is wrong??? You are Surya’s wife and Mannu’s mom.And you are intimating with me???what type of a lady is you…..she is about to cry.She holds his hands and said “Sanskar I love you….” Just stop it Swara,I didn’t expect that my Swara will change into like this “…..she sobbed

…”Sanskar no no I am only your Swara I am not belongs to anyone.”…..” Stop it Swara and please get lost otherwise I will tell it to Surya”….she covered her face with her palm….”no Sanskar I will not leave you.You can tell it to anyone I don’t care”…

I will show you damn it”….. He is leaving but Suddenly he noticed something…”?Swara!!!….” Swara is going towards the sea and she is wearing a baby pink night gown….He stunningly looked at Swara who was in his room…. She is still sobbing…. “Who are you” but she didn’t answered….he repeated “I am asking you something. Answer me.who are you???” but she didn’t…. Sanskar suddenly remembered the conversation between Surya…he immediately lookout the sky….? omg that star!!!! it was not there….he looked Swara once again. But she was not there.. she is disappeared.!!!!? Then he noticed Swara who is going to commit suicide….”Swaraaa….” Sanskar shrieked. The sea has gulped most of her body….Sanskar ran to her and saved her….Sanskar slapped Swara.”Are you crazy Swara why did you do this”…..she is fuming in anger “because of you….she raised her finger towards him…You are not letting me both alive and die?? aren’t you satisfied to playing with my life”….. Sanskar is shocked to hear that.”what I have done to you Swara” he is tightly holding her shoulders. She brushed aside his hands and walks a little back. “don’t you know??,you are asking it to me??? Just think Sanskar what you have didn’t done to me???”……

And today because of you my Surya left me he left me forever….Sanskar is stunned to hear that… “Swara ? where is Surya….tell me”…. She sobbed ” I don’t know he left me forever I think he left this world” Sanskar is again and again shocked…..she hided her face with her palms and bends down her knees.Then again and again sobbed…. Sanskar also bends down his knees and holds her hands which is hiding her face…. “Swara Nothing will happen to your Surya I will find him”….he is leaving but Swara came in front of him and stopped him…..

“Now what is left Sanskar it’s all over.You know onething.I didn’t slept for a moment peacefully after you came into my life back and now,now my Surya is trying to die for you.”….. Sanskar is stunned to hear that….”What are you saying Swara he is dying for me for what” he looked at her doubtfully…..”You are loving me right and this is the exact reason but you know one thing. I will die but I will not become your yours”….Sanskar is fuming in anger he holds her shoulder once again “what are you thinking of yourself Swara no no Meera that Divine name will not suit you.I am only loving my Swara.You are a stranger to me.You are a selfish, egoistic woman none can’t love you…. He pushed her back and turned backward.Now Swara is in his back..” Now I am feeling bad for Surya how can he get a girl like you……”It’s our family matter you have no right to interfere in it.You got it”……”What ever I don’t want to see you if I will see you again and again maybe I will begin to hate my Swara….Swara came in front of him… “So what then please get rid of our life. Why are you living like parasite with us”….. Sanskar took a look at her emotionally…” Off course I will leave here and remember one thing you people took me with us.I was lived in my way”….Swara is staring at him…..

“But I am obligate to Surya as his friend I will find him .Nothing will happen to him…”….. Swara is angrily staring at the floor.”And Swara I can forgive you because as a wife you are right…”… He holds her hands but she angrily retrived it…”? please leave me on my own way”…. She left…Sanskar is emotionally staring at her….suddenly someone touched on his shoulder…
” Sanskar… “….Swara is smiling at him….
” Swara…”….
“Yes Sanskar I am your Swara only your Swara”


Surya is searching for Swara in the cottage….”Meera…Meera.. where are you…”….but he didn’t find her.Swara returned to the cottage. She is lost in her thoughts…. Her clothes and loosen hair were wet with sea water…..Surya came out from the bedroom and happy to see her….”Meera…” She is stunned to hear his voice…. She looked around. “Suryaaa…”…. She smiled with tears and ran to hug him…..They hugged each other.
” Surya where were you… You know I am so much afraid “….” Meera don’t be afraid I am here na” he pats on her back.He holds her cheeks and kisses it.She is closing her eyes….


Swara holds his hands slightly.Sanskar is crouching his head.Swara raised his chin slowly and kissed on his forehead…..”Swara am I so bad so everyone hates me na”….”Sanskaaar?? she dragged his shoulders forward and seated him at the shore….”You are so silly .come on sit here”…but something alerted him “?Surya I have to find him Swara I am leaving now” .But she stopped him with a rude voice .”Remain here Sanskar nothing will happen to him you don’t worry”….”but Swara he…”….she tightly holds his hand portion near to his left shoulder and rested her head on his left shoulder… “Sanskar this is our moments and I don’t want anyone to interfere in it”…….he sneezed and is shivering because of climate and wet clothes….”?this climate na this is also an interference”she said…. He laughed with wiping his nose and told her amidst of sneezing….

