Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 23)

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Episode 23

Railway station

“So finally we are going to be apart, right?????
Sanskar asked to Aarcha. ” Yes Sanskar I will never forget you…”
Sanskar holds her hands.Aarcha feels something special… “Aarcha,you shared your pains and past to me and I also told you about me.In palon mein main kabhi kabhi meri dardon ko bhula diya(I forgot my pains temporarily for some moments).Tumne mere hasi ki,gusse ki,muskurane ki wajah ban gayi(You were the reason for my laugh, anger and smile)…..thank you Aarcha”…….” U r welcome Sanskar… and thank you to you too tumne hi mujhe ahsaas dilaya ki saare ladkon ek jaise nahin hote”(you realized me that all boyz are not same) Aarcha why are you going. Please come with me you are a good companion to me. ”

“No Sanskar I will not come with you. ” Sanskar is stunning to hear that.”Saayad meri kismat hi yahi hoga ki pyar karne walon ne mujhe chodkar chale jaate hain” He told to himself…

No Sanskar I am going to my parents.Whether or not I am responsible for their sorrow.I am eloped from them. I was refused to trust any guy.But now I am accepting the fact that all boys not same.I didn’t met anyone before you who loves a girl madly…..Now I am ready to accept a man like you. I am going to my home. But I will come back within somedays.”
Sanskar is becoming happy.

“I want to say sorry to them,my parents. Anyway you are the good companion to me too.But you have to give me the permanent job”

“Okay I will give you”
“Will you break it?”
“Saayad tumhe pata nahi hoga ki Sanskar Maheshwari kiya hua promises nahi todthi”(I think you don’t know that Sanskar Maheshwari will never break his promises)

Her train arrives and is leaving the station .Their hands are separating….She is standing at a entrance of the train. Sanskar waves his hands with teary eyes….

Janani and Vivek are turning to Vivani……..

Janani is helping Vivi to walk. He was in a drunken state. “You know Janani I am a Punjabi, Vivek Malhotra this is my full name…..My dad was a Major in Indian army.He was the friend of Surya’s dad and mom was from Palakkad (a state in Kerala),a Tamil Brahmin. They fell in love with each other and eloped.My mom is died when I was too young and my dad is also passed away in Kargil war.Phir meri koi nahi tha .Surya’s mom and dad accepted me as their Son as Surya’s brother,Sri’s elder brother….I don’t know why I am telling all this to you… He fallen asleep…. Janani felt that she is falling for him….

Swaragini,Surya,Vivani,Sanskar, Maansi and Kukku are in the beach. Kukku and Mannu are playing there. They are running over the rock…”Mannu,Kukku Sambhalke….”Ragini is advising them “….Adults are sitting over the rock.
” Chachu mujhe ice cream chahiye”….Kukku comes and speaks to Sanskar….”don’t worry Angel I will give you….. “Surya stood up suddenly and went to buy ice creams, he noticed Vivaani’s eye lock.”Oh oh this is also occuring here” he whispered with a secret smile. …..He punched on Vivi’s back “heyy stupid come with me I can’t lift the whole ice cream . Do your business after that”..
“? business what business I am just enjoying the sea”

“??mm mm sea is in her eyes na” Surya whispers on his ears.??he blushes. They leaves… Ragini also leaves when she gets Lakshya’s call.Sanskar is looking at Swara with a pain

(an emotional tone plays)

….but she stares at him.For escaping from him she went to Surya….”Kukku,Mannu sambhalke,sambhalke….”she told them before going.

She came to the ice cream shop..”Surya I can’t afford this I will tell him the truth “…..” Meera please” he punches on his forehead…why don’t you understand I will tell him the whole thing at the right time…..”but Surya….”

“Mannuuuuuuu”they hears Janani’s shrieking voice
Swara and Surya:?

Something is hitted on their heart
Swara:Ma ma Mannu……
Ragini looks backward shockingly

They runs to the previous place….Sanskar is lifting Mannu she is crying
Ragini: what happened to Mannu
Janani:Ragini aaj Sanskar nahi hota toh pata nahi kya ho jaata.Actually Mannu is slipped from the rock….but Sanskar saved her on the spot….Swara and Surya attempts to come to Maansi and take her.But Ragini stops them and alerts Vivani to take her…..they came to take Maansi.But Sanskar refused to give her to them….

