Swara: A triangle love story begins (episode 10)


I doesn’t believes in souls and spirits but believes in destiny.Many of are guessing that it is like a movie. Yes I am influenced by that movie.But I swear it is not like.You can understand that when you finish this episode.Please continue reading and comment fast

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So let’s we begin our 10th episode.

Episode 10

Surya slowly opens his eyes.There is a pain in his head.He holds his head.His head is bandaged.Something is shrugging his hand.Yes a glucose trip.She looked at the surroundings. Blue dress ,blue bedsheets,blue pillows, electro cardio graph…….

What is this. Where is me and where is that lovely girl. Where is her soul.He remembers about the whole incident.

He had played the ouija board.He sees the moving coin and he was afraid of storm and darkness.He ran from the room.But because of his misfortune he fell down from the step and he became unconscious.

Ohhh she was a dream.She was a lie but a cosy gorgeous lie.

A nurse comes to him.

Oh you woke up.Your relatives are outside. I will call them.

She left

Where is that gorgeous girl?Is she alive?Will the fortuneteller’s words come to true?I don’t know? But I know only one thing. I am in love with her.I want to see her again and again.

Vivi and Nandu enters.

Nandu:Surya what happened to you. Are you ok.

Vivi is emotional:Yes he is ok because he is my friend na.He is very strong. But you damn it feared us alot.

Heyy Come on you idiots.
He hugs them.

Scene 2

A godown in Mumbai.

Some goons are anxiously waiting infront of a door.

A man exits from the room.His stethoscope reveals that he is a doctor.

Mr Saxena I am helpless. The over dos of Narco Analysis injection lead her to coma.Maybe she can’t be surrender to death it was your fortune that she is alive.But I can’t do anything.

Saxena:I don’t know anything but you have to do something.I will give you more cash

Doctor: Ok I will discuss it to my seniors.

Doctor left

Saxena(Who played the role of Prashant in Saraswatichandra) is breaking the chairs flower vaces and somethings.

Mr Mehta(the new business partner of Saxena):Mr Saxena please calm down who is she.your girl friend? why are you so tensed?

Saxena:No she is not a girl friend of mine.

Mehta:Then who is she.

Saxena: no one and two,it’s 20 crores,diamonds of twenty crores.


Saxena:I will tell you.


Swasan’s phone in chat

Swara:Sanskar please believe me. If I cannot get a proof against Kaveri and Ragini.Mujhe meri maa ki kasam,I never will be back to you.

Sanskar: I will never believe you Swara.leave me Swara,please get rid of my life

He cutted the phone.

I will make the proof Sanskar.

She called Ragini and Kaveri.She recorded all of the conversation which proves her innocent.

Suddenly she saw something.

Saxena and his goons are killing a 16 year old boy

Saxena called someone in the phone.

Saxena:The dead body is ready.Now come and operate his internal organs faster.We have to export this body to dubai.

Swara is shocked. She recorded that murder.

Saxena sees her recording all of these.

She ran away from there.She hided herself in a lodge for the entire day and night.

Swara tried to send that audio to Sanskar,Maheshwaris and Gadodias but due to the connection problem she can’t send that.

She went to a well signaled place.

Oh god finally it is sending.

99 percentage was over suddenly someone snatched the phone from her.And He throw it into the sea.

Swara is shattered.

Saxena and his goons comes to attack her but she manages to escape from there.

The next day Swara called Sanskar.
But the call is attended by Ragini.

Swara:Hello Sanskar

Ragini:Sanskar nahin Swara it’s me Ragini.Voh kya hai na Sanskar ki Shaadi ho chuki hai Kavita ke saath.Unki penli pyar ke saath unki asali pyar ke saath.Tum please mujhe disturb mat karo mujhe apni jetani ka Griha pravesh karni hai

The call get disconnected. She yelps.But none was there for console her.At this time Kavita is entering in MM

She was decided to go to some far away for conceal from Saxena and trap him.

She goes for Hyderabad. Because she had learned that his roots are in Hyderabad.

Swara had accommodated in a working women’s hostel.She changed her name as Meera Agarwal.She had got job in a boutique as a designer.

She had got a friend there named Nina Talwar(as Veebha Anand who played the role of Navya Naveli in Mtv Ky2)

They became very good friends with a stronger bond.

Swara collects all the information about Saxena.He is a Smuggler come murderer.He will kills human beings and sell their internal organs. Later he will send this deadbodies to abroad.He will hide diamonds and gold in this dead bodies. He killed many peoples.

Nina is the only friend and everything to Swara now.Nina has a lover named Vikrant.Her parents are settled in Mumbai.

Swara misses her family and Sanskar.She remembers about Swasan moments….., how they fall in love…….,their first picnic……., how Sanskar came to meet her with that lovely blue dress ………

Nina notices Swara is upset and lost in her thoughts one day morning

Meera why are you so emotional. I know something is stinging you. I can see your heart.