” Swara you are crazy.You are not leaving the climate too”….she is staring at him with a fake anger and left him from hugging. He hugged her from back and rested her chin on her shoulder… “Angry to me???, will not talk to me????… She nodded her head….” No…”…he mocked “never ever???”…..” Never ever” …she said…. “Then I know something. I will show you”…
“??Sanskar no no ….”….. He is titillating her….” No no I won’t leave you Swara”….Sanskar no no you can’t do this…. She hugged him suddenly….. He pats her back and smiles.Then he sneezed suddenly…….. “?? Sanskar come change this dress….”….
” But Swara it is in my room”…..”So what come on pick that “…..
” Shona wait here I will bring that”…..”okay Sanskar come fast ”
Sanskar is staring at her with a doubtful and paining eyes..”??you will remain here na”…..she touched on his shoulders “Sanskar you are not trusting me now too come fast”…..she is pulling him forward from back…He is leaving and took a look at her amidst of his way.She waves her hand and signals him to go…


Surya gave a bouquet of roses to her….” Merry Christmas”….he looked at her vainly and stunned to see her wet clothes… ” Meera What is this. Was you went to the shore????.” He holds her shoulders tightly then said.She is looking at the floor insensibly and nodded her head…..”yes”…..”? what!!!???… But for what Meera.???”….”for die”…..”what ???are you crazy Meera ???didn’t you thought about me and Mannu??”….she brushes aside his hands…”for what?? yeah for what??… Actually I have to ask this question to you didn’t you think about us ????”….. Meera please I am Soory please forgive me???”…..She told him about all things except the conversation between Sanskar and her….Suddenly Swara covered her face with a fake anger….”Surya I will not talk to you “…she left and Surya ran before her


Sanskar returned to the Shore.He changed his Jeans at the cottage promptly but he didn’t changed his shirt because he has a doubt that his Swara will leave him . He can’t find Swara at the shore…..”Swaraaa where are you??? “…..” I knew it that you will definitely leave me “….he cried…

” Sanskar why are you crying I am here”…he looked at her she is making a sand house at the shore….” Sanskar come we will make our home”…..They made it…”Sanskar this is the room for our little prince”….but he objects “no no I want 2 princesses like their mom”….. They conflicts to each other.At last tears are rolled from her eyes….” Sanskar what was our fate na.This dreams never will become true “…..he wiped her tears…” So what Swara we will be each other for life long”…Swara stared at him with a pain..”No Sanskar I have to go. Our dreams will never will become true ” she thinks…. Sanskar holds the tips of his ears and apologized to Swara…”? I am sorry Swara for what I did to you, For my evil doings.It was all my fault. So tonight you are like this, a soul.sorry Swara.he rubbed his eyes
Swara: Tum hamesha yeh baat mujhe yaad karaati rahti ho koi baat nahi today I will remember you that.

Sanskar: What???…
Swara:Pyar aur dosti mein no thank you and no sorry….
They laughs and remembers that moment when they are together….


Swara was in her night night gown. She went to take a shower because the sea water and sand made her ugly.She is removing her tiny overcoat.Suddenly someone touched on her shoulders and slowly removing that…She will not afraid of that magical touch because she knew it is Surya.She smiled secretly.He rested his chin on her naked shoulders…
Swara: Surya get lost of here.I will not talk to you and I know how to remove it..
He hugged her tightly on her waste
Surya: I will remove it even I was helped you to wear it….
she hits him… “Nonsense??”….
But he slowly removed the overcoat. She is closing her eyes….. He turned on the shower but she is still closing her eyes. He is kissing on her neck and wet naked shoulders.Cold water is falling over them….
Marjaiyyan performs


Sanskar removed his wet T-shirt and ready to wear a new one… But Swara stopped him….
” No Sanskar aise hi rahne dho”….she kissed him on his chest… They hugged each other..

They sat on the shore.Sanskar holds her left cheek and kisssed on her right cheek.Then he holds two of them and kissed her forehead…

He is kissing her chin and neck….

Yeh moha moha ke dhage performs

Then suddenly something alerted her……

She cried and ran from there….Sanskar runs towards her and bring her back. “No Sanskar it is wrong.”….Sanskar is staring at her.He holds her shoulders and asked…”what’s wrong with you Swara we love each other then what”….
“I am a divine soul Sanskar and I can’t let it happen?.I can’t do it…We have many rules there .It might be cruel and more than here.They will punish me???.”…..


Surya is sleeping,Swara is lying beside him with hugging him….she thinks about Sanskar….” Sorry Sanskar I am really sorry.I hurt you alot….it is because of my fault. I will ask my apology to you tomorrow…. “….