” Swara don’t you kiss your daughter… and Surya don’t you hug your daughter. She is out of danger na”

Everyone is shocked?shocked?shocked?…..

What happened Surya, Swara what happened, both of you are stunned. I knew everything. Surya mujhe sab pata tha saayad tum se hi pehle.Just look at to your phone’s wallpaper Surya.Your family pic isn’t it???Surya looks at the phone… Sanskar snatched Swara’s mobile from her and called Surya.Surya’s mobile shows that Meera calling with Swara’s beautiful pic…..when everyone is stunning to looks at him he continued his speech….
Surya yaad hai hum pehli baar kahan mila tha???(Surya do you remember where did we met first time???)in the hospital right???Saayad tum log kabhi notice nahin kiya hoga.yaad hai uss dhinon mein Swara ne kayi baar tumhe call kiya tha jab tum behosh thi(when you were unconscious Swara called you many times).Main kayi baar iss tasviron ko dekha hai. Tab se mujhe pata chala Swara, ki tum move on kar chuki hoon…

But I knew that my Swara can’t love a man except her Sanskar.” Swara’s eyes were filling…. “She can only love me. So I was started to noticing you”….Surya looks at him doubtfully with nodding his head.. ” Surya but there was no change in you and Vivi”. Vivi’s close shot is showing “.I was also spoken to Swara too in the phone….But she also behaved normal to me” Ragini doubtfully stares at Sanskar “. I want to know about the truth so I forced you to come here second time. Dida is also my companion Surya.

I was forced her to tell the truth to Sharmishta maa.
I want to reveal the truth from the mouth of you both
and now I am aware of all the truth…..You both directly told me that.

Surya: ?but how Sanskar……one second one second… Surya suddenly thinks something. He touched on his nose…. “Ohhh you are that person who hided in the Mandir when I was telling our past..”
“Yes Surya it’s me.” Swara is shocked to hearing that. When I met you again Swara,I didn’t saw any love for me in your eyes. I can only saw hate,anger and fear….you are right Swara no no Meera my Swara is died even though I killed her….. You are a stranger to me.You can’t be my Swara.You are Meera of your Krishna no no Sanky wipes his tears …Surya she is your lotus right??..m.Please don’t misunderstand me na that is why I am crying because my Swara is dead so I have to cry right.????Everyone is nodding their heads emotionally…..Sanskar nodes his head and rubs his eyes…. And in your love story I have no role in it.When I was happy with Kavita you suffered alot Swara,, oh sorry Meera ….he hitted on his forehead….I will not repeat it sorry.It was my habit na…..and Surya tumne bina dekhe use pyar karna shuru kiya tha(Surya you started to love her without seeing)and how can I come amidst of your divine love story……. Maansi is crying and irritating Sanskar. Swara came and takes her….”Meera ho sake toh ek ahsaan karna mujh par Swara looks at him “tumne Mannu se jo kuch bhi kaha tha voh sab vaapas lelo??”

Swara cries and runs to the car with lifting Mannu….Jani and Ragini runs before her….

Surya hugged Sanskar and cries.Sanskar frees him from hugging and holds his shoulders. ”Surya I told you na that I knew everything.Do you remember that photos that you saw in my room. I took it from Dida’s house when you came there for not showing it infront of you….. But I have a gripe Surya you didn’t told me anything .” Surya Crouches his head. “Sorry Sanskar I I d…..” …..”heyy no…..Surya”….Sanskar puts his hand on Surya’s shoulders and walks……”it’s okay Surya in fact….it’s all fair in love war and friendship ” They walks….Vivi walks before them……

Sanskar and Aarcha’s phone are in a conversation…

Aarcha: Are you okay,Sanskar
Sanskar: yeah I am okay.. He wipes his tears..
Aarcha:I don’t think so. Wipe your tears clearly….
Sanskar:?how do you know….
Aarcha:I also have a broken heart ,Sanskar……who know this pain rather than me.Tell me the fact.,Sanskar tumhe zara sa phi dard nahi laga…
Sanskar: Dard laga tha Aarcha, uss dhin.But I travelled far away from Swara…. In fact both of us are travelled far away to each other and now she is in a secure hands….

Sanskar is looking at Surya who is holding Swara’s hand .They are taking to Shumi and Shekhar.In fact Sharmishta and Ragini revealed the truth to Shekhar.Shekhar advised them that not to tell others about Swara because they cannot accept this truth so easily. They can easily misunderstand Swara.Sanskar also supports Shekhar……
Aarcha:So what is next…
Sanskar: what…. he regains his present..

Aarcha: I am asking you that what is next….
Sanskar:Nothing Aarcha ….when Kavita is my passion I lived for her and when she left me I lived for the revenge.After that Swara came to my life… she left me because of Kavita…I lived for her return….. When I learned about her present I lived for revealing it to everyone. In fact I can’t afford Sharmishta maa’s tears…..and now it is also over. Jeene ki wajah hi nahi hai….
Aarcha:Sanskar jab hum iss dhuniya mein aate hain tub bhi jeene ki wajah nahin hote ,voh wajah hum khud banate hain……
Sanskar get impressed…

Aarcha:”Okay Amma I will do that” ….she hollered to her Mom….. Sanskar hears a huge voice “? Aarcha what is that” …..”nothing Sanskar I just closed the window “…..” Aarcha,is it raining??? “…..yes Sanskar it is raining but I don’t like this rain?? I like only sunny days”…..”☺️ohh You are so hot so you like summer na??”……”??hot I am??”……” No no I just mentioned that you are an angry young girl “……”? nonsense you will never change”….she angryly cutted the call…..
Sanskar:??? this girl na she is naughty…..but she gave a good relief to me…he smiles…..Aarcha is taunting Sanskar… This fraud no 1 will never change but Aarcha tell me onething…she asked to herself… he was just kidding then why a bad compliment of him affecting you so much…what ever I don’t know she gives up the question…

The afternoon of the day before the day when Swara,Surya and others are returning to Kerala.

“Mannu look at him” Surya is telling to Maansi.She is hiding her face on Surya’s chest “Mole he will not harm you. Just look at him.He is so handsome na.A devil will not handsome like this” but she is crying.”Dad no no??”……”Mannu touch him…..
Achamma(father’s mother) told you na that we can’t touch devils. Your idiot mom is lying. Come on touch him……”She attempts to touch him but suddenly retrieves her hand and cries “dad no dad no”……” Mannu no cheating touch him” at last she suddenly touched on Sanskar’s cheeks. She smiles?.Sanskar is also smiles at her…Sanskar lifts her and took her to an outing……

Evening 7 pm

Swara is waiting at the entrance of the baadi for Maansi…..

Surya comes to her.
Surya: Meera why are you angry to him.Now your fear is go away na.He will never harm our relationship.Please forgive him….

Swara:Surya I am not angry to him.I am ashame to me that I was ill treated him…..

Sanskar comes with Maansi..”Surya she is so naughty hamne khoob masti ki hai na Mannu”
.”?”. Mannu is staring at Swara….”why are you looking at me like this Mannu”…..”You told me that he is a devil but he is so sweet mom”…..”sorry beta” she holds her ears and also looking at Sanskar with an apologizing look…..”mom I want to tell you something “…..what beta….” She signals Swara to come to close to her .She whispers to her ears…”Mom Dad called you idiot “….??.Swara hits Surya…. “you stupid I will kill you.you called me idiot”…….”?? you little devil”Mannu is giggling…. Surya takes her to inside and alerts Swara to talk to Sanskar….. Sanskar smiles at him leaving with do not take a look at Swara….. “Sanskar please ruko na I want to talk to you.”….

Sanskar sitting at the piazza of the baadi…Swara comes to him with 2 coffee mugs and sits close to him…..” Swara don’t you know I don’t like coffee…. Oh Sorry Swara oh no Meera??”……”Sanskar please call me Swara because when ever you call me Meera I can feel your pain. It will memorize me that once I was Swara.

Slowly friendship blossoms between them… “Swara why are you going ….please stay for somedays too..”. No Sanskar Mannu’s vacation is going to be over we want to leave now”…… But Swara vacations are started now na????…..No Sanskar her school will open in June first week.All schools are opening in Kerala at June 1st week….. You know I think it is raining there, in my home…. I like that rain.I remember my Mannu’s first school journey. She wore a new uniform, new bag,new umbrella, water bottle, tiffin…. We all are competed to got ready her…..I like rain very much Sanskar…. Suddenly Sanskar thought about Aarcha” these 2 girls are different to each other “…….he smiles at himself…..Swara continued.. .” Sanskar I am missing my family very much.Amma,Achan,Ritu,Sri,……I want to go… Par aate rahungi apni best friend ko milne…I am sorry Sanskar… Please pardon me that is why I misunderstood you..She holds the tips of her ears…….he holds her hand… “No Swara mistake was mine. You have to pardon me. But this is the play of fate. Surya is your soulmate. So I left you….I am so happy to knowing that both of you are happy and I am glad to learning that you forgave me.in fact I promised to myself that you will begins to like me”…..

8 pm

Shekhar,Sharmishta and Swaragini are sharing some family moments together….in Surya’s guest house. Kukku and playing there….

At 10 pm

All are packing their luggage. In fact others are unaware of their going.Sanskar and Shekhar are preserving some lies for them….Sharmishta,Ragini and Dida are feeding Mannu….3 of them are crying…..” Naani,dida,Maasi why all of you are crying I will come back soon”……. “Mannu when will you back” Kukku asked to her….”Kukku beta do one thing come with us”Swara hugs her and told her….She also kisses her……”Maa please give some roti to me I am also leaving you na”Swara asked to Shumi…..She emotionally hugs and feeds her and Ragini…all are crying…

Surya’s room

Sanskar is helping him in packing..,

Nandan:Surya,Shekhar uncle is calling you…
Surya:for what Nanda…
Nandu:I don’t know yaar…..Nandu curved his lips downwards…
Surya: okay I am going ,you please take this luggage to the car….

He leaves

Sanskar: Vaise bhi Nandu your Vivek Shakuntalam mujhe acha laga I like it.

Sanskar puts his hands on Nandu’s Shoulder

Sanskar: it’s k Nandu it made me laugh sometimes…
They shifts the luggage to the car …..

Janani’s room

Vivi comes with a crimson rose….
“Janani I am in love with you…. I am falling for you….you are exactly like my maa.Her name was also Janani…please accept me”….he shows the rose to her….she nodded her head with a smile…. They hugs each other…..

11 pm

Sharmishta is singing a lullaby for Mannu and kukku they are fallen asleep……..
Swara comes and takes her ” Maa sorry maybe she will be cry because she can’t leave you all” Sharmishta’s eyes were filled…..

Vivi shifted the last luggage to the car.They told good bye to all of them. But Surya can’t find Sanskar.He went to inside of the house…. He saw that Sanskar is secretly wiping his tears….”Sanskar what happened to you ???”…..”Nothing Surya I am enjoyed these some months.You destructed my lonliness….Swara,Aarcha,Mannu,Vivi,Nandu……all of you made my life a garden from a desert. Thank you yaar .I will save that moments in my memory that we enjoyed together. And you are leaving me. now….”??? da poda(I don’t know it’s exact English meaning it’s a slang using in Malayalam means get out, nonsense, idiot….. It can also use in a friendly talk .But do not call elders)….I am leaving you??? You nonsense when ever you want me I will come to you in just a second.Let’s do onething come with us…. No Surya definitely I will come there but not now……

2 am

They leaves. Sanskar hugs Surya and Swara.He gives a kiss to Mannu.She is still sleeping. They also gave good bye to Shekhar,Shumi,Ragini and Dida…….Nandu and Vivi are also giving their adieu to Sanskar. Janani hugs Ragini and Shumi…Swara hugs and cries Shumi and Ragini once more. Dida holds her hands….Swara is lifting Mannu.Shumi slowly strokes Mannu’s head and gives a kiss on her hands…..They leaves.Everyone are waving their hands. The camera shows Sanskar who is also waving his hand with teary eyes…. Their flight took off…. Others are left…Sanskar is looking at the flight which is going through the sky at outside of the airport…. Suddenly he gets a call from Aarcha…

A big tragedy in Sanskar’s life………

Guyzz please don’t worry definitely I will Unite both Swasan and Swasur

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