Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 19)

Guyzz I am back.I know what are you thinking”oh this devil is back with her ff” it’s so boring right? But frnzz you have to endure me for at least 5 episodes. I swear I will unite Swasan for Swasan fans and Swasur for Swasur fans.please comment about my decision guyzz.

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Episode 19

Aarcha attends the call…Her mom told her that if she doesn’t get any job there then please come back… because an alliance is came for her..
She decided to join the job ….

Sanskar: So you are continuing this.

Sanskar:then go,go and get a coffee to me.
Aarcha:?what?.I am not your servant you got it.
Sanskar:No you are my employee especially my PA so you have to do this.
Aarcha:No I can’t
Sanskar: You are in a probation period I can easily fire you from this job.So do what I say

Aarcha:Okay sir???

Sanskar came to meet Swara….She is in the Mandir with Maansi(as Ritwi Jain who played the role of Anjali in Sasural Simar Ka)
Maansi:Mom where is dad…
Swara:Beta maybe he is in his office.
Maansi:I want to meet him Mom.
Swara:Come let’s go we will meet him and we will go to the park also.
Maansi smiles “okay mom” Swara takes her.
She kisses on Swara’s cheeks. Swara also gave kisses on her cheeks. “my cute daughter “she smiles. Suddenly Maansi sees Sanskar” Mom look at that uncle he is dad’s friend right? “Swara is shocked to see him.She suddenly looks at Maansi”she whispered on Maansi’s ears” Beta please don’t look at him,don’t talk in front of him he is a Satan otherwise He will eat you.”Maansi began to cry.”You just cool down beta I will take care of it.You please lie on my shoulders and close your eyes “Maansi obeys her.Sanskar comes to them.Swara stares at him. He touched Maansi’s hand.” Hii my sweet charm “She started to cry.Swara forcefully removed his hand from Maansi” Why are you irritating her”She asked him with consoling Maansi.”Swara what are you saying I am just….”He told with a helpless tone.”Just shut up please stay away from us ”
Sanskar:?Stay away from us? it means what Swara?is it your daughter?

“Just stop it Sanskar” she signals her arm to him.”I don’t want to explain anything about me infront of you”Sanskar nodded his head three times. “I know Swara I am not at all a part of your life but Swara have you ever thought about me in this five years” Swara stares on the floor “Have you think about me at my side.I am not blaming you Swara it was my fault I didn’t have to trust Kavita.But Swara situation was like that not mine Swara.All of us are bound to trust Kavita.And when I am aware of it I am very regretting now.I am undergoing a very much pain in this five years.Please Swara please pardon me.” He touched her feet”She caught up him there is a mercy in her face.”please wait here Sanskar I will be back “She takes mansi to her car.Maansi’s eyelids was forcefully closed.Her eyelids are slowly shivering.Sanskar is happy” I know Swara you will definitely forgive me”he smiles. She takes her to the call” please wait here beta mom will be back in two minutes “She is crying” No mom I am afraid of him “she consoles her ” no beta he will never harm you. Let’s do onething.Close your eyes and count one to hundred and when you open your eyes mom will be here okay”. “Okay mom she nodded her head with sadness”.She started counting.”1,2,3,4,5,6,7…….” Swara then returned to Sanskar. She looks at him with an insensible look. ” I know Swara you will definitely forgive me”. He was overjoyed. He takes her arms and covered it with his hands. “I know you will forgive us. Because you are Swara you can’t do injustice to anyone” It’s enough for me. That you have forgive me.” Who told this nonsense Sanskar”. Sanskar gets shocked. She returns her hand from him. She nodded her hands.” Who told this Sanskar that I forgave you”. “Swara….”

He amazingly looks at her. “I am not a Mahaan Sanskar.I am only a human being who also have, laugh,tears,sorrow, happiness, love,it’s pain and much more. Swara is that Swara is this what is this? Everyone wants Swara.Laksh loves Swara you loves Swara. All of you knows that Swara is very good human being and when a blame comes on her head you all will starts to hate her. And when she proves that her innocent you all will restart to love her again.Just think Sanskar if you were in Laksh’s place,If Ragini loved you,you also will doubt me at my marriage day.Okay okay I am agreeing,agreeing that you are innocent but the truth is you are the man that ruined my life”
Sanskar:?Swara what are you saying what I did to you

Swara:Yes Sanskar you are the person who ruined both of our life. You were came to take revenge for Kavita whom is still alive. If you tried to find the reality about her.Maybe both of you will live a peaceful life together today.If you Sanskar if you never made Ragini as a devil,maybe me and Laksh were together today.If you tried to trust me before your marriage maybe we will be together.

