Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 20)

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Episode 20

Ragini knows the truth about Swasur.She promises that she also will be with her. “Swara you know I really missed you in these five years” her eyes are filling “I want you Swara for loving me, for hating me,for scolding me,for quarrelling to me.I want Swaragini back Swara”.”Ragini I don’t know your Swara,she is died.How can I become your Swara “. ” Swara tumhe pata hai har pal main ne tumhari intazar kiya hai par tum nahi aayi Maaph karo na Swara mujhe?”….”Ragini I don’t know you. Maybe I cannot become your Swara but I will try my best for accepting you….”Then what about Sanskar Swara”. “?Ragini…..” she shows her arm and alerts her to silent…Ragini is shocked to see her new face

Surya and Kukku are in front of an ice cream shop.Maansi is sitting on a bench.Surya is lifting Kukku”So my Angel which flavor you want “. ” Uncle I want Chocolate “. Bhaiyya give 1 chocolate and1 Butter scotch”
“Angel please go, go and ask them that what they want” Surya points out to Swaragini….
Kukku came to them… “Aunty what you want” Kukku asks Swara.She smiles at her and he stroke on her cheek.”what is your name beta”. “Swara…” Swara something feels bad….she wipes her tears “I am going Ragini”.She stood up.A packet of dairy milk appears in front of her” Swara is shocked “what is this Surya”. Surya is opening the packet.” New relationships starts with something Sweet come on come on share it you both “. “?come on mom Share it”. ” ? okay my maa as you wish”. They shares it each other and shares it to Surya, Mannu and Kukku.

Sanskar is in his office he remembers about Swara’s words”You are the person who ruined my life”. “These 5 years changed my life”. ” if you tried to trust me maybe we will be together “……..

” I can’t do this” An unexpected voice make him woke up…Aarcha is there….
“What happened?”. Sanskar asked. “I can’t sweep your cabin”.
” okay then give me your resignation letter ”
“??what you can’t do that”……
” why,why can’t I do that “…..
Aarcha whispers – If he will fire me then I have to go to Kerala.Achan(means father) will held my marriage with any raskel

“Okay I will do it?”. She begins to sweep the cabin. But Sanskar is trying to provoke her. He is ripping papers into small particles and throwing it into the floor.”???nonsense….”

Sanskar thinks”kuch toh hai iss ladki mein.Inhone meri barzon ki dard ko kam kardiya”….

Some months later…

Kaveri died in a cardiac arrest .Before her death she revealed that the master brain of all this play was Kavita.Kavita is fall in love with an another guy.She gave Sanskar his divorce and property papers that belongs to the Maheshwaris…..

“Kavita I will be back soon and I will free you from this hell” Kavita’s eyes are filled.”Arjun……”(who played the role of Kabir in Saraswatichandra).”yes Kavita I will marry you don’t you trust me? “…she holds his arms.” No Arjun I trust you. You remember, when our college days I was fall in love with Sanskar but you are my true love but I didn’t see you I think it was my fault. If I can see that maybe you are mine today “He touched on her right cheek” We will live our life”. “Today you are going to Mumbai and when will you back”. ” Never ever…?” she slapped him with a fake anger” “aaaahhhh….” I will kill you if you repeat it later nonsense “she conflicts to him…he kissed her.??she touched on her cheek.She smiles to him they hugs each other “okay let me go my Sweetie” He is going she waves her hands with a pain

2 months later

Ragini is watching the TV she is shocked to see something. She runs to Kavitha’s room.She is packing her baggage. “Ragini you…” She smiles at her.”Come in sit here ” she spanked on her bed three times ” I want to talk to you maybe this is our last night that we will be together please help me to pack my luggage after all this devil is going” she laughs but Ragini looks at her with a sorrow”And now Swara is back. She will definitely accepts Sanskar,you wait and watch Ragini. Here will be Swasan,Swaragini….” She is looking at the wall and telling with a smile Ragini doubtfully asks her”Kavita did you called Arjun?”. It changed her face to a fake anger”No Ragini he is not answering my calls I will kill him”. “Kavita I want to tell you something”. ” tell me Ragini why are you taking an intro”. “Kavita that….”. ” Tell me Ragini “she spoke her with taking her bangle box to her bag”. ” Kavita Arjun….”. “What happened to Arjun ” she tells with a insensible smile “He is in jail Kavita”.” What Ragini are you kidding I know him very well he can’t do anything illegal “.Ragini stood up from the bed “I don’t know about him Kavitha but Medias are telling that he is a criminal. He is arrested in a bomb blast crime”. “?Ragini will you please shut up,I know him very well he can’t harm an ant too”

Suddenly she sees the entire Maheshwari family looks her with a sorrow…..

Actually Arjun was innocent.But fate and court declared him a criminal.He will hang soon.

The day before Arjun’s death….

Kavita is in a wilderness road it was midnight.She is sitting on a bench.Her insensible look is very painfull.She heard someone’s footfall. It is coming close to her…. She looks at that person… Sanskar…He sits close to him.He is looking at the sky”kyun dard ho raha hai Kavita,ho raha hoga bahut ho raha hoga zaroor ho raha hoga.Jab hum bahut pyar karne wale hamse alag ho jaate hain aur hum kuch nahin paate hain toh dard hoga hi na”She stares at him”Today me tomorrow you” ” did you hear this proverb” If you accept his love before maybe he will be here.

“What are you trying to say Sanskar,that it was God’s punishment for me because of I hurt you. Sanskar can you think about me at my side,I loved you and you cheated me.I am accepting that it was the play of fate.But just think Sanskar you might be moved on but I am not. My life was in that 4 walls.None for me at that time. If I didn’t loved you maybe manyone for me this moment. And Swara,what about Swara she have all the relationships at today and yesterday. You, Mom,Dad,Sister,grandparents, and her entire family. I was alone Sanskar can’t you see me.You are blind in Swara’s love. What was my fault. I was snatched from her which was belongs to me”
Sanskar:?your speech is over. I am agreeing Kavita you are right. But I was ready to accept you.
Kavita:But you didn’t loved me Sanskar. This is not my Sanskar,Sanskar.I wanted my previous Sanskar
Sanskar:I am also wanted that my previous Kavita.Zara socho Kavita Swara aur mere beech ki galat phahmiyon ki vajah se main ne tumse shaadi ki par mujhe tumhe ab tak pyar nahi kar paya kyun

Kavita Mughal emperor and Europeans are outsiders to Indians.But Indians respects Mughal and hate Europeans why?Do you know why? I will tell you. Because Mughals are straight forward and the weapon of Europeans are cheating. In the case of us it’s just like that. Maybe I will accepted you if you are my old Kavita.But what do you did to us.You did the patch of Swasan and also did the break up of Swasan

So you are right Kavita it is the punishment for your doings….Sanskar leaves there…..

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh she is shrieking.She is staying on the leg, knee….Arjunnn if It was that day when we met last time, if I can stopped you from going……..I didn’t know love is powerful and painful like this….please come back Arjun…. Aaaaaaahhhh…..

At the next day her dead body is found out at the banks of Hooglie….

Even though this was the difference between you and Swara Kavita.You didn’t had the confidence to withstand a problem……

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