Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 22) (happy valentines day)

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Now let’s begin our 22nd episode

Episode 22

Sanskar and Aarcha are come to Bangalore for purchasing raw materials.The materials are purchased.They also want to go to Chennai for a business meet.
“Ohh hoo? ente Sree Padmanabha(oh my god Sree Padmanabha)”

“Aarcha what happened to your Sree Padmanabha”

“He is all right, but I am knotted”
Sanskar-oh you are also a knot?.
Aarcha-Mr fraud I am serious.Because of climate change our flight is delayed…
Sanskar-?ohh my god…
Aarcha-Now what happened to your god?

Sanskar – ? Are you mocking me nonsense. I knew where ever you will go, a problem will absolutely with you ”
Aarcha – What did I do.???its because of you nonsense. Now just think about the solution.
They are thinking
“Sanskar I have an idea”…Sanskar placed his hand on his forehead ” it’s also be foolish okay tell me “…” ? what I am foolish ” she conflicts to him…..
“Okay okay compromise tell me”. She smiles ” we will go in train “. Sanskar nodded his head” what rubbish is this “. She stares at him again ” I knew it so I didn’t told you before “. ” But Aarcha we will be late “.
” ohh you can also think about time then why don’t you come office at the right time ”

“Aarcha you are crossing the limit.Don’t forget I am your boss” “so what” she placed her 2nd finger in front of his nose and stares at him. “Boss or employee punctuality is important”Sanskar is fed up” Aarcha will you please stop this now tell me how we can go there “. ” I am also told you we will go in train or bus and the meeting will be held on the day after tomorrow and the train journey will take at least one day ”
At last Sanskar accepted her idea

At night in the train.

The train is leaving a station.
Sanskar is sleeping in the train. Aarcha sees some men are trying to molest a girl.Aarcha thinks about Nirbhaya, Saumya(A girl who is raped and killed by a one handed cruel human animal?) and the other victims. She thinks-No I can’t let this happen,I save her I will stop them”My name is Aarcha I will never let down the name of that brave lady “She tried to wake up Sanskar but he didn’t.”?He is useless even though he is a man,I will try to save her” she stares at Sanskar.She came out of the train .But she can’t stood against them for a so long “.She ran away from there and they follows them.She suddenly sees Sanskar.She runs to them and hugs him tightly.He also touched her back. She cries.Sanskar feels something special.

Sharminda hoon instrumental performs…….

The goons are arrived in front of them.First they feared to see Sanskar but suddenly regained their strength.Sanskar stares at them. He leaves Aarcha.They have an eye lock….
Sanskar tried to resist them. But he fails.Aarcha sees her baggage. She takes the pepper spray from that.And with the help of that they wins…the goons are arrested by the cops……

“? what will we do it’s all because of you” Sanskar told Aarcha.”What I did? who told you to come out of the train “.
“?if I never did anything.We can saw what is going to be happen”……” Ohhh Sanskar, Sanskar, Sanskar it’s not a time to blaming? now tell me what is next”….”Come let’s walk to the main road. “……it was a country side of Tamil Nadu the next train to Chennai will be the day after tomorrow….” We will go in bus Sanskar ”
“? if you give any idea then I will fire you”. She stares at him ” Then fire me.I am hearing this from so many days. I am going “….She takes her luggage and going from there. “But where will you go idiot ego queen” He told her from a little far away.She deviated to him….”? to my home…. I can easily get a bus to Kerala from here.? good bye for ever”……..But a thief stole her bag…..
Sanskar follows him.But he can’t find him.
Sanskar – ????
Aarcha-??. Are you laughing at me….
Sanskar – okay,okay compromise??” ohh what was that good bye for ever”. “Okay good bye for ever, I am going”

“No no you can’t go like that”

“Okay deal you will accompany me till to Chennai and I will drop you to your home.”….he raises his right eye brow….She is helplessly staring at him.”?? okay agreed”…….

They are too hungry.Finally they saw a corn seller.
Seller- No sir I have these only one corn.
Sanskar- what ever give me…
” you want some Aarcha” Sanskar asked to her.He elongated it to her for yenning her.she thinks- what ever Aarcha come on eat that, hey no no it is bought by him but I am also hungry…..
Sanskar: okay I think you are not hungry….
He took the corn closer to his mouth…… “Hey hey “.They both bites on the 2 opposite sides of the corn…..