Sanskar is looking at her… Swara I want to know about you.Are you really my Swara.????Then who is she ,,who is living with Surya???….You are really a soul or Meera is your look alike????

She walked a little…. “Sanskar it’s up to you. If you want to consider me as your Swara , I will be happy otherwise if you want to consider me as a soul then I have no problem but the fact is that… That I am a spirit….
Sanskar:?but how is it possible Swara?? she is alive,,, your body!!!it is still alive… Then how is it???.
Swara smiled insignificantly and nodded her head…” Sanskar it is not necessary… ” she nodded her head once again . ” It is not necessary that if a soul will discard a human body its death will take place.If a man have to be alive,, breathe is enough for him.It is a kind of energy….Don’t you studied it in school classes…. “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed”… Exactly like that our breathe(frnzz it is not breathing… I meant about Jaan?)…is a kind of energy. Which is Neither be created and nor be destroyed. But it will migrate one body to another after that body’s life span because only a limited number of breathes in this world which is given by God. So I am trying to say that a human will not die when his/her soul discard their body and man only want his breathe to be alive….
Sanskar is still staring at her doubtfully….
” I do know Sanskar what you want to know. About me na???…I am her soul Sanskar. Aatma aur jaan mein farak bahut hota hain Sanky….I m her feelings, her love, her behavior, her tears,her happiness….I am your Swara who desired to live with you…. Who wants Swaragini to be together…. Who loved her parents more than her….an obedient granddaughter… A responsible daughter in law……. She smiles and a droplet of tear rolled from her eyes…. Sanskar is also looking at her emotionally… So in a sentence a soul is the behavior, feelings,sorrows,happiness….. of an individual….it will grow up with us but it will not die with us because it is immortal. Human is a vegitable in the lack of his soul…But don’t be afraid it will not harm anyone
Sanskar: But how Swara how can you leave her body without killing her
Swara:I know Sanskar you are still confused….our souls are also leaving our body once a day.!!! Just think about sleep it is also a temporary death our souls are leaving our body at that time. If a soul will leave a body death will definitely take place but in special case god will interfere in it.He will give a new life to that body with neglecting us? ..In my case God ordered me to leave that body because he wants Meera to give Surya.Because he knew that if I will live in her body I will not accept Surya like you…. In fact his love was so pure.I m thankfull to him for giving my justice…He loved me from his dream sight but I can’t love him like you … Because Swara belongs to her Sanskar. I cannot hate you….she sobbed.I gave up my life for you..for your sake..she bends down in her knees Sanskar also bends down in his knees and holds her…..Sanskar you know….. When ever you called me I came to you but you didn’t see me…Suddenly they hugged each other and Sanskar closed his eyes…..They don’t know how much time they spend like that…..

After some hours

“?Sanskar wear your shirt climate is not good” Swara ordered him….
“Swara will you wear this” Sanskar asked her with a smile. He showed her a purple colored gown….suddenly her face changed…”No Sanskar I am a soul and I can’t accept this things which belongs to this world? “…..Sanskar took her left hand…”? Swara will you wear this ring only I am begging you”… She retrieved her hand ” Sanskar I told you na? that I can’t wear this.I have to go from here for ever”…..Sanskar’s eyes are burning in anger…. “Then why do you come here damn it?????? for giving me more and more pain…..I lived here still today in the memories of you and now you are giving more and more pain to my heart….Swara please can I come with you… He touched her feet….” None wants me everyone will live peacefully in the absence of me…Surya,Meera,Mannu….he cried alot….she caught him up…”No Sanskar you have to move on God send me here for helping you to move on and save others.If you will move in your life all will be happy, me too…..and the love between a soul and a man.It will not possible….Sanskar is wearing a new t-shirt now
Sanskar:???? Your God and you…. All are selfish… you, your God,Meera….none wants Sanskar even none thinks about me…he told this while walking backwards…

???He threw that ring?to the sea and that gown? to
the shore??

(Hey note this.These are the important components of Swasan unison)

…..Sanskar ran to the rock which is near to the sea…Swara ran behind him… He walked backward.Now I will not let anyone to ruin my life… I am going Swara no no I am coming to you my love… Unison of 2 souls it is possible na”…..”Sanskar no no please come back “. She raised her hand….???but that one second he jumped into the sea…

???? Sanskaaaar.she sobbed….

And now some other one is also awoke with Shrieking Sanskar’s name…
??? Sanskaaar…..

It was Aarcha….she looked at her surroundings… Mannu is sleeping beside her.She covered her with a blanket and placed a pillow beside her…..Aarcha went to see Sanskar. But she can’t find him in his cottage….