You all know about your pain,Sanskar’s love,Sanskar’s pain,Sanskar’s life then what about Swara,Sanskar? She also have all these emotions.Life is changed Sanskar.That Swara never will be back, who loved her Sanskar and her family. These 5 years changed her alot.That Mahan Swara is died .More over Swara is died.I have walked many thorny ways in these five years. I laughed,I cried, I have felt the pain of love, I felt what is family,I felt what is peace, I felt what is real life,I felt what is sisterhood, what is brotherhood,what is friendship, What is motherhood and much more all these like a human being. I am not a Mahaan I am just a woman who have the wish to love a guy. Who have the wish to deliver his babies,who have the wish to hold his hands and walks to far away together even death too. What was our lives Sanskar.Ragini is a Satan and Swara is a Mahan.When Ragini will do her evilness Swara will comes to stop her.And our family what about our family,if someone proves someone innocent they will accept them as innocent . My doubt is this, that are they Robots? they can’t think about their selves?

“Swara…” Sanskar’s eyes are filled.She goes from there. Maansi’s counting was over “Mannu beta Mom is here come let’s go”. ” Mom where were you I am really afraid “.She cries ” No beta please don’t cry none will never harm you I am with you. don’t worry beta ”

Ragini’s daughter Swara(Tvisha Jain who played the role of Sanchana in Sasural Simar ka) is disturbing Ragini.”Kukku(For avoiding confusion we will call her Kukku) why are you annoying me.” Ap comes to her “Ragini beta she wants to go to the park”. ” But maa I have to go to Laksh’s office with his lunch “. ” you don’t worry about it Ragini I will take care of it “. ” but maa….”. “No you won’t tell anything go,go and get ready”. ” okay maa” she Smiles. Ap goes from there. “You little devil go,go and get ready”. ” okay mom”She kisses Ragini

Swara,Surya and Maansi came to the Park.Surya bought ice creams for them “Beta mom and dad will be here please go and play there” Swara points out to a swing.She goes from there. “So Surya why we are here”
Swara:means what Surya I want the answer.
Surya:for Mannu then what
Swara:I am not telling about that why doesn’t we return to Kerala.

Surya:Don’t you know that.I want to help Sanskar to move on his life.
Swara:But how is it possible Surya he loves me. He also loves you too as his friend. He never forgive us.
Surya: That is the problem Meera he will hate us but it’s okay Meera we will endure that if he will move on in his life.
Swara:Surya I beg you. Please tell the truth to everybody and we will go from here.
Surya:No Meera Sanskar will heart broken and I can’t let it happen
Swara:Then please do something Surya.I have an idea?.
Swara: Let him patch up with Kavitha.
Surya:?Meera what are you saying. Yeah I want to help him to move on but I don’t want to ruin his life. She is not a perfect match for him…….
Swara:Surya then what will you do?
Surya: I don’t know….

Kukku comes to the Swing where Maansi is sitting. “Will you please give this swing to me for sometime”. ” okay but you have to play with me “.
Kukku: okay what is your name
Maansi: My name is Maansi Surya Narayana Varma you can call me Mannu and yours?
Kukku:I am Swara Laksh Maheshwari you can call me Kukku.
They played together.
Ragini comes to Kukku.” Kukku beta who is this? Your new friend?”. “Yes mom” Ragini touched Maansi’s chin “what is your name beta”. ” Maansi”she told with a sweet voice. “You are so sweet beta” she kisses her. “And me?” Kukku questions Ragini “oh my jealous Rani you are also sweet”. They laughs to each other. Kukku and Mannu played for sometime. But the play of fate was different.Mannu fell down from the seesaw.she cries aloud. Swasur hears that.”?Ma Mannu what happened to you” they runs to her.
Surya takes her Mannu mole are you okay.
Swara:Mannu show me where does you wounded.
Mom dad she hugs them with crying.
Ragini is shocked to see three of them together.
Ragini:?Mom and Dad

How was it guyzz.I am promising I will unite Swasan for Swasan fans and Swasur for Swasur fans.Frnzz please comment about my decision

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    1. Thank you for commenting dear.you idea was superb.Many of you gave this idea to me.Anyone can think this plot but my plot is different. It is my freedom dear sorry if I hurt you. Swasur is different from Swasan right? But I can’t do that, I can’t let Surya die.I will unite both Swasur and Swasan and in the case of Aarcha the next episodes will clear all your doubts.Sorry if I hurt you……

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