Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 25)

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Episode 25

It was the night before Christmas.Goa is bathing in lights. The sea is roaring but none never minding her.There is only one thing in everyone’s mind that tomorrow is Christmas. .Foreigners are enjoying their dinner in the shore side restaurant.Someone are going to the church.A DJ party is performing at the shore. Children are playing at the seashore. Some youngsters are enjoying their drink in the shore side bar.”cheers… ”
Surya is sitting on the shore.Someone are passing beside him with talking something. He is deeply looking at the sky which is decorated with stars and is speaking something. ” What happened to you why are you so sad.I know you are thinking about your Sanskar. Right?…I am trying my best to return him to normal life. Please tell me what will I do now…. But once,once I will show you a new Sanskar. You wait and see…..”. Suddenly someone touched and pressed on his shoulder.He turned backward and looked above. Ohh it was Sanskar… “Sanskar you!!!”……” Yes I am.Surya why are you talking alone and with whom???? “……a fresh cool air blows.
” Nothing Sanskar I am taking with your Swara”Surya raised his second finger to a unique star.Sanskar is stunned to hearing that and looked at that star. It was unique and is isolated from others.It is shining like Venus.It was special and beautiful and is catchy from the other stars….. “What rubbish are you talking Surya?? She is a star???.What is this?? I think you are gone mad.” Sanskar rotated his 2nd finger of the left hand near to his left ear and laughs.Surya is happy to seeing him laugh after a long interval ……” No Sanky it is your Swara”…..”Surya come on we will go to your cottage ” he stood up and dragged Surya’s hand.”No Sanskar sit here ” he forcefully seated him….”Surya I am afraid of your stage what rubbish are you talking??? Even I was dropped her,Mannu and Aarcha to the shopping mall “…..Surya smiled at him and sighed deeply.
” Sanskar the person that you dropped at the shopping mall is my Meera and who is twinkling there is your Swara.” He signals his eyes to the sky.Sanskar also looked at the sky and provoked. “Surya? please stop this nonsense I am begging you”….
Surya smiled insensibly and stood up.” Sanskar I will tell you something about that night when my Meera was coming back to life.She ,that is your Swara’s soul told me that she is giving me a new Meera .I didn’t catched it at that moment. And she told me something something philosophically . I didn’t understood that because I was not in a good state to hearing all that. I solely concentrated in only one thing that she is leaving me.My love is going to be apart from me. And at last she turned to a divine light and slowly moved to the sky.I saw that she is innovating to a star.It all was my nightmare. Nandan’s call woke me up from sleeping and he uttered me that she is coming back to life. I remembered about my nightmare.I am shocked to seeing that. The star was there. And obviously I can tell it, that this was that star.”….Sanskar approached Surya with a calm face.”Okay Surya maybe you are telling the truth but I can’t agree with you. Because if Swara’s soul was departed to heaven then how she can alive??? “….Surya sighed “I don’t know Sanskar only she can tell us about it.Only she can tell us that what is the difference between she and Meera.” Surya wrapped on Sanskar’s shoulder and they leaves the shore…..


Sanskar is looking outside from the window. “Was it true Swara ???you are the star who is staring at me….. Then I want to tell you something. I love you so much.I want you Swara.I am accepting my mistakes please come to me.I solely want to see you. We will fulfill our dreams unite….Sanskar is incomplete without his Swara.I know you will definitely come to meet your Sanskar…….No no Swara what a fool was I am.He punches on his forehead.You can’t come here na.Then I will come to you.Swara you know onething ,I can’t live without you. I will leave this world and I will become a star near you. We will live there for aeons…..
Surya is looking at him near the door.”No Sanskar it’s not you even I have to leave this world.I will return your Swara to you. That star was a lie.A lie that was made by me for knowing about your mind…I am decided to return your Swara.I know Sanskar you will love my daughter more than me….he also looked at that star….” Sorry Swara I don’t know it is you or not maybe you are present in the sky in between these millions of stars….If you can see me you can hear me then please forgive me that I am using you.But my intention is not wrong. After all it is all for your Sanskar… His eyes are wet….If I will leave this world ,your Sanskar will live a peacefully with his love.You gave me this life Swara,I really didn’t met you before.I met you only in my dreams. But I heard about you a lot.I know you are loving your Sanskar and you can’t let harm his life na.Please forgive me if I am wrong because my friend is more important than my life to me. I will give anything for my friendship. I can’t evaluate the value of my friendship between him..he looked at Sanskar once again…. Sanskar I will change your life soon. You will enjoy an awesome life with your love …….

Frnzz how was this episode…….Can I separate Swasur…..but I want to tell you something… The next episode was not the last episode….Some more episodes are remaining. What will I do plenty to say….

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    1. Shreya I will unite both Swasan and Swasur

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