Swara found out Sanskar’s body……
” Sanskaaaar “…Swara sobbed with holding his hands….” Sanskar why did you do this “……suddenly someone touched on her shoulder…she looked backward ??? Sanskar is smiling at her…. Sanskar she hugged him… and doubtfully looked at that body which is lying on the shore….” I am also a soul now Swara”…..She angrily stared at him. “Sanskar why did you do this.??”….”for living with you??”…… Swara is fuming in anger.Sanskar holds her hands and Slowly pats it….” It is God’s verdict Swara so he had send you hear.He knew everything. It had to be happen so it happened. For us and everyone…..”

Swara’s eyes were wet….She said….”but Sanskar your body it is alive!!”…..”It’s up to him” Sanskar signals his eyes to sky….Swara also looked there…”If that body is alive then he has an another intention too.God is preserving him for someone….*
Swara:For whom
Sanskar: I don’t know
He nodded his her….
Suddenly they heard Aarcha’s voice….”Swara come on we will hide somewhere ” he dragged her hand…
Sanskar:???. Why are you laughing at me
Swara:??? you are a soul now and a stupid too???. She cannot see us….
Sanskar:???okay okay I am agreeing my Einstein Sweet heart..
Come we will notice her…

Aarcha found out Sanskar’s body….she took his head on her lap…”Sanskar,Sanskar what happened to you. Please wake up…. Please open your eyes… I am here for you… You cannot give up like this…. Please wake up… Please open your eyes….” She pats his cheeks. Then rubbed his palms and leg….but he is not responding…. “Sanskar Sanskar please open your eyes. I swear I will clear all the problems in your life please”….. Aaaaaa “…. She sobbed loudly…Sanskar opened his eyes slowly at last and looking at her innocently…..

Swara: oh god she is your intention….
Sanskar: Yes she is too good and gorgeous???
Swara: ??? jao jao uske paas jao baat mat karna mujhse
Sanskar: Mainnkaise jaa sakta hoon duniya ki sabse best girl toh mere saath hai.isn’t it my jealous crazy girl???
Swara hits on his back
Swara: Jealous I am jealous ?? and crazy….
Sanskar: but I love you… come we will go
Swara: but where
Sanskar raised his second finger to an isolated place of the sky….
Sanskar: There,, we will live there for aeons….
Swara:I want to live with you in this world….
Sanskar: it will always happen my sweetheart… Now I am accepting the truth God have no partiality… He will fulfill our dreams too….
Swara:I am so sad why did you threw that ring and gown….??

Sanskar: you know Swara I bought that platinum ring from Belgium in our 2nd proposing anniversary… Par tum hai hi nahin thi mere paas….
Sanskar: and that dress it was limited edition….specially made for gorgeous girls in the world….
Swara:?? Sorry dear
Sanskar: Did you like that
Swara: yes
Sanskar:?? mmm it’s enough for me….
Sanskar raised her chin and smiles.. it belongs to us my Princess and once those things will definitely meet us

They looked at Aarcha…she is kissing on Sanskar’s forehead… “Aarcha…we know that you can’t see us now give him a new life exactly like Surya …we are sure that once he will accept you as his soulmate…” They blessed them….

Sanskar holds her hand …..his beloved’s hand and walked with her…..”Princess tum dekhna I will propose you after years such a shore like this….okay my prince. She smiles and wrapped his hands tightly and is resting her head on his shoulders… Yes they are walking together…. We can see them….Suddenly December dews blurred them…they are vanished otherwise they are disappeared…. The screen is zooming to the sky

2 unique stars⭐️⭐️ are gathering in the an isolated part of the sky……….

Frnzz I don’t know I am succeeded to sending my idea about souls and spirits to you or not… I think it is complicating and confusing?????….please comment frnzz I don’t know what will be your reaction after reading this…. But I swear it is not a complete unison of Swasan….Please forgive me as your sister if have did any fault ?????????????

…….and if it is complicating then you can ask me anything by comments. I will try my best to give your answer honestly……

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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  1. OMG your one of the best writers I literally cried reading this part, but I’m happy that u united Swasan… Is this the end or not?? I hope it is not the end, maybe you could give them second birth and then unite them in real life… just my suggestion, otherwise it was wonderful…

    1. First of all Thank you my dear unknown friend…it is not the end…and they will reborn soon……

  2. Ya its confusing but den also it’s awsum I m speechless I don’t in souls den I luved it tq for uniting swasur sanarcha n swasan tq a lot heads of 2 u what a epi????????

    1. Thank you dear and it is not the complete unison of Swasan ….it will happen soon

  3. Wow yr its amazing i live it alot but can u plz upload your another ff of swasan

    1. I will upload it soon dear….

  4. Oh god!! This is so emotional..atlast lovers united..like you said it’s not the end..so, i think, you are planning something special and more interesting..waiting for the next episode…????

    1. Thank you dear….the next part is typing….

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