Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 26)

Many of you gave me this concept,the death of Surya.But it will not occur in my ff.I will unite Swasan but in an another way.Please wait for the last episode. Sometimes it will be unpredictable.

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Now let’s we begin the 26th episode

Episode 26
Swara is smiling herself…she is slightly punching her phone on her lips….
“Mr Surya Narayana Varma, You are surprising me at every celebrations….But now I will surprise you in this Christmas……but what will be the plan.Let me check in Google.”…. Her data balance was low.” Omg?????? but I will not give up??”…..She took Surya’s laptop. And sat on the floor leaning to the bed.She placed it on her lap and smiles “those named it laptop he was so smart.It is comfortable on my lap” she told to herself. She smiles and turned on the laptop. She is happy to seeing her and Surya’s pic on the desktop.It was an eye lock of them when he proposed her and is clicked by Vikrant. Swara gave a flying kiss to it.”I love this lovable idiot ” she whispers and nodded her head with smiling. Google slowly opened infront of her.But she is shocked to see something. She pulled the laptop back and creeps back. She stunningly looked at the laptop. She retook it after some moments. She slowly stroked on the screen with a feared eyes.The scene is zooming to the screen. Google search box,Google’s logo and finally some words…..

“Showing results for how to commit suicide like a normal accident”
Including some site names and pics

She slowly leaned her head and tears are falling from her eyes.”what happened to you Surya, why are you doing all this.What is lack in our life.”….she gained her consciousness and wiped her tears immediately. “No no Surya you can’t do that.Maybe you checked it vainly.” She smiles and hits her forehead… “Nonsense….how could he do this.What a stupid you are ,Meera. You will enter into the forest if you are thinking like this”….. Then she checked the searching history…. She is again and again shocked to see suicide helping sites.She had threw the laptop on the bed and searched Surya’s luggage . Finally she found out some tablets.She remembered about the yesterday’s incident


Surya is consuming some tablets.Swara comes with Maansi who is lying and sleeping on her shoulders.She saw that he is consuming some tablets.
Swara:Surya which is this tablets.She asked him with lying Mannu to the bed…..
Surya:Nothing Meera I was suffering with headache. So I bought it from the recent Medical store.he addressed it without looking at her eyes.
Swara:Surya you didn’t told me anything.
Surya:Meera it is nothing serious. So I didn’t….
Swara:Okay where is the prescription of doctor…..
Surya is stunned to hear that
Surya:Omg why are you asking these silly questions…. He rubbed his forehead…
Swara:Because self curing is not sensible..
She said this with finding something from the cupboard. She noticed Surya is rubbing his forehead.She came to him with a balm and holds his wrist.”Can I massage your forehead with balm Surya??”…..he is still placing his arms on his forehead…. “No no Meera it’s k I think it is the after effects of that medicine…..” What is that medicine Surya which is increasing your headache instead of decreasing?? “…..Surya removed his arms and stunningly looked at her…” Meera please? please leave me, leave me alone.I m so tired I want to asleep. “……Her eyes are filling…..” Okay Surya come on.I will turn off the lights. “…….he can’t afford her tears….” Meera come on,I want a massage “….” No come on and asleep”She is arranging the pillows. “Meera come , come and do it.it’s an order” he dragged her hands…..” Okay my lovable idiot ” she smiles and he is happy to see her smile back. She seated him at the sofa.She is massaging his head behind him.Swara thinks that how he pretended of headaches for her massage and now she is forcefully doing that. She ran her fingers between his hairs but doesn’t see his smile which was before at his lips,he is not stroking her hands and kissing it .He is still closing his eyes and thinking something significantly…. A drop of tear rolled from her eyes to his cheek.Surya suddenly opened his eyes and wiped it.”Meera why are you crying. Come on sit here.She sat closer to him.He hugged her tightly.Her head is resting on his chest.He thought something…. “I don’t know Meera that how many days I can hug you like this???”..


Swara called Sri. she told her that it was a slow poison. Those who will consume that daily they will die within some months.But Swara didn’t revealed the truth to her.She is stunned to hear that naked true……..

She entered to the bathroom.She bended her knees below the shower and sobbed so much like a child.She touched her temples tightly and shrieked in a high pitch. Water is flowing towards her whole body. Her cloths were wet.”why are you doing this Surya.Don’t you think about me and our Mannu.why are you dying,please Surya don’t do this. We will go to some far away and live for life long but don’t leave me…..you are missing our beautiful family Surya.You can’t get a family like this in any birth. Amma,Achan,Sri,……your friends….. She wiped the water over her face.Please Surya don’t think about me and think about them.You will drop your plan.What is the reason for it Surya.? She thinks and suddenly her face changed into rude.she wiped the water once again. “I know Surya what is the reason for it. “Sanskar….” her face and eyes are becoming reddish?.”You are doing all these for him na…..I don’t know Surya what are you a going to do but I will tell you one thing he will never become my soul mate….She addressed it with decisiveness.If you don’t want me. If you are bored with me then throw me away. But.. but….she breaks down…..don’t harm yourself. She hided her face with her arms….

