Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 12)

Thank you for your support. I know you are fed up with my flashback but what will I do plenty to say…. Sorry sorry sorry

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Now let’s start our 12th episode.

Episode 12

Surya is in the place where Swara had called Nina last time. The police were traced this place early when she goes missing.

Phone in chat.

Nina :Surya why are you there. The cops were searched there early. You cannot get any proof from there.

Surya: ohh my ego Queen.Maybe we can get a solid proof that police are unaware of it still now.Indeed, without leaving any evidence of a crime

Nina: mm maybe

Suddenly his eyes stucks on something.There was a damaged plastic box there…
He examined that
Ninaaa I got something…


Surya: a shoe.Maybe it belongs to that kidnapper
Nina:Then what?Surya
Voh kisi ka bhi ho sakti hai
Surya:Nina this is a country side.Electricity and landline are not here still now.Who can use an expensive shoe like this here

Nina:I am just praying your assumptions will be right and we can get your Meera….

Surya’s home

Someone knocks the door.

At the moment when Nandan opened the door someone tread him from outside.He flew from the floor and fell down.

Vivi:Heyyyy who are you

A hand hitted him.

At night

Surya returned to home.He sees that Nandan’s head was injured.Vivi is sitting in a corner. He was quivering and fearing.

Vivi what happened. What happened to you and Nandu.

He points out his finger to a chair.

A man is sitting there fragile feeted.

Surya:Who are you.

Khan, Zayid Khan,ACP Zayid Khan(Who played the role of Drishtadrumna in recent Starplus Mahabharata)

Surya:Why are you here

Zayid:For arresting you

Surya:for what

Zayid:For the abduction of Meera Agarwal.

Surya:I didn’t do anything.
Zayid:No you are the Kidnapper.I am observing you people from many days.I noticed that you are meeting with Nina and his boyfriend.I questioned her and her boyfriend. I have a doubt in your dream story.

Sir no we doesn’t kidnapped her they requested to him.

Atlast they convinced him.

Okay I trust you. But I will be here,with you every time.

Vivi:?what?Sir I can’t afford your hitting.

Surya alerts him to be silent.

Surya:Okay sir as you wish.

Vivi:I will go to Kerala tomorrow
Nandu(who played the role of Rizwan in Beintehaa):Yes Vivi I am also coming with you.


You both are in my doubt list rather than him.

He alerts to Surya

Nandu:Come Vivi lets go to our room???

Zayid:Where is my room.
Surya:Come I will show you.

Zayid and Surya shares a stronger friends hip relationship within a few days.

After some days


They are examining the shoe..

Zayid: police ko yeh kyun nahin mila

Surya:Zayid I found it 2km far away from the actual spot.It was lying in a plastic box.

Zayid:Oh so it is not damaged
Surya:This is just a shoe but we don’t know
who’s shoe is this.

Zayid:let me check

Zayid strictly observed the shoe.
He finds a glass piece and blood stains in it.

?Surya look at this.

Surya: omg blood stains,but how?


He thinks

A flashback.

Saxena and his goons were took Swara.She was hitted by a wood.So she is unconscious.

Saxena wears his new shoe.


Sir what happened

Saxena:I don’t know just stop the car.

Because of pain he threw one of the shoe outside.It dropped to a plastic box.
But he didn’t saw it…..


But I have a doubt Zayid why he wore his shoes after entering in his car.

Zayid examines it once more

Look Surya take a look at its bottom,it’s footings
It is not damaged.Yes there was any signs of corrosion at that. Not a little sludge in it. It is exactly like a new one.

Surya:So it is a new shoe.But why Zayid how did that person also take a new shoe when they are coming to abduct an individual.

Zayid:Maybe he has a craze in shoes.

Zayid:We want to observe that place once more.

Nandu:I have an idea.


Nandu:Can we recognize the blood group of these blood stains.

Zayid:I don’t know it is too late.
But we will try….

Vivi:Surya just take look to this glass piece. It’s too sharp.Soo

Surya:So what? tell me Vivi maybe it will help us.

Vivi:Surya I think he will definitely go to a hospital. Because it is too sharp. It can harm his entire feet.

Zayid:That’s it

He hugs Vivi tightly

Oh ohhh aaaa

Leave me sir please leave me……

Zayid released him.

The next day morning.

4 of them are in front of dining table.

Zayid:Nandu you have to go for the lab for testing the blood stains. I will send a constable with you. So they will try to test it more effectively.But remember give this glass piece to the lab.It will more effective… Won’t you notice they will use glass pieces like this for detecting blood group…

Nandu: okay

Zayid:Vivi you have to go to that place where Meera was abducted.

Vivi:Yeah ok

Zayid:Surya both of us will go to search hospitals

Surya signals thumps up
Ok done…….

To be continued……..

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  1. CID…… Hehee… I felt like u even CID type serials after reading this… suspense was more interesting…

  2. i like ur ff….pls unite swasan….where is swara now??????why sanky married to kavitha?????sometimes ur story sound like a movie vismayathumbathu…………

    pls atleast show swara othrwise ppl will nt consider dis ff as swaraginis ff….
    pls continue….i like ur idea….

    1. Thank you for liking my ff Swara….I gave the links of the whole episodes above….you can read that from the beginning. So you can get the reply….where is Swara and why Sanskar is married to Kavitha…..

      I’m agreeing I have an influence in that movie… But I swear spirits,ghosts and other supernatural forces are not a part of my ff..because I am not believing in them….Surya had seen a dream.Maybe god shown him because Swara is helpless.Maybe it was his delegation from god…..

      I know you didn’t see any characters of Swaragini in this 3 episodes. I think you are reading my ff from these 3 episodes…..

      Please please please my dear read it from beginning…… And after that if you want to unite Swasan I will definitely unite them

  3. Stupid plot……it was sooo good earlier……y u put this plot dunno …its just sooiling ur story….sorry if i hurt

    1. I know you are fed up.But we have to reach him to Swara…..so I have to do this….. Please please please pardon me…… I will end this in coming 3 episodes…..

    2. I swear I will end this in the next episode………

  4. Dr but please unite swasan …

  5. Nice..bt waiting for swasan unison

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