Swara:yeah Ninu something is stinging my heart.And you are the only person that of mine now. I want you to tell you something. But you please promise you will not reveal this truth to anyone.

Okay Meera I swear I will not tell it to anyone. Now you please tell me what is your problem. I can’t see you upset like this.

Okay I will tell you all truth tomorrow. Please wait dear

Okay I can.

Swara:But I want to tell you something.


Swara:I am not Meera Agarwal and I am not an orphan.

Nina:Phir kaun ho tum,…

Swara:I will tell you…please wait for tomorrow

Swara had left for office.

At night

Swara decided to destroy Saxena.She had collected all the evidence against him.She had also stolen diamonds from a deadbody.She hide it in a secret place.

Swara:I will handover all this evidence tomorrow to the mass media.Zindagi saayad mujhse chali gayi ho,saayad Saxena mujhe maar bhi denge par un maasum logon ki jaan zaroor bachaungi.

She gets a call from Nina.

Meera where are you.You know na warden will kill you. It’s too late.

You don’t worry dear I will be there soon.

Ok dear love you.

The call get disconnected.

She started her Scooty.

2 Black Scorpios and a BMW came in front of her.Saxena exits from the BMW.

So Mis Swara Bose,finally you are here,infont of me.

Swara is shocked to learn that Saxena is known about her whereabouts.

Saxena:I know Swara why are you amazed. I know everything. Your 2 broken marriage, your duel with your sister everything…..

Now tell me where is my diamonds.

His goons snatched all evidence from her.Saxena burns it.

Now how can you destroy me.

Now tell me where is my diamonds.

Swara:I will not tell you anything. I will destroy you soon.

Saxena:But how you are going to die now.

The goons took her to a farm house.

The next morning.

Swara’s hands legs and mouth are tied.Saxena comes to her and sits in a chair near her with fragile feet.

Saxena:So you know Swara what will be going on here.

She is tensed

Saxena:Narco analysis.

Swara is shocked.

Saxena:Yes Narco analysis.You will reveal all the truth by that and I will kill you after that.So please corporate with us.
I know Swara what are you thinking.Why I am doing this expensive treatment. Because I like varities.I want you to surrender yourself in front of me.I also wanted to saw how a Narco analysis works. I will do my business.I will export your body too.I will take your organs too
Swara rejects to corporate with them.

Saxena:Ok Swara we cannot do it forcefully.
Can you watch a movie.

Lights of

Swara is shocked to see Sanskar and Kavita at the screen

Saxena:You know them na your ex husband and his newly wedded wife.Actually they are going for their honey moon.

The camera zooms on the bottom of the car near the tyre.

Can you see something Swara.look at that. You know what is that?it’s is a small bomb.If you don’t corporate with us their destination will be death.I will press this button of my remote.You want that.

Please please don’t do that. I swear I am agreeing with you. I will corporate with you please leave them.

Saxena:Ok Swara I will leave them.You please come with me.

Swara:No first of all leave them.I know you are so cruel.

Saxena called someone.

A goon of Saxena removed the bomb. Swara sees that at the TV screen.

Saxena: now come with me.

Swara left with him.

She lied on the operation table. A doctor gave her the injection. She remembers about Sanskar and Swasan moments.

Sanskar,I am going from you from this world.Please don’t hate me. I love you alot.Kavita ko ter saari pyar dena.I will pray for you.Please will be mine in my next birth.I loved you. I love you and I will love you…….

She is becoming unconscious a drop of tear is falling from her closed eyes…….


Surya had sketched Swara’s pic……

My Sweetheart where are you……
Please come to me…..
I will make you my angel…..
Sethu comes to him(as Indhu Verma who played the role Viren and Virat’s mom in EHMMBH)

Sethu:Mone what are you doing here.

Surya:Mom I am drawing a sketch of the girl that I have seen in my dream.

Ritu(Siyali of wh) laughs at him…..

Chetta will you make her a girl or a monkey.Appachi you remember last time he drew the pic of Mama it was just like a donkey…..
Sethu also laughs

Surya throw an apple on Ritu

You shut up and get lost…
She ran from there.

Sethu:Suryaaa calm down.
Surya:Mom she is teasing me…
Sethu:it’s okay she is child na..leave it.so how did you feel now


Sethu:Ok continue your job I will be back……

He is continuing to draw her image.Finally he succeeded in his attempt. It was exactly like Swara

Surya regained his health in some days.

Oneday he was sitting in a bench. It was a park.Families,children, newly wed couples…..are there.

Surya is talking to Swara’s pic.Now it’s his daily routine…….

Where are you my beloved… Please come to me…. If you can’t come to me. Please make the way to you for me…..

Suddenly the sketch had flew from him. He follows it……..

To be continued……..

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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