Night- bed

Surya, Swara and Mannu are lying on the bed.Mannu is lying amidst to both of them. Their face was opposite to each other. They didn’t slept till now. Swara is thinking a flashback.


Surya is lying on a lawn.Swara is lying beside him.Her head was rested on his right shoulders.He wrapped her with his right hand.She is drawing something with her fingers on his chest.”Surya can I ask you something ?……”off course…..” He answered it while looking at the sky….”If you want choose one….that is what I meant that… I am in one side and your family and friends are in the other side.Then whom will you choose Surya?”….”off course I will choose them….”He looked at her….? are you jealous Meera????…. She smiled…..”No Surya I want to know about only onething…will you discard me for them “…..” Yes…” He answered her without of any thoughts.She is shocked to hear that.He also noticed that.”….mmmm…”he released her from wrapping and rested his head on his bended right hand.He smiles at her but she is no longer looking at him.”Heyy Meera look here…. “. But she don’t obeyed him so he forcefully holds her cheek and turned towards him.She looked him innocently and her eyes was filled with tears.” Off course I will discard you Meera….but I will no longer live after that because I love you and I can’t live without you.Family, friends they are our asset we have to save them for life long but you are my heartbeat how can I live without you?????….. Tears are falling from her two crystals……”? nonsense you feared me alot.But promise me Surya that you will never harm yourself in the absence of me….”.He promised him……she pulled him back and hugged him…. “My lovable idiot I love you”……” I love you too ” he holds her hands….


Meera didn’t you sleep till now…. Surya asked her.But she doesn’t responded to him and pretends to sleeping. He came to her and pats on her head. He kissed on her forehead.”Sorry dear maybe it is wrong but you will live a happiest life so soon with Sanskar. I will see it in the heaven.I promised you that I will never harm myself in the absence of you but you are with me now na…..His eyes were teary He covered the blanket over her body and leaves with rubbing his eyes…Swara opened her eyes ” It is your notion Surya even nothing will happen like that…. ”


Surya is going for somewhere and Swara is watching the TV.She is wearing a cream color Saree with black chicken work and her hair was loosen.He hugged her from back and rest his chin on her shoulder…. “Meera I am leaving…will you miss me”……” Will miss you for what??? ” She asked him like she is unaware of anything…. “Nothing….” He kissed her and leaves and he looked at her from a little far away with pain….. “I know Surya where are you going. I saw that you are removing the brake of your car.In fact you had dropped the plan of slow poisoning because of I ruined that medicines. I will also ruin your this plan too Surya.The sky is darkening…. Swara followed him till the main entrance of the cottage. “Surya why are going now…it will rain soon”….” Don’t worry Meera I will Manage it”……”and who will care of it before committing suicide ” he whispered….”Then I also want to come with you I also want to do some shopping for Christmas “…..He is stunned to hear that.She enters into the car without his permission…….He opened the door and told her to get out…” But I want to shop something Surya” she poutes and said it like a child…. He smiles and forgot everything for a moment. He desired that he only want to see her this face for life long,his childish wife’s face.But it was for just a second. He drags her out of the car….Her forehead hits on the wall and she faints…..Surya is shocked to see her like that…. He ran to her took her to his lap…..”Meera please open your eyes. Look at me. He is slightly slapping on her cheek and sobbed.Nothing will happen to you.Your Surya never ever let that….it rained.Blood is falling from her forehead and he is sobbing…


Doctor: Nothing to worry she will be alright soon….
Surya:Ty doctor
The doctor left. Surya came to Swara.She was still unconscious.Her clothes were wet and she is shivering like a bird.He slowly took her to the dressing room and wore her a night dress.He lied her on the bed.Surya covered her with a blanket and adjusted the pillows”Surya please don’t leave me I will die without you please Surya please ..she whispered….He bended down his knees beside the bed.He slowly pats her hands.”I will never leave you Meera.Sorry I can’t live without you but I realized it today that I can’t leave you……


Swara gained her consciousness.The room was filled with darkness.she can’t see anyone there.There was a pain in her head. She slowly touched there. “What happened to me???and where is Surya???”…. She remembered about the incidents.”Surya, where are you???” She was about to cry.Surya I know you left me. Suryaaaa….she sobbed in a high pitch voice….No never I will not be here without you. I am also leaving this world Surya.I am coming to you. Maybe we will live a peaceful life there……
She came to the beach and it was secluded.She took a look at the roaring sea and walks towards it…..

Frnzzz how was it….. I swear I will unite Swasan but not in this way

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