They have an eye lock….
Sharminda hoon instrumental performs…….

They regains their consciousness……they feels something special…
” Take it ” he told her crouched headed…. Her head was also crouched…..”friends? ” she alerts him for a shake hand..”?okay”

They are sitting at the banks of a river.Sanskar is throwing stones into the water.She take a bite of corn and gave it to him. “Aarcha Did you know which is this river”. ” I think it is Thamarabharani”
“Mm nice name”. He takes a bit of this corn.The corn is over.He is ready to throw it into the river…
” hey hey no no Sanskar give it to me I will preserve it.This is a historical corn which made friendship between 2 enemies”……”She is a mad” He whispers……

The morning

Both of them are sleeping. They are sitting loll on a rock.Firstly Sanskar wakes up. Aarcha is tightly holding his hand and sleeping on his shoulders….. Sanskar take a look at her….sunlight irritates her…”Jani please close the window… Amma,
?Ammaaaa tell her to close it”she is telling something blender in her sleep… Sanskar is anxiously looking at her… She woke up finally. She suddenly retrives her hands from him…..
They have an eye lock…..

“Sanskaaar where are you Sanskar…..oh god where is this irresponsible idiot” She went to the river for taking a bath……..She is enjoying her bath.She is playing with water. Suddenly a fresh air blows…. She begins to sing a old Malayalam song….kaatu vannu kallane pole……..(Wind is came like a thief…..)…..Suddenly Sanskar raised from my water in front of her. She is a little afraid…
But their eye lock vanished it…..
Aarcha suddenly overlay her hands over her chest……”?you?? how dare you ” what I did to you it was just an accident and I am sorry for it ” ? please get rid of here”…..He is going……”hey don’t look backward okay “. She alerts him from backward……

“Sanskar I am too hungry”….” I too “…..” wait here I will come soon “…….” But Aarcha it is a forest “. ….” No probs I will take care of it “. She goes. She looks backward at him from far away… He is drinking a can of alcohol…

She returns with somethings….” Aarcha what is this tapioca, chillies,tamarind…..what are you going to do with these”…..”?you just wait and see”….she takes a knife from her bag.Sanskar was a little afraid?……”What is this “. ” for attacking Sanskar “. “?what”. “??no no I meant my enemy Sanskar. Actually it is a precognition”. She also takes some shallots from her bag. “? I think it is also a precognition right”. “☺️yes ?now clean it?”.
Aaaaahhh…. Sanskar’s finger is wounded. “Sanskar what happened show me your hands”…. She sucks the blood”…. Sanskar is looking her with a smile. She suddenly leaves his hand with a shame. The tapiocas are broiled.she also made a chutney with the shallots, tamarinds and chillies……they ate that… ” Wow Aarcha it’s so delicious….Actually fish curry is the better combination for tapioca… “What fish mom will kill me. ohh Aarcha your chutney it is too hot…what is this chilly “. ” Sanskar it’s birds eye chilly.It’s too small but is too hot also.My bro and Achan also calling me these chilly’s name…..
“??what birds eye chilly.oh just think about that, hey bird eyed chilly come here,birds eye chilly get out”
“No it is not like that they are calling me Kanthari…..?”

“Okay okay calm down… Now tell me Kanthari how will we go to Chennai….”

They are walking along the road…. They sees a tea shop…..a Tamil song of Rajanikanth is playing there “Vetri kodi…………Padayappa…….the people are enjoying that… We all know that Rajanikanth is a god of Tamilians…
Aarcha asks them in Tamil” Anne ingerinth Chennaikk evalo dooram(Brother how many kilometers for Chennai from here)” Sanskar is amazed “Aarcha you also know Tamil” She holds her collar and prices herself “almost Malayalees knows 4 languages Malayalam,English, Hindi Tamil. You know Sanskar but learning Malayalam is bruising if a man can know Malayalam he can easily handle any other languages. I am not pricing my mother tongue.But it is a fact”

“Okay okay I am understood please talk to them.”
She talked to them. They told her that the bus to Chennai will be after 2 days.They arranged a goods lorry for Sanskar and Aarcha which is going to Pondicherry…….

Matargasti performs……The Vehicle reached it’s destination at the evening……Sanskar and Aarcha went to the Beach. The sea is a monster there.She is showing her anger to the rocks……..The lights are begins to turn on.It is like a mini Goa…Many Churches are there…..it is feb 13 the?day…..some lovers are holding their hands and some are giving gifts.Someone are kissing?….”Aarcha….”someone called her….
“? Eva are you here??”….Eva is her friend…” Who is this Aarcha your boyfriend I know??”. No no Eva “I know Aarcha you hated men but finally you accepted him right?” Aarcha can’t refused that. Eva also introduced her mom Helen and her husband Richard to both of them…….
“? Richy I think we have to give them privacy even though today is kiss day? na?”…. They leaves….

Aarcha’s earring is knotted at Sanskar’s jacket. When she tries to retrieves it,she accidentally kissed him…..The bells of all churches there were rang unite….

Eva and her family sees it.They comes to them.

Eva:☺️?Aarcha you are so improved
Helen:Eva…did you heard that the bell rangs together it means they always will be together. Jesus…. she draws a cross…..

They went to Chennai in a bus….

They reached Chennai at 10 pm.They accommodate in a hotel ….Aarcha’s room is near to his room……. They are thinking about them each other at night….

The business meet is over.”wow Sanskar your presentation was superb”. “And the credit goes to you Aarcha”……..
Mr Desai comes to them. He is signing the deal with Sanskar.
” Mr Sanskar you and your wife was excellent so I am giving you this project.I like your bond”

Aarcha:? what sir…we are just….

But Sanskar holds her hands secretly…. Please Aarcha please cooperate with me other wise he will cancel the deal..

Mr Desai: I held a Valentines day party please come you both

He leaves.
Aarcha:?? Sanskar youuuuu

Surya presents a Surprise to Swara….

He takes her to his farm house…..He is covering her eyes with his hands…. He returned his hands from her.She is happy to see the room which is decorated with crimson roses and candles…..

“So mis Meera Surya Narayana Varma will you be my valentine…” He reach his hands to her…..she nodded her head with a smile and teary eyes….

Sanskar and Aarcha reached at the party..

Mr Desai requested them to dance….

Swasur and Sancha are dancing….

Maula maula performs…….


Roshan hai yeh zameen, aasmaan sab ishq ke dum se…..


Dhalte hai din aur raat ishq ke hi dum se


Khushiyon ke beshumar behisaab se sikke khanke


Dil ki ab har muraad ishq ke hi dum se


Tu hai mera khuda,


ab na hona juda

Swasur and Sancha

Kar de qaram ke dil yeh chain payega
Maula maula re, shukr tera maula re
Rubaru hua hai mera yaar
Hooo.. maula maula re, shukr tera maula re
Rubaru hua hai mera yaar


Ho.. sajde mein tere hi jhuk jaaun main sadaa
Teri hi baahon mein ho jaaun lapata


Chhayyan ho, dhoop ho rasta bhi ho naya
Humko ab kaisa dar sang jo hai tu chala


Ho.. ab tere sare hi gham hai mere


Ab meri khushiyan teri hai sada

Swasur and Sancha

Tu hai mera khuda, ab na hona juda
Kar de karam ke dil yeh chain paayega
Maula maula re, shukr tera maula re
Rubaru hua hai mera yaar

Ho.. maula maula re, shuar tera maula re
Rubaru hua hai mera yaar


Roshan hai yeh zameen aasmaan sab, ishq ke dum se


Dhalte hai din aur raat ishq ke hi dum se


Ho khushiyon ke beshumaar behisaab se sikke khanke


Dil ki ab har muraad ishq ke hi dum se


Ho tu hai mera khuda,


ab na hona juda

Swasur and Sancha

Karde karam ke dil yeh chain paayega
Maula maula re, shukr tera maula re
Rubaru hua hai mera yaar
Hoo maula maula re, shukr tera maula re
Rubaru hua hai mera yaar

The screen is dividing into 2 which shows Swasur in one part and Sancha in one part

Frnzz how was this episode